DJ Khaled and Asahd Khaled Show Off Their Sneaker Collections On Complex Closets


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  • Joel2bigDaddy
    Joel2bigDaddy 10 hours ago

    They should do Eminem closet

  • Majin Jiren
    Majin Jiren Day ago

    Khaled is annoying

  • BIG Trey
    BIG Trey 2 days ago

    Yow what I’m sain😂😂😂

  • Mark Njombo
    Mark Njombo 2 days ago

    That nigga inspiring but annoying

    GLEB BUGATTI 2 days ago

    Fuck I hate this fat fuck and is ugly kid

  • Adam Mcnena
    Adam Mcnena 3 days ago

    Dj khaled says he is the best dj so I’m guessing he’s never heard of dr.dre 😂

  • juncar navas
    juncar navas 3 days ago


  • Jesse Billiter
    Jesse Billiter 5 days ago

    I could never be on a hands level of hype

  • Ab IRxckLoui
    Ab IRxckLoui 7 days ago +1


  • Maya Pino
    Maya Pino 7 days ago

    Ok Dj Khalid just takes unfinished music and takes credit for it.

  • SweetHeart Heart
    SweetHeart Heart 8 days ago +1

    Typical new money

  • beautiful motherfucker

    If i was Ashad i'd buy The White House

  • Michael Tesfay
    Michael Tesfay 9 days ago

    this nigga has shoes that dont release for years

  • Bigdeal Yanyuy
    Bigdeal Yanyuy 9 days ago

    Like father like son

  • Karsyn Lafitte
    Karsyn Lafitte 11 days ago

    a notha one

  • lil Ultimo
    lil Ultimo 11 days ago

    I think Khaled is spoiling his son, to be honest

  • PalleLemus
    PalleLemus 12 days ago

    Part 3!!

  • riki manuel
    riki manuel 12 days ago

    "Its a back flipper"! - Billy

    MAX MOULTON 13 days ago

    DJ Khaled is so annoying when he tries to make funny names for shoes but literally nobody cares and they're not even funny

  • antonis dimilis
    antonis dimilis 13 days ago

    Why is Khaled literally a walking meme?

  • affe gorilla
    affe gorilla 13 days ago

    this kid is spoiled as fck...

  • affe gorilla
    affe gorilla 13 days ago

    Is Khaled on cokaine?

  • Eamon Ball
    Eamon Ball 14 days ago

    Why is he so agressive

  • Jabrony Lin
    Jabrony Lin 14 days ago

    DJ Khalid still hasn’t lost weight after working out for years

  • Pukar D Karki
    Pukar D Karki 14 days ago

    Mr DJ is high...
    High on life hahahaha

    JOSEPH ASWATH 15 days ago

    kid is gonna swim in a pool of dope sneakers...

  • miguel martinez
    miguel martinez 15 days ago

    A real man right hear yes his annoying but his son is numero uno respect

  • Jalen Wegener
    Jalen Wegener 16 days ago

    Do joe’s sneaker collection

  • Ivory Peteet
    Ivory Peteet 16 days ago

    Assad is blessed🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • 50 shades of awesome AAA cousins

    Oh i wish i had a sneaker collection like tht

  • Prosec Montages
    Prosec Montages 17 days ago

    Nigga ashad will need some ear plugs with his dad screaming every 2 seconds in his ear💀💀

  • X- Venomous
    X- Venomous 17 days ago +1

    why does he yell all the time

  • Bacon Fontanilla
    Bacon Fontanilla 18 days ago

    Its been 1 year wuh hupen you lazy people

    FØxTRØT 18 days ago

    Imagine Floyd Mayweather's closet

  • Daniel N. Oliveira
    Daniel N. Oliveira 19 days ago

    Why he keeps doing this annoying stupid voice?

  • SenpaiZachBenji
    SenpaiZachBenji 19 days ago

    Drinking Game - For every time he yells and interrupts Joe you drink a shot

  • cavs4life352 gang
    cavs4life352 gang 23 days ago

    I bet asahd gets whooped with a golden belt

  • Nightmareless - Games & More!

    oooh McDonald's!

  • birddogfreemann
    birddogfreemann 24 days ago

    What a pompous, arrogant asshole.

  • Steph Meden
    Steph Meden 24 days ago

    4:15 This man taught his son how to say "another one" as a toddler.

  • Ramil Danao
    Ramil Danao 26 days ago

    What does red bracelet means ot's in ashad hand🤔

  • HowToBleach
    HowToBleach 26 days ago

    Joe has to agree with everything, xD

  • Charley Bowles26
    Charley Bowles26 26 days ago

    It like a library full of thing I want to have

  • rodrigo portillo
    rodrigo portillo 26 days ago


  • MR EW
    MR EW 27 days ago

    khaled sneaker collections is more expensive than the houses in my whole neighborhood combined..

  • Ivan Gonzales
    Ivan Gonzales 29 days ago

    khaled is annoying but thats my nilla❤️

  • Lagos08
    Lagos08 29 days ago

    He can't be normal: "another one" "vibes" and that retarded voice change ...

  • Pen jamin
    Pen jamin 29 days ago

    His son ain’t co produced shit khaled. Lol

  • Tywana Lewis
    Tywana Lewis Month ago

    He's annoying af

  • Savage 420
    Savage 420 Month ago +1

    7:03 "listen give me more" 😂😂 when your at his house u go by his rules

  • Wez3521 IsTheName
    Wez3521 IsTheName Month ago

    His son is his world

  • Lourdes Garza
    Lourdes Garza Month ago

    Another one

  • anthony madriid
    anthony madriid Month ago

    DJ khaled is annoying asfk

  • Kamron Coleman
    Kamron Coleman Month ago

    He got too much shoes he never going to wear all them

  • BLΛƆKis_the_newPIИK

    his son will never work for anything in his life....

  • J G
    J G Month ago +9

    I can’t see his fat ass climbing the ladder😂😂😂😂

  • Arona K
    Arona K Month ago

    This makes me sad like so many shoes when he grows up they’ll be able to afford even more

  • Racks †
    Racks † Month ago +1

    That voice he does gets me everytime 😂💀 this nigga too funny

  • Holy Fuck
    Holy Fuck Month ago

    Who wan to be that kid?

  • Billy Ou
    Billy Ou Month ago +4

    wat if his son shoe size different

  • Abbygaile
    Abbygaile Month ago

    Dj Khaled is a great father. He does everything for Asahd.

  • Faezeh Mirzaei
    Faezeh Mirzaei Month ago

    hes so lazy

  • Kimba Chapman
    Kimba Chapman Month ago

    So funny woman hold babies in there arms for ever but he had to put that baby on his lap lol sneakers were really nice

  • Kimba Chapman
    Kimba Chapman Month ago

    Adorable baby period!!

  • jacquees lover
    jacquees lover Month ago

    I love watching him and his kid lmao

  • Jerome Buenaventura

    No boy you are the best. EMINEM IS THE BEST

  • green ghost
    green ghost Month ago

    i'm only here for Ashad

  • ni wo
    ni wo Month ago

    Khaled vs that red ladder, who wins?

  • Ahmed Sarwar
    Ahmed Sarwar Month ago

    his baby dont whine only grind

  • Ahmed Sarwar
    Ahmed Sarwar Month ago

    i love how he loves his son. awesome connection

  • Jonathan W
    Jonathan W Month ago

    Imagine Asahd as a 16 year old teen with the biggest sneaker collection in the world. Oh gosh.

  • Thatshadyguy Meme
    Thatshadyguy Meme Month ago

    I am all for getting those shoes for his son when he is older, but he is to young to appreciate those shoes at those age.

  • Anthony Phung
    Anthony Phung Month ago


  • Hooded_Wretch :/
    Hooded_Wretch :/ Month ago

    I think DJ Khalid thinks Asahd is Jesus reborn on Earth.

  • Aireckson
    Aireckson Month ago


  • DeletedChannel
    DeletedChannel Month ago


  • DeletedChannel
    DeletedChannel Month ago

    His son THE CHOSEN ONE

  • DeletedChannel
    DeletedChannel Month ago

    You can tell he really loves his son I thought the shoes where dj Khalids until he said its ashads collection until he group up

  • Jaylin Anderson
    Jaylin Anderson Month ago

    DJ Khaled seems like he would be SOOOOOOOO annoying to hang out with.

  • Jakob LM
    Jakob LM Month ago +1

    i hate khaled so much lol

  • Anthony Jones
    Anthony Jones Month ago

    super dope fiyaaaaa!!!

  • ROSS Lobo
    ROSS Lobo Month ago +1

    Yes boy , yes boy ,yes boy


  • CharlieRoss
    CharlieRoss Month ago

    Man DJ Khaled is such a fake character, he tries so hard to brand himself

  • Jose Pina
    Jose Pina Month ago

    “Another one”

  • Rob Stevens
    Rob Stevens Month ago


  • This NoodleHead
    This NoodleHead Month ago

    i only have 1 pair of jordans 12

  • MLG Alex
    MLG Alex Month ago

    Bro the kaws Jordan 4 by far my favourite and my personal best looking sneaker in my opinion

  • Misty Cocker
    Misty Cocker Month ago

    His yellin gets hella annoyin😂

  • burgerboy does some shit

    This dude is psychotic

  • Eric Eagles
    Eric Eagles Month ago +1

    Yes boy yes boy yes yes boy yes boy

  • Lya Wonder
    Lya Wonder Month ago

    Dj khaled's son better be a good & humble person..for all the praises the dad is giving him.. be blessed!😉

  • Hokkaido dexter
    Hokkaido dexter Month ago

    why he suddenly talk like that? this dude looks like giant warthug

  • Kelly Rhoodes
    Kelly Rhoodes Month ago

    It’s shocking how a babies shoe collection is worth more than my house😩😂

  • Yoi boi kenshin
    Yoi boi kenshin Month ago

    can I be Asahd for one day and dj khaleds shoes

  • SunKisssed Babes
    SunKisssed Babes Month ago +2

    "yes boy yes boy yes boy yes boy yes boy yes boy yes boy" 😂😂

  • SunKisssed Babes
    SunKisssed Babes Month ago +1

    Let's break the internet 😂 only rich people say stuff like that.

  • ben s
    ben s 2 months ago

    so if you sold a recent pair Khaled would you get a nice,amount I kind of want to cop some heat Jordan is collaborating +$$$$

  • elieser obillo
    elieser obillo 2 months ago

    Cant even own a pair 😂😂😂😂

  • rutituti678
    rutituti678 2 months ago +1

    Exactly how do you truly know in what manner this man actually treats his family? Just curious because you see nothing and know nothing lesser than the camera lol

  • SouthernGirl
    SouthernGirl 2 months ago +1

    I like DJ Khaled but Chris Brown shuts them allllllllll down 😂😂😂 His ish (closet) like an actual mall 🙅