Emily Blunt Seeks To Understand Testicle Pain

  • Published on Jun 5, 2014
  • Emily's husband, John Krasinski, insists a crotch tap hurts more than a nut punch, but Conan disagrees.
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 3 274

  • Bobba Rockersons
    Bobba Rockersons 10 hours ago

    That explains why he let Nina Dobrev tap his balls with her foot

  • Déaglán
    Déaglán 2 days ago

    just reading the comment section makes my balls tingle with anticipation, in preparation for pain lol. that's how sensitive they are

  • Douglas Ballantine
    Douglas Ballantine 3 days ago

    I don't think that getting hit in the balls can be compared to giving birth, but having your balls crushed can

  • zoran susnjar
    zoran susnjar 8 days ago


  • Joe McCaffery
    Joe McCaffery 9 days ago

    Isn’t the Isr@eli ‘method’ the one where you have all the guns and kill kids from far away using a sniper rifle, keep people in an open air prison and test your latest weapons on them etc.

  • Mutagubya Simon
    Mutagubya Simon 10 days ago

    Am glad you asked.......😂😂

  • X V
    X V 10 days ago

    Balls.....they can bring us pain as well as pleasure

  • Chase N. Paper
    Chase N. Paper 10 days ago

    Not to mention the long lasting physical side effects of even lightly harming them.

  • Dimedawg
    Dimedawg 10 days ago

    She should just watch one of her movies.

  • ComboSharkYT
    ComboSharkYT 12 days ago

    When I got kicked in the balls by 5 girls they jump on my balls

  • Mumbo Jumbo De Runter
    Mumbo Jumbo De Runter 13 days ago

    When a blow to the nuts occurs your mind actually gives you 1 or 2 seconds to prepare yourself. The first moment you'll be like: "Isn't this supposed to be extremely painful?" or "Hey, maybe it missed it?"
    Your mind is like: "WTF just happened!!! Quickly put your hands on the nuts... get down on yer knees... here comes the pain!"

  • Pk Msd
    Pk Msd 13 days ago

    "I'd go for the balls" everyone starts clapping

  • XD Shakya
    XD Shakya 14 days ago

    What happens when you get hit on the nuts:
    -first it hurt completely but it burns later on which hurts even more

  • RC M
    RC M 15 days ago +1

    It hurts just thinking about getting hit in the nuts 😫

  • Suman Kumar
    Suman Kumar 15 days ago

    Mr Conan, Sir!! you are wrong!!...tap on a ball is as painful as punch on a ball. Telling you from my experience. I have been punched and tap on the ball by my friends multiple of times when I was in school.

  • Hal
    Hal 15 days ago

    is it me, of hers accent sounds less British over time?

  • Duke00x
    Duke00x 16 days ago

    When Guys get hit in the balls the pain is at a level around what it's like for women to give birth. And like with women giving birth the exact amount/level of pain is somewhat different from guy to guy.

  • Philip Martin
    Philip Martin 17 days ago

    Got hit in the balls with a bag of potato chips and my life changed forever.

  • Donald Sterling
    Donald Sterling 17 days ago +1

    IDF cowards only fight unarmed women and children. :-)

    • panthera
      panthera 16 days ago

      Good one. Proud of that one aren't you?

  • Donald Sterling
    Donald Sterling 17 days ago +1

    Boycott anything israeli. :-)

  • Donald Sterling
    Donald Sterling 17 days ago +1

    Israeli stuff is fubar.

  • Van Pol
    Van Pol 18 days ago

    Krav maga is no martial art. A martial art has rules. Krav maga doesn't. -_-

  • TheGodEmperorofMankind

    Trust me going for the balls won't stop a man in his tracks. If you just walk up to some guy and kick him in the balls he'll keel over, but in a street fight if you get kicked in a balls it won't do anything, go watch a thai fight and she how many hits to the balls they take and they don't even flinch lol and a cup protects your balls, it does nothing for the pain.

  • Gundor Stoneskin
    Gundor Stoneskin 18 days ago

    Getting hit in the nuts feels like a combination of hitting your "ankle-bump" on something hard, and a bad leg cramp, severity depends on how hard the hit was.

  • Voice of Validity
    Voice of Validity 19 days ago

    Getting tapped in the balls still hurts really bad, getting kicked or punched is indescribable, it's like your brain shuts off of how painful it is.

  • Bearger The bearger
    Bearger The bearger 20 days ago

    I once got hit in the balls by a long pole lacrosse stick being poked at me at full force and I couldn't think for a minutr

  • Anon Non
    Anon Non 20 days ago +1

    Emily's husband is punching way above his weight class.

  • Anon Non
    Anon Non 20 days ago

    Emily's husband is punching way above his weight class.

  • Anon Non
    Anon Non 20 days ago

    Emily's husband is punching way above his weight class.

  • Sylvia Molina
    Sylvia Molina 20 days ago


    ව්හිච් යොඋ ශොව් ටො නොබොඩ්ය්

  • Mytty Dohun
    Mytty Dohun 20 days ago

    When women give birth the brain sends her chemicals to make her feel better after the pain. We don’t get that after being kicked in the balls, it’s just pure agony that will eventually fade away.

    Therefore, getting kicked in the balls is far worse.

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 20 days ago

    men have died getting kicked down there, women have died giving birth. so basically its comparable.

  • Vincent Venturella
    Vincent Venturella 20 days ago +1

    Imagine having your ovaries outside of your body ? Can you feel it now ?

  • Vincent Venturella
    Vincent Venturella 20 days ago +1

    You must have one nut, then get kicked in it or near it.

  • Sofa King Tactical
    Sofa King Tactical 20 days ago

    I don't know that a flick hurts more than a smash, but I'd definitely put them equal.

  • scrubslover9
    scrubslover9 21 day ago

    Imagine a flaming hot piece of rebar being shoved straight through you abdomen. That’s what it feels like.

  • yaggle fraggle
    yaggle fraggle 21 day ago

    Just punch your ovaries and find out ;)

  • Ryan Jonas
    Ryan Jonas 21 day ago +1

    Is she just wearing a piece of cloth tied around her? Weird...

  • dresdenkiller
    dresdenkiller 21 day ago

    Punch in the balls is far more painful than childbirth. Proof? You don’t see a man planning for a second or third punch.

  • chris casey
    chris casey 21 day ago

    It's like ovary pain but on the outside.

  • sartorian darkstorm
    sartorian darkstorm 22 days ago

    i would love to see emily bench john

  • SpaceMissile
    SpaceMissile 22 days ago

    conan gave a very pc and very incorrect answer.

  • Helen Johnson
    Helen Johnson 22 days ago +1

    Saw this woman in Sicario. Ruined the whole movie.

  • mrgabest
    mrgabest 22 days ago

    Taking a hit to the balls causes visceral pain, which is the kind of pain signal sent to the brain by internal organs when they are in distress. That is why it is so crippling. The best comparison is to a kidney strike or a ruptured spleen, which women can and do suffer.

  • jay remember
    jay remember 22 days ago

    what. a. beauty.

  • Hayden Karim
    Hayden Karim 22 days ago

    Being flicked hurts the worst

    GUNGA 22 days ago

    She looks like Katy parry

  • Magnus Hyenna
    Magnus Hyenna 22 days ago +1

    Well if you didnt become a tranny for fame and money.... you would still be a man and you would know the feeling.

  • PumpJack McGee
    PumpJack McGee 23 days ago +1

    The boob is not a good analogy. Take the direct equivalent: the ovaries.
    So a closer comparison is the cramp during their period, except all at once delivered by an outside force striking you.

  • Anita
    Anita 23 days ago

    I'll smoke her

  • KeeperPlus
    KeeperPlus 23 days ago +1

    Trained woman still loses to a man sorry. Men 99% of the time just dont want to hurt women

  • KeeperPlus
    KeeperPlus 23 days ago

    Wing Chun. That's better

  • BMT115
    BMT115 24 days ago

    here's an easy way to explain it, take all the pain from a kidney jab, add a taser shock for 15 minutes, and there ya go...

  • Fuzzy Butkus
    Fuzzy Butkus 24 days ago +1

    Let her watch me view Sicario that really gave me testicular pain. She sucked the big one in that.

  • Mos TV
    Mos TV 25 days ago

    ive been hitt ine the balls more times then i can count, now its just a afterpain not so much like the first time

  • Adam55
    Adam55 26 days ago

    Its disappointing that Conan downplayed a tap on the balls. They can sometimes be much more painful than a punch

  • wearemud
    wearemud 26 days ago +6

    The Pavlovian mentality of American audiences... when someone claps, even as part of a sketch to gain attention, the audience applauds.
    Jesus wept.

    • wearemud
      wearemud 19 days ago

      @hoboX10 I obviously understand that.
      Doesn't change a thing, Conan obviously didn't want everyone to clap. Very obvious.

    • hoboX10
      hoboX10 19 days ago

      Imagine not understanding that live audiences have signs and people telling them what reactions to make and are instructed to follow whatever they say before a show begins.

  • Arnab Sharma
    Arnab Sharma 26 days ago

    just tapped myself to check!

  • The Naz
    The Naz 26 days ago

    The title itself already make me laugh😂😅

  • John
    John 26 days ago

    Punched in the throat is almost as painful.

  • Marbles
    Marbles 27 days ago

    I had a gastroscopy once. It was very uncomfortable, but nothing like being punched in the balls. On a forum i later found out that there was a consensus among the women that gastroscopy was worse than giving birth. So in conclusion... Being punched in the balls is much worse than giving birth, and honestly, giving birth can't even be that bad if gastroscopy is worse.

    Besides, we know for a fact that men have higher pain tolerance than women. It's an easy thing to test, and science _has_ tested it.

  • doctorjae75
    doctorjae75 27 days ago

    I'm here to tell you, a tap ain't always fun! I'd consider a pinch, similar to some taps, and back me up boys, how many times has your jeans pinched yours and you wanted to yell like a school girl, maybe you did! I have sat on mine many times and fk me that one su-ucks!

  • Barenn
    Barenn 27 days ago

    Your testicals are connected to your spine, when you kick or hit them, the pain travels through your spine directly to your brain, on that pain train it goes through your kidneys, diafram, and knocks the wind out of you. Its the worst feeling, its like a stroke without the loss of brain cells and more pain!

    • robert traverso
      robert traverso 20 days ago

      Nope. the testes started out inside where the ovaries are and some of their pain sensors are still there. That's why ball pain is also felt in the abdomen where women have ovaries.

  • Eric Taylor
    Eric Taylor 27 days ago

    0:30 "Well, it took a lot of wi- I mean training."

  • Sam
    Sam 27 days ago

    I've never heard a man ask to be kicked in the balls a second time ... I've heard a woman ask to have another baby

  • Earumamaadu
    Earumamaadu 28 days ago

    Lol israel didn't even exist when martial art was invented.

    • robert traverso
      robert traverso 20 days ago

      Krav Maga is a combination of other forms of martial arts developed by an Israeli commando. It's not a sport like other forms of martial arts but strictly meant to maim or kill in combat situations.

  • The Uncertain Sharma
    The Uncertain Sharma 28 days ago

    I've probably gotten numb to that pain because I've had a lot of football hit there and it just became a regular thing. Tmi ?

  • Xtian
    Xtian 28 days ago

    Fine woman

  • Angelo Pellicci
    Angelo Pellicci 28 days ago +1

    I'm a boy and I gotta say, giving birth has got to be far worse.

  • The Prude Nudist
    The Prude Nudist 28 days ago

    All fetuses start out as women in the womb, the penis is just what happens to the clitoris once the Y chromosome kicks in. This means that the penis is essentially just a large clitoris -- so women, imagine getting kicked very hard on ONLY your clitoris, that would be the most comparable analogy.

  • Sohrab Marzi
    Sohrab Marzi 29 days ago

    What is going on with her accent? Is it American? British?

  • Fabio Fernandez
    Fabio Fernandez Month ago

    If Emily blunt was sitting next to me at the movies and told me to stop being on my phone, I think I'd sink into my chair and just wanna stop existing.

  • cx
    cx Month ago

    Why did USclip recommend me this ?

  • Lloyd Zed
    Lloyd Zed Month ago

    At least after women go through the pain of childbirth they've got something to show for it.
    When a guy gets kicked in the balls, our brains just record every second of it and are capable of replaying it in HD

  • EntoSanto
    EntoSanto Month ago

    Even watching someone punching in someone's balls can give an agony. o_O How sick this can be.

  • Doomsday knight
    Doomsday knight Month ago

    It's pretty late but both can have kidney stones and wemon have said it's worse then birth

  • Lidiane Peixoto
    Lidiane Peixoto Month ago


  • Sub to me idk why
    Sub to me idk why Month ago

    She was clearly disturbed by this.

  • pointnozzleaway
    pointnozzleaway Month ago

    I love Her. from "Full Metal Bitch" to "Mary Poppins" yeah

  • Yuva Raj
    Yuva Raj Month ago +2

    Now that's the best interview I have ever seen lol

  • Aaron Graddy
    Aaron Graddy Month ago

    Pain scale getting hit in the balls herts more then child birth, however child birth pain lasts a hell of a lot longer then getting hit un the balls. If I had to pick to suffer threw then getting hit in the balls hands down.

  • Spooky gnu
    Spooky gnu Month ago

    A tap on the ball has the unexpected raise of pain, where as a punch in the ball is an instant raise of pain. Both as bad as each other.

    DNTME Month ago

    She wants to know how much it hurts to be punched in the testicles? Easy. She just needs to let an average man kick her in the stomach; hard. Then she'll have some idea of how much it hurts.

  • Bluff
    Bluff Month ago +1


  • Smileyfaceanimations
    Smileyfaceanimations Month ago +1

    You can tell how much it hurts from the fact it instantly drops any man 😂

  • KrakDag
    KrakDag Month ago

    another cluless moron.

  • peter schmidt
    peter schmidt Month ago

    It ain't like in the movies, where the nasty male attacker cops a knee and drops, the heroine runs away and then the attacker stands and chases her down again. A man that gets properly whacked in the nuts will not be up and running 10 seconds later.

  • Smit Mahajani
    Smit Mahajani Month ago

    Emily's expression when Conan says "unless" 😂

  • thumbwarriordx
    thumbwarriordx Month ago

    It's like being forcefully punched straight in the womb, and not in the good way.
    Complete with creeping and excruciating stomach pain.

  • Ayesha Jasmine
    Ayesha Jasmine Month ago

    I love you, Conan

  • b0rg1010
    b0rg1010 Month ago

    Flick your love spuds with a wet towel and tell me if it hurts? 🤣🤣🤣

  • brian19991
    brian19991 Month ago +1

    Balls is worse. WHen a woman gives birth, she has a kid afterward, so that's pretty much a plus right there.
    Name me ONE positive thing about being kicked in the balls...

  • math2222322
    math2222322 Month ago

    When i get hit in the balls, the pain goes all the way up to my teeth. it's that bad

  • Erik Juninho
    Erik Juninho Month ago

    She do not wanna know

  • svartvist
    svartvist Month ago

    Why did the audience clap over attacking a man's balls? Like that is some kind of equalizer--a level playing field? If Emily knew Israeli martial arts, there would be no need to castrate the man (assuming he survives HER attack). A well placed jab to the solar plexus or the esophagus is enough to turn the advantage without maiming or killing.

    I once overheard comparisons of birthing pain to male pains, and it was settled when I heard some women who had passed kidney stones, and had given birth declare birthing was no comparison to stones. Since I've passed kidney stones several times, and taken a hit in sports to the balls, I'm hard pressed to say which was worse. In both instances I wanted to pass out.

  • Andrew G
    Andrew G Month ago

    Why is Side Show Andy always there!?

  • Reee Nigga
    Reee Nigga Month ago

    It’s nothing but disrespectful to punch/kick/knee a man in the balls. Any men will understand

  • Parikshit Rao
    Parikshit Rao Month ago

    so all these comments here are saying that a tap isn't that painful.....
    hear this, when i was 16 i was playing cricket with my friends and the bowl bounced unpredictably and i couldn't judge it properly and the bowl hit me in the jewels. it wasn't even that fast just a tap if you will, i didn't even know for a sec what had happened then as if i was in a vacuum everything inside my body wanted to be outside my body.
    i wanted to breath but couldn't because my diaphragm seemed to have taken a vacation and then i doubled over onto the dust clutching to keep my intestine inside and as i tried and failed to gasp for breath the last thing i saw was the clear blue sky with darkening edges and then i passed out.
    if someone asked me to say which one is harder id say birthing babies cus there is a chance of death in that but just understand a hit to the balls is not something i would wish onto my worst enemies, period.

  • Connor Mccleary
    Connor Mccleary Month ago

    Imagine having two things as sensitive as your eyes on your groin. If you just touch them it hurts.