Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Meal With A Clothing Iron? • Tasty

  • Published on Mar 16, 2019
  • Alexis is challenged to make a 3-course meal with one clever caveat. She must cook without any pots or pans and using only a clothing iron!
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    steam iron for smooth out the wrinkles
    pbombaert/Getty Images
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Comments • 9 940

  • Nurah Abrahams
    Nurah Abrahams 2 hours ago

    Pannekoek translates to pancakes, because crepes are what most of the world calls pancakes

  • Dottie'90
    Dottie'90 3 hours ago

    Yeah pannenkoeken 😁😁😜

  • Giyu It
    Giyu It 3 hours ago

    I simply love Alexis

  • Shay Rodrigues Tutorials

    Next video only using a candle

  • Boia Hmar
    Boia Hmar 3 hours ago

    This whole thing would have been a disaster without the aluminium foil

  • Anthony Mcgruder
    Anthony Mcgruder 4 hours ago

    She has the broadest shoulders I have ever seen on a woman.

  • Suzi Zblewska
    Suzi Zblewska 11 hours ago

    Im dutch too ( ik kom ook uit Nederland)😂

  • SHARE H!S V!S!0N
    SHARE H!S V!S!0N 19 hours ago +1

    meh, i know a youtuber who can make a bbq out of an air conditioner and a bicycle wheel
    on top of her desk!
    this is nothing.

  • Gyan
    Gyan 23 hours ago

    7:15 me talking about my boxers

  • Abigail Kiana
    Abigail Kiana Day ago


  • Bonnie Witter
    Bonnie Witter Day ago +1

    5:58- When you got a higher mark than your worst enemy at school on a test and you didn't even revise.

  • Hera Sean
    Hera Sean Day ago

    College students can relate to this so much hahaha

  • Vinithe Kitty
    Vinithe Kitty Day ago +1

    Me: **pulls out iron at 2am* tries to make a steak
    Mom: **walks in the kitchen* sweetheart what are you doing?
    Me: ohh ya know just making a steak with a iron

  • Jus Tanada
    Jus Tanada 2 days ago


  • Liu Jason
    Liu Jason 2 days ago +1

    When you realized sugar is salt.

  • Big Dream
    Big Dream 2 days ago +1

    The second she made that face, I knew what was coming: salt!

  • Guudieee johnson
    Guudieee johnson 2 days ago

    Wow / lol .....

  • Grace Hardy
    Grace Hardy 2 days ago

    She should use tinfoil instead of dishes
    I know she did in the video but she could use an actual burner and she would have to use it to plate as well

  • Kolcina De Lima
    Kolcina De Lima 2 days ago

    They should make a video called Can this chef cook a 3 course meal only using a rice cooker.

  • Subbulakshmi
    Subbulakshmi 3 days ago

    She great, mahn!!!

  • CajetaBunny
    CajetaBunny 3 days ago +3

    She reminds me of Miss honey from Matilda

  • Adrian Flores
    Adrian Flores 3 days ago +2

    Next you should try cooking with kinetic energy.

  • Agent96006
    Agent96006 3 days ago

    Cook a three course meal with a car?

  • curtis m
    curtis m 3 days ago

    I feel sooo bad for her lol. All that work and boom. Salt. That's bad enough, but then she had to start all over 😭😂 GIVE HER A RAISE! Lol.

  • Wing Hong Chan
    Wing Hong Chan 4 days ago

    use a vacuum cleaner

  • The George Forge
    The George Forge 4 days ago

    yeah a solid 6 ... 3:36

  • Emma Lea
    Emma Lea 4 days ago +10

    You should do this challenge with a hair curler or a straightener

  • Enekpen Weston
    Enekpen Weston 4 days ago

    Next Alexis can use hair dryer or straighten

  • Aly Is gonna be in rbc

    For a African that eats couscous a lot the couscous looks good

  • Anju Rai
    Anju Rai 5 days ago

    Very innovative and interesting concept, I love all your videos guys❤️👏🏼

  • Clara Finnegan
    Clara Finnegan 5 days ago

    She said gonna add a few chives on chop at 7:29

  • John Lewis Taguibulos

    Next time, try cooking with dishwasher.

  • LQxN BNN
    LQxN BNN 5 days ago


  • LQxN BNN
    LQxN BNN 5 days ago

    hahaha ask rie for help with the cream

  • Aulia Khairunisa
    Aulia Khairunisa 5 days ago +3

    I used to cooking with that to make a toast, preheating rendang, making milo candy and make fried or scramble eggs🤣🤣🤣

  • Wierdboyontheblock
    Wierdboyontheblock 5 days ago

    Why she look like she got shoulder pads on

  • Julianne Inducing
    Julianne Inducing 5 days ago +10

    You should try cooking with the sun. Like the pizza box oven thing

  • Mark Mark
    Mark Mark 5 days ago

    It's so funny when she put salt instead of sugar. 😂😂 So cute when she make that face. 😃😂😂

  • #Yangificationsquad
    #Yangificationsquad 5 days ago +1

    “Gonna add a few chives on chop” (top) 😂😂

  • Free movies HD
    Free movies HD 5 days ago

    The taster is the girl you hated who was in blue remember the um video where everyone hated her now they like her

  • Katie Hart
    Katie Hart 5 days ago

    There are typos in this video.

  • DXT Clan
    DXT Clan 5 days ago +1

    zoals als je Nederlands bent 👌

  • YaNiK
    YaNiK 5 days ago

    more dutch people here?
    hoi lol

  • mohamed alyarrude
    mohamed alyarrude 6 days ago

    Omg is Alexis dutch I'm dutch too Hoi ik kijk heel vaak jullie videos ze zijn te gek

  • imma human
    imma human 6 days ago

    Okay that's it! The moment she put salt in it I felt in love with this woman

  • Logan Westbrook
    Logan Westbrook 6 days ago

    Can make amazing meals out of stuff that shouldnt cook food. But then. The microwave. Nearly lit the entire room on fire

  • diya thakor
    diya thakor 6 days ago

    make her use a steamer

  • mattie pekel
    mattie pekel 6 days ago

    je engelse uitspraak is zo mooi.

  • Random Junk
    Random Junk 6 days ago +32

    This adds a whole new meaning to “Iron Chef” 😂

  • Solange Castanon
    Solange Castanon 6 days ago

    I’ve been skipping like 1 minute and in every pause I heard , “So” 🤣🤣🤣

  • deadpoil always sunny

    In college I used my iron to heat up my pizza slices. Don't like pizza reheated in the microwave. It works well and is almost as good as heating it up in the oven.

  • Sarcastic_ Lover
    Sarcastic_ Lover 6 days ago

    4:44 When u almost immediately realised she put salt. 😂😂😢

  • najya haider
    najya haider 6 days ago

    I love this series make more

  • Jd
    Jd 7 days ago

    LOL this is EPIC!

  • It’s me
    It’s me 7 days ago

    Eejkjkkk dutch I’m officialy from Belgium but mu dad is from the nederleands

  • davey dudely
    davey dudely 7 days ago

    what a spectacle of Roman proportions is this nonsense distracting the populace from the decaying conditions of the empire

  • Hannah
    Hannah 7 days ago

    you're TALENTED

  • Buribum PawPaw
    Buribum PawPaw 7 days ago

    who is she?

  • shy bill
    shy bill 7 days ago

    She is beautiful

  • Ali gang
    Ali gang 7 days ago

    U could have used an egg pan

  • emily brown
    emily brown 7 days ago

    She should try with an easy bake oven

  • Donnavan White
    Donnavan White 7 days ago

    Try cooking with a hair dryer

  • Akshay Gowrishankar
    Akshay Gowrishankar 7 days ago

    When she said it's salt, I had a bad memory.
    When I was in a culinary elective in 6th grade, I made cookies (with NORMAL appliances, may I add) and my team and I reversed the ratio of sugar to baking powder. So in short, I had almost exactly what she dealt with. :)

  • Ayla Nah
    Ayla Nah 7 days ago

    you can make couscous with cold water tho... just let it sit long enough

  • hoi
    hoi 8 days ago +1

    Did i just hear Dutch

  • MARZ's Corner
    MARZ's Corner 8 days ago +22

    Someone should make a gif of that salt part, It's a potential meme

  • Mr Simple
    Mr Simple 8 days ago +2

    Alexis: oh no! oh no!
    Kool-aid man kicks in: OH YEAH!!!

  • Mads loves Horses
    Mads loves Horses 8 days ago +1

    Omg i am dutch to!😍

  • Adam Kee
    Adam Kee 8 days ago

    She had to do the whip cream all over again. 😂😂😂

  • kai lazaro
    kai lazaro 8 days ago +9

    I love her , her hair reminds me of the teacher / Matilda’s adopted mother

    • Jali Fritz
      Jali Fritz 5 days ago

      kai lazaro yes she really looks like her.

  • Night Parade
    Night Parade 8 days ago


  • Keith Boone
    Keith Boone 8 days ago

    She had the ingredients before she knew what she was cooking with yet the ingredients worked with an iron. Hmmmmmm. 🤔

  • andrea bauman
    andrea bauman 8 days ago

    Idea: can only use a fire for a heat source (campfire)

  • KenjiBandit
    KenjiBandit 8 days ago

    oh no pls dont use shoulder pads!!

  • ananya shukla
    ananya shukla 8 days ago

    She is beautiful

  • Jack Joop
    Jack Joop 8 days ago +2

    I think of the producers and workers there as representations of different people in college dorms.

  • lstpyroo
    lstpyroo 9 days ago

    Damn her shoulders

  • infinitime ryu
    infinitime ryu 9 days ago

    she's not in tasty anymore ):

  • Elteh Mp4
    Elteh Mp4 9 days ago

    She’s pretty handy with that iron

  • Meghan Tenor
    Meghan Tenor 9 days ago

    Cook using a lightbulb

  • FunweyGames
    FunweyGames 9 days ago

    Funny because she's a woman.

  • Lauren D
    Lauren D 9 days ago +1

    Dishwasher should be the next thing she tries to cook with!

  • Dprodgaming
    Dprodgaming 9 days ago +4

    I love that the senior chef at tasty is half Dutch, I'm Dutch and I am proud of my nation anf this is the greatest meme I have ever seen, the Dutch have litterally no sort of own cuisine, but to see that a Dutch woman is the best cook at tasty means something

  • jayjay feat. Caiden
    jayjay feat. Caiden 9 days ago +1

    I lost it when she said it was salt😂

  • Lo g
    Lo g 9 days ago

    Hehehe I am Dutch ME 22 Hoe goat ii 🤪🤪😂😂

  • Muntaha Khan
    Muntaha Khan 9 days ago +1

    very very boring and time wasting

  • Ibn Battuta
    Ibn Battuta 9 days ago

    Never trust anorexic Chef!...

  • Katrina Farias
    Katrina Farias 10 days ago +1

    First time I’ve ever watched this series. I LOVE IT

    AM THE ONLY ONE 10 days ago

    Kouskous is from Algerian 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🔥🔥I just ate it 😂😂❤❤❤

  • Omar Casique
    Omar Casique 10 days ago

    She clearly didn't know about Paris Hilton's iconic breakfast made using a flat iron on a flat iron table.

  • Hira Safdar Year 11
    Hira Safdar Year 11 10 days ago

    I don't know why i am watching this when I have tons of course work to do.

  • Turky Asiri
    Turky Asiri 10 days ago

    Chives on chop?? I love alexis LOL

  • sandzrival
    sandzrival 10 days ago

    Somebody fix Niki’s eyebrows!

  • Lisanne Koning
    Lisanne Koning 10 days ago

    yass qween duth club in the houseee

  • Camilla Valenti
    Camilla Valenti 11 days ago

    Space Valley did it first

  • Bacon pop
    Bacon pop 11 days ago

    Pls do dish washer

  • Atomic Moose
    Atomic Moose 11 days ago


  • Nameless Observer
    Nameless Observer 11 days ago

    talking with your mouth full? mannerssssssssssssssssssss

  • Hadinata Santoso
    Hadinata Santoso 11 days ago +1

    What would gordon say when he sees this

  • Judas Iscariot
    Judas Iscariot 11 days ago

    Never trust a skinny chef.