Are Solid State Batteries About To Change The World? | Answers With Joe

  • Published on Nov 18, 2019
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    As the world becomes more electrified, the race is on to build cheaper, longer-lasting, more energy-dense batteries. One of the most promising technologies in this space is the solid state battery, developed by an absolute legend in the battery world, one of the inventors of the lithium ion battery and recent Nobel Prize winner John B. Goodenough.
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    Gali Russel's video on Tesla and Goodenough's solid state battery:
    Video where a guy literally cuts apart a solid state battery and it keeps working:
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  • Joe Scott
    Joe Scott  18 days ago +537

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  • Word Girl
    Word Girl 11 hours ago

    This was a must watch for my grandkids ... nice 😎📚 thanks Joe. 🇺🇸

  • GamE FrEak
    GamE FrEak 12 hours ago

    Plz plz plz let this be true. Plz plz plz
    Thunderfoot must make a video about this.

  • Mac Garceau
    Mac Garceau 15 hours ago

    You do good work, Joe Scott. Keep these creative, often humorous, informative shorts coming. Cheers!

  • CMSTester
    CMSTester 22 hours ago

    DID you maybe forget to mention that JD Goodenough wouldn't have got anywhere without the discoveries of Nikolai Tesla? ... I guess the edgy comments using puns with Goodenough's name get all the likes on this channel... ewww, if science is socially cool and edgy then it's valid

  • Khloe Rabnta
    Khloe Rabnta Day ago

    “But that’s NOT good enough” lmao I’m dead 😵 I’m so glad I subbed to your channel yesterday lol

  • George Campbell
    George Campbell Day ago

    ICE is almost screwed by current battery technology.

  • ackthbbft
    ackthbbft Day ago

    I really don't understand why this video has so many downvotes. It's only about 5% of the total, but I really don't understand why people would be against the idea of solid state batteries, unless they are anti-renewable trolls.

  • Jesse Reiter
    Jesse Reiter Day ago

    What about positrons where do they go to?

  • Gr8-2B White
    Gr8-2B White Day ago

    Looking forward to affordable household power armor.

  • Sean Yeahright
    Sean Yeahright Day ago

    dude. lol wow your the new King of Miss-information zzzzzzz fyi there are 1000s of bhagdad battery's and it's only one cell Soi it only going to be 1.5 ish volts no matter how big. . zzzzzz

    EXE_AVRE Day ago

    I mean that's good and all...but so yeah where can I buy stock or can we all just like agree to fund this

  • Mark Heimiller
    Mark Heimiller Day ago

    At 3:40 you claim that "Lithium-Ion Batteries made Cellphones possible, Laptops, Digital Cameras, and basically whatever you're watching this on"....
    My computer is not battery operated.
    Do you actually go through and edit your videos and/or create and edit a script to make sure your Video Content contains accurate information?
    I guess not, maybe you are just more worried about rapidly pumping out content in order to make USclip Income instead.
    It seems like literally every video you make contains inaccurate information in some form or another, unfortunately.

  • Leonardo Camargo

    You didn't talk about the cost. These batteries would be prohibitively expensive, impeding its adoption for possibly decades or even longer.

  • truthseek
    truthseek Day ago

    For those who would like to can sleep for the first 8 1/2 min then hear about it.

  • Keenan Weind
    Keenan Weind Day ago

    Goodenough has plenty of street-cred...

  • Stephen Kohl
    Stephen Kohl Day ago

    the blagdad God helmet brought to you by Kohls. oh thats what the batteries were for

  • TheSlimCP
    TheSlimCP Day ago

    Only problem is goodenough is up there in age. If he makes a break though, then big oil is going to remove him from the equation and we won't be able to tell because it would look natural, then wash all that work down the drain. Just like they did with the guy who made the car powered by water, or the lady who made a generator that used ion transfer to generate electricity.

  • Allan Patterson
    Allan Patterson Day ago

    Battery is a multiple of cells. A glass dielectric for a capacitor would be good for stability and high voltages such as a crt but without going into huge dimensions it would not store that many joules. The ancient people may well have discovered the electro chemical properties to make a cell you can create one by sticking a galvanized nail and a copper wire into an orange now just gang them up to make a battery.

  • Edgar Araujo
    Edgar Araujo 2 days ago

    Yea ...all they o call that they did
    Is actually the work of T E S L A.
    they all will say ah..TESLA...who?
    arrogance finds its street/ road

  • infinite loops lawson

    Goodenough was a member of skull and bones.... Nuff said

  • Raspian Kiado
    Raspian Kiado 2 days ago


  • Kynah Jai
    Kynah Jai 2 days ago

    If these batteries can use sodium then third world countries can profit while getting drinking water by selling sodium from massive desalination plants!

  • Jonathan R
    Jonathan R 2 days ago

    Step 1. Go to Google
    Step 2. Search this keyword: 123moviestoday
    Step 3. Enjoy!
    Are Solid State Batteries About To Change The World? | Answers With Joe
    easiest person to fool.” “Things don’t have significance: they only have existence.Things are the only hidden meaning of things.” “Calli, I deeply and profoundly love and accept you and I honor your life's journey.” “Live, you say, in the present;Live only in the present.But I don’t want the present, I want reality;I want things that exist, not time that measures them.What is the present?It’s something relative to the past and the future.It’s a thing that exists in virtue of

  • aussieaeromodeler
    aussieaeromodeler 2 days ago

    the Bahgdad battery only produced 1 or 2 volts , and they would have had to string a lot of them together to get any useable voltage .................just like our double A and tripple A batteries we use today , your car battery is 6 2 volt cells to make up 12 volts , funny that hey , nothing new under the sun

  • Typhoon Monsoon
    Typhoon Monsoon 2 days ago

    Joe also you did forget something on the nero spine stimulator I'm surprised you even mention it most people I talk to dont know about it.. but it can be used for pain I got mine when I was 18 years old.. I'm young but I've had 4 spine surgeries and I'm crippled due to the pain I'll keep this short but I would love to go further into the tech even tho I doubt that would happen but i would say the tech helps my days be more bearable anyway good video I was surprised and happy to see you know about the stimulator keep up the good work

  • DavidBruce Allen
    DavidBruce Allen 2 days ago

    First I was excited about You said it was FREE. Great! I went to the site and found out it is free for seven (7) days. After that it's basically $120.00 per year.

  • Anthony Bufort
    Anthony Bufort 2 days ago

    I'd say Goodenough is MORE than good enough!

  • Mike P.
    Mike P. 2 days ago

    Do you try to sound and look like Charlie Day

  • RandomArchives
    RandomArchives 2 days ago

    Johnny B Goodenough

  • Rohan Basu Roy
    Rohan Basu Roy 2 days ago

    How stuck up are you?

  • OneOfKind Leo
    OneOfKind Leo 2 days ago

    New Eden, You can keep your fake @ $$ Eden, Down with the Elite Illuminati, That ruin all are lives with Fake wall, after Fake wall.

  • BinggiDarkownerMini
    BinggiDarkownerMini 2 days ago +1

    it was a sextoy. nothing more. sorry people

  • Chef Mike
    Chef Mike 3 days ago +1

    I wonder if Johnny B Good-enough can play a guitar just like he was ringing a bell?

  • Misu Satriyo
    Misu Satriyo 3 days ago

    I'll never B Goodenough.

  • Broken Like Me
    Broken Like Me 3 days ago

    Yeah sure, anybody with a brain knows this will be suppressed, or fake highly expensive.

    ASTAROTH 3 days ago

    E-cars still sound like queefs

  • Herb Green
    Herb Green 3 days ago

    The Opportunity Rover, on Mars, was only supposed to be able to function for 90 days. It exceeded expectations by 14 years, according to NASA. Never A Straight Answer said that Opportunity might still be running if Dust Storms didn't render the rover in-operational. Who knows if they are being truthful though. There is that one picture that looks like someone is cleaning its solar panels. Either way, the technology is there. We've had it for a long time now. Electric cars were invented at least a decade before the internal combustion motor powered cars., during the 1880s

  • De UberWise
    De UberWise 3 days ago

    Jokes on you, I'm watching this on a toaster using a potato. Get rekt!

  • cornz38
    cornz38 3 days ago

    Answer=no. Battery tech has stalled, we simply cant beat the energy density of lithium cobalt.

  • z1mt0n1x
    z1mt0n1x 3 days ago

    Available in Q3 2087

  • tom meaden
    tom meaden 3 days ago

    This man is a absolute legend, and I hope that all this plans through as soon as possible to change the world for the better!

  • Cantankerous Clanking Contraption

    Get to the point...

  • GW H
    GW H 3 days ago +3

    Mans technological advances prove that the world isn’t going to end, regardless of climate alarmists and their want to impose Gov friendly carbon taxes.

    • CMSTester
      CMSTester 22 hours ago

      wow logic with only one other like... I guess the edgy guys using puns with names get all the likes on this channel... ohhhh science is socially cool and edgy then it's valid

  • raven's son
    raven's son 3 days ago

    Absolute bullshit, using probable origin to dismiss potentially advanced early civilisations is poor form.

  • The sauce
    The sauce 3 days ago

    I wonder how hard it might be for that Gigafactory to retool for solid state...

  • Justin Archer
    Justin Archer 3 days ago

    Differently Abled?
    What's their different ability?
    I hate what this cancel culture is doing to English speaking people.
    P.S. all those people who power their cars with electricity... many of them are using coal fired power Plants to do it. Lol. Environmental Fail.
    It would be more efficient to power the battery from the gas engine in your car then shut off the engine and run on the battery.

  • [GD] Sigatarius
    [GD] Sigatarius 3 days ago

    666k subs

  • dentpeninde
    dentpeninde 3 days ago

    "More fast"?

  • Gazza
    Gazza 3 days ago

    Shut up !!!

  • Mayar
    Mayar 3 days ago

    So this is *JOE*

  • icyfyer
    icyfyer 4 days ago

    You really made a video about solid state batteries and spent most of the time NOT talking about them? Give us some science! We can get the promises elsewhere.

  • Master Hand
    Master Hand 4 days ago

    Can't wait to see this in 50 years

  • Christopher Helvey
    Christopher Helvey 4 days ago

    Well done! You laid it all out very well. Thank you. I think you're probably about right at thinking 2025 will start changing things.

  • Lamster66
    Lamster66 4 days ago

    Not Goodenough Legend
    We Like John Legend?

  • elephantwalker smith

    At 6:58 “more fast(sic)”. Should be “faster”

  • Bang UrHead
    Bang UrHead 4 days ago

    I'm not Goodenough?? Enuffs enuff, zsnuff exploitation....what crap. Hehe. 👍💯

  • Michael Valente
    Michael Valente 4 days ago

    Joe i would give it 2 years when we see the solid state batteries deployed. especially now that the cybertruck has been unveiled

  • That Makes Sense To Me

    So.... Maria Helena Braga should get the credit.

  • Natural Disaster
    Natural Disaster 4 days ago

    That is BRILLIANT