DJ Khaled and Asahd Khaled Show Off Their Sneaker Collections On Complex Closets

  • Published on Oct 23, 2017
  • DJ Khaled gives Joe La Puma another tour of his legendary sneaker closet for his son Asahd's first birthday and shows mountains of unreleased Air Jordans.
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  • Aliyu waziri
    Aliyu waziri 6 hours ago

    I like his energy

  • Queén Channelle

    Where is his women at🤔🤔 I always see him and his son where is his chick at?

  • Keith Fowler
    Keith Fowler 2 days ago

    His son gonna sell all that to get his size when he grow up. Lol

  • AK
    AK 2 days ago

    Iv already got some air jordens

  • CM TV
    CM TV 3 days ago


  • laffietaffie
    laffietaffie 3 days ago

    asahd so well-behaved

  • Baby Beirut
    Baby Beirut 4 days ago

    Damn never knew he was that makes u act stupid

  • G.O.A.T Na.
    G.O.A.T Na. 4 days ago

    He really loves his son👍🏽💗.

  • Sigma Re
    Sigma Re 5 days ago

    Imagine asahd grows up to be 1 size bigger than khalid😂😂

  • Proxy
    Proxy 5 days ago

    Dude has absolutely 0 taste.

  • Don’t click my profile picture

    He looks more like a typical dad than a DJ Khaled now

  • JazzyENT. IMVU
    JazzyENT. IMVU 6 days ago

    It’s amazing how kids can change their parents WHOLE WORLD everything that Khalid is doing is strictly for his son!

  • kimberly Anita
    kimberly Anita 6 days ago

    Fat fuck

  • kimberly Anita
    kimberly Anita 6 days ago

    Be glad when he go away

  • Fransisco H
    Fransisco H 9 days ago

    “Don’t take my kindness for weakness” is probably the most mature thing he’s said

  • T Sneak
    T Sneak 11 days ago

    So demanding

  • Carver
    Carver 11 days ago

    He buys his son everything, because dj Khaled as a kid didn’t have much, so he wanted his son to be special so kind of him

  • jazmin's life
    jazmin's life 12 days ago +1

    Yea main exercise is the keyy u said it 😂😂5:40

  • cristian gonzalez
    cristian gonzalez 12 days ago

    the left side of his face about to have alot of wrinkles.

  • The Absurd Gamer
    The Absurd Gamer 12 days ago

    Jo la puma inside sneaker heaven stunned!🤣 ××

  • Mr.Explicit
    Mr.Explicit 13 days ago

    when dj khaled does that voice and face it makes me concerned for his real mental health. like hes a split personality

  • Sieben Sechs
    Sieben Sechs 15 days ago


  • Nyibol rebecca
    Nyibol rebecca 15 days ago

    This dude love his son bless u as had and Dj khalid

  • Dodgers 818
    Dodgers 818 16 days ago

    Khaled is hilarious 😂 the GOAT hands down

  • Tanoldinho VDB
    Tanoldinho VDB 16 days ago +4

    imagine he grow up and none of dem shoes fit😂😂 shit be flippin on a whole new level

    • Henry Alvarez
      Henry Alvarez 11 days ago

      if they dont fit him, he will buy ALL of the shoes in his personal size its not a problem for them.

  • Joswill Santiago
    Joswill Santiago 16 days ago

    I saw it USclip, you happy?

  • Javiera Palma
    Javiera Palma 16 days ago

    we are high demand

  • LaggyHacker
    LaggyHacker 16 days ago

    poor kid's ears

  • Flippin Mad
    Flippin Mad 17 days ago

    His son gonna grow up spoiled 😂

  • LostConnection
    LostConnection 20 days ago


  • Bence Szűr
    Bence Szűr 20 days ago

    imagine that asahd will not have the same size feet as khaled lol

    GJU GJU DARLING 21 day ago

    Love this VIDEO
    Love that KHALID pay attention to the gift of Son

  • Halle Gallant
    Halle Gallant 22 days ago

    Sometimes I just feel Dj Khaled is living in his own world called "WE THE BEST" cause the things that sometimes comes out of this mans mouth because he feels like he is the best human to ever live...

  • Chicken TheGlitchEgg
    Chicken TheGlitchEgg 22 days ago

    Why does he speak like this 🤨
    His son is too fortunate
    He crazy

  • Kyla McArthur
    Kyla McArthur 22 days ago +1

    Hopefully ashad didn’t get as big as him

  • Molly Nolin
    Molly Nolin 22 days ago

    He’s so unbelievably obnoxious. I don’t even think it’s an act at this point, he’s a self-absorbed child who interrupted every single question or thought if it wasn’t about him.

  • Golden_ Knight
    Golden_ Knight 22 days ago +2

    Asahd can't even speak but he has a better collection then all of us

  • Ridwan Albustomi
    Ridwan Albustomi 23 days ago

    *Ya know what i'm sayinn*

  • J2 Heartless
    J2 Heartless 24 days ago

    im pretty sure khaled sniffed crack before the show

  • Vukicar 2
    Vukicar 2 25 days ago

    Asahd is probably the calmest baby ive ever seen

  • Yogirl Cheeks
    Yogirl Cheeks 26 days ago

    It’s crazy That i live a few minutes from his place on the island

  • Bryant Moore
    Bryant Moore 28 days ago

    Imagine if he turns out to be a libraian

  • Andy Cortez
    Andy Cortez 28 days ago

    Lucky ass kid, it’s so cool for him knowing that all of those shoes will soon be his🥺🤣😌

  • Zakaria George
    Zakaria George Month ago +1

    Its a little late but

    every single voice change, change in tone, sweating from just standing, & saying yes boy 1,000 times makes me wonder why Joe didn't just jump out of a window

  • miguel martinez
    miguel martinez Month ago

    Sure dj khaled is mad annoying but the love he has for his son is priceless

  • any lobo
    any lobo Month ago +12

    Dj khaled : interrupts every minute outta nowhere

  • Argle Mendoza
    Argle Mendoza Month ago

    This dude acting like hes got dope collection of shoes. Big Boy Cheng will smoke your collection.

  • Chris
    Chris Month ago

    Dj “Yes boy yes boy yes boy” Khaled

  • Hendrik Tanujaya
    Hendrik Tanujaya Month ago

    What are those red dolls called

  • Black Mamba
    Black Mamba Month ago

    Poor child. With a father who is a broken record. “Don’t play your self. Don’t play yourself”. What the hell.

  • CosmicStudios13
    CosmicStudios13 Month ago

    I came from Pewdiepie

  • Mark Tv
    Mark Tv Month ago

    Wheres the part 3 ive been waiting for 2years from now

  • Karan Shinde
    Karan Shinde Month ago

    DJ Khaled is a living meme. That's all I gotta say. Weird AF!

  • Mr Stealyogirl
    Mr Stealyogirl Month ago

    The dude is just plain weird

  • marissa rogers
    marissa rogers Month ago

    need someone to hype me up like dj khaled hypes up asahd

  • taina nayeli
    taina nayeli Month ago

    you need to do billie sneaker closet tour

  • SlyNova Ninja
    SlyNova Ninja Month ago +1

    Dj Khaled might not be that great of a person but at least he is a great father.

  • El Chino
    El Chino Month ago

    The baby has no idea what's going on

  • El Chino
    El Chino Month ago

    He has 2 or 3 pairs of every shoe

  • Wonuola Ajayi
    Wonuola Ajayi Month ago

    The way khaled gives ashad so much credit for stuff... that boy going to have very high self esteem

  • Booty Inspector
    Booty Inspector Month ago

    does anyone know what khaled is saying ?

  • Tara Mccarty
    Tara Mccarty Month ago

    He has all those shoes but wears slides

  • Burak unal
    Burak unal Month ago

    bad singer big flex.Does not connect

  • Maria Steinhauer
    Maria Steinhauer Month ago

    My boy Asahd looking fire here

  • Andy Tan
    Andy Tan Month ago

    Am I the only one thinks that DJ Khaled is the coolest dad in the world ? 😂😂😂

  • Seanlcndz7
    Seanlcndz7 Month ago

    Khaled high af

  • Seanlcndz7
    Seanlcndz7 Month ago

    Yes boy yes boy yes boy yes boy yes boy yes boy yes boy🤣🤣🤣

  • Josr Mat
    Josr Mat Month ago

    6:50 I respect the mentality 🙏

  • Meme master
    Meme master Month ago

    I love how he says his baby is his best friend

  • xassaisin17
    xassaisin17 Month ago

    He's quotes are annoying

    PSTRIPPLEE Month ago

    man said assad is executive of the album loool such a genius kid

    RANKZ_SHOCK Month ago

    I have the misspelled shows

  • Yusof Ahmad Safi 06C
    Yusof Ahmad Safi 06C Month ago +1

    Bought your red shoes brother khaled

  • Anthony Stotts
    Anthony Stotts Month ago

    Lets see another video soon

  • Angel Ramirez
    Angel Ramirez Month ago

    Khaled really trying his hardest to become a meme again

  • 혐숗조퓨뼸PUBG

    If you need a name call oit dj khaled

  • Liyau_Is_Great_2Day :3

    I believe that this closet was suppose to be a library 😂

  • J Antonio’s videos

    And when he said exercise is the key don’t look like he has that key ..... and stop making that weird voice

  • Kate Miller
    Kate Miller Month ago

    Loving that sweet boy

  • Alex Moll
    Alex Moll Month ago

    When a baby has better shoes than you

  • Angelica Ouma
    Angelica Ouma Month ago

    I want to commend Khaled because he is going and already is a big inspiration to his son and they way he treats him is like he is a king and everything he said, he does for Asahd so I commend him.
    Keep at it with the great music.

  • Down N brown
    Down N brown Month ago

    Part 3????

  • Baby angy
    Baby angy Month ago

    I want to be ashad😂

  • SimonH
    SimonH Month ago

    Asahd is so quiet. He’s so great

  • Annn Ann
    Annn Ann Month ago


  • Creativemind23
    Creativemind23 Month ago +1

    "Dont do drugs."

  • Arjun Ghosh
    Arjun Ghosh Month ago

    Does DJ Khaled have tourettes

  • Teshuah Yisre'al
    Teshuah Yisre'al Month ago

    He stay showing off but cant show his stomach

  • Aiassem
    Aiassem Month ago

    So cute

  • Modelo Especial
    Modelo Especial Month ago

    Hes Fucken Annoying The Way He Talks ....

  • jobdaniel
    jobdaniel Month ago

    how can a retard like tyhat be so famous

  • Naahil Bin Niyas
    Naahil Bin Niyas Month ago

    Yes boi yes boi yes boi yes boi..........

  • Spontaneous Dragon
    Spontaneous Dragon Month ago +67

    What's DJ Khalid's favourite number ?
    It's 11.
    Because it has another 1

  • Sarehaand Venom
    Sarehaand Venom Month ago +2

    *drops child*

  • emily m
    emily m Month ago +2

    8:36 so precious lol

  • Ronald Becton
    Ronald Becton Month ago +1

    Cool vid Khaled was to funny

  • Sebastianfischer07
    Sebastianfischer07 Month ago

    khaled is not right in the head

  • fred naimi
    fred naimi Month ago

    Honestly... what a tool

  • Rohan Nurse
    Rohan Nurse 2 months ago

    I love khaled!