Reviewing MOST Hyped & Popular Skincare Products: Drunk Elephant, Farmacy, Krave & More! (Pt. 1)

  • Published on Dec 6, 2018
  • Hey guys! So you asked, we listened!! We rounded up the top skincare products of 2018 that claim to help with acne, breakouts, smooth texture and overall clear skin 😜We review brands including Drunk Elephant, Farmacy, Krave, Thayers, Origins and more!! Because there are SO many different brands out there, this is part of the huge series so if you have any curiosities about any brands make sure to comment below and we will add them to our list to try! Love you guys, hope you enjoy! x
    🎥 Part 2: (Tatcha, Pixi, COSRX, Pyunkang Yul, Some By Mi, The Ordinary, Herbivore)
    🎥 Part 3: (Indie Lee, Fresh, First Aid Beauty, Klairs/Wishtrend, Good Molecules, Paula's Choice)
    🔹Summer Fridays
    ╰ Jetlag Mask
    🔹Krave Beauty*
    ╰ Matcha Hemp Hydrating cleanser
    ╰ Kale-lalu-yAHA
    ╰ The Beet Shield
    ╰ Lavender toner
    ╰ OG Aloe Vera toner
    🔹Drunk Elephant
    ╰ Beste Jelly Cleanser
    ╰ Sukari Babyfacial Facial
    ╰ Marula Oil
    ╰ Glycolic Night Serum
    ╰ C-Firma with Umbra Sunscreen
    ╰ Lala Retro Whipped Cream
    ╰ Protini Polypeptide Cream
    ╰ Lippie Balm
    ╰ Mini-sized Glycolic Serum & Marula Oil duo
    🔹Glow Recipe
    ╰ Watermelon Sleeping Mask
    ╰ Watermelon Moisturizer
    🔹Son & Park
    ╰ Beauty Water
    ╰ Willow Herb Cleansing gel
    ╰ Ginzing gel moisturizer
    ╰ Charcoal honey metallic mask
    ╰ Active Charcoal Mask
    ╰ Unicorn Elixir
    ╰ Rose Gold Elixir 24K Gold
    ╰ Honey Potion Renewing Hydration Mask (heat activated!!!)
    ╰ Bright On Massage-Activated Vitamin C Mask
    ╰ Honeymoon Glow
    ╰ Honey Drop Lightweight Moisturizing Cream
    ╰ Brightening Coconut Gel mask
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  • Kit Samarakone
    Kit Samarakone 2 days ago

    Jack black spf lip balm is THE BEST lip balm ever. I’ve tried them all because I have dry lips! This is the one I buy in bulk and go back to time and again

  • Britneyyy -
    Britneyyy - 5 days ago

    Please review Mario Badescu

  • Trang Vo
    Trang Vo 5 days ago

    Nu skin plssssss

  • Trang Vo
    Trang Vo 5 days ago

    Shiseido plsssssss

  • Dulce Flores
    Dulce Flores 5 days ago

    Acabo de descubrir su canal y me ha fascinado. Me encantan 😂 son japonesas ? Y son hermanas o amigas ?

  • Liddy
    Liddy 6 days ago

    Love you guys!!!! Thank you for taking the time to explain everything.

  • Aishah Tamizi
    Aishah Tamizi 8 days ago

    Jealous of your skin and love your video content💖 subscribe!

  • Andrea Marchetti
    Andrea Marchetti 10 days ago

    is it normal for the honey and charcoal origins one to tingle?

  • Alyanna Ibay
    Alyanna Ibay 10 days ago

    I have super dry skin but I love the drunk elephant protini because it got rid of my dark spots sooo fast

  • Emily Li
    Emily Li 13 days ago

    OMGGGG watermelon rind !!!! My mom was like you can use it to “WASH”your face and it’s good for you so EVERYTIME🤣 I always wipe my face with it 😭😭😭

  • Arime Lexime
    Arime Lexime 14 days ago

    I've used thayers toners before... I don't know. People rave it clears skin and its so great and like.. I use it, and while its not bad, it doesnt irritate my skin... It just doesnt do anything. No reactions or dryness but no real benefits either. I always discontinue using it because it doesn't do what it claims. I'm not going to spend my money on something just because it doesn't irritate my skin when i can use something else that doesn't irritate my skin AND does what it claims.

  • Aimee Ramirez
    Aimee Ramirez 15 days ago

    Can you review Lush products!

  • Shanique Collins
    Shanique Collins 16 days ago

    Please try makeupsrtists choice. So curious about your thoughts on the line

  • MysticFall AJ
    MysticFall AJ 16 days ago

    how did you clear the Rash? xx

  • Thilini Serasinghe
    Thilini Serasinghe 18 days ago

    You guys must try Eminence organic skin care products too.😉

  • Grace Berry
    Grace Berry 19 days ago

    you should review YesTo

  • sheryl sengkey
    sheryl sengkey 26 days ago

    seriously, people who dislike this video cant understand skincare

  • nashburn
    nashburn 28 days ago

    I tired farmacy honeymoon glow for 2 months in hopes to replace my beloved but very expensive Sunday Riley lactic acid treatment. I also wanted something with BHA in it. Unfortunately it did nothing for me. I started looking at their ingredients & didn’t see a BHA listed. But they claim there’s aha & BHA. I’m confused.

  • Ashley Lunk
    Ashley Lunk 28 days ago

    You guys have educated me so much! 2 weeks since I started binge watching your videos and my skin is so much better! You guys are too cute 💖💖💖

  • Andria Proctor
    Andria Proctor 29 days ago

    Can you tell me what your top 5 products are that you would buy from that group?
    I would also love to hear a review for Sunday Riley and Clinique including the acne line.

  • avocadont_test_me on ig

    Is it bad to use toner every day?

  • Rekha Chez
    Rekha Chez Month ago

    Farmacy honey potion = Bobbi brown cleansing balm in a jumbo jar

  • Natthinee Chotkitdachar

    Where can I buy the cleanser of Krave in Australia?

  • briana azad
    briana azad Month ago

    Hi! What did Rowena mean by "freckling easily" when referring to the Drunk Elephant sunscreen? I am extremely sensitive to sunscreens myself, and the DE sunscreen seemed to make my face break out into small bumps everywhere and I'm wondering if Rowena is referring to the same thing.. If so, do you girls have any good sunscreen recommendations besides the Beet the Sun (out of stock)?

  • purplecloud510
    purplecloud510 Month ago

    Hi! Love your videos. Rowena what brand is your top? Is the belt harness thing separate from your top? It’s soo cute!

  • Lea Adelaide
    Lea Adelaide Month ago

    How many times a week should we be using chemical exfoliants? I use the pixi glow tonic

  • Tabbatha Lux
    Tabbatha Lux Month ago

    Didn’t you guys have one of these videos that included Glossier?! I can’t find it

  • Nicole
    Nicole Month ago +1

    I love your videos. You two bounce off each other really well. As a newcomer into the skin care world/realm, your videos have helped inform me about certain products! I love the animations and the aesthetic of the videos. You both are goals! Would love some advice on what you guys think of brands like ultravioletteau, natio skin care, josie maran, TATA harper, estee lauder advanced night cream, KIELHS, Jurlique, Then I met you, Neogen, Biologique Recherche Lotion P50, Youth to the People, Sunday Riley and MURAD!!!

  • Kaylyn Harris
    Kaylyn Harris Month ago

    is the beet the sun from Krave Beauty a reef safe sunscreen? do you have any reccommendations?

  • Kelly Renee
    Kelly Renee Month ago +2

    How do you feel about clarisonic as opposed to just using your hands?

  • Katrina Rose Libarnes-Cabahug

    Probably im having big pimples because I used too much!!!

  • Antonina Piwkowska
    Antonina Piwkowska Month ago +1

    Please review cosrx, beauty of joseon and skin&lab 💗

  • janine lim
    janine lim Month ago

    Do you have a review about origins matte moisturizer? 😊

  • Madie Buenaventura
    Madie Buenaventura Month ago

    I experienced the same with Thayers. Now I know why my skin broke out while using it. I also used it too much 😅

  • jeeebees
    jeeebees Month ago +4

    What happened to the review of the last origins green product?

  • Jackie
    Jackie Month ago

    My face stung badly after using Witch hazel and made my skin very dry

    • Beauty Within
      Beauty Within  Month ago

      I have the same problem, so I think it's definitely an ingredient that works for some people and is irritating for the other half. If you find that it doesn't work well, just look out for it in the future so that you accidentally apply it in another product hehe 😊- fel

  • Sangria Fidel
    Sangria Fidel Month ago

    Pls who is generous I need skincare products bit I can't afford it

    • Nairoby Collado
      Nairoby Collado Month ago

      I have been using their products since January, is amazing want they have done for me (sorry if my English is broke, I'm not a native speaker)

    • Nairoby Collado
      Nairoby Collado Month ago

      Sangria Fidel you should definitely try the ordinary products they are so freaky amazing and really affordable

  • Sangria Fidel
    Sangria Fidel Month ago

    Pls who is generous I need skincare products bit I can't afford it

  • Alexis Evans
    Alexis Evans Month ago

    You didn't really say anything about the Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum I think it's called 😢 I just started using it and wanted to see what color it's supposed to be, mine is pretty dark and has a strongish smell

    • Alexis Evans
      Alexis Evans Month ago

      @Emily Jensen that's what I thought

    • Emily Jensen
      Emily Jensen Month ago +1

      It shouldnt be that dark - it means it has oxidized if it is dark orange

  • Ashley Mitchell
    Ashley Mitchell Month ago

    omg this makes me want to buy all of them

  • Antinitia Hardy-Hatchett

    I absolutely love this channel! The energy between you girls is AWESOME! ❤

  • Steven Adrian
    Steven Adrian Month ago

    I used krave matcha cleanser and boy it dried my skin so bad! my face felt so tight after i washed my face with it. But when i used other cleanser, my skin didn't feel tight. I just left it in my bathroom shelf

  • RMK Alh
    RMK Alh Month ago +2

    Hi! I adore your channel. You should try the Clarins dry touch sunscreen! it's amazing and i didn't find anyone reviewing it.

  • Stephanie Campos
    Stephanie Campos Month ago

    i have really bad whiteheads on my chin and i need help on what cleanser to buy! (a whole skincare routine would be helpful as well). please help my chin its so bad.

  • Non Lep
    Non Lep Month ago

    ummm you apply toner with a cotton pad right? is that not what you're supposed to do?

  • Amy Wilson
    Amy Wilson Month ago +1

    THANK YOU for breaking down and explaining the drunk elephant items. Not many people do it as well and as clear.

  • not-in-use-xyz
    not-in-use-xyz Month ago

    Can someone send me a link to the spreadsheet? I can’t find it :(

  • x
    x Month ago

    anyone try the effaclar medicated cleanser?

  • Thuy Gamilla
    Thuy Gamilla Month ago

    Might be a dumb question but why do we use a cotton ball/pad when we use a toner? I pour toner in the palm of my hand and just spread it on my face like lotion. Is that harmful or, at the least, helpful? Help @beautywithin

  • x h
    x h Month ago

    I love this video. Exactly what I was looking for about Farmcy. Does anyone know how I could use the Farmacy Honeymoon Glow in a Korean skincare routine? Since it has that much of AHA I'm not sure about using it in my second to last step... but I really don't know, I'm not an expert so if someone could give me some advice I'd be so appreciative^^ I have been looking at this product for some time now but I don't know how I could incorporate it into my routine.

  • IVY P
    IVY P 2 months ago

    I'm using the good molecules daily brightening and color correction if I wanted to use drunk elephants night glycolic acid would it react badly to each other

    • IVY P
      IVY P 2 months ago

      @Beauty Within when would I use the drunk elephant in relation to toner? Before or after?

    • IVY P
      IVY P 2 months ago

      @Beauty Within ty so much you're a dream.

    • Beauty Within
      Beauty Within  2 months ago +1

      That should be fine to use together! But just keep an eye out for your skin and see if there are any effects like drying or anything like that, and you can just interchange the days you use them 😊- fel

  • Samantha Mayo
    Samantha Mayo 2 months ago

    and DEFINITELY think you should try out Limelife by Alcone skincare (formerly Limelight) !!

  • Princess Maree
    Princess Maree 2 months ago

    What would recommend more: Krave Matcha Hem or Origins Willow Herb Cleansing Jelly?

  • Princess Maree
    Princess Maree 2 months ago

    Binge watching your videos for two days straight now! 🤪

  • Oolong Witch
    Oolong Witch 2 months ago

    One company I can't say enough good things about is CocoKind. So amazing!!!! Absolutely unbelievable, cruelty free, organic, vegan and simple ingredients. Love! Highly recommend. I use they products every day. I'm addicted.

  • danceonflour
    danceonflour 2 months ago

    Love your hairstyles! Hair tutorial pls!! Xx

  • Libby Miller
    Libby Miller 2 months ago

    Can you overview youth to the people ?? I’m so curious about it! 😍😍

  • Famie Ann
    Famie Ann 2 months ago

    Would really love to hear your opinion on MISSHA products!

  • BlushandPearls
    BlushandPearls 2 months ago

    I recently reviewed the sleeping mask from Fresh Rose and loved it!
    Angela |

  • Madison Garton
    Madison Garton 2 months ago

    I know I'm late to the party, but I know for me when I am using chemically-based products and then I switch to a natural product it makes my skin tingle. It does this, because it's almost a detox-type tingle.

  • Rachel
    Rachel 2 months ago

    funny how that watermelon trick was what inspired that mask and y'all didn't seem to know!

  • Eva Müller
    Eva Müller 2 months ago

    Try antipodes girls ☺️

  • AnnaTheBambino
    AnnaTheBambino 2 months ago

    Glow Recipe Watermelon Mask & Moisturizer cleared my cystic acne, forehead bumps/textures, shrunk my pores, hyperpigmentation, great hydration ALL within a week!!!!! Loveeeeeeeee how much hyaluronic acid is in this !!!

    • Beauty Within
      Beauty Within  2 months ago

      This is so awesome to hear!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!! We're so SO happy to hear! heheheh 😊🙌- fel

    • AnnaTheBambino
      AnnaTheBambino 2 months ago

      marie berter if you have a Twitter, I posted a before & after on my skin journey page. It’s @AnnaGlowChild on Twitter. If you don’t have a Twitter, you can still see it when you put it in your search bar. :) you can see how much the bumps on my forehead went down.

    • marie berter
      marie berter 2 months ago +1

      AnnaTheBambino ok.. you sold me! Im going to Order it Right now 💕

  • Katharina Feustel
    Katharina Feustel 2 months ago

    I love the long sleeve blouse with the dark blue bow! It looks so great😊( where’s it from...? 🤔)

  • Vanny Vanny
    Vanny Vanny 2 months ago

    Love you guys! Very informative video 👍
    I can just listen to u guys for hours 😉

  • hapatrini
    hapatrini 2 months ago

    I absolutely LOVE Origins and almost all of their products. I use multiple masks, serums, cleansers for different parts of my routine. Their white tea toner is supper gentle on my sensitive skin. They emphasize naturally derived ingredients. No chemical sunscreens, etc.

  • flowerchild x23
    flowerchild x23 2 months ago

    Does anyone know where I can buy the shirt Rowena is wearing?

  • Snapefan1971
    Snapefan1971 2 months ago

    I LOVE Drunk Elephant's Protini Polypeptide and the La La Retro Whipped Creams. Currently I am using the Protini Polypeptide Cream in the mornings and the La La Retro Whipped Cream and they have lasted me about 5 months. Bought new Jars of them in February for my Birthday and got the small bottle of the Beste Jelly. I also love the scent of the Protini Cream and the pump Jars and how enough is pumped out and still is enough to cover your whole face.

  • Lolita Lavender's Japanese & K- beauty

    I love the retexurizing mask for origins

  • Shirley159z
    Shirley159z 2 months ago

    I really want to try the krave beauty products since I love liah, but it's so hard to get those products in my country, and the price tags are crazy.. 😰😰

  • Mickey McObvious
    Mickey McObvious 2 months ago

    guys nooooo, don't put lavender on your facce!! if we stop buying things with lavender in it, they'll stop insisting on putting it in our skincare... that stuff causes gradual cumulative damage, like the SUN. lavender oil is for your LITTER BOX

  • Ariel Wolfe
    Ariel Wolfe 2 months ago

    You would love the Neutrogena gel masks as a knock off for the pharmacy coconut gel mask they come in hydro boost, hydrating, brightening, and a pink grapefruit ones!

  • elizabeth cruz
    elizabeth cruz 2 months ago

    can i use the cleanser morning and night or no it says just night

  • Gillian Wills
    Gillian Wills 2 months ago

    Fun Fact: Watermelons are in the same family as Cucumbers. They share the same skincare benefits... xXx
    (PS: The H in herb isn't silent)

  • Jamie Perlas
    Jamie Perlas 2 months ago

    Please try african black soap

  • H.Cox
    H.Cox 2 months ago

    I've been using UFO from Sunday Riley and love it. I've also been using the Ordinary Gycloic acid toner and love it. Should I try the TLC from DE or Good Genes from SR next? Also SR CEO serum or DE one?

  • Krista Simpson
    Krista Simpson 2 months ago

    Is love to see your thoughts & review on Youth To The People. I personally love the brand and the ethics behind the brand. They are so underrated in my opinion.
    I love watching these videos 😊💚

  • Sarahi Mejia
    Sarahi Mejia 2 months ago

    How about dermalogica?

  • Tiffani Vu
    Tiffani Vu 2 months ago

    Vintner’s Daughter, Kypris, Jullai

  • ツNoobita
    ツNoobita 2 months ago

    Can I combine thayer's and klairs supple toner in my day and night routine? two toner per routine

  • Ngoc Anh Minh Luong
    Ngoc Anh Minh Luong 2 months ago

    i remember one of your fav face creams is Origins ginseng moisterizer so i went to the shop and ended up buying the cream one not the gel one (the one you recommended here 🤣) Is there big difference between them? why the gel one is more favored? Thanks

    • Kaylen Yong
      Kaylen Yong 2 months ago +1

      Depending on what skin type do you have, usually for dry skin it is preferable to use the cream whereas if you have a more oily skin, gel is all the way to go 😊

  • Kristy K
    Kristy K 2 months ago

    Please review COSRX & BEAUTY BY EARTH!!

  • Renee Maus
    Renee Maus 2 months ago

    What about more affordable products like ELF?

  • S. Caroline Duffy
    S. Caroline Duffy 3 months ago

    I'd love to see a video about skin care products for eczema or products that are good for dry skin on the eyelids, please!

  • Abby R
    Abby R 3 months ago

    Love this! Cupuacu btw is coop-oo-ah-sue

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    o a 3 months ago

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    isa fitch 3 months ago

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    Serina Penrod 3 months ago +4

    Also, can you do a Lush review?

  • Serina Penrod
    Serina Penrod 3 months ago

    Can you guys review Supergoop!? Ooooh and Fourth Ray Beauty please they use watermelon too! Fourth Ray also has Marula Oil for 8.00 $ just thought I'd mention that.

  • ariesi Xuz
    ariesi Xuz 3 months ago


  • Alissa Roe
    Alissa Roe 3 months ago +1

    I absolutely adore this channel! I'm in my late 20's and noticing changes in my skin. The way you both present info is easy to absorb and fun to listen to. Thank you

  • suarmis travieso
    suarmis travieso 3 months ago

    Can you review Tata Harper

  • R Baker
    R Baker 3 months ago +1

    Love these overviews ;) I splashed out on Drunk Elephant when they arrived in the UK. I have hormonal breakouts, congestion, dehydration. Any of their products that contain Marula oil were too heavy for my skin and clogged my pores sooooo bad! Loved their acids, B Hydra and Protini though. And I nabbed their Sukari from USA and it’s amazing! But yeah, if you’ve got bad congestion or spotty skin, would advise using Marula products with caution.

  • Blake Jansen
    Blake Jansen 3 months ago

    imma need to know what highlight and foundation Felecia is wearing

  • Mackenzie Waxler
    Mackenzie Waxler 3 months ago

    witch hazel ruined my skin it's definitely not for everyone

  • Linh Le
    Linh Le 3 months ago

    Pharmacy ultra bee cleanser please

  • Iris Benitho
    Iris Benitho 3 months ago

    Have you guys tried the freeman skin care products? Their honeydew sleeping mask is the best!

  • Iris Benitho
    Iris Benitho 3 months ago

    I tried the the white origins mask with out wearing make, and my face felt super clean and a little dry. After I did the other steps in my skin care, I noticed how soft my face was. It was worth the but.

  • _Panda_Panda _Panda_
    _Panda_Panda _Panda_ 3 months ago

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