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  • kc joyce
    kc joyce 19 hours ago

    just finished watching it!!! and it's better than i expected!!! definitely worth watching!!!

  • Jared Labriola
    Jared Labriola 22 hours ago

    is it just the video or is this movie really playing in like only 15 FPS?

  • Mohammad Ali Abdullah

    Look like a stop motion comic book animation... look like ur reading a comic book but its moving..

  • Richard Hansen
    Richard Hansen Day ago

    why is the backgroud animation often blurry like old 3d picture

  • Mahadi Hasan
    Mahadi Hasan Day ago

    Ohh man these aren't dimensions, this looks like cosmic web.

  • Telekanis
    Telekanis Day ago

    The most incredible movie after incredibles

  • AlwaysThere x3
    AlwaysThere x3 Day ago

    DOn't compare this Spider - Man like the Other. The first Is PETER PARKER and the second MILES MORALES !!
    Rhein are Other and INSIDE and OUTSIDE. The story How they became what they are and what makes them special. SO DON'T HATE THE ONE SPIDERMAN CAUSE HE ISN'T LIKE THE OTHER. If it would be like this THEN It would be stupid but It isn't so.
    GOSH people they hating cause they have noooooo Idea and know nothing and are blind for New Talents they FOR SURE Other... i can't accept. So stop crying and watch this lit movie with a fresh MILES - who is a black amazing cool funny SPIDERMAN and so other like Parker. I love Parker but this dude is mor like me. So he's my favo. Greets from Brazil. And Amazing Animation. They wanted to look it like a comic but more realer and they did it. PERFECT.
    I enjoyed every second of this entertaining movie.

  • Galactic Orca
    Galactic Orca Day ago

    Sad to see not all the scenes here were used for the final product. I would have liked to see more of a mentor and student bond with Peter and Miles like it shows here.

  • N N
    N N Day ago

    Toxic mcu fans "no marvel movie is good unless it is tied to the mcu"
    Sony's into the spiderverse:"are you sure about that"
    P.s: i am not a dc/dceu fanboy

    AMEER - HIDER Day ago +1

    Stan lee
    Marvel Legend
    1922 - 2019

  • 117fuzz
    117fuzz 2 days ago

    "Dont do it like me....do it like you" watched the whole movie waiting for that line...........bunch of stuff from the trailers were dropped......that changed the direction of the movie for me....it was good....but it couldve been better

  • Dara Hunt
    Dara Hunt 2 days ago


  • -Tcáf-
    -Tcáf- 2 days ago

    I’m mad that I thought this movie was going to be trash

  • spongyboi TM
    spongyboi TM 2 days ago

    I'm so hyped to see this film

  • Astroboy
    Astroboy 2 days ago

    look like 3D of this spider man

  • alif aiman
    alif aiman 2 days ago


  • The Stupid will Inherit the Earth

    Why not make him an Asian female transsexual?

  • hungwilliam
    hungwilliam 3 days ago

    you had me until black.

  • Verhavert
    Verhavert 3 days ago

    Can anyone send me a link to the full movie version PLEASE 🙏

    • Verhavert
      Verhavert 2 days ago

      +MrAmazing79 and what if my dad is in prison and my mom doesn't care about me...

    • MrAmazing79
      MrAmazing79 2 days ago

      +Verhavert then ask your parents.

    • Verhavert
      Verhavert 2 days ago

      +MrAmazing79 and what if I still go to school?

    • MrAmazing79
      MrAmazing79 2 days ago

      +Verhavert then find a job

    • Verhavert
      Verhavert 2 days ago

      +MrAmazing79 and what if you have NO money? 😂

  • Jim Sirette
    Jim Sirette 3 days ago

    What is this homoerotic crud ? Why can't anyone make films for heterosexual adults????

  • Vortex Foxxツ
    Vortex Foxxツ 3 days ago

    Omfg i need to watch this now :O
    Btw that dad is awesome🤣

  • Madelyn Li
    Madelyn Li 3 days ago

    2:07 🤣

  • ani
    ani 4 days ago

    i cried multiple times watching this movie

  • Justin Cepeda
    Justin Cepeda 4 days ago

    Gonna watch it today

  • Arikarin Nokuchikushiarikuto

    Haymitch and Catniss in a nutshell

  • Lukegoldstonofficial

    I haven’t seen this movie, but I wish I could have seen this.

  • Aubrey Montgomery
    Aubrey Montgomery 5 days ago +1

    I don't freaking care if you attack me or not, but this movie BLOWS. It was down right awful and super cringey. I didn't even want to see this movie, I was basically forced to. And the anime girl made me cringe everytime she was on screen. I love anime, but this made me cry with embarrassment.

    • Aubrey Montgomery
      Aubrey Montgomery 4 days ago

      +MrAmazing79 I personally think it would've been great if there were only 2 spiderpeople

    • MrAmazing79
      MrAmazing79 4 days ago

      Not really. This is a great film.

  • Zeinab Ahmed
    Zeinab Ahmed 5 days ago

    It's still in cinema! Let's go😂

  • rohail fawad
    rohail fawad 6 days ago

    How do you go from the emoji movie to this.....😲

  • Glenn Swan
    Glenn Swan 6 days ago

    I wonder what the official web-site is going for?

  • Glenn Swan
    Glenn Swan 6 days ago


  • Glenn Swan
    Glenn Swan 6 days ago +1

    Spiderman was good

  • Glenn Swan
    Glenn Swan 6 days ago

    You can't tell the difference between the real world and the virtual world

  • Glenn Swan
    Glenn Swan 6 days ago

    The cg is about the same

  • Glenn Swan
    Glenn Swan 6 days ago


  • Glenn Swan
    Glenn Swan 6 days ago

    Me too

  • Glenn Swan
    Glenn Swan 6 days ago

    Me too.

  • Hastic 297
    Hastic 297 6 days ago +1

    What the song name

    • Hastic 297
      Hastic 297 6 days ago +2

      +Jas Kaley thankyou

    • Jas Kaley
      Jas Kaley 6 days ago +1

      cant stop us now chaz french

  • Steve from high school

    Have to keep rewatching the trailers desperately waiting for it to come out on blu ray

  • Guillaume Charpentier

    1:34 what did miles say

  • Mibubot
    Mibubot 8 days ago

    Has anyone else pointed out the huge plot hole in this movie? If things can’t exist outside their own dimension and the spider that bit miles was from another dimension than whatever in injected into him to change his DNA would not be able to exist forever. With bits of his DNA vanishing he’d either become deformed or would just lose his powers.

  • Nono
    Nono 8 days ago


  • Sonic The hedgehog
    Sonic The hedgehog 8 days ago

    1:38 músic pliss

  • mr morningstar
    mr morningstar 9 days ago

    cant wait for endgame

  • Raja S
    Raja S 9 days ago


  • Canal Do Hunter
    Canal Do Hunter 10 days ago

    1:36 , qual a musica? Which song?

    • Alex Taylor
      Alex Taylor 9 days ago

      Canal Do Hunter Can’t stop us by Chaz French

  • Mohamed Galdigsi FJ08
    Mohamed Galdigsi FJ08 10 days ago

    Good Trailer

  • Shubham Mittal
    Shubham Mittal 10 days ago +1

    Actually fictional scripts contents characters concepts...animation... Preplanned predetermined... Full audio and visual effects... Be real be practical...

  • Canal Do Juliano
    Canal Do Juliano 11 days ago

    1:36 what is the name of the song please tell me what is the name

  • PhokingRiceFilms!
    PhokingRiceFilms! 12 days ago +1

    Miles morales universe is similiar to our. Hmm earth 616

  • Miles Morales
    Miles Morales 12 days ago +1

    My Favorite Quotes:
    "Don't do it like me, do it like you."
    "Anyone can wear the mask."

  • klaustrofobiczny pelikan
    klaustrofobiczny pelikan 12 days ago +1

    Best spiderman piece of content probably ever. Good job Sony

  • Tommaso Parekh
    Tommaso Parekh 12 days ago +1

    Make it into a movie that is not cartoon

  • DR.Burnz3y
    DR.Burnz3y 13 days ago

    Anyone know what song this is

  • Bubsimo Dragon
    Bubsimo Dragon 13 days ago +1

    Why so many dislikes?

  • Marie Fanboy
    Marie Fanboy 13 days ago +1

    The dislikes are from ONLY DC fans.

  • SuperLuigiJake
    SuperLuigiJake 13 days ago

    Let's forget the total bomanation the emoji movie.

  • Dion St. Michael
    Dion St. Michael 13 days ago

    So happy you guys knocked this one outta the park. You can use the win. Fantastic job.

  • Jakob Peter Raahauge
    Jakob Peter Raahauge 13 days ago

    Is this a racist depiction of white middle class people seeing aspiring people of color as psychologically abuse in misperceiving how middle class values should be expressed?

    • Jakob Peter Raahauge
      Jakob Peter Raahauge 12 days ago

      I was sort of poking fun at those who just want to see *trigger alerts* everywhere - I think the whole ordeal has been so polarized that making any kind of fun sends one down a weird rabbit hole of contradictions and strange reactions - it makes a lot of things odd! Like - since when was cis-sexual a thing and where does it fit into LBGTQ? LTBGTQAC?? If you run sort of letters we have three extra in Danish - Æ Ø & Å 😘 By the way I am looking so much forward to thrust myself into the spider verse - do you when it's launched in the EU?

    • Jakob Peter Raahauge
      Jakob Peter Raahauge 12 days ago

      I guess it is not then :) and that snowflake would be proper here; I'm half Inuit.

    • I Identify as a Dragon
      I Identify as a Dragon 13 days ago +1

      Jakob Peter Raahauge
      I mean anything can be racist with you snowflakes so why not?

  • BatGamez
    BatGamez 13 days ago +1

    Man first time i saw the trailer i dint like Peter but after watcht the trailer over and over and watcht the new trailers and movie i was in love with the new Peter Parker

  • Tom Brown
    Tom Brown 13 days ago

    What is the song/track on this trailer

  • Stephany Torres
    Stephany Torres 14 days ago +1

    This comic movie is friking amazing. A like how the make it, it's the perfect match between Peter Parker and this cute but strong guy in a very good line to connect everything with the other movies . The movie design is pure NYC culture, the music, draw creation. I really love it 💛

  • Ashok Lamka
    Ashok Lamka 14 days ago


  • Film Trailers YT
    Film Trailers YT 14 days ago

    great channel, good trailers and inspiration to my new channel.❤️

  • MrGabeanator
    MrGabeanator 15 days ago

    the amount of awards this movie is winning scares me

  • Wizdigo
    Wizdigo 16 days ago


  • Spidey Frizz
    Spidey Frizz 17 days ago +3

    The Best Trailer For The Best Spider-Man Movie Of All Time! This movie was and still amazing! I can’t wait for the sequel!!!

  • Danarii Hill
    Danarii Hill 17 days ago +2

    Who else's favorite movie of 2018!!

  • terranova210486
    terranova210486 17 days ago

    What's the name of the song 1:36

  • KN Song
    KN Song 17 days ago

    1.35 what song?

  • Amal Tariq
    Amal Tariq 18 days ago

    GOD! He just looks like Jake Gyllenhaal

  • RoidREK gaming
    RoidREK gaming 18 days ago

    This animation is the first of its kind and looks really really nice!

  • yash prakhar pant
    yash prakhar pant 18 days ago +1

    i got a pirated copy of this.....yeh boii

    • MrAmazing79
      MrAmazing79 16 days ago +1

      +yash prakhar pant not really

    • yash prakhar pant
      yash prakhar pant 16 days ago +1

      +MrAmazing79 yeah but when u can get it for free and the same video and audio quality pirated movies are better

    • MrAmazing79
      MrAmazing79 16 days ago +1

      +yash prakhar pant still better to actually but a copy. Unless you're poor

    • yash prakhar pant
      yash prakhar pant 16 days ago +1

      +MrAmazing79 nah

    • MrAmazing79
      MrAmazing79 18 days ago +1

      It's better to buy the actual copy of the movie instead of pirated copy

  • Luke Chaplin
    Luke Chaplin 19 days ago +1

    Watching this movie again today for the 3rd time

  • Luke The Ghost Killer 2515

    Everybody gets one ☝️

  • Irenesicle
    Irenesicle 20 days ago

    I really want to watch this movie... Iv watched this trailer over and over again lol

  • Huginn Evuson
    Huginn Evuson 20 days ago

    Maybe In Next Animated Spiderman Film, Miles Is Putting Together A Spiderman Team.

  • IcedVenom Nightcore
    IcedVenom Nightcore 20 days ago +2

    Nuck Figgers

  • Mirza Khalid
    Mirza Khalid 20 days ago +1

    So they make Spider Man black...ahem black version of Peter Parker 😂 Soon they will make a female version of Spider Man...ahem Spider Woman 😉

  • Shweta Singh
    Shweta Singh 21 day ago

    1:36 Wait! Is that future??

  • Dead7X
    Dead7X 21 day ago +1

    Who came back after seeing the movie?

  • AyaLili
    AyaLili 21 day ago +1

    okay, so I'm not a marvel fan, because I've never seen a lot of their movies, but my friends are. They've made it their mission to get me into the marvel fandom. They took me to this and I laughed and cried multiple times. This is beautiful. I saw it in the theatre, but I can't buy it here yet!! I really wanna own it.

  • Norma Perez
    Norma Perez 21 day ago +1

    Which spider person are you
    1.peter Parker
    2.miles morales
    3.gwen Stacy
    4.peni Parker
    5. Spider noir
    6.peter porker

  • Niko Bitan
    Niko Bitan 22 days ago +1

    This is bull**it....

    • I Identify as a Dragon
      I Identify as a Dragon 13 days ago +1

      Niko Bitan
      Ok. It got a bunch of awards though

    • Niko Bitan
      Niko Bitan 18 days ago

      +MrAmazing79 i respect your decision but this is total fail to me...

    • MrAmazing79
      MrAmazing79 18 days ago +1

      +Niko Bitan it's a great movie.

    • Niko Bitan
      Niko Bitan 18 days ago

      +MrAmazing79 seriously? Make real movie not this animated cra*...

    • MrAmazing79
      MrAmazing79 20 days ago


  • jossell911
    jossell911 22 days ago

    Movie was 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • LucKie
    LucKie 22 days ago

    I was here to check 🌻

  • AK
    AK 22 days ago

    Can anyone please tell name of the song?? Still looking..

  • funkyfunk
    funkyfunk 23 days ago +3

    I absolutely LOVE this! It's incredible that they 3D animated the whole thing and then painted over it in such great, beautiful detail in order to preserve the comic-book style. The amount of work that went into this is insane. They deserve the Oscar for best animated feature!

  • Nickolas Buczek
    Nickolas Buczek 23 days ago +4

    The song is can't stop us by Chaz french

  • Sapiah yuah
    Sapiah yuah 23 days ago

    What a good

  • Raditya WibowoV
    Raditya WibowoV 23 days ago +1

    What Name Song In 1:38 PLZ I NEED SONG THIS.

  • AyanamiRei5kyu
    AyanamiRei5kyu 24 days ago

    1:37 that... that scene right there was like 80% of the reason i decided to watch the movie and it was just as epic as expected in 3d on the big screen

  • Mosabbir Khandaker
    Mosabbir Khandaker 25 days ago +1

    Every miles that I saw was all ugly but this miles is so cool smart and handsome.

  • Minma Talaria
    Minma Talaria 25 days ago


  • Abrar Rahman
    Abrar Rahman 25 days ago +1

    10/10 rating

  • Danilo Cascalho
    Danilo Cascalho 25 days ago

    Aff nas férias e o cinema com tanto filme ruim em cartaz!

  • Joseph Fofana
    Joseph Fofana 26 days ago

    what song is this?

  • That's Reese
    That's Reese 26 days ago +2

    is the dad the same cop from cloudy w/ a chance of meatballs??

    omg.. same actor.

  • Shearman TheWeeb
    Shearman TheWeeb 26 days ago

    Most beautiful animation I’ve ever seen. I want to see more movies in this style.

  • Marlan Alim
    Marlan Alim 26 days ago

    Super class