Dario Rossi - full set - Paris République, Sep 10 2015


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  • Ela Doritothatisthelonelyone

    No hate *my friends cats in the kitchen at **0:00** if they tip something*

  • Игорь Рощин
    Игорь Рощин 18 hours ago

    Очень круто!!!Very cool!!!

  • Baris Eksi
    Baris Eksi Day ago

    Analog carl cox

  • Jake Castro
    Jake Castro Day ago

    Dario the D.I.Y techno.!!!

  • Joey T
    Joey T Day ago +1

    Girlfriend: can you wash dishes today
    Boyfriend: yeah sure it'll take me around 24 mins
    Girlfriend: ok
    Boyfriend: proceeds to make a techno show
    Girlfriend: wth babe, again? I'll just wash them.

  • Giampaolo Mannucci

    daje tutta!

  • Sytijinx
    Sytijinx 2 days ago

    Only thing missing is the kitchen sink.

  • Malaxetxebarria Bareño

    Why is pepe reina in the street?

  • Dave Richards
    Dave Richards 3 days ago

    Excellent dude,. Wow

  • Howard Fisher
    Howard Fisher 3 days ago

    I love how this guy makes random bits of junk, suddenly become highly sophisticated and extremely desirable musical instruments!.

  • Расул Ишанкулов

    Супер красавчик!!

  • jim crow
    jim crow 5 days ago

    I wouldn't want to be his neighbour would you?

  • 50.Cal@Milsim
    50.Cal@Milsim 5 days ago

    2.5k didn’t like ?? This is insane talent

  • jjburns1
    jjburns1 5 days ago

    This dude is a super badass! I'm in awe watching his performance... he should be getting paid big $$$ for his skills! Tiesto and other highly-paid DJs could not do what this guy does

  • làng nguyên
    làng nguyên 5 days ago


  • L DB
    L DB 5 days ago

    14:04 listen to that transition, it is soo perfect

  • Slackin_242
    Slackin_242 5 days ago

    Washing machine is on the fritz again

  • Кириллъ
    Кириллъ 5 days ago +3

    Пропотел вместе с эти мужиком!!!))))

  • Damian De
    Damian De 5 days ago +2

    He's the Valentino Rossi of percussion control!

  • Homer
    Homer 5 days ago

    Love when he throws this piece of metal

  • SleighveDriver
    SleighveDriver 6 days ago

    I like how their vining

  • OldPlaces
    OldPlaces 6 days ago


  • Joao Rosa
    Joao Rosa 6 days ago

    That's great !

  • منوعات TUBE
    منوعات TUBE 6 days ago +1

    كون جا فلجزاير يضححو عليه يالمهبول يالمهبول ياو راك كبير

  • Ana Alonso
    Ana Alonso 6 days ago

    Me encanta
    Es una PASADA
    Bravo chaval

  • Anka Tümkaya
    Anka Tümkaya 7 days ago

    Mangalda olur

  • Jun Jun Gatbos
    Jun Jun Gatbos 7 days ago


  • Jun Jun Gatbos
    Jun Jun Gatbos 7 days ago

    All dem folks standing around need to break out them pockets n drop dat cash..

  • LengJai Ho
    LengJai Ho 7 days ago

    Need this in spotify!!!!!

  • Ian Pereira
    Ian Pereira 7 days ago +1

    This is so clean I could play it at my Christian prayer meet

  • Sir William Wallace
    Sir William Wallace 7 days ago

    This, instead of the generic DJ culture would be preferable at any festival/performance. Pure talent & no bs. Amplify that & you’ve got a jumping crowd

  • marty Slay
    marty Slay 8 days ago

    hey dario.trade you my cupcake pan for a wok

  • marty Slay
    marty Slay 8 days ago

    number 1on my bucket list!

  • Loll Bobby
    Loll Bobby 8 days ago

    Power Sound.............

  • SJ LT
    SJ LT 8 days ago

    He really loves what he is doing and jesus he feels the beat so good !

  • Giuseppe Grisafi
    Giuseppe Grisafi 8 days ago

    Oh cazzo ma quello è Ciro di Marzio...

  • breave heart
    breave heart 9 days ago

    Imagine if u give him drums kit

  • blackl1steddrums
    blackl1steddrums 9 days ago

    0:27 Mr. Heyy are you girls still in high-school orrr?

    • Jun Jun Gatbos
      Jun Jun Gatbos 7 days ago

      blackl1steddrums more like the fools behind him

  • mirek bialousow
    mirek bialousow 10 days ago

    Boss: why were you late for work
    Me: some dude was making music from kitchen supplies on the street

  • Luciano Justo
    Luciano Justo 11 days ago

    Un fenomeno!

  • C W
    C W 11 days ago

    Still stunned by his brilliance

  • Hopes Heteronym
    Hopes Heteronym 12 days ago

    There was no Internet one day so...

  • leetveenakacoco
    leetveenakacoco 12 days ago

    can't imagine what this guy will do whit good equpiment - but this is his way

    HAMZA SK Tv 13 days ago +1

    This is what called a real "talent" 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Ойля оСатанеева

    Bravo! You could record solo records in a professional studio!
    I love to listen only drums

  • Shubhasya Shigram
    Shubhasya Shigram 15 days ago

    One Instrument. No Cacophony only Rythm. Watch music creation.

  • Mr. Nizro
    Mr. Nizro 16 days ago

    3:48 how the hell can he move like that?

  • fabio vincenzi
    fabio vincenzi 18 days ago +1

    è spettacolare,davvero bravo top

  • Ziber Beadbox
    Ziber Beadbox 19 days ago

    it very gut

  • Ziber Beadbox
    Ziber Beadbox 19 days ago

    woow super

  • Dario Boca
    Dario Boca 20 days ago

    Good job you are amazing Dario! ^_^ Thanks!

  • Moto Chopra
    Moto Chopra 20 days ago


  • Ahmed Bakkar
    Ahmed Bakkar 21 day ago

    he is not drums . he is professional DJ

  • Stev6 From
    Stev6 From 22 days ago

    The man a musical genius.

  • 황금비
    황금비 22 days ago

    한국인 컴온해

  • Wide Awake!
    Wide Awake! 22 days ago

    I hope all those standing there threw money in his box after that performance...

    FELIPE OXE 22 days ago


    SPARKY SINN 22 days ago

    I love this so much !!
    One of my favorite Busker videos ever.
    So raw and primal!
    Real life techno buskin!
    Im a busker too....
    I try to be very unique and innovative as well!
    Go check out some of my vids of me rockin out busking!

  • RE H
    RE H 23 days ago

    When he is nervous he stays absolutely still.... No tapping what so ever!!

  • やゆー
    やゆー 24 days ago


  • phuongvy kim
    phuongvy kim 24 days ago

    olala bravo

  • FujinBeatz
    FujinBeatz 25 days ago

    Blah Blah Blah

    VEHICLES ART 27 days ago

    Ovo samo dizelaši mogu da dislajkuju. 😂

  • Filip Kasprzyk
    Filip Kasprzyk 27 days ago +10

    I don't know how I got here at 1 am but I'm glad I did

  • Wilnesh Marak
    Wilnesh Marak 29 days ago


  • Christopher E.kumaran

    Super wow

  • パッション
    パッション Month ago


  • Benjamin Arriaga
    Benjamin Arriaga Month ago

    Excelente 😎

  • Ninpan鬼式
    Ninpan鬼式 Month ago


  • 健人竹内
    健人竹内 Month ago

    15:40 ここ好き笑

  • David Krahl
    David Krahl Month ago

    0:45 guy with a beer bottle. Gotta love France lmao

  • Samuel Paul
    Samuel Paul Month ago +39

    USclip needs a wow button ..too much

  • acappellanappys
    acappellanappys Month ago


  • 장경춘
    장경춘 Month ago


  • Easy Peasy
    Easy Peasy Month ago

    He understands the spirit of techno

    • Easy Peasy
      Easy Peasy Month ago

      Also I would be fucking DANCING not standing

  • Kamikaze Yamamoto
    Kamikaze Yamamoto Month ago +27

    I've worked hundreds of big rock shows and not a single drum solo even comes close to this in sheer talent or duration (longest drum solo I ever saw - forgot the band - was about 12 minutes long).
    Dario Rossi is a musical genius.
    Does he tour?

    • blazortheepic03
      blazortheepic03 8 days ago

      He said he's from Rome and he's in Paris so maybe

  • Robert Trousdale
    Robert Trousdale Month ago

    Organic industrial techno genius... Just stunning.

  • Sandy Pichardo
    Sandy Pichardo Month ago

    Ungrateful sons of bitches... Europe center of culture my ass

  • Maxo Garland
    Maxo Garland Month ago

    He can create GOOD music with junk tools instead of expensive equipment and gear... He is obviously a ancient soul.

  • BeeFriendlyApiary
    BeeFriendlyApiary Month ago

    A truly talent and remarkable individual...very well done!!!!

  • Иван Васильевич


  • RICHart V.
    RICHart V. Month ago

    The guy with the blue jacket on: very authentic and supporting/drinking a beer, smokes a cigarette, checks his phone, whistles in tempo, to support Dario...hahah, love it!
    What I'd like to hear, somehow, is the natural echo/reverb-sound, climbing towards the surrounding buildings!

  • sam kusnandar
    sam kusnandar Month ago


  • 최창덕
    최창덕 Month ago

    와~~~ 천재다

  • Stev6 From
    Stev6 From Month ago

    Very talented

  • Михал Косарев

    это что нужно жрать что бы так запариться

  • Lizzette Natal
    Lizzette Natal Month ago

    nice boy

  • gautam sharma
    gautam sharma Month ago

    Best drummer in the world

  • gautam sharma
    gautam sharma Month ago

    Great n genius

  • Laughing out loud & Lots of laughs

    Very talented!! DJ!!

  • Jonathan .A
    Jonathan .A Month ago

    the guy in the blue jackets is mood

  • Baby Diary
    Baby Diary Month ago +1

    Man!! That's me when I was a baby!!! tell me what you think!! usclip.net/video/YvWtnozsBLE/video.html

  • Scheren Schnitt
    Scheren Schnitt Month ago

    I love this guy. And the most when he smashes the long thing on the ground after rubbing it over the floor.

  • Niki H
    Niki H Month ago

    say no to tech

  • Dragonwind Den
    Dragonwind Den Month ago

    What a beast!

  • nayrreliew
    nayrreliew Month ago

    00:20 throw your butt in a garbage you littering tool.

    THOSE MOMENTS Month ago

    Oh great....eventually greatest!! I love thame way he plays. It definately fuse any modern instrument come on the way agaisnt it. Hats off!!

  • László Komár
    László Komár Month ago

    Drum and techno bass 😀 metal scrap dj