DJ Khaled and Asahd Khaled Show Off Their Sneaker Collections On Complex Closets


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  • Mekaeel Bassadien
    Mekaeel Bassadien 18 hours ago

    He treats his son like he the king of the world

  • Mekaeel Bassadien
    Mekaeel Bassadien 18 hours ago

    Dj Khalid

  • Brittany Eversley-Eve
    Brittany Eversley-Eve 21 hour ago

    Does DJ Khaled want a daughter???

    [TRIXIEFAM] 2 days ago

    Love is the king everybody

  • jLope_Z _
    jLope_Z _ 2 days ago

    His son is so cute and I don’t say stuff like that some times

  • hockey player
    hockey player 2 days ago

    Like thjs co ment if you hase aie jogdan 1 gatol MG ade

  • Albert Trepanier Sr
    Albert Trepanier Sr 4 days ago

    Perfect Pair could give khaled a run 4 his $$$, shoot his collection is BETTER THAN KHALED BY FAR, COMPLEX HIT UP PERFECT PAIR 1 TIME....

  • jordan ofwono
    jordan ofwono 6 days ago

    This guy setting his son up for major success

  • Qsnooki Lamsford
    Qsnooki Lamsford 6 days ago

    Trust me he's not normal😐

  • Christopher De La Cruz

    But when the baby get older

  • Craig Fritchey
    Craig Fritchey 9 days ago

    Yo why does he keep yelling in that weird voice. He seems like such a cool guy and then he does that. Lol.

  • Jeffrey J
    Jeffrey J 10 days ago

    Biggest F'n Dork in the industry... smdh

  • play with me!
    play with me! 13 days ago

    You. Should. Drenes. Like. Bts

  • J H
    J H 15 days ago


  • Akuko11
    Akuko11 16 days ago

    6:04 song?

  • slasher // video
    slasher // video 16 days ago +1

    “Heh...heh” laughing after every sentence he speaks. Pirate ass

  • Tyree Wells
    Tyree Wells 16 days ago

    Ahsad probably don’t even care

  • Dangling Dayan
    Dangling Dayan 16 days ago

    you idiot, asahd is gonna outgrow dem shoes in 1 year

  • Hayden 2018
    Hayden 2018 19 days ago

    khaled has the lowest attention span of anyone ive ever seen

  • michael David
    michael David 20 days ago +2

    Asahd is the richest baby in the world😂😂

  • Sampz
    Sampz 20 days ago

    ‘It’s called we’re in high demand’

  • Dynasty
    Dynasty 20 days ago

    some how dj Khaled act too crazy🙄🙄

  • Dspboyz
    Dspboyz 22 days ago

    DJ Khalid u tryna adopted me

  • D A N Y
    D A N Y 22 days ago

    I love the way he is always screaming 😂 love Khaled 😂😂

  • arce marlon
    arce marlon 22 days ago

    you know what i'm sayin' x 10000times!!!!!!!

  • DanVlogs
    DanVlogs 23 days ago

    Another one

  • Ryan Gill
    Ryan Gill 24 days ago +1

    One year old hype beast

  • Matte Jenson
    Matte Jenson 24 days ago

    yes boy yes boy

  • Bean Beany
    Bean Beany 24 days ago

    I still think lil yachty little ass closet has a better shoe collection

  • Mario Grey
    Mario Grey 26 days ago

    Why he keep doing that voice? Lol

  • Shiloh TY SITY
    Shiloh TY SITY 26 days ago

    Dj Khalid is so fucking obnoxious

  • Andrea Smerek
    Andrea Smerek 26 days ago

    I love DJ Khaled we the best 3

  • Holden Farrell
    Holden Farrell 28 days ago +1

    Yes Boy Yes B Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy oy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy Yes Boy

  • Damarcus Mitchell
    Damarcus Mitchell 29 days ago

    👍...another 1

  • MatthewDamico
    MatthewDamico 29 days ago

    He just has multiple of the same shoe that’s why it looks like a lot

  • Anthony Garcia
    Anthony Garcia 29 days ago

    They need to do pj tucker

  • pandapoo777
    pandapoo777 Month ago

    Dude kind of got lucky didn't he.

  • LazerPlayz Gamez
    LazerPlayz Gamez Month ago

    go to the gym dj khaled

  • Special Operator
    Special Operator Month ago

    This dude famous for same reason Kim Kardashian famous. NOT SHIT. He steals other peoples work and screams dumb shit over top of it. Wow! Eat another sandwich, ya fat Chewbacca.

  • Dr. Impulsive
    Dr. Impulsive Month ago

    This fat man is hella ANNOYING
    The voice that he yells makes him seem retarted

  • Jenny Sim
    Jenny Sim Month ago

    Yo he said the N word

  • Joanie Rodriguez
    Joanie Rodriguez Month ago

    Dang, I wish had a closet like that for all my shoe collection.. All my shoes are in shoe boxes under my bed.. Well my shoe collection is under my half of the side of my bed and under the other half of the side of the bed is my husband shoes collection.. I would love a big closets like that though..

  • Silence Machine
    Silence Machine Month ago

    one of the luckiest sperm

  • John Rayez
    John Rayez Month ago +3

    Love his attitude but he must be annoying to be around all day.

  • Adventure Kids Now TV

    DJ Khaled took to many drugs

  • C63 AMG
    C63 AMG Month ago

    It took 15 years for Khaled to collab with Jordan and it took Travis Scott how long??

  • Osman Mansoor
    Osman Mansoor Month ago

    All praise is to the most high....

  • hafizul alif
    hafizul alif Month ago +2

    khalid might be annoying but man, he really loves his son.

  • Kentoy De Leon
    Kentoy De Leon Month ago

    He talks like Austin Powers hahahaha

  • Deja Hooper-dixon
    Deja Hooper-dixon Month ago +2

    That voice makes me mad

  • Bob Builder
    Bob Builder Month ago

    does anybody else think dj khalid mentality ill

  • Bob Builder
    Bob Builder Month ago

    that a fucking ugly ass baby

  • Gabriel Torres
    Gabriel Torres Month ago +1

    Don't Spoil your kid, make him work hard for his stuff, Teach him Values 💯

  • terry Fuentes
    terry Fuentes Month ago

    I dont even remember when was the last time i bought myself some pair of shoes . btw hes annoying but funny and likeable... .. I mean hes Dj Khaled!
    *yes boy yes boy yes boy* hahahahaa lmao..

  • Saudea
    Saudea Month ago

    He really love his son man

  • Asnad 96
    Asnad 96 Month ago

    His son gonna be a spoiled

  • Emily Kramny
    Emily Kramny Month ago

    You have to do a video with Kendall Jenner

    ABC XYZ Month ago

    Most spoiled kid in a making....

  • Mahad Maidane
    Mahad Maidane Month ago

    Worst named sheos ever . like=yes dislike=no

  • Reuben Castillo
    Reuben Castillo Month ago

    Hit looks like he has a lot but their are a bunch of the same models

  • Kelvin DCO4
    Kelvin DCO4 Month ago

    Those are so good shoes

  • Henry Taglang
    Henry Taglang Month ago

    I respect this man so much

  • September Naing
    September Naing Month ago +1


  • Mohamed A
    Mohamed A Month ago

    He should give some shoes away to people who need shoes this fat fuck don’t deserve all this money

  • Bacon Fontanilla
    Bacon Fontanilla 2 months ago

    Its been 1 year already yo complex tripin

  • Daya Edit’s
    Daya Edit’s 2 months ago +1

    I didn’t see the Nike mags mmm😂💀‼️

  • Carlos Tenorio
    Carlos Tenorio 2 months ago

    He has a lot of pairs since he buys like 5 of the same pair🤦‍♂️🤣

  • Nathan Briles
    Nathan Briles 2 months ago

    That deep voice he does kills me bro

  • Darby
    Darby 2 months ago

    That's a shoe store.

  • Imran Tariq
    Imran Tariq 2 months ago

    Ma shaa Allah

  • T Series
    T Series 2 months ago

    The worst feeling is that after few months asahd will grow and his sneakers will be useless😑

  • RJ Pacheco
    RJ Pacheco 2 months ago

    You look up to your son so much you don't look up to your wife

  • RJ Pacheco
    RJ Pacheco 2 months ago

    At least wear the shoes you don"t even wear them

  • TheOSH170
    TheOSH170 2 months ago

    Dude is legit mentally ill. How the hell does no one talk about that. Lol.

  • Morgan Ebanks
    Morgan Ebanks 2 months ago

    you have so many shoes that you don"t even wear

  • Morgan Ebanks
    Morgan Ebanks 2 months ago

    Another thing is you look up to ashad so much that you barely even look up to your wife Nicole.

  • Jeff Jenkins
    Jeff Jenkins 2 months ago

    Damn he has better than Jordan’s than me (asahd)

    FARHAN MEMON 2 months ago

    Amazing man with amazing baby

  • Jerwin Maximille
    Jerwin Maximille 2 months ago +1

    I was just looking at Asahd the whole time.

  • Farout Man
    Farout Man 2 months ago

    We ALL know damn well that Khaled ain't climbing that ladder anytime soon.

  • Doodle Bob
    Doodle Bob 2 months ago

    Man he’s retarded

  • Kermit The Frog
    Kermit The Frog 2 months ago

    I don't give a shit about that kid but damn he got nice ass sneakers

  • BigLui
    BigLui 2 months ago

    Bro thx to DJ Khaled for the tip how to style the wheats six cause I got the wheats 13s and I wear them with khakis so I don't play my self I reward myself

  • Danie Harris
    Danie Harris 2 months ago

    I LOVE how he speaks to his Prince in training! He adorn his royal son. It's so beautiful, that middle eastern structure never leaves. They praise their sons and daughters 💛💛💛😍😍 #KingAsahdComingSoon

  • pom.P RONGIS
    pom.P RONGIS 2 months ago

    Pussy nigga fuck asahd

  • Lily Lim
    Lily Lim 2 months ago

    Another one

  • Sterling Forest
    Sterling Forest 2 months ago +1

    How come you don't do music with Young Dolph. He's the realest artist for the streets

  • Chikemaster
    Chikemaster 2 months ago

    the day asahd says "i hate you dad " is the day i die

    ARQ GDS 2 months ago

    It'll be hilarious, when this kid grows up to be a complete wreckkkk, WE THE BIGGEST WRECKK ! WE WE WE WE YESYES (continuos nonsense)

  • Joey Diaz
    Joey Diaz 2 months ago

    these are repetitive in general now but khaled is just completely repetitive.

  • Shantanu Iwale
    Shantanu Iwale 2 months ago

    asahd must be like "damn my dad is annoying" but he gonna be dumb rich so ehh

  • charlie Wittenstein
    charlie Wittenstein 2 months ago


  • Riana Andriamaharo
    Riana Andriamaharo 2 months ago

    Asahd has probably more money now than I’ll ever have in my whole life

  • Andrew Rivera
    Andrew Rivera 2 months ago

    perfect pair vs Khaled ?

  • Ilunga kabamba
    Ilunga kabamba 2 months ago

    "that's the smartest thing you ever said'....the man is just crazy

  • AlumniArmy
    AlumniArmy 2 months ago

    How can some one be that annoying, still watching because his collection is actually really fly

  • GuCci_GAmer 08
    GuCci_GAmer 08 2 months ago

    Khalids voice is so Freaking ANNOYING

  • Young Choppa
    Young Choppa 3 months ago

    He made joe into a store keeper like the ones who hold your stuff for you

  • Bicycle card Addict
    Bicycle card Addict 3 months ago

    Dj Kahled vs Chris Brown closet challenge.

  • Porsha Edmun
    Porsha Edmun 3 months ago

    Lmao khaled so funny how can you not love his energy 😂😂 His son so cute ❤️