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  • Fintan
    Fintan 2 days ago +1

    Looks great, would have never guessed that was Bale and Rockwell.... Two great actors.

  • Helen Burnley
    Helen Burnley 3 days ago

    I like his glasses. 😐

  • Cristian Guajardo
    Cristian Guajardo 3 days ago

    Oscar worthy film with the incredible cast they have!

  • Qude App
    Qude App 3 days ago +2

    EPIC trailer! Maybe the best since Social Network, or even There Will Be Blood

  • Eradicus
    Eradicus 3 days ago +1


  • Sandman
    Sandman 3 days ago +1

    That eye movement in the last shot is awesome!

  • NOT So Average Joe
    NOT So Average Joe 3 days ago +3

    Christian Bale is alongside Gary Oldman, Daniel Day-Lewis, Sean Penn, Joaquin Phoenix, and Guy Pearce as the most chameleon-like actor of all time.

  • Integral Thinking
    Integral Thinking 3 days ago

    Is Christian Bale character all makeup or did pack on weight?

  • Benny Kwok
    Benny Kwok 3 days ago

    Damn that’s some epic transformation we see here 👏👏👏👏

  • Nicholas Bradley
    Nicholas Bradley 3 days ago +1

    Fatman Begins

  • nitz540
    nitz540 3 days ago +3

    Jesus.. Christian bale . No fucking words.. Ths is next level shit

  • Hopeless Romantic
    Hopeless Romantic 3 days ago +1

    Song is The Man by The Killers

  • chris g
    chris g 3 days ago +1

    I hope Bale never gets the lead role in 'The Oscar Pistorious story'.

  • seleraSAMPAH
    seleraSAMPAH 3 days ago

    Why amy adam always take a small role (supporting role) when she has a star power to be a main protagonist

  • CreamCoffee
    CreamCoffee 4 days ago

    He shouls eat some Christian Kale

  • Isaiah Martinez
    Isaiah Martinez 4 days ago +1

    The dark knight was amazing not just because heath ledger, but because Christian bale was always a method actor that lost himself in his roles and is just always been amazing and physically, mentally, and even vocally transforming, I guess he just didn’t have the bad luck of losing his mind like ledger, but ledger was already styling ally of demons, problems and drug addictions while doing amazing acting

  • Dustlander Productions

    Pleasantly surprised to hear the Killers here!

  • Rohit joshi
    Rohit joshi 4 days ago +2

    "If you have power, people will always try to take it from you"
    "That won't happen"


  • Tony Ferguson
    Tony Ferguson 4 days ago


  • General George
    General George 4 days ago


  • Josh Winn
    Josh Winn 4 days ago +1

    house of cards: "who are you"
    vice: "i'm you, but stronger"

  • boryssobieski
    boryssobieski 4 days ago +5

    Bale and Rockwell.... oh my, oh my... Two great actors in one movie. I just can't wait! :)

  • Joe Kaput
    Joe Kaput 4 days ago +2

    Bale=young Gary Oldman. Another damn chameleon of an actor

  • Ethan Aldridge
    Ethan Aldridge 4 days ago +2

    Holy shit, they really mirrored the looks for all the characters! Not to mention, whoever edited this trailer deserves an award for drawing me into a movie I never thought I'd want to watch.

  • Lucky Oswald
    Lucky Oswald 4 days ago +2

    Wow, both Christian Bale & Sam Rockwell just disappear into their characters! Had to look hard and read the cast roll to guess who they were.

  • Graham GMAN
    Graham GMAN 4 days ago

    Dick Cheney is going to be the new batman..

  • monkeyman12328
    monkeyman12328 4 days ago


  • Reshteen Mal
    Reshteen Mal 4 days ago

    Question: at 1:34 is it the real dick cheney or Bale?

  • Vikram Tapadia
    Vikram Tapadia 4 days ago

    This looks like one big SNL skit

  • Travis Marshall
    Travis Marshall 4 days ago

    How long do you think that makeup takes for Bale? 6 hours?

  • rlbpgc36
    rlbpgc36 4 days ago +1

    He should get buff again so he can reprise his role as batman and then put on the pounds so he can play penguin in the same movie.

  • Zakiriel
    Zakiriel 4 days ago

    That was Christian Bale under all that... Wow!

  • Robert Weston Lee
    Robert Weston Lee 4 days ago +1

    it is clear from this song/music video (watch it if you didn't) that they are ridiculing "inflated" masculinity here. All the poses, the disguise - cowboy, etc., and the ending - it's a satire and the movie will also be smth like this. They used this song brilliantly. Vice will be a critique of the dark side of power and a satire. Something like Big Short. I can't wait.

  • Brendan McCallion
    Brendan McCallion 5 days ago

    So Christian Bale has now played Batman, and now the Penguin. Amazing.

  • Mr Keating
    Mr Keating 5 days ago +1

    Would've preferred David O. Russell directing

  • silenthillstrangler
    silenthillstrangler 5 days ago

    Damn Christian bale is the ultimate chameleon.... Well almost cause I picked it straight away but I love how he can look so drastically different in any role. Great makeup job too.

  • Sathish Dante
    Sathish Dante 5 days ago

    0.17 to 0.25 can anyone plz tell me the name of the music guyz

  • sandman
    sandman 5 days ago

    From playing Batman to playing "The Penguin"...Christian Bale can do it all...

  • Kashyap Raina
    Kashyap Raina 5 days ago

    christian bale loses weight like i used to lose my pencils in childhood

  • Heaven is a dirt nap

    He's getting that fucking Oscar for best actor!

  • Bharath Keshavamurthy

    Christian Bale is a phenomenal actor- the way he transforms himself for the role is unbelievable. Throw Amy Adams, Steve Carell, and Sam Rockwell into the mix and you've got an absolute ripper of a movie!

  • Vadim Chirkov
    Vadim Chirkov 5 days ago

    The Big Short: Prequel

  • Russell Masc
    Russell Masc 5 days ago

    1:27 with hair, Christian Bale can pull off playing Alex Jones too

    MICHAEL CRASH 5 days ago

    Whaaaat yes !

  • GloriousLaserChicken

    Now I'm really wondering who's gonna play Trump when they make a movie about it in 20 years..

  • wuraola olagunju
    wuraola olagunju 5 days ago

    I honestly thought that was Chevy Chase

  • bunnyfreakz
    bunnyfreakz 5 days ago +1

    This Bale transformation probably easiest one. Lot of beer and cheeseburger.

  • Tom The Poet
    Tom The Poet 5 days ago +1

    Nothing else could make me even vaguely interested in Dick Cheney. This intrigues me.

  • Eric ng
    Eric ng 5 days ago

    Looking at the team behind this movie, i think, let's make a spin off with Tina Fey as Sarah Palin

  • Prabha Karan
    Prabha Karan 5 days ago

    Gee everyone looks old

  • Oleg Pavlov
    Oleg Pavlov 5 days ago

    iphone X wouldn't recognise Christian Bale

  • jon
    jon 5 days ago

    is that jeff daniels

  • Farzaan Ali
    Farzaan Ali 5 days ago

    Christian Bale is a Legend

  • ColoradoMan
    ColoradoMan 5 days ago +5


  • Spencer FC
    Spencer FC 5 days ago

    Had to watch this a second time when they said it was Christian Bale!!!

  • emilio lozano
    emilio lozano 5 days ago

    Has he one an Oscar yet cause he is putting everything he gots into this role, great actor man must love what he douse but should stop gaining and loosing weight that shit can’t be good for your body

  • Iang95ify
    Iang95ify 5 days ago

    Christian Bale looks like Alex Jones in this

  • Subrata Mondal
    Subrata Mondal 6 days ago

    Is this Christian Bale?😄

  • verylwoody
    verylwoody 6 days ago

    Especially at 1:46

  • Michael Evernett
    Michael Evernett 6 days ago

    Christian Bale playing as William Hurt

  • Grant Ryan Blaser
    Grant Ryan Blaser 6 days ago


  • Isaiah Powers
    Isaiah Powers 6 days ago

    Note to self: start telling your best friend "you ma vice" in a Sam Rockwell as Dubbya voice.

  • A K
    A K 6 days ago

    Damn good acting by bale.

  • MikeDSept21
    MikeDSept21 6 days ago

    Christian Bale might actually be as good at adapting to roles as Gary Oldman.

  • Vader3000
    Vader3000 6 days ago

    This movie looks good

  • cuda861
    cuda861 6 days ago

    I thought Bale said no more drastic weight changes for roles. When does Bale not pull of his roles? Dudes amazing

  • kneelz s
    kneelz s 6 days ago

    Ever just know when a movie will fail?

  • B-Master Productions

    Will Ferrell is in this movie.

  • RJ 25
    RJ 25 6 days ago +1

    Greatest Actors:
    Leonardo DiCaprio
    Jack Nicholson
    Christian Bale
    Marlon Brando
    Matt Damon
    Russell Crowe
    Daniel Day-Lewis
    Denzel Washington
    Gary Oldman
    Benedict Cumberbatch
    Tom Hanks

  • Abhishek Jain
    Abhishek Jain 6 days ago

    Do I feel a semblance of Frank Underwood?

  • Abhimanyu Kohli
    Abhimanyu Kohli 6 days ago


  • James Russell
    James Russell 6 days ago

    Cannot stop rewatching this.

  • NESherv
    NESherv 6 days ago +1


  • far sky
    far sky 6 days ago +1

    The Oscar fr the best actor goes to drum roll pls ....

  • DarkAnimeAngel2006
    DarkAnimeAngel2006 6 days ago

    I want to see this so bad!

  • Samuel Bailey
    Samuel Bailey 6 days ago

    What's the first song?

  • Lucy325
    Lucy325 6 days ago +1

    Christian Bales is amazing! For a second I thought Dick Cheney has took up acting! 😝😝

  • Amitabh Paul
    Amitabh Paul 6 days ago +1


  • Joseph Barksdale
    Joseph Barksdale 6 days ago +36

    I’ve watched this trailer too many times.

  • Ken Weber
    Ken Weber 6 days ago +1

    Christian Bale is finally being recognized for the great actor he is. Kudos for what looks like another amazing performance! Now that's the way you bring people to the movies!

  • Eric Ahmed
    Eric Ahmed 6 days ago +1

    here comes the oscar

  • ansaree97
    ansaree97 6 days ago +7

    Christian Bale: "This isn't even my final form."

  • ansaree97
    ansaree97 6 days ago +2

    Goddamn this looks good

  • ZeVio74
    ZeVio74 6 days ago +2

    If this doesn't prove Bale's dedication I don't know what will, jesus the length he'll go for a role

  • Stanislav Van Kačar
    Stanislav Van Kačar 6 days ago +5

    Had no idea what this film was about as I opened it, and yet as soon as I saw Sam Rockwell, I thought; "Hey that kinda looks like Bush."

  • Ikonoklasmus
    Ikonoklasmus 6 days ago

    Does he talk in that voice the whole movie? Cos it bugs me that he nailed cheney's looks but not the voice..

  • cenahater5002
    cenahater5002 6 days ago

    I thought this was a trailer for the tryhard millennial website that thinks talking about rick and Morty makes them mainstream gods that “get people”

  • Noel Nalbantian
    Noel Nalbantian 7 days ago +1

    Who cut this trailer? Someone did great work! I’m sold to go see it. Dialogue, cast, acting: all looks very promising.

  • Night King
    Night King 7 days ago +1

    Where is Christian bale in the trailer???

  • acrophobe
    acrophobe 7 days ago +1

    If we came to a....uh.....different........understanding?

  • Gascans9736
    Gascans9736 7 days ago

    Christian Bale playing Chevy Chase playing Dick Cheney... whoah man.

  • Nicky E
    Nicky E 7 days ago

    Fuck I’m ready too see this

  • Lance Smith
    Lance Smith 7 days ago

    This looks good. Can't wait for it to come out. They did a good job making Christian Bale look like Cheney

  • Sheshadri Madhu
    Sheshadri Madhu 7 days ago

    Why so many dislikes?

  • Liberado Por Patriotas

    Is that Dick Cheney or Chevy Chase?

  • ShadyPelican
    ShadyPelican 7 days ago

    I don't think this is THAT big of a stretch for Bale--He's played an American Psycho before...

  • BlurryWhale FTW
    BlurryWhale FTW 7 days ago +1

    This trailer makes dick Cheney look like the coolest man on planet earth

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker 7 days ago

    This is looks awesome

  • Peter García
    Peter García 7 days ago

    Bale is such a hammy actor

  • Julian Zuniga
    Julian Zuniga 7 days ago

    No way that's Christian Bale