Try NOT to Play Minecraft CHALLENGE

  • Published on Aug 10, 2019
  • Come on Markiplier, just play Minecraft! Everyone's doing it! Don't you wanna be COOL? You're not a SQUARE are ya?
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  • Serena Indigo
    Serena Indigo 11 hours ago

    End of vid : dont make me do it
    CC: *Make him do it*
    me: yes thank you we need this back into our lives

  • Mobdestroyer 123
    Mobdestroyer 123 11 hours ago

    Hey mark it has been along time scene i have seen one of your videos will you do horror games still just as a question if you can answer my question i would like that very much

  • Clams
    Clams 11 hours ago

    CAVE IN MARK! EMBRACE IT. You know you want to... PLAY MINECRAFT with your friends Jack and Felix!
    P.S. this was hilarious. Lmao

  • Alex Lopez
    Alex Lopez 11 hours ago

    Bet this has the most views. Just Bc it says Minecraft. Poor mark 😔❤️

  • Pt Arts
    Pt Arts 12 hours ago

    I mean, you don't have to play it if it's not your thing. I don't think you should feel obligated to play it, but do not let it deter you from playing it either if you want to.

  • Maz_Dino
    Maz_Dino 12 hours ago

    Markiplier we need you

  • Sam Gomez
    Sam Gomez 12 hours ago

    mark edward i literally don't care if you record it or not just play minecraft on your own time please just. please. don't do this out of spite.

  • kitten muncher
    kitten muncher 12 hours ago

    Do it

  • MLA YT
    MLA YT 12 hours ago

    Who else thinks the sub titles are interesting

  • Blue Fire
    Blue Fire 12 hours ago

    Let just all chant until he does it

  • Nick Gurr
    Nick Gurr 12 hours ago +1

    I mean... he always fails his try not to laughs. 🤔

  • TheN00bmonster
    TheN00bmonster 12 hours ago

    Clever video

  • Sadie Seneca
    Sadie Seneca 12 hours ago


  • Dr.Strange
    Dr.Strange 12 hours ago

    You should really play Minecraft

  • Some Nerd with Glasses
    Some Nerd with Glasses 12 hours ago

    Y O U M U S T

  • You’re right
    You’re right 13 hours ago +1


  • Sam Sung
    Sam Sung 13 hours ago

    Minecraft: do it.

  • Queenie Of The Galaxy
    Queenie Of The Galaxy 13 hours ago


  • Alec Parrish
    Alec Parrish 13 hours ago

    Minecraft is epic...
    you'd make M O N E Y

  • Pedro Talons
    Pedro Talons 13 hours ago

    Do it!!!

  • uwu .r12
    uwu .r12 13 hours ago +1


  • grace yeehaw
    grace yeehaw 13 hours ago

    do it coward

  • Suicidal Sundays
    Suicidal Sundays 13 hours ago


  • Amy
    Amy 13 hours ago

    do it

  • pro gamer
    pro gamer 13 hours ago

    Pewds have boat cow
    Mark have boat dog😊

  • snail moss
    snail moss 13 hours ago

    hey mark have u thought about playing minecraft

  • Eating Ass
    Eating Ass 13 hours ago

    I'm Squidward I'm Squidward I'm Squidward

  • Jean-Francois
    Jean-Francois 13 hours ago

    do it

  • Zai ren
    Zai ren 14 hours ago

    You know he's afraid of Minecraft cuz it gives him PTSD of the Drunk Minecraft days 👀

  • Aubarino
    Aubarino 14 hours ago

    Dont play minecraft! your the part of pewdiepie that played horror and indie games that we lost with pew news and now minecraft! he has come back to gaming but is not playing horror anymore! well you seem to love horror and indie games unlike pewdiepie and your really fun to watch. If you give it all up for minecraft it will be a sad day indeed.

  • Brian W
    Brian W 14 hours ago

    If mark joins there will literally be an avengers of minecraft. But between iron man, thor, cap and hulk, which one is pewds, jack, mark and ken??

  • Cal S
    Cal S 14 hours ago

    Don't do it Mark! I believe in you!

  • Chantz Gunnell
    Chantz Gunnell 14 hours ago

    Markimoo should play minecraft with Felix and Sean on a skyblock. It'd be funny.

  • Ice Kidd
    Ice Kidd 14 hours ago


  • skeet the yeet
    skeet the yeet 14 hours ago

    We're breaking him boys let's keep then views up and those comments rolling

  • Ya like jazz
    Ya like jazz 14 hours ago

    Watching the beginning of the video with your eyes closed is interesting.

  • Daniel Sousa
    Daniel Sousa 14 hours ago

    Do it

    Do it now

  • I'mInside YourHouse
    I'mInside YourHouse 14 hours ago

    I want Markiplier asmr

  • DaMasque
    DaMasque 14 hours ago

    So... You playing it?

  • SChu1207
    SChu1207 14 hours ago

    This was actually funny

  • Anita Lee
    Anita Lee 14 hours ago


  • Trvial
    Trvial 14 hours ago

    MINECRAFT: "Come play with us!"
    MARK: [sweating profusely]

  • Birdpro 28
    Birdpro 28 14 hours ago

    Do it

  • Christos kontos
    Christos kontos 14 hours ago


  • Steven Solís
    Steven Solís 14 hours ago

    You know you want it, Mark.
    DO IT.

  • Gayatri López
    Gayatri López 14 hours ago

    Do it

  • Leah Flowers
    Leah Flowers 14 hours ago

    We miss seeing you and Jack play games together!!! o_o Play Minecraft with Jack!! And Bob!!! And Wade!! Plleeaaasseee! We love you!

  • Spideylife
    Spideylife 15 hours ago

    The fact that I clicked on it because of Minecraft

  • T watson
    T watson 15 hours ago

    I've watched this lime 50 times in a week

  • T watson
    T watson 15 hours ago


  • Wolfy chris
    Wolfy chris 15 hours ago

    mark would be the est at minecraft i put 5000 dolars on it

  • Κυπριανος Ιονεσκου

    Play Minecraft!!!!!!!!

  • KyKythebest
    KyKythebest 15 hours ago

    Playyyy Minecraft

  • One Username Please
    One Username Please 15 hours ago

    please don't do it

  • Rafael Candanedo
    Rafael Candanedo 15 hours ago

    Oh we will make you do it. We will, and I you can't stop us. Theres nothing you can do about it. You can try to stop us, but it will only lead to failure. You want the views don't you markiplier? So just play minecraft if you don't that shows you don't want views. YOU WILL PLAY MINECRAFT. You will do it, you will do it for your fans, you know that the fans want to see minecraft. You even scrolled throught the comments and there were people everywhere in the comments telling you, and BEGGING you, to play minecraft but you won't listen even though this is the chance for loads, and loads, and loads of views. but you keep turning it down. And yes i spent most of my time typing this comment don't judge me. Okay? Good. i'm out, ill see you playing minecraft :)

  • Birdie
    Birdie 16 hours ago

    pls do it mark, u Gotta

  • Miguel Mata
    Miguel Mata 16 hours ago


  • Anonymous 007
    Anonymous 007 16 hours ago

    So when's the first episode coming?

  • Artisa
    Artisa 16 hours ago

    I freaking died at the dial up connection/confusion 😂😂😂

  • Jerriel
    Jerriel 16 hours ago

    Drunk minecraft be back?

  • Smashley Mcbashley
    Smashley Mcbashley 16 hours ago

    Is it just not a fun game?

  • Shaken Bake
    Shaken Bake 16 hours ago

    Not playing Minecraft is as hard as winning no nut November

  • MrGuyismyname
    MrGuyismyname 16 hours ago

    Give in xD

  • gamer 5000
    gamer 5000 16 hours ago

    Do it

  • Bonnie Brown
    Bonnie Brown 16 hours ago

    Disappointed this wasn't an episode 1 xD

  • ItsJustDavid
    ItsJustDavid 16 hours ago

    Do it

  • Beccaxxmongo Mongo
    Beccaxxmongo Mongo 16 hours ago


  • Emily :3
    Emily :3 17 hours ago

    JOIN US!

  • Armando_. 4/ 17 / 26
    Armando_. 4/ 17 / 26 17 hours ago

    Utahhhhh!!!🤣🤣fuckin hilarious

  • Nathalie J
    Nathalie J 17 hours ago

    Imagine Pewds Jack and Mark playing minecraft

  • Looney *
    Looney * 17 hours ago

    come on mark bring back drunk minecraft you know you want to

  • Looney *
    Looney * 17 hours ago

    come on mark bring back drunk minecraft you know you want to

  • Elijah Chrystian
    Elijah Chrystian 17 hours ago

    Jack more popular

  • Elijah Chrystian
    Elijah Chrystian 17 hours ago

    Do it

  • m1mi gam3sal0t
    m1mi gam3sal0t 17 hours ago

    You must play Minecraft, you must, it is calling you sir