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    M. Lnn

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    Lit AF 🔥🔥🔥

  • jonathan skate is dumb like trump and is racist

    I love the this movie 😎😎😎😎

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    Entity21 j 7 hours ago

    I can teach you to be spiderman

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    You gotta say i love you back

  • Rickie Platinum
    Rickie Platinum 8 hours ago

    "How many more spider people are there?"
    "Save it for comic-con"
    "What's comic-con?"
    This move is *self aware and I love it all*

  • seta sarasau
    seta sarasau 8 hours ago

    Good News is that their is a cartoon Spiderman but the bad news is it's going to come out at Christmas

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    I see you Shaolin fantastic, lady killing romantic

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    We got a new game and a new movie coming. What did we do to deserve these 😭😍

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    Sony Animation is gettin' WAY better than before.

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    Ajay Thakur 13 hours ago

    Awesome graphics i ever watched

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    Looks cool

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    Is this spider man homecoming 2 which he went old and lazy

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    Subnate135 Chaos135 14 hours ago

    What quen is dead

  • Daniel Christopher
    Daniel Christopher 14 hours ago

    Um what's with this plot.... "there's a universe different then my universe, like your universe but it's complicated" WHAT!? This sounds like a forced way of trying to explain how there's like a crap load of spider people running around... green goblin looks cool tho, reminds me of ultimate Spider-Mans green goblin design.

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    DoNt Do It LiKe Me.....Do It LiKe YoU..

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    GABOOBY 16 hours ago

    he looks like tay-k

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    Average Joe 17 hours ago

    Who does the voice of Gwen? I swear I recognize that voice!

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    Chris Corley 17 hours ago

    Absolutely beautiful, and that's a copy.

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    Minh Quan Luong Vu 18 hours ago

    Is that Pete? Cause he looks like crap

  • Spider-Man { The Amazing Spider-Man }

    This movie better be good..... OR! I’ll do nothing really...
    I’m gonna go watch Spider-Man 2 now

  • Mr. Popo
    Mr. Popo 20 hours ago

    They should of used a previous familiar spider man voice actor

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    One thing I know for sure,don't do it like me...do it like you

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    Anybody gonna mention the Chicago’s 1s?? Like dawg those bitches almost 1000 my boiii miles got bank

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    xD 0:26 is so funny xD

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    Evan Koop 23 hours ago

    there better be a MCU Miles Morales in the near future, this looks awesome, not a fan of certain animation designs but im glad we finally get a miles story

  • W
    W Day ago

    1:30 - 1:40 is just so unbelievable! The animation is breathtaking. The way the glass shatters when he leaps, the way he shouts "Brooklyn" then the way he free falls in slow motion!! I've never ever got excited over an animated trailer before!! Freeze at 1:38. Epic shot!

  • Cute Things And Everything

    *_iS sPida gWenn yeE_*

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  • Keeper of the keys and Yes I have all the rpo keys


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    Are we gonna see spider-ham? 😂

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    Looks pretty dope

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    The music is crap

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    kaleem ahmed Day ago

    I'm in love with the animation, and does anybody know the soundtrack?? It sure is dope

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    Ronald Potts Day ago

    I hope Miles Morales comes to The Avengers 4.

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    2:20 Gwens landing is so perfect I love it!

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    Ya YAYAYA Day ago

    Man I love Miles Morales, since this is happening i wonder if we'll ever see Kamala Khan

  • Becky Weir
    Becky Weir Day ago

    I can't wait till the soundtrack comes out, I'm loving these songs

  • bittu gupta
    bittu gupta Day ago

    Please give peter parker new powers

  • نصر عبد السلام

    I love watching this

  • Ambuj Shah
    Ambuj Shah Day ago

    Looks promising

  • 노영준
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    웰케 움직임이 좀 이상하지?? 좀 뚝뜩 끊기는 느낌

  • WolvesHammer Gaming

    Miles: "How am I suppose to save the whole world?"
    Peter: "You can't think about saving the world. You gotta think about saving 1 person."

  • fatee sadiq
    fatee sadiq Day ago

    I love it

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    Acrylic Pasta Day ago

    Woooah, is the new spiderman pizza minigame

  • Tomas Nalezinsky

    I hope that the miles Morales suit and the hood and shorts will be in Spider Man PS4

  • t-up online
    t-up online Day ago

    Black spiderman


    From Sony pictures animation who brought you open season & from the director of the Lego movie

  • Royal Nautanki
    Royal Nautanki Day ago

    Can't help but watch it over and over

  • Royal Nautanki
    Royal Nautanki Day ago

    Everyone is here just for 1:32

  • Jayden Dove
    Jayden Dove Day ago

    Looks like Telltale did some work on the animation.

  • Spencer Kazadi
    Spencer Kazadi 2 days ago

    Yo who else likes those Nikes Miles has at 1:02, Because I do.

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  • Sans the Skeleton
    Sans the Skeleton 2 days ago

    What is the music in the backround called?

  • Carnivore
    Carnivore 2 days ago

    Is that tay-k?

  • mahima shukla
    mahima shukla 2 days ago

    anyone know the song on 1.30

  • GD Loquendos XD
    GD Loquendos XD 2 days ago

    Iam Not Feel good mr stark

  • DewottJ27 Pangs
    DewottJ27 Pangs 2 days ago

    I only have one question
    Why is Spider-Man wearing different pants

  • Milk S
    Milk S 2 days ago

    طز با أم أم الكفار

  • Mohammad Eskandari
    Mohammad Eskandari 2 days ago

    Song Name, Please?

  • Anders Milling
    Anders Milling 2 days ago

    Can't wait to see prowlers weird outfit.

  • PunCakes
    PunCakes 2 days ago

    im sorry but looks god awful tbh why is there going to be 2 spider-men and one be a African American kid didn't wana say black cause yall would freak out

    • EdgyZiggy9538
      EdgyZiggy9538 15 hours ago

      Oh man. If you read the comics, you should know that there's a TON of Spidermen... in fact, when it comes to the Miles Morales story, Peter Parker dies from the Green Goblin and that's why Miles Morales takes over as Spiderman (Fun fact: his uncle takes over as The Prowler as well. You can see him at 1:41). The first teaser of this movie showed Peter's grave too. I personally can't wait for this movie. Especially since Alex Hirch (creator of Gravity Falls) is working on this project. And while I love the Sam Raimi Spiderman films like yourself, I think you should open your eyes to other media of Spiderman just to get another appreciation. Or nah, the choice is yours

    • PunCakes
      PunCakes Day ago

      Your Deepest Of Fears l
      Nope cause I don't read the comics nor do I watch the animated shows

    • Your Deepest Of Fears
      Your Deepest Of Fears Day ago

      that's the first problem, you're not familiar to anything other than those movies.

    • PunCakes
      PunCakes Day ago

      Your Deepest Of Fears I grew up watching the 2000 spiderman the best movies ever those movies can't be beat. This is just to comic feel and I don't like the concept of it

    • Your Deepest Of Fears
      Your Deepest Of Fears Day ago

      he's latino, and do you know the concept of the of the mutiverse?

  • Xorcist TFM
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  • marvelfreak2003 2003
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    the animation in this is insane and very colorful big shoutout to the animators of this movie

  • Rick Estrada
    Rick Estrada 2 days ago

    The More I Watch The Trailer, The More I'd Like to See the Movie.

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    You got to say I love you back

  • Iann Greenroy
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    I'm Gwen Stacy 😍😂

  • coleccionista de amv nya

    I love song

  • SonGoku9850
    SonGoku9850 2 days ago

    if you pause when the spiders glithcing you can see the word alcemax

  • anibal hernandez
    anibal hernandez 2 days ago

    I'm calling this now green goblin is the main villain cuz in the ultimate spider man tv series they had a event called into the spider verse and the main villain is green goblin

  • Alejandro Oliveira
    Alejandro Oliveira 2 days ago +2

    Wasn't Spider-Man(Peter Parker) supposed to be dead in Miles's universe?

    • Mr. Lemon
      Mr. Lemon 2 days ago

      Alejandro Oliveira maybe he gets killed during the movie?

  • _N0VANT0
    _N0VANT0 2 days ago

    is this it? is this where finally sony snaps and make a good spiderman movie again?

  • EvenEvan Stop Motion Films

    Will there be a Stanlee Camino in this movie

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  • Shaloom Abraham
    Shaloom Abraham 2 days ago +1

    New level of animation...just Loved this!!

  • Intern
    Intern 2 days ago

    Miles Morales, you have no idea how long I've waited.

  • Gabino Rubio
    Gabino Rubio 2 days ago +1

    What’s the song?

  • by Marval
    by Marval 2 days ago +1

    Nice movie

  • Rajiv R Ram
    Rajiv R Ram 2 days ago

    Is the spider man that is teaching miles dies in the end

  • Jim Fainsan Fainsan
    Jim Fainsan Fainsan 2 days ago

    lets bet Peter Park will die

  • the frkn miza
    the frkn miza 2 days ago

    this is what everyone hoped for... a black spider-man

    • EdgyZiggy9538
      EdgyZiggy9538 15 hours ago

      It's Miles Morales. He's been around for quite some time

    • Your Deepest Of Fears
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      the frkn miza this character has been around for 8 years dude

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    0:50 sounds like a different person but he has the same suit as the Spider-Man eating the burger

  • DisasterGaming
    DisasterGaming 3 days ago

    Alright I've seen Spider-Gwen now let's get Spider-Ham

  • AlanAdame TV
    AlanAdame TV 3 days ago +2

    Those Jordan 1’s Fit perfectly with Miles Morales Style...

  • Ashok Mithapariya
    Ashok Mithapariya 3 days ago

    Best super hero spider Man and iron man

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  • Movie Clips
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    1:09 What I love the most is were finally seeing a older adult Peter Parker after seeing kid peter for so long

  • Ryan Devine
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