Pastry Chef Attempts To Make Gourmet Twizzlers | Gourmet Makes | Bon Appétit


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  • Tim Tripp
    Tim Tripp 19 hours ago

    Try to make Sour Patch Kids! I've tried many times at home and just can't come up with a good recipe.

  • Peyton Taylor
    Peyton Taylor Day ago

    The chocolate Twizzlers are the best

  • Trinity Hawkins
    Trinity Hawkins 2 days ago

    Lol I’m literally watching this on Friday

  • Elizabeth o
    Elizabeth o 3 days ago

    am i the only one who thinks red vines taste better

  • fem wynn
    fem wynn 3 days ago

    lmfao @ Brad lurking

  • fem wynn
    fem wynn 3 days ago

    can you please make some pecan sandies? I tried to make them and they came out horribly!

  • Dorothy Zheng
    Dorothy Zheng 4 days ago

    Swedish Fish pleaseeee

  • Bunga Ramadhani
    Bunga Ramadhani 5 days ago +3

    Claire is sooo prettyyy

  • Manal hammodi
    Manal hammodi 5 days ago +2

    Give me some of your patience

  • Nic B
    Nic B 5 days ago

    Twizzlers taste like wax. Red vines baby.

  • Omar Campos
    Omar Campos 6 days ago +1

    Why is she so cute 😩😓

  • Sardonicous
    Sardonicous 7 days ago

    the jazz drum beat in the background really ties the whole video together lmao

  • Thomas Underhill
    Thomas Underhill 8 days ago

    Hey Brad!

  • Divine Dream
    Divine Dream 8 days ago


  • Alejandro Rivera
    Alejandro Rivera 8 days ago

    Time for my favorite part: skip forward the reading ingredients part.

  • Megan Chipps
    Megan Chipps 8 days ago


  • Charlotte Brackenbury

    she needs a make over her hair don't look health

    • Ramus Sumar
      Ramus Sumar 3 days ago

      Charlotte Bracken-butt, you're an idiot.

  • NewJerseyJay
    NewJerseyJay 10 days ago

    Why anyone would want to attempt to recreate something as Nasty as a Twizzler is beyond me..

  • Mimi Song
    Mimi Song 10 days ago

    They’re cute

  • Philip Cook
    Philip Cook 10 days ago

    Lindor Truffles?

  • Ari Mullen
    Ari Mullen 11 days ago

    the amount of licorice discourse in this comment section is... hilarious.

  • Sam D.
    Sam D. 11 days ago

    Use this comment as a "I prefer Red Vines" button

  • Sara Eleid
    Sara Eleid 11 days ago

    I thought he was cutting her hand.

  • Henk 31415
    Henk 31415 12 days ago

    Does she make porn?

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget 12 days ago

    I’m sorry but Twizzlers are actual trash, Red Vines are so much better

  • Cordale Smith
    Cordale Smith 12 days ago

    Twizzlers are gross, why try making them more Gross?

  • Katie Does drawings on the occasion

    She replicate
    She snacc
    But most importantly
    She come baccc

  • Jay
    Jay 13 days ago

    Why do I find Claire so cute?

  • Victoria Apeland
    Victoria Apeland 14 days ago

    you should make TAKI'S :)

  • Misfit Toy Tower
    Misfit Toy Tower 14 days ago

    Twizzlers are disgusting. Why wouldn't you copy one of the MANY better examples of red twist licorice??

    • Misfit Toy Tower
      Misfit Toy Tower 14 days ago

      Brach's Red Twists were the best mass-produced ones, but they quit making them years ago. Very sad. Red Vines would have been a much better choice.

  • ragavi jeevan
    ragavi jeevan 14 days ago

    It's really awesome.. I started watching this videos now only
    What you will do with the waste 😅your making much large quantities for trying out..??
    Try Lotte chocolate pie recipe 😅

  • Vapornotsmoke
    Vapornotsmoke 14 days ago

    You need red licorice flavoring and confectioners sugar, and a dehydrator.

  • Kin Shefy
    Kin Shefy 14 days ago

    They remind me so much of pamela and Jim

  • CowboyDiplomacy
    CowboyDiplomacy 14 days ago

    All of these patterns you keep trying to jerry rig, why don’t you get a 3D printer?

  • Nabhy Gamingz
    Nabhy Gamingz 15 days ago

    i have a bag of twizzlers Want some?

  • davisx2002
    davisx2002 15 days ago

    Red Vines make better straws

  • bryana gomez
    bryana gomez 16 days ago

    i ship brad and claire😂😭😭

  • bryana gomez
    bryana gomez 16 days ago

    brad clearly wants claire omgggg

  • Arjun Walia
    Arjun Walia 16 days ago


  • Nathan Goff
    Nathan Goff 17 days ago

    I love watching her slowly lose the will to love trying to recreate these tasty treats

  • Danny Ordonez
    Danny Ordonez 17 days ago

    I love twizzlers but I cant eat them because I have braces

  • Yesenia Albizu
    Yesenia Albizu 18 days ago

    Red vines! ❤️

  • Ar man
    Ar man 18 days ago

    The fast cuts of video editing makes the video keep exciting.. good job,
    For most people cooking is feel so slow and boring, it requires so much patience and passion to keep on going..

  • Tateum Fine
    Tateum Fine 18 days ago

    Redvines are the ones you could use like a straw you uncultured swine!

  • KSI Gods
    KSI Gods 19 days ago

    I thing you should do a GOURMET MOONPIE.

  • Kareem K
    Kareem K 19 days ago

    she's in huge professional kitchen and she "orders" lunch! (-__-)'

  • Joshua Long
    Joshua Long 20 days ago

    I hate twizzlers.... I just watched this cause Clair is amazing... She deserves her own show.... With Brad...

  • johndoe122able
    johndoe122able 20 days ago

    Why does Claire not start her own channel, does she have one?

  • SleepingTurtle1
    SleepingTurtle1 21 day ago

    I'm so happy that Brad is back

  • Jordan Andrews
    Jordan Andrews 21 day ago +1

    make hot tamales or red hots

  • Raymond Prieto
    Raymond Prieto 21 day ago

    Brad and Claire need their own Channel.

  • Shubham Bhushan
    Shubham Bhushan 22 days ago

    Claire is my favorite

  • Brett Kokinadis
    Brett Kokinadis 22 days ago

    I love that you do "customer" validation.

  • Michael Bacon
    Michael Bacon 22 days ago

    I went back and watched this and was curious to ask Claire Saffitz if she considered adding bees wax into the recipe????? It is edible and can make more of a waxy consistency.

  • Kenny
    Kenny 22 days ago

    Are they confusing red vines and twizzlers with the hollow thing? I don’t remember twizzlers ever having much of a hollow center.

  • ashley williams
    ashley williams 22 days ago

    brad and claire = jim and pam
    change my mind

    • Dylan Morgan
      Dylan Morgan 8 days ago

      Brad is married with kids, the office is a fictional show. Mind changed.

  • CoKa
    CoKa 22 days ago

    Brad reminds me of one of those clueless and funny superheroes 😂😂❤️

  • Ang 92
    Ang 92 22 days ago

    I AM watching this on a friday, so thank you Claire! :)

  • Chase Greene
    Chase Greene 22 days ago

    this is suuuuuch a goooood ideaaaaaaaaaaa. pleeeeeease make sourrrrrr pattttchhhhhhh

  • tamwami
    tamwami 22 days ago

    Brad reminds of Luke from Gilmore Girls

  • Abigail O’Connell
    Abigail O’Connell 22 days ago

    Brad I love you

  • Mariel De Lara
    Mariel De Lara 23 days ago

    Well I'm watching this on a Friday

  • Ken Marie
    Ken Marie 23 days ago

    Red vines for life

  • nocctea
    nocctea 23 days ago

    i don't know about anyone else but twizzlers have such a weird texture to me. like they're really dry? and they just kinda crumble in my mouth. i'm not the biggest fan of licorice but i prefer red vines. does anyone else agree about twizzlers' texture?

  • Khubrooh Hussain
    Khubrooh Hussain 23 days ago

    Andy is so hot I need to sit down

  • Ashley Arcelay
    Ashley Arcelay 23 days ago

    She is so awesome I love her!!!

  • Vanessa Varela
    Vanessa Varela 23 days ago

    Is brad single 😍

  • Sofia Rudeva
    Sofia Rudeva 23 days ago

    U SERIOUSLY ORDERING LUNCH ON BON APPETIT KITCHEN??? my hope in humanity just died

  • Cole Smith
    Cole Smith 24 days ago

    I definitely think they confused Red Vines and Twizzlers. Red Vines are hollow and taste less like wax.

  • Gravitation3Beatles3
    Gravitation3Beatles3 24 days ago

    What makes them “gourmet”

  • mago lago
    mago lago 24 days ago

    red vines are better

  • Mikie llama
    Mikie llama 24 days ago

    For everyone wondering why she left, she went out of state to make her own bakery

  • plonk420
    plonk420 24 days ago

    IMO there's like a vanilla-y or fake vanilla-y (or some mild) flavor in twizzlers, too, that i can't put my finger on...

  • Rebecca Fear
    Rebecca Fear 24 days ago

    I made homemade Twiizleeerrrrrs

  • Animating Turtle
    Animating Turtle 25 days ago

    COME ON KEVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sway
    Sway 25 days ago

    Twizzlers literally tastes like rubber/nothing

  • Cow Yeeter
    Cow Yeeter 25 days ago

    does she know what a mold is?

  • Chris
    Chris 26 days ago

    Idk why but she remind me of Katy perry

  • Oreo Eats
    Oreo Eats 26 days ago

    Red vines all the way!!

  • terry
    terry 26 days ago

    can claire and brad date? thanks

  • Terric greaves
    Terric greaves 26 days ago

    try fruity pebbles

  • Nehama W
    Nehama W 26 days ago

    Whay do they do with the tests food 🤔 like does someone eat it of camera or do they chuck it?

  • Danyal Patel
    Danyal Patel 26 days ago


  • Zai
    Zai 26 days ago

    How bout gourmet tears

  • Ben Jordan
    Ben Jordan 26 days ago

    Gotta love flavored plastic

  • thisisobdurate
    thisisobdurate 27 days ago

    Never consumed any of that.

  • Ace Vincent Siason
    Ace Vincent Siason 27 days ago

    Gaby looks like the old woman in the movie Bird Box

  • Cadence Staley
    Cadence Staley 27 days ago +2

    Why do I watch these at night?!?

    It makes me hungry and I can’t get food 😢

  • Qurious Styles
    Qurious Styles 27 days ago

    Wow, Claire graduated from Harvard, who would've thought?

    • Qurious Styles
      Qurious Styles 20 days ago

      +Nasa even more interesting, her bachelor's there was on history and literature

    • Nasa
      Nasa 20 days ago

      A King From Queens um... 🤔

  • Nisha C
    Nisha C 27 days ago

    I would love to work with someone like Brad. He's so fun! Claire is awesome too.

  • Rodrigo Rocha
    Rodrigo Rocha 27 days ago

    I hope y'all make a episode teaching us how to make a gourmet Brad because I need that man in my house.

  • Benjamin Marks
    Benjamin Marks 27 days ago


  • Kanji Kix
    Kanji Kix 27 days ago

    When I was younger I would cry whenever I saw twizzlers because I thought they tasted like tires.

  • Jim Fortune
    Jim Fortune 27 days ago +19

    The flavor is red.

  • Thomas Durbin
    Thomas Durbin 27 days ago

    IMO red vines are way better than twizzlers.

  • Aaliyah White
    Aaliyah White 27 days ago

    I think she must get paid alot for this series. Why do I have a crush on Claire. JK, not really.

  • Amy Petrie
    Amy Petrie 27 days ago

    Claire’s twizzler looked more like a twizzler than the twizzler. Impressed!!

  • Amy Petrie
    Amy Petrie 27 days ago

    My mom LOVES twizzlers

  • CasualGamer 34
    CasualGamer 34 28 days ago

    * tries black licorice *
    I like it

    No just no

  • Abc 123
    Abc 123 28 days ago

    The production value and genuineness(?) of this series is amazing