Live Critique of Your Music - UNLEASHED Ep. 5 - Part 1

  • Published on Jan 13, 2019
  • In this masterclass I critique Your Music LIVE! Another Unleashed Episode in which I’ll listen to your music and I give you some advices for making it better. 🔵 40% OFF SALE through Feb. 1 -
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Comments • 42

  • Studio Takt
    Studio Takt 2 months ago

    shout out Mario Maker

  • Austin Lindsey
    Austin Lindsey 3 months ago

    This is amazing. Thanks Mike! I am just stumbling across the UNLEASHED series and eating it up!
    Question for anyone. Can someone that has followed Mike for awhile tell me more about what exactly he means by "transcribing?" Is there a video where he talks about what that looks like practically? Thanks for the help.

  • Jon Aschalew Music
    Jon Aschalew Music 4 months ago

    @9:49:33 I've had this melody from "Crossing Into Pania" stuck in my head all week. Would love to know who composed this, such a unique voice

  • Jaralle Davis
    Jaralle Davis 6 months ago

    Seconds after 2:35:04......all the faces on screen

  • Paulo Rego
    Paulo Rego 6 months ago

    Please can the next drinking game be how many times Mike mentions the number 17? "unless you have about a thousand of them (strings), it would never be that present up against 17,000 horns", " got everything you need now. You could do like the next 17 Avengers movies". Loving the video as usual! :-)

  • stephenlimbaugh
    stephenlimbaugh 6 months ago +1

    This commentary is a riot. Fantastic!

  • Jake Sidwell
    Jake Sidwell 7 months ago

    Hey, Mike. I've wanted to submit something for the past two years, but I'm not sure where I need to go to submit! Is this something that takes place on your redbanned website? When my health improves, and I can get back to the keyboard, I wanted to put all this stuff into practice again, but having a clearer more direct criticism of my specific deficiencies would be a great help! Thanks. And thanks for all you do for composers like me. Love your series on orchestration and composition.

  • Paul Max
    Paul Max 7 months ago

    Love your work and help. But,please stop the bad language in front of your son. It is so unnecessary and selfish of you. You might not like my critique because it is unsolicited. But I think if I can consider your sons influence,so can you.

    • Mike Verta
      Mike Verta  7 months ago

      Hi, we don't shield our son from "bad" language - we don't believe in such a thing. We give it all up, and teach him how to use it. We taught him to say please and thank you, and not to pee in light sockets. We also taught him not to swear in public. Simple. Of course, as many of the most articulate and erudite writers in history were prolific in their usage of the invective, we know this has no bearing on creative, linguistic skill or vocabulary. Quite the opposite, it turns out. My little boy is better-spoken than plenty of adults I know. But I do appreciate your looking out for the little one, and your suggestion. I know it comes from a good place.

  • nathaniel snores
    nathaniel snores 7 months ago

    when you submitted your piece, did you get a confirmation? I did not. And, I did not find my piece in the episode.

  • Daniele Nasuti
    Daniele Nasuti 7 months ago

    what piece of Shoenberg did Mike mention at 5:01:36 ??

  • Joe Galloway
    Joe Galloway 8 months ago

    Loved the video! Especially the bit at 4:18:00 - Thanks very much for that!

  • Nando N
    Nando N 8 months ago

    9:14:00 best part

  • Digital Native Dance
    Digital Native Dance 8 months ago

    Thanks for critique of 5:12:00 Forever Sunsets !

  • David Tolås
    David Tolås 8 months ago

    Family-friendly :-) Respect!

  • Bohdan Skochii
    Bohdan Skochii 8 months ago

    Thank you Sir for this generous time and advice

  • sk8rdad
    sk8rdad 8 months ago

    Thank you Mike! You are spot on and I will take your advice to heart. I wrote Theresa's song when I was 17 - 40 years ago. She was my high school girlfriend and I wrote it for her on her piano. The rendition I sent you was indeed one take and I made a lot of mistakes. Sadly she was killed in a boating accident less than 1/4 mile from where I live now. Thank you for listening and I can't wait for unleashed 6. I have another piece you can destroy me on. I have two versions though. One is orchestrated and one is stripped down to piano, which you always say is important. I only upload one, which would you prefer?

  • Andrea Austoni
    Andrea Austoni 8 months ago

    Mike, thanks for the tips on my piece at 6:46:30 . Food for thought!

  • Anneloes Wolters
    Anneloes Wolters 8 months ago

    Thank you so much for your op the spot remarks on the 'Weihnachtswolf'. Lovely to hear how you make my theme come alive with all these chords. I will follow your kind instructions and develop my harmonic vocabulary. Hopefully we will hear the difference in my next piece. Kind regards, Anneloes, Netherlands.

  • Jon Bjork Music
    Jon Bjork Music 8 months ago +4

    Love the spelling of my track "A Fair Tail":D 7:57:40 Great review and I totally agree with everything Mike said!

  • Alex Niedt
    Alex Niedt 8 months ago

    Thanks so much again for the critique of "Deep Under The Bustling City" at 11:02:22. You and the chat were spot-on with your criticisms. Much appreciated, and massive kudos for taking the time to listen to so many submissions. What an undertaking! Excited to start the twelve masterclasses I purchased from you the other day...

  • Matthew Oglesby
    Matthew Oglesby 8 months ago

    "orchestral opening" wasn't as bad as you made out. The pattern was that it was in 5 quavers, rather than 4s. I feel like this was the only one where you didn't give enough time to lock in.
    Loved the vid - first time I've seen your channel.

  • Jake Composing
    Jake Composing 8 months ago

    Thank you Mr. Verta for constructive criticism. :)

  • MrKzav
    MrKzav 8 months ago +2

    I think submitting my track is the best thing I have done for my music in the last 8 months, thank you for your eye opening advice Mike.

  • mhitos7722
    mhitos7722 8 months ago

    where is composition 3?

    • mhitos7722
      mhitos7722 8 months ago +1


    • LBMusic
      LBMusic 8 months ago +1

      mhitos7722 counterpoint class

  • Don Diego
    Don Diego 8 months ago

    Out of all of those tracks, he didn't reviewed mine. I'm sure I uploaded it. The track is 'A Magical Ending' T_T

    • Don Diego
      Don Diego 8 months ago

      @pedterson I checked. It's alright. I was just excited. It was my first live.

  • Jure Jerebic
    Jure Jerebic 8 months ago

    Thanks again for reviewing my 9:31:13 Toys and Tin Soldiers!

  • VIUS Music
    VIUS Music 8 months ago

    OH SHOOT, YOU DID DO MY PIECE! Welp time to watch

    • VIUS Music
      VIUS Music 8 months ago

      Okay, just watched (8:33:55). Thanks so much for the feedback, I'm pleasantly surprised from yours and chat's reactions! You're probably right, the sax thing did come out of nowhere (also I apologise for the crappy sax sample lol). I can't change it since it was for a paid project, but perhaps I'll revisit it in my spare time and play around more with the theme, taking out the sax bit in the process.
      Much appreciated Mike, thanks again

  • Scamper
    Scamper 8 months ago +31

    Thanks for this year's UNLEASHED! I listed up all the tracks by timestamp. John Eldridge's list helped to complete the ones, I missed, so I hope this is everything.
    24:57 You'll Never Make It
    35:42 Defy Your Fate
    50:00 Master Pro 2
    1:04:20 Orchestral Opening
    1:15:20 The Beast UNLEASHED
    1:44:30 Above Ground
    1:52:00 Soaring Above the Clouds
    2:07:50 The Land of Faey
    2:17:20 For my Love
    2:26:00 The Day of Giving
    2:34:10 Theresa's Song
    2:44:10 Your Story Isn't Over Yet
    3:04:10 Wings of Freedom
    3:16:07 Epic Adventure
    3:24:25 It is a Thing
    3:30:10 Cassie's Theme
    3:36:25 Weihnachtswolf
    3:41:40 Sirah
    3:49:45 Thrill Ride
    3:55:25 Chain Links
    4:03:25 Open Road
    4:07:25 Try Out One
    4:12:55 Wings
    4:18:55 Ina Love Theme
    4:24:40 For Her Happiness
    4:33:20 Western Fantasy Orchestral Trailer
    4:57:30 Freeze
    5:05:10 Chased by Lions
    5:12:00 Forever Sunsets
    5:17:00 Eye
    5:24:08 Choose your Destiny
    5:32:46 Our Man, Other Men
    5:38:15 The Magic Circle
    5:46:45 One Way Ticket
    5:52:26 Better Days
    5:57:56 Late to UNLEASHED
    6:01:55 Birdie vs Eagle
    6:05:40 Magic World
    6:10:28 Victor's Spoils
    6:13:40 Witch Hunt
    6:22:22 Lost Raiders of the Crystal Temple
    6:31:20 Pictures from the Past
    6:35:45 Cats Adventures in Space
    6:46:00 Take a Gander, Take a Goose
    6:50:05 HMS Bonetta
    6:58:45 Master of Lightning
    7:11:15 Thanks a Lot
    7:31:05 Slightly Exaggerated
    7:35:50 Mystic River
    7:41:40 Project Chaos 2
    7:57:40 A Fair Tale
    8:02:20 Christmas Cheer
    8:05:55 Space Engineer
    8:16:30 Scissorhands Meets Zimmerhans
    8:28:00 The Brightest Star
    8:33:55 Cry Hero Love Theme
    8:40:13 Snake Adventure
    8:45:30 Thomas Grunwald
    9:06:22 Hero on Adventure
    9:31:13 Toys and Tin Soldiers
    9:41:08 Crossing Into Pania
    9:52:53 Ewilan
    10:00:01 Adventurous Voyagers
    10:12:38 Scamper - Relis
    10:18:37 Raindrops on my Window
    10:26:03 Woodwind Quartet
    10:32:43 The Fallen
    10:41:55 Azure Stratus Climbing
    11:02:17 Deep Under the Bustling City
    11:09:30 Thoughts for Life
    11:16:09 Alibi Cry
    11:21:25 The Leaf of the Poplar

    • Jon Aschalew Music
      Jon Aschalew Music 4 months ago

      Mad props to whoever wrote Crossing Into Pania.. You my friend are from the future. That final melody.. just wow

    • Jon Bjork Music
      Jon Bjork Music 8 months ago

      Thanks man!

    • VIUS Music
      VIUS Music 8 months ago

      You're amazing - thank you so much

    • FocusMrbjarke
      FocusMrbjarke 8 months ago

      thanks for this this is really useful

    • Thomas Grunwald
      Thomas Grunwald 8 months ago

      Awesome - thanks!

  • Scott Kane
    Scott Kane 8 months ago +2

    7:41:44 Thanks Mike for your awesome tips, the tips on my tracks really helped. Thanks for doing this and for your company!

  • Thomas Grunwald
    Thomas Grunwald 8 months ago +1

    08:45:15 That's me.... thank you so much, Mike, for the motivating review! You're right - the mix is not good and it's meant for live players, not for samples. The melody is a traditional song for children in Germany (so I didn't invent that) and I had fun exercising orchestration on it.

  • Kaan Akalin
    Kaan Akalin 8 months ago +4

    Mike, just following along with what you do on the keyboard is the only time I’ve ever had to use the 0.25x speed setting on USclip. Thanks for your dedication to improving the skills of others.