I Found Out My Dad's Not My Biological Father Through A DNA Test • Part 1

  • Published on Dec 14, 2018
  • When Sam got her family DNA tests for the holidays, she had no idea it would completely change her life. Follow her on her journey to find her biological father.
    This is part 1 of BuzzFeed’s three-part mini-series. Check out part 2 here: usclip.net/video/eiOlx6boNCw/video.html
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Comments • 1 857

  • Katie
    Katie 36 minutes ago

    This exact same thing happened to me! I did 23 and me and since found out that my actual father died in a water skiing accident in 1994 (I was born in 93') and so far have 6 half sisters and 2 half brothers on 23andme.

  • SA S
    SA S 59 minutes ago

    where is part 2

  • rachel tramel
    rachel tramel Hour ago

    At least you grew up with a dad. My father left me and my mother when I was a baby, and he never came back, I am not even sure if he is alive or not, and I am almost 22 years old. Be grateful for the man who is your father. "Father" goes way beyond blood.

  • Organic Trash
    Organic Trash 2 hours ago

    why would anyone lie about this. literally just tell the truth, youre doing more good by that. they are your family

  • Blu Fiyah
    Blu Fiyah 4 hours ago

    The truth is better than a lie. What if these people fall in love with a relative or something???

  • Alee Bea
    Alee Bea 5 hours ago

    Nothing nice to say, so say nothing.

    AIDAH_RELOADED 7 hours ago

    so your mom is a lier. good for you.

  • Russian girl
    Russian girl 10 hours ago

    Is anybody still curious about the results?

  • Heather Schocker
    Heather Schocker 17 hours ago

    hmm just watch the movie go way way back

  • Kasparl Schatt
    Kasparl Schatt 17 hours ago

    Why? I am adopted and be happy with who you are so lucky to be loved by your parents.
    You are your parents daughter. I don't understand how you could be so ignorent
    to your parents. You are 22 years old you are a grown women. Are you so
    incomplete by yourself? You need help. Calculate the money your "parents" have spent
    on you. What are you looking for? Be happy with what you have. Your parents have been
    through hell because of you. Seek therapy on how to be content with yourself.

  • Anaisel Ramos
    Anaisel Ramos 18 hours ago

    She has a whole ass dad who loves her and she just has to know her father and he half-siblings as if they were actually her family. Idk it comes off like ungrateful rather than curious

  • macpduff
    macpduff 19 hours ago

    You need to test with the largest company Ancestry. I just found my new unexpected sister last week through Ancestry

  • macpduff
    macpduff 20 hours ago

    When oh when are parents going to learn not to keep parenting secrets. The child has the right to know and grow up with the truth

  • Reaganne Grumbles
    Reaganne Grumbles 21 hour ago

    i would have like been um no that’s wrong

  • Egyptian American Patriot

    These sharumdas have no loyalty

  • Mochi Ziwoo
    Mochi Ziwoo Day ago

    I wouldn't care would he be or not, IF he was a good father but I would have wanted to know...

  • Bill Russell
    Bill Russell Day ago

    Question of leaglality , do decendants of donors have right to estate of unwed donor, the tech is opening up legal vistas we should collectively address before the need

  • AverageLuke
    AverageLuke Day ago

    100% Irish eh'. How'd they accomplish that..incest 🤔

  • Feologild
    Feologild Day ago

    Nothing in this world would make me happier than finding out that my father is not my real father.

  • Jill Ashley
    Jill Ashley Day ago

    There are tens of thousands of us that have experienced similar situations after testing with Ancestry. Someone experiencing this is called an NPE. This stands for Not Paternity Expected. Broad terms for those with any type of inaccurate birth information. It's easier than you think to find family. Lots of closet doors are getting thrown open to reveal all the skeletons of the past. I think it's amazing but anyone looking to test gets a warning from me. DNA doesn't lie and you have to be willing to accept anything you find. I think it's wonderful how easily she found him. Some stories are super happy and some not so much. But at least the truth is told.

  • KpopIsMyCity ;-;

    I have two half brothers and they arent really related to me. My mum dated one guy and divorced, she met my dad and had me and my other real brother. My two half brothers know that we dont share a lot of dna but relationships are stronger than blood. If I found out my that my mum or dad weren't really my biological parents, I would still love them the same. They raised me and put a roof over my head.
    Be thankful your "dad" took care of you while your actual dad left you, not for a bad reason but... jesus christ, brat.

  • Calliieo X
    Calliieo X Day ago

    Well, you never know but I most definitely look more asian than Honduran. I always get it, people think I’m mixed all the time, I don’t know why. Both of my parents are from Honduras, I was born in America and it’s always been the rest of my family from there.

  • vitroz
    vitroz Day ago

    I would never forgive these selfish parents

  • melanie mares
    melanie mares Day ago

    well whoops

  • krankenheim13
    krankenheim13 Day ago +1

    You think this is fucked up kiddo, wait until you find out what these companies actually do with your DNA!!

  • Noah Kelchner
    Noah Kelchner 2 days ago +1

    Whoever took this dna test. Your moms a hoe

  • Cansu Oder
    Cansu Oder 2 days ago

    I think she has heterochromia :D

  • egoisnotadirtyword
    egoisnotadirtyword 2 days ago

    1:00 Lol!!

  • Just Call Me Jess
    Just Call Me Jess 2 days ago

    Everytime I see ads for these I tjink tjis happens all the time!

  • Hope The#1Queenfan
    Hope The#1Queenfan 2 days ago

    Im from Lousiana and my dad is in the Massachusetts prison when I was an infinten and he was sentenced to prison for I think a little over 18 years and I don't know what he did or what he looks like

  • The Only Juan Left
    The Only Juan Left 2 days ago

    this is why we have issues in America

  • olg06
    olg06 2 days ago

    Dad = cuck
    Sperm donor = alpha

  • Lauren.D
    Lauren.D 2 days ago

    I would feel so disrespected if I were the dad

  • SyrianGirlpartisan
    SyrianGirlpartisan 2 days ago

    The rights of the child out weigh the rights of the “donor” and “parent”. It should not be anonymous. This will cause future incest and heart ache. You people are all programmed and can’t think for yourselves.

  • Jacqueline Hadid
    Jacqueline Hadid 2 days ago

    Message for the parent: _be a good parent_

  • Danielle Hulme-Lowe
    Danielle Hulme-Lowe 3 days ago

    I learned when I was ten, that my mom was not my biological mother. I didn't care, my own mother didn't want us.

  • FateAndFurie
    FateAndFurie 3 days ago +2

    Giiiiirl I went through something similar. Never knew my bio dad, my mom is white and told me he was Pacific Islander. Come to find out I'm actually white and black and was passing for 25 yrs... lol

  • klaus schmidt
    klaus schmidt 3 days ago +1

    blood is heavier than water

    • Dallas the Pony
      Dallas the Pony Day ago

      klaus schmidt no. 10 pounds of blood is equal to 10 pounds of blood. You mean denser, which is based on volume.

  • honeysmile320
    honeysmile320 3 days ago

    If it were me, this would bother me. I don't like the feeling of being lied to. Especially by family. Granted I understand the parents journey towards conceiving a child, but if im GROWN and you're STILL lying to me..thats a problem...To me, it does matter...What if you have a major medical issue(cancer, autoimmune diseases, etc)? What if you had brothers/sisters you don't know about?(it would be scary if you dated them without knowing..ewww)....its hiding me from part of my life. It wouldn't be fair to me as an adult.

  • Kam :
    Kam : 3 days ago

    Totally unrelated to this video but can we please get postmates to get rid of their ads with iggy

  • strawbArybrick
    strawbArybrick 3 days ago

    They miss the fact that the DNA test wouldn't say anything about the daughter's bio father. Because women don't have a Y chromosome, you can't get your paternal side tested through a DNA test.

    • Shaye Eller
      Shaye Eller 3 days ago

      The brother was going to take the test as well.

  • Onion
    Onion 3 days ago


  • Miss Keisha
    Miss Keisha 3 days ago

    My parents used an egg donor to conceive my brother and I and I honestly couldn’t care less? What’s the big deal

  • A R
    A R 3 days ago

    I thought the woman cheated or something. Eh. That man’s still your dad

  • RyokoAsakuraLastFan
    RyokoAsakuraLastFan 3 days ago

    You know, this was a viral story on Tumblr that BuzzFeed stole

  • 251 tinkk
    251 tinkk 3 days ago

    that’s tuff😿.

  • Love Me Please!!!
    Love Me Please!!! 4 days ago

    In these situation i always see the mothers as a bit selfish. If i was in that situation i would just adopt.

  • dklyde
    dklyde 4 days ago

    The parents were morons

  • Krista Star
    Krista Star 4 days ago


  • ChileChiller
    ChileChiller 4 days ago

    Why her one eye up there and the other one down there??

  • Ava Adams
    Ava Adams 4 days ago

    I don’t see why she lie

  • Jasmine K.
    Jasmine K. 4 days ago

    Thats amazing

  • Rita Tran
    Rita Tran 4 days ago


  • Dean Lungu
    Dean Lungu 4 days ago

    I was waiting for the DNA results but got bored with the delivery of this video and left without finding out.

  • oioioi oioioi
    oioioi oioioi 4 days ago

    I think its good to know your biological parents because if they have kids and you dont know them ...you might end up in a relationship by chance with your sibling which is so wrong on so many levels :o

  • neryy therioz
    neryy therioz 4 days ago

    Mhhhh... why you wanted to meet the sperm donor? I dont exactly seeing the purpose for it? The sperm donor was just donated his sperm for some money right? I mean, your father that raised you is your father, the sperm donor just helped your parents to made you. I mean, their parents are right when they think they will just tell their children about sperm donor if there is some medical emergency, because that is when they maybe needed the sperm donor help. From 1 sperm donation you can create more than 5 pregnancy, imagine if all of the child searching for him, for some people maybe that is a blissfull but for the other, when they have their own family and stuff, that can be very uncomfortable situation though?

  • starzzzy
    starzzzy 4 days ago

    ....there is a big reason to tell your kids if the man that raised them isn't their biological father! They could have other siblings, unknown health concerns, etc. etc.

  • we have different clothes

    I like how the mom says that they couldn’t find a right time to tell them.😂😂😂😂 Like, there’s never going to be a right time😂😂😂.

  • Mollie Brianne
    Mollie Brianne 5 days ago

    As if you wouldn't tell your child that kind of thing

  • 39Bosski
    39Bosski 5 days ago

    Nurture vs nature is real. Ancient African-American saying: "you feed a black child long enough, they'll look just like you". The meaning is that when you raise and care for the child, you put some of yourself into them, whether they're biologically yours or not.

  • purpledragonfly4
    purpledragonfly4 5 days ago

    You KNOW who your father was, the man who loved you and raised you. You are finding out who your SPERM DONOR is! Takes more than DNA to call him a father.
    Contacting family of said donor was just disgustingly tacky.

  • Chloe Ryanne
    Chloe Ryanne 5 days ago

    youtube are you happy? im watching it

  • Michèle van Geet
    Michèle van Geet 5 days ago

    3:16 How can you be and look like eastern european jewish and irish catholic? 🤣🤣🤣 i mean, most of the People in Europe are christian and they are all kind of People so

  • Mike C
    Mike C 5 days ago

    She should be mad at mom, not because of dad but genetics making her look/sound 40 at 22

  • Maria Ruiz Cuevas
    Maria Ruiz Cuevas 5 days ago +1

    Mom and Dad has left the chat😂

  • Sunshine Fiz
    Sunshine Fiz 5 days ago

    Click bait.
    I could understand tracking your biologicals down only for medical background. Other than that it wouldn’t be necessary because you were blessed to the current family for a reason.

  • AB
    AB 6 days ago

    Her parents should be ashamed of herself. Misleading your children like this is so disrespectful and earth shattering.

  • Phuck Bhunny
    Phuck Bhunny 6 days ago

    Seeking out your father who was an "anonymous' donor is completely fucked up. You are changing and possibly destroying someones life who didn't agree to you doing that. 100% selfish and 100% fucked up.

  • Alexandra Elliott
    Alexandra Elliott 6 days ago

    People who don't tell their kids, are asking for trouble later. Why lie to your kids. It's way more effort than the truth. I told my daughter right away. My cousin's did not, their kids flipped out and lost it. One threw her life away, another had a downward spiral. It's not worth the risk, TALK to your kids.

  • jaye bean
    jaye bean 6 days ago

    She sounds really unenthused

  • Cockertoo
    Cockertoo 6 days ago

    I can't believe people would not tell their children something so important

  • TatsThighsAndPrettyEyes

    I think it's selfish that they never told her. That's not fair.

  • Why do I need a name ?

    I have always wondered when will this happen to a person who took a DNA test

  • MultiFanWorld
    MultiFanWorld 6 days ago

    1 eye looks grren and the other brown....does she have heterochemia?

  • Toria Grande
    Toria Grande 6 days ago

    so sad, that names/visuals from dna tests are mentioned or shown so frequently throughout the whole vids, it seems more like a beautifully plotted ad instead of an actual story.

  • Ariana Malkin
    Ariana Malkin 6 days ago

    Oh snap!!! Wow, ok

  • Lorena Rey
    Lorena Rey 6 days ago

    She didn’t find out through a DNA test, she found out through her family. 🙄 clickbait

  • James Wise
    James Wise 6 days ago

    I want a DNA test because i'm told through my mom and dad I am native american, and I kinda need to know this

  • Amy Williams
    Amy Williams 6 days ago

    I'm adopted by both of my parents. And I look so much like my dad it's not even funny 😂.

  • RebelBelle
    RebelBelle 6 days ago

    Basically.... YOUR MAMA IS A HOE!!

  • Joanne Phillips
    Joanne Phillips 6 days ago

    It’s easy to say it doesn’t make a difference but it does. The right time to tell your kids is when they are capable of talking because they can understand and comprehend at a young age in small amounts of information. They have a right to know and it pays to be up front honest and truthful. Everyone knows and it’s not a secret. Acceptance and respect for everyone is essential for good inter family relationships.

  • Tibi Keresztes
    Tibi Keresztes 6 days ago

    Does it matter.

  • non biz
    non biz 6 days ago

    I found out my grandfather isn't my biological grandfather when I was around 35. It wasn't an infertility issue.

  • LuAnn Patterson
    LuAnn Patterson 7 days ago

    Having successfully found my exhusband's birth family 3 years ago, I see this scenario a lot. In this day & age, if you've got any secrets best to be prepared. Last year an Aunt died & my cousin stopped by to give us her arrangements. He saw I was working on the genealogy & out of the blue proceeds to tell me he had a son (not with his wife) out there. Gave the mom's name, the kid's name, etc. I looked at my sister after he left & we both were like WTH?? He died a week later. Nothing surprises me anymore.

  • MrsPoodle78
    MrsPoodle78 7 days ago

    Considering how many children are in foster care, waiting to be adopted, why do so many couples spend thousands upon thousands on IVF?

  • Obemah Hesslup
    Obemah Hesslup 7 days ago

    Wow, he is a Fox!

    ANTIQUEFOTOS 8 days ago

    Also, just imagine if you were an only child and close to your dad and then these kids pop up and want to know your dad. I can imagine that would upset them, especially if the dad gave them an inheritance. OMG, the mess!

    ANTIQUEFOTOS 8 days ago

    I feel sorry for those college boys who wanted to make a little extra money by donating sperm before DNA exists. They might have fathered 20 kids and they are all looking for him. I don't think what she did was right. She knows why he did, just leave him alone. I don't think they should have the right to contact them.

  • Applauseify
    Applauseify 8 days ago

    be thankful to people who brought you into this world and those who nurtured you. the information is past.let past be past. their love and care is your truth and present. understand you are here to find your life purpose and appreciate life. doesnt matter who gives you life.

  • Ray Lapuz
    Ray Lapuz 8 days ago

    Sam....this was a complete dick move to that guy who raised you btw.

  • Ariadne Angel
    Ariadne Angel 8 days ago

    I got a 23&Me kit for Christmas. (2018 :p) I’m still waiting for all of the results and stuff. My Paternal Great-Aunt is into Genealogy so I know some stuff and my Paternal Grandmother did an Ancestry DNA kit.

  • Sharon Vered
    Sharon Vered 9 days ago

    shoutout to all my fellow jews out there that once they saw the girl knew she was jewish i got that jew-dar

    I'M JESUS 9 days ago

    You don't wait 21 years to tell someone that you're not the father.

  • sesayida
    sesayida 9 days ago

    That’s why I can’t do sperm donor . Don’t want no one looking for me . Chance are I just needed money

  • Britney Waldron
    Britney Waldron 9 days ago

    Your moms a hoeeee....joking 👀

  • Katie •
    Katie • 9 days ago

    I wouldn’t be as upset about the fact the man that raised me wasn’t my biological dad just the fact it was kept secret

  • maclaireful
    maclaireful 10 days ago

    It's fine as long as the donor was ok with being contacted.

  • Amina Wijntje
    Amina Wijntje 10 days ago

    I don't get the obsession with all this gene stuff. Your father is the one who cared for you.

  • Dina Kay
    Dina Kay 10 days ago

    I’ve gone through this myself but what I learned is family is whoever loved you and raised you. I trust these kids will get to that point as well, please don’t judge them for being curious.

  • headass steph
    headass steph 11 days ago

    everyone be wilding using 23andme