Bad Astral Sorcery - Minecraft - Sky Factory 4 (Part 12) | Let's Play

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
  • It's Minecraft #391! In this gameplay, we build an Astral Sorcery Altar Sky Factory 4.
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Comments • 668

  • Kime Khonkhung
    Kime Khonkhung 2 hours ago

    Sky factory yay

  • josh smith
    josh smith Day ago

    where can i find episodes 2, 10, & 11 of sky factory 4

  • HallowWave
    HallowWave 2 days ago

    Waiting for someone (aka Ryan) to notice Gavin's "accidental" dusk flames has got to be the best anticipation yet XD. The fact that Gavin walked away and took the waterfall up just to avoid suspicion, was priceless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • THExRubberxbunny
    THExRubberxbunny 7 days ago

    Lindsay trying to make a BLA, Bacon Lettuce Apple XD

  • DJMelodic
    DJMelodic 12 days ago

    *Michael and Gavin arguing over Michael's controller*
    Jack, spinning in place: Weeeeeee~

    Gavin: That's cool, Jeremy.
    Jack, very softly: Cool or call?

  • Imaproshaman
    Imaproshaman 13 days ago

    LOL that fake ending. I absolutely love the editing on these. They're just SO good! :D

  • C Nish
    C Nish 17 days ago +1

    Gavin tries to dusk-flame Michael to death: “all that for a drop of blood"

  • Bubbly Dragon
    Bubbly Dragon 19 days ago

    32:27 I'm the little bread boy, I'm the one who eats!

  • TheFrostyCrane
    TheFrostyCrane Month ago +1

    42:27 the editor deserves an award for that end

  • Derohk
    Derohk Month ago +1

    i really miss simple farmer geoff :(

  • Rei Hazuki
    Rei Hazuki Month ago +1

    Michael's gun looks like Sun's from RWBY

  • The Petruccinator
    The Petruccinator Month ago

    “The meeting of the gods” and then there’s jack, the farmer. Who fell off the top level and died. And Lindsay the sandwitch

  • Shawn Britton
    Shawn Britton Month ago

    Set up a steam cache server for games 1 download then over the network for all the other users.

  • Pixel Love
    Pixel Love Month ago

    Does anyone know what part Gavin made chairs in?

  • BenDynamic
    BenDynamic Month ago

    Can you imagine then doing journey to the core with all the survival stuff like touches set stuff on fire you can die from co2 poisoning, Buildings, and mines need supports or else they will collapse. man what a time that would be

  • PankakeManceR
    PankakeManceR Month ago

    Somebody needs to teach lindsay keyboard shortcuts, it's painful to watch her move each item individually into her inventory and not even stack them

  • TrustyLicious
    TrustyLicious Month ago

    Shout out to the editors for really help sell the jokes visually!

  • Matthew Randell
    Matthew Randell Month ago

    I don't think I get the title

  • AquaDragonDavanin
    AquaDragonDavanin Month ago +1

    only like a minute in and gavin's already decided to be a goose this episode

  • bishobear
    bishobear Month ago +2

    29:27 Props to the editor lowering their names to see the health percentage

  • The Men in Gold
    The Men in Gold Month ago +3

    Jeremy: "Order, Order"
    *immediately brings down the might of Thor on Gavin*
    I absolutely lost it lol.

  • micourt servinia
    micourt servinia Month ago

    you're guys creations are outstanding keep it up

  • ScytheAndStitches
    ScytheAndStitches Month ago

    i love michaels desktop background

  • Joshua woods
    Joshua woods Month ago

    Where’s king jack???

  • ODSTbag337
    ODSTbag337 Month ago +1


  • Pengwenn
    Pengwenn Month ago

    19:00 what did I ever do to you Lindsey?

  • Friendly Neighborhood Writer Man

    16:02 Lindsay throwing out that old ERB reference lol
    Also its good to see our God addressed as such for once 34:00
    Also also at 40:24 Jack is making sure that joke doesn't die or the editor if it was a sound clip.

  • Michael Kosmala
    Michael Kosmala Month ago

    Ryan can't haz cheezburger

  • Ginger Ninger
    Ginger Ninger Month ago

    Jeremy: "Don't come near me again"
    Gavin: "My dick still hurts"

  • Yo Dawgz Gaming
    Yo Dawgz Gaming Month ago

    Holy crap they are SO READY for the next ingame Off Topic. Chairs anywhere!

  • Yo Dawgz Gaming
    Yo Dawgz Gaming Month ago

    Ryan and Michael don't realize they they have BECOME Kirkspock and Spockkirk with their differently colored phasers

  • Yo Dawgz Gaming
    Yo Dawgz Gaming Month ago

    This series should be renamed "Everybody Loves Ryan," because every episode is everyone asking Ryan for help over and over and over

  • Kim Stolz
    Kim Stolz Month ago

    Credit where credit is due, Lindsay was actually pretty funny in this episode.

  • Mr_Trooper
    Mr_Trooper Month ago +1

    11:59 was the best plot twist ive ever witnessed.

  • Lazy Reaper
    Lazy Reaper Month ago

    “I am a dwarf and I’m digging a hole diggy diggy hole”

  • Homing Pigeon
    Homing Pigeon Month ago +1

    Imagine if they did a YDYD in Skyfactory.... it'd either end with everyone stuck on one lump of dirt in five minutes, or Jack on his own farming things for episodes lasting until he gave up

  • Delibutt
    Delibutt Month ago

    Jack could totally make gavin a gavel, tinker's construct has a hammer... so it could be the dumbass gavel

  • Katsudon96 Gaming
    Katsudon96 Gaming Month ago

    Gavin made this episode better.

  • Spaceis Sable
    Spaceis Sable Month ago

    Man Lindsay is giving me life today 😂

  • Michael Montgomery
    Michael Montgomery Month ago

    Please animate the sandwich shop bit 31:30 in, michael talks about Lindsay's loafs and her response made me laugh pretty hard

  • ObeyTheSins
    ObeyTheSins Month ago

    What's the mod called that shows them the recipes for everything?

  • kristeenahhbby
    kristeenahhbby Month ago

    gavin falling at the end made me laugh way to hard. god i love this series

  • Creed Of The Machine

    Uh who is that at 2:39?

  • Wil Ezekiel
    Wil Ezekiel Month ago

    The wand is so you can sit on blocks

  • Jacob K
    Jacob K Month ago

    Ryan is Dr. Gero and Michael is Android 17 confirmed

  • Doctor Ragnarok
    Doctor Ragnarok Month ago

    Michael should get an energy battery from integrated dynamics and upgrade it several times. Power Overwhelming!

  • Little Raven
    Little Raven Month ago

    Jack: 672367y7yxy8x8786482x8847x72847x812

    Lindsay: Onion rings....ok..

  • Ladyofthe WittyRemarks

    Lindsay's private little chuckle at accidentally trying to make the blt with an apple was so wonderful

  • SchmeEeE
    SchmeEeE Month ago

    Jeremy's snowball rod gets rid of the purple flames


    You guys really should make that floor cobblestone.

  • HydraShark
    HydraShark Month ago

    So, you guys probably already have another sky factory recorded by now, and also may never see this, but kind useless but also can be useful in unexpected ways;
    If you hold ctrl when you jump against a wall, you sort of cling to it. With a bit of practice, you can jump up a wall that you normally wouldn't have been able to.
    Now like you'll really need that now since y'all can fly, but I dunno maybe you can use it for a king thing or I dunno, something dumb
    Anyway, love y'all and have fun!

  • IncorporationXII
    IncorporationXII Month ago

    22:45 someone’s mic is out of sync cause you can hear the echo of gavin scream oh shit before he screams oh shit on his own mic

  • Jared Duncan
    Jared Duncan Month ago +1

    Best part was Jeremy speed-mining torches because of his charm

  • Ralph IV Shannon
    Ralph IV Shannon Month ago

    I listen to sky factory and build on my Minecraft world to make it feel like I’m playing Minecraft with other people for once...😪

  • Shadow Hawke
    Shadow Hawke Month ago

    Getting a feeling that
    Ryan’s leader
    Michaels the super soldier
    Lindsay the cooker
    jacks the animal caretaker
    Jeremy is the magician
    And Gavin looks like he’s making so many things that’s trouble and funny

  • Eric Dailey
    Eric Dailey Month ago +2

    *cuts to Ryan surrounded by fire for 1 second* this isn’t where I was supposed to go

    NCGC GenRAVE Month ago

    gavin is a chocolate chipped boy now!

  • Ben Schumm
    Ben Schumm Month ago +1

    36:15 I love how Jeremy slowly turns to look at Gavin's grave.

  • Dem Cows
    Dem Cows Month ago

    What is jacks truffle setup?

  • LucifersAngel666100

    Ryan shot first