Justina Valentine's TOP Freestyles, Clapbacks & Best Moments! (Vol. 1) | Wild 'N Out | MTV

  • Published on Jul 13, 2018
  • Justina Valentine is most definitely the HBIC! Take a look back at her most EPIC clapbacks, freestyles, and more!
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    Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out delivers lightning-fast improv and head-to-head battles, helmed by the master of ceremonies, Nick Cannon. The stakes are high as teams face off in a series of visceral, hip-hop-edged comedy showdowns, all culminating in a rap battle for the championship belt.
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  • Wild 'N Out
    Wild 'N Out  2 months ago +601

    check out Justina in the new MTV series, Basic to Bougie... goo.gl/2NeP6d

  • Bethany Pennell
    Bethany Pennell 2 hours ago +1

    still waiting for a PART 2!!!!

  • Nuh Abdull
    Nuh Abdull 15 hours ago

    If roasts were weapons justina would be a nuke lol .

  • Swag Bayazi
    Swag Bayazi 16 hours ago +1

    How much auto tune did lil yatchy have

  • Nayana Twins
    Nayana Twins 16 hours ago +1

    Iii cant😂😂😂

  • Legendadm
    Legendadm 16 hours ago

    Lol yatchy has some fucking software in his throat

  • Legendadm
    Legendadm 16 hours ago

    She disses
    She protecc
    But most importantly..
    She loves deeznuts

  • Viggo Urskov Jønch-Clausen 6A Højby Skole

    justina is so kind and sweet and a mega good freestyler

  • Justin anonoymus

    Pause at 2:29 perfect

  • Ola Łągwa
    Ola Łągwa Day ago

    6:47 OMG her voice is so beautiful ❤️

  • episodeteller
    episodeteller Day ago

    The first one sound so wrong

  • Loverx593 And Nefnef03 From Avakin Life

    Wow Queen of wild out

  • Denali Vazquez
    Denali Vazquez Day ago

    Yoooo dc face when she said he need to eat 12:03

  • Shay Cooley
    Shay Cooley Day ago

    Justina valentine what if her birthday was on valentines day

  • Shirley Hernandez

    I love this song

  • Miski Isse
    Miski Isse Day ago

    She really rap she's like the rap queen 👑

  • Kristie Lowe
    Kristie Lowe 2 days ago

    If con gets married with Justina they are going to be the best coupe and people they stick together and talk it’s just grate and con is a cuttiie

  • Kristie Lowe
    Kristie Lowe 2 days ago

    That was Justina cousin when he picked him up I think can can somebody tell me or it’s her bf idk

  • Kristie Lowe
    Kristie Lowe 2 days ago

    I watched every episode

  • jalani Jacob
    jalani Jacob 2 days ago

    Thus was lit

  • K. Mill
    K. Mill 2 days ago

    Justina is okkkk.. she just needs not be so stiff...

  • Katrina Harris
    Katrina Harris 3 days ago

    Shes so fucking dope 💪😍

  • WaffleAssasin
    WaffleAssasin 3 days ago

    I wish the camera would close in on the team's reaction when they land the good ones.

  • WaffleAssasin
    WaffleAssasin 3 days ago

    People be sleeping on her!🔥🔥🔥

  • Elijah Clerge
    Elijah Clerge 3 days ago

    And ya'll hate on her why?

  • lala s
    lala s 3 days ago +1

    Yeah that girl she was nice but what I got to say she was not nice at some ice

  • Unicorn Century
    Unicorn Century 3 days ago

    We all know why she so good at riding the bull h*eeeeeeeee

  • Laniey Rushton
    Laniey Rushton 3 days ago

    Most people don’t like her because of her voice but I do

  • WF JoeDubs1k
    WF JoeDubs1k 3 days ago

    Prince Royce in this lol Hispanic ass

  • Deshian Molina
    Deshian Molina 3 days ago +1

    In my opinion 3:29 is the best one 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Sniper Vixen
    Sniper Vixen 3 days ago

    Her voice is kinda annoying but she got some fire comebacks

  • Sharniel Davis
    Sharniel Davis 4 days ago

    Julia you abutta everything 😂

  • M J
    M J 4 days ago

    Mgk and Justina need to collab

  • ricardo scale
    ricardo scale 4 days ago

    Damn she be killing it !!!!!!!! I like her because she keep it 100.... And she funny as hell

  • Edward Williams
    Edward Williams 4 days ago

    when she started going in before the word was up on the screen, i wash shook!

  • Vivian Tran
    Vivian Tran 4 days ago

    She’s always my favorite and Timothy

  • Mani Mah
    Mani Mah 4 days ago

    Every time she on the bull I get so excited cuz Ik she ready kill it 😂🔥

  • Leelah Pegues
    Leelah Pegues 4 days ago

    Day6 ad = no skip 😘

  • Panda Spice
    Panda Spice 4 days ago +2

    She kinda cute lol she spit fire

  • Pita Govan
    Pita Govan 4 days ago +1

    She’s awesome!

  • Wendy Ortiz
    Wendy Ortiz 4 days ago


  • Maigyn Walker
    Maigyn Walker 5 days ago +7

    You are hella dope Justina!!

  • Maliyah Cook
    Maliyah Cook 5 days ago +6

    all i hear is rude comments but i wonder to the haters can you rap?are you on the show? if your not, you have no room to hate😒

  • Whitney Juanita Mills

    I Love Nick Cannon

  • Pinkie Dlamini
    Pinkie Dlamini 5 days ago +2

    Never seen her im impressed

  • Lana RBLX
    Lana RBLX 5 days ago +8

    Just ignore lil Yachty was built into autotune.

  • Shawn Anderson
    Shawn Anderson 7 days ago +2


  • Gerlisa Evans
    Gerlisa Evans 7 days ago

    i love her 💘

  • Madisyn Luster
    Madisyn Luster 7 days ago +2

    he always saying the same thing dirt bike t

  • Uddi Mishra
    Uddi Mishra 7 days ago +2

    She’s the best bull rider

  • Mohammed Demba
    Mohammed Demba 7 days ago

    She kinda looking like sssniper wolf

  • Light Yagami
    Light Yagami 7 days ago +41

    I love how she always insults DC. I swear they fight like siblings or an old married couple.
    I ship it😂

    • asia acrey
      asia acrey 4 days ago

      Nah they siblings lol, she belongs with conceited or hitman

  • Kristie Lowe
    Kristie Lowe 7 days ago

    Rosted I love this show it’s the best I watch every single one I love this show I can only watch this not any other show

  • Leysdy Lopez
    Leysdy Lopez 7 days ago

    Dam she owes got bras

  • Mya Gaines
    Mya Gaines 7 days ago

    did she say check me or check mate? I think she meant to say checkmate but it sounded like check me

  • hanni jamal
    hanni jamal 7 days ago +1

    Boogie doe 😍😍

  • Marquis Hale
    Marquis Hale 8 days ago

    She pretty

  • Madisyn Luster
    Madisyn Luster 8 days ago

    i you keep laughing laugh some more lmao 5:54

  • Kimalisha Mcnair
    Kimalisha Mcnair 8 days ago

    GANGSTER BITCH it's Justina Valentine's here come one We at the water where we meet he got me dripping me wet👩👩‍❤️‍👩

  • brillyant moore
    brillyant moore 8 days ago +3

    9:07 why he make dat face

  • Thawpaw Paw
    Thawpaw Paw 8 days ago


  • Tishelle Mantle
    Tishelle Mantle 8 days ago

    I love this song ah ah well as other

  • Cookie Crumb Cuties
    Cookie Crumb Cuties 8 days ago +2

    7:01... *AUTOTUNE*

  • Ledt Mxnster
    Ledt Mxnster 9 days ago +1

    She sexy

  • Makayla Thompson
    Makayla Thompson 9 days ago

    I'm watching this on TV right now

  • Christopher Shouse
    Christopher Shouse 9 days ago

    Can’t stand her voice it’s so damn annoying

  • Shaunaii Davis
    Shaunaii Davis 9 days ago

    I want Justin's because she sexy

  • Tomas Alvarez
    Tomas Alvarez 9 days ago

    I see Tony from lele pons

  • Betzy Angel
    Betzy Angel 9 days ago

    At 6:36 the white guy don't know what's happening

  • Joyce Smith
    Joyce Smith 9 days ago

    Love Her..

  • -ExxTRaa -
    -ExxTRaa - 9 days ago

    11:20 I’m eating hot Cheetos rn ;-;

  • TM_Ghost
    TM_Ghost 10 days ago

    Do you guy the picture of that guy that was next to red

  • live to die
    live to die 10 days ago

    Fuck dis Shit lit AF🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • IG: Spyda_337
    IG: Spyda_337 10 days ago

    She way advanced for the show lol

  • Jahseh OnFroy
    Jahseh OnFroy 10 days ago +6

    Proof that lil boat does not use auto-tune

  • Seendra YT
    Seendra YT 10 days ago

    Why do you squeak when they say shit but when they say the bi**h they don’t squeak it??

  • Langalakhe Mwelase
    Langalakhe Mwelase 10 days ago

    Lil yacht is trash

  • Alicia Newton
    Alicia Newton 10 days ago

    Justina is a beast💪💯❤

  • Annisia Morris
    Annisia Morris 11 days ago +1

    1:24 why was wacka Flocka just sitting there? like it scared the crap outta me and killed me at the same time 😂😂😂

  • Juicey2x
    Juicey2x 11 days ago +1

    Jutina is a great singer

  • Fresh Off the Milk
    Fresh Off the Milk 11 days ago

    mgk definitely hit that

  • Jessica Yarber
    Jessica Yarber 11 days ago +1

    Justina 💯

  • Bryan Morgan
    Bryan Morgan 11 days ago

    She on beast mode.

  • JamIe Alexis
    JamIe Alexis 12 days ago +1


  • Slim Jsus
    Slim Jsus 12 days ago

    She the only one who try’s

  • Suzan Lin
    Suzan Lin 12 days ago

    Ayyyyy oooo I love this bro

    THE WAVE 12 days ago

    i love justina

  • Brit nec
    Brit nec 12 days ago

    I'm sorry but that one girl (ovaries one) every time she was on the show I would fast forward..sorry.

  • Family Can
    Family Can 12 days ago

    Yo you are a pro like when I say you're a Pro I actually mean it I love you 😘💕❤️

  • Breezy Films
    Breezy Films 12 days ago

    Nick is my cousin!! Love you!!

  • john doe
    john doe 13 days ago


  • Christina Morrison
    Christina Morrison 13 days ago


  • shawntasha ohara
    shawntasha ohara 13 days ago

    i love the way she dress

  • shawntasha ohara
    shawntasha ohara 13 days ago +1

    i wana see justina valentine and lauren flans in wildstyle

  • jflips14 tay
    jflips14 tay 13 days ago

    Me and Justine a Valentine have the same birthday

  • mokeshua norman
    mokeshua norman 13 days ago

    💜 watched this a few times ths yr

  • Jose Navarro
    Jose Navarro 13 days ago

    I Lo ve her she my favorite

  • Jada Barber
    Jada Barber 13 days ago

    What the bum

  • Tyreunka Davis
    Tyreunka Davis 13 days ago


  • Mixer Distantsh4dow
    Mixer Distantsh4dow 13 days ago +1

    She's the *BEST*