Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Instant Ramen | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit

  • Published on Nov 29, 2018
  • Claire. Is. Back. AGAIN. And this time she is attempting to make gourmet instant ramen. Everybody loves instant ramen, with its ludicrously salty, umami-rich spice packets and its impossibly wavy fried noodle bricks. Can Claire make a fancy version of this 70%-of-your-daily-sodium snack?
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    Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Instant Ramen | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit
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  • Bon Appétit
    Bon Appétit  3 months ago +299

    We now have merch! Get your 'Half-Sour Saffitz' shirt now!

    • Brian Clary
      Brian Clary 5 days ago

      Omg just ordered my shirt...Half Sour Saffitz YAY 🤗

    • William Humphrey
      William Humphrey 11 days ago

      Where is the guy that is always there

    • Hopeful Interpretation
      Hopeful Interpretation 12 days ago

      Oh I thought you were gonna say that you have seasoning packets as the Merch.
      Although you really shouldn’t add msg to it. The mushrooms and miso from the stock is probably enough. Msg is just instant non gourmet.

    • Kim Pham - USA
      Kim Pham - USA Month ago

      Bon Appétit yummy my tummy 😋😋😋

    • Maac FLX
      Maac FLX 2 months ago

      The deep yellow color that the noodles are getting is not from the air fryer, it's because the baked baking soda being more alkaline produces a deeper yellow in the flour. It's just a chemical reaction. As far as the "wave" in the noodles, you can achieve the same result by taking you portion of noodles and basically squeeze them tightly in your hands. When they are properly floured they will "crinkle" into waves without sticking. I will say that aside from those observations, you did an incredible job as always!

  • Cliff P
    Cliff P Day ago

    So young females want their hair gray and old women want their hair Died brown or hazelnut. That’s so funny to see a young female with gray hair. She looks 50!!! Not even joking!

  • Miss Misto
    Miss Misto Day ago

    Autolyzed yeast extract IS MSG. They use synonyms now to trick the consumer.

  • Idk 2203
    Idk 2203 Day ago

    Wave check

  • Valentina
    Valentina Day ago

    I love this editing style

  • Brandon Don
    Brandon Don Day ago

    Next is gourmet 💩

  • Chunkee Cheez
    Chunkee Cheez 2 days ago

    Fruity pebbles

  • LMG_Only _uenwbhe
    LMG_Only _uenwbhe 2 days ago


  • Sunz Verk
    Sunz Verk 2 days ago +3

    Just destroyed soo many supply’s haha

  • Andrea Grisell
    Andrea Grisell 2 days ago

    Tbf, they are improving the worst brand of instant ramen ever. Lol.

    YAYAYA 2 days ago

    They would be rich in prison

  • GhostyOcean
    GhostyOcean 2 days ago +1

    If she did a bit more research on USclip for ramen she'd see French Guy Cooking's videos on ramen and save herself a bunch of time

    • israa ahmed
      israa ahmed Day ago

      GhostyOcean I've been searching for this comment
      Alex for the win

  • anime lover999 tjong

    Why you don't dehydrate the noodle

  • Angel Reyes
    Angel Reyes 3 days ago

    3:07 That’s what she said

  • Kevin Leugan
    Kevin Leugan 3 days ago

    Poor Clad, she's is not the same with out Blair bouncing by for commentary. Honestly I'm hooked on Clair videos.
    I can just imagine Claire having a kid and sending her child gourmet instant noodle packages in college, make the whole dorm drool.

  • Liana Sarmas
    Liana Sarmas 4 days ago

    please do gourmet tim tams

  • Danielle Brown
    Danielle Brown 4 days ago +4

    Can we please do gourmet cheezits next?

  • My Grandma Died
    My Grandma Died 4 days ago

    She is like the prettiest person

  • Cameron Leann
    Cameron Leann 4 days ago


  • Vorzky
    Vorzky 4 days ago +1

    "After school snack" thats practically my entire diet

  • Kamille Foster
    Kamille Foster 5 days ago

    😂😂😂 2 servings never happened

  • Joe Menyhart
    Joe Menyhart 5 days ago

    Baked baking soda is key.

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  • She’s Natural
    She’s Natural 5 days ago

    What the hell is this ? .., 😭😂😂😂

  • Liang Xin Yu
    Liang Xin Yu 5 days ago

    so much work

  • Lezrleia
    Lezrleia 5 days ago

    10:11 Claire will die for her craft

  • Lezrleia
    Lezrleia 5 days ago +6

    this is so weird because instant noodles are already de-gourmet-ified takes on ramen

  • Ballistic Jacoby
    Ballistic Jacoby 6 days ago +2

    1:10, bare in mind, this is 2 servings for 2 Japanese people, who eat practically nothing

  • Queenie Lizzie
    Queenie Lizzie 6 days ago +1

    I don't really care as much about what's being made - though it's very interesting to me - I just really like this host and how seriously she takes her mission! I also love how encouraging all of the staff acts toward one another. Fun series!

  • Arlyn Serrano
    Arlyn Serrano 6 days ago

    Watching as I’m eating a ramen

  • Lee Emmerich
    Lee Emmerich 6 days ago +16

    Whip up some gourmet coke. Or Dr. Pepper because idk how u would replicate that flavor.

  • Kay Kay
    Kay Kay 6 days ago

    Maruchan is superior. Get that top ramen outta here.

  • Frankie Malt
    Frankie Malt 6 days ago

    Claire needs to subscribe to Alex the French cooking guy. He remade the instant ramen noodles perfectly by modifying his pasta roller and made 4 different versions of the dashi/broth.

  • NilamYT
    NilamYT 6 days ago

    In school we used to eat the ramen noodles raw and crushed (and mixed with the seasoning) instead of chips. It was way cheaper and tastes actually quite nice, but it’s probably not the healthiest to eat 😅

  • Pomdeterre de la mancha

    you should check alex the french guy cooking, he's got a full instant noodle series :D

  • Cold-tea With-lemon
    Cold-tea With-lemon 7 days ago

    Me : The best way to cook ramen is *microwaved*
    Ramen : *Do Not Microwave*

  • Sakura Kinomoto
    Sakura Kinomoto 7 days ago

    don't manufacturers bleach the ramen so it's not yellow? or was that some other food?

  • Sienna’s Life
    Sienna’s Life 7 days ago +1

    I always thought of top ramen as the genaric ramen noodles 😂

  • Nicky
    Nicky 8 days ago

    I loved that she missed Brad.. we all missed Brad, too.

  • Aizawa Is my Dad
    Aizawa Is my Dad 8 days ago

    Lucky charms?

  • Roza Leci
    Roza Leci 8 days ago

    Make gourmet Raffaelos

  • Acer rubrum
    Acer rubrum 8 days ago +1

    Is this a research and development kitchen or educational institution? I’m hearing a lot of talk about monetizing, and where I come from thats really quite rude. Claire worked really hard to make that amazing result. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t consider all that monetizing talk to be shallow and rude. Aren’t they all foodies? Why aren’t they talking about the process and details on how delicious it is? I even heard Shark Tank referenced..

    • Acer rubrum
      Acer rubrum 5 days ago

      Cora Mackenzie: wow its fun being gaslighted about manners.... I should just take a pill, I must be on my period I guess you mean to suggest.
      who cares about discussing politeness? Certainly no one in your life.

    • Cora Mackenzie
      Cora Mackenzie 5 days ago

      +Acer rubrum relax... you are making way more out of this than it is, it is a cooking segment for USclip... take a pill.

    • Acer rubrum
      Acer rubrum 5 days ago

      Cora Mackenzie: that doesnt explain why it’s OK to demean someone else’s work by focusing on the money. When someone says this is really good you should make a lot of money on this, they are thinking about them selves making a lot of money. As though they are living vicariously through the person who is sharing their passion. If that doesn’t smack of shallow and insulting to anyone reading this then I don’t know what else to say.
      Its shallower than a grain of sand in water; half the grain is above the water line. If I said something about monetizing A friend’s passion, two or more of those friends would approach me and kindly ask me to seriously think about what I just said.
      I think maybe the people in this video and those around it are just of a different culture than my part of the world.

    • Cora Mackenzie
      Cora Mackenzie 7 days ago

      +Acer rubrum they say it on every video, and I am sure it is to bring light to how difficult it is to make something from scratch that is easily made in mass quantities. If it were all made like she makes it then it would be super expensive. That's all they are saying. Calm down.

  • FantomLightning
    FantomLightning 8 days ago

    Alex can get it TBH...

  • Miriam Garcia
    Miriam Garcia 8 days ago +3

    Claire should make a series in which she brings back discontinued food like limited edition favorites or something

  • yourestupid
    yourestupid 8 days ago

    Can you guys make gourmet jawbreakers?

  • missmason8806
    missmason8806 8 days ago +14

    Love how Claire wants to give up but keeps going. She's a trooper.

  • Ry R
    Ry R 9 days ago +1

    I cried of laughter for some reason when she measured the noodles 😂😂

  • Harshada
    Harshada 9 days ago +3

    a Tasty Rie and Bon Appetit Claire crossover is what dreams would be made of

  • ImmortalSynn
    ImmortalSynn 9 days ago

    This had the potential to be a GREAT video if she'd just (1) STFU!!! and (2) gotten straight to the point and COOKED!
    Endlessly yapping? ...having us watch you Google the manufacturing process? Seriously?

  • crystalfire294
    crystalfire294 9 days ago

    With Easter coming up you should try to make Cadbury Creme Eggs. I love them even though they are WAY too sweet.

  • wholahayy
    wholahayy 9 days ago

    Make Krispy Kreme donuts!!!!!

  • Andrea Zamora
    Andrea Zamora 9 days ago +1

    First requirement to get this job : patience 😬

  • contessa Root
    contessa Root 9 days ago

    Wait did she take a huge block of butter and fry it in that because that’s a great idea because it’s at least better for you than frying oil

  • becca moses
    becca moses 9 days ago

    alex french guy cooking did something like this ! it’s different but still hella interesting

  • Gonietube NYC
    Gonietube NYC 10 days ago

    The chop sticks are so annoying!! Beta male weak fks get excited for fkn chop sticks and it’s very Liberal Democrat racist facist esk

  • Rebecca Greenwood
    Rebecca Greenwood 10 days ago +1

    Do people not make theirs in a microwave?

  • Bryan Castaneda
    Bryan Castaneda 10 days ago +1

    It's so interesting but I already know no one is going to make them after seeing how long it takes

  • Phoenixgirl 101
    Phoenixgirl 101 10 days ago +1

    Almost all Chinese instant ramen packages have msg in them

  • William Humphrey
    William Humphrey 11 days ago +1

    Where is dat one guy

  • pochysama11
    pochysama11 11 days ago

    Maruchan it's the worst ramen ever, Japanese and Korean brands are obviously 100% better than that crap 😂

  • Rush Cobra
    Rush Cobra 11 days ago

    Anybody eat top ramen uncooked

  • Jynette Lewis
    Jynette Lewis 11 days ago

    Please make almond joy❤

  • festivebanana
    festivebanana 11 days ago +2

    The guy at the end is adorable I think he should be in more videos

    SAM LORU 11 days ago +1

    Can you make gourmet Chex mix? I would love to see how they make the criss cross and making the inside hallow.

  • Rat KazZat
    Rat KazZat 11 days ago

    who else was eating ramen while watching this?LIke if ya did

  • Joseph Higgins
    Joseph Higgins 12 days ago +7

    I'm binging this series and I think I'm getting a low key crush on Claire. Someone help.

  • 1fake b
    1fake b 12 days ago +1

    I only like the beef flavour.

  • Nelson Moreno
    Nelson Moreno 12 days ago

    Instant Ramen is absolutely terrible for you I haven't watched the video yet but maybe you can make a healthy version but right off the bat and is one of the worst stuff where you on the face of the Earth especially if you have any sort of blood pressure problems

  • Shawnee11759
    Shawnee11759 13 days ago

    Omg this is what I want to do. I have a biochemistry and culinary degree. Is this considered food science????

  • LivSings18
    LivSings18 13 days ago

    Is it weird that I'm eating chicken flavoured ramen whilst watching you make gourmet chicken flavoured ramen?

  • Asha Dutt
    Asha Dutt 13 days ago

    What did the sheet say when it fell off the bed
    “Oh Sheet!”

  • Judy Wu
    Judy Wu 13 days ago

    who else put the noodle brick and seasoning into packet a crushed them and ate it like that? cuz i did, and to me, if you can do that then that are true instant ramen!

  • James Frank
    James Frank 13 days ago

    What spices would I add for the instant spicy chicken cup?

  • TheySayItDontBut ItReallyBeLikeThat

    How many chem dweebs corrected her when she said basic? Should be alkaline missy.

  • Anna Bullock
    Anna Bullock 13 days ago

    I love these videos so much ❤️ I wait super impatiently for each episode.

  • iamputingarandomname
    iamputingarandomname 14 days ago

    >makes ramen
    >isnt asian
    why would you appropriate our culture like that?????????

  • sinlyf x
    sinlyf x 14 days ago

    You must be crazy to try to make gourmet instant noodles

  • Alexis Alcala
    Alexis Alcala 14 days ago


  • Dead Pool
    Dead Pool 15 days ago

    Watching someone go insane because of ramen noodles, is satisfying to me lol

  • ya mums lover
    ya mums lover 17 days ago

    if youve ever eaten the noodles straight out of the bag you are the scum of society

  • Brianah Allen
    Brianah Allen 17 days ago +1

    If one ramen is two servings I ate 4 servings

  • Dianna Yoo
    Dianna Yoo 17 days ago +1

    ,,,,is that considered an oxymoron...??? gourmet instant ramen??

  • Edith Spencer
    Edith Spencer 18 days ago

    Subscribed to the channel and magazine. Made the broth and froze it (stripped off the meat ) and made the noodles. Boiled the noodles and heated the broth separate; placed a boiled egg and steamed veg on top.

  • ArticWolf27
    ArticWolf27 18 days ago +1

    Now I want Instant noodles.

  • ArticWolf27
    ArticWolf27 18 days ago +1

    “It’s not salty the way salt... is salty.”

  • Cici Hte
    Cici Hte 18 days ago

    I really think you should try gourmet play dough like a savory taffy

  • Wouter Snoek
    Wouter Snoek 18 days ago +1

    Please do an episode about Jelly Beans

  • Sebastian Brinkmann
    Sebastian Brinkmann 18 days ago

    Is everybody jewish in this company?

  • Connie R
    Connie R 19 days ago

    I remember when I was in elementary school I use to eat it straight out the packet now 12 years later I get sick thinking about it😂

  • What?
    What? 19 days ago

    she watches shark tank

  • Catherine C
    Catherine C 19 days ago

    you should try to go blonde, maybe. you would look so different

  • Bekki Jane
    Bekki Jane 19 days ago

    Poor Claire gets so stressed with these challenges! I feel bad for her. I think she would be happier if she had someone to brainstorm and cook with during these.

  • KoJAdjustment
    KoJAdjustment 19 days ago +1

    Someone tell me that me and the dude in the blue shirt aren’t the only people who eat raw ramen like that

  • Hosam Alamir
    Hosam Alamir 19 days ago

    The best noodles for my taste are "Indomie"

  • Ekenaa
    Ekenaa 19 days ago +5

    I love hearing Chris' feedback. Brad gets a lot of love (and he deserves it) but I feel that the poised and technical reviews Chris gives are under appreciated.

  • kim cancino
    kim cancino 20 days ago +3

    I subbed because of Claire! She is awesome!!!0

  • Gecko
    Gecko 20 days ago +2

    Did they have to buy tools just so she can break their utensils every week?😂

  • Christina St Jean
    Christina St Jean 20 days ago

    This made me hungry so I made noodles 😂

  • RavenclawIngenious
    RavenclawIngenious 20 days ago

    The noodle strategy:
    1. Break in half along fold line
    2. Put both halves in water
    3. Wait 1/2 cooking time
    4. Poke at noodles with wooden spoon to break block shape
    5. Finish cooking
    6. Plate noodles
    7. Put flavor in

  • P00NM45T3RFL3XXX
    P00NM45T3RFL3XXX 20 days ago

    Sit on my face, Claire.