Dario Rossi - full set - Paris République, Sep 10 2015


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  • Steven Wear
    Steven Wear Day ago

    Wonder if this guys got a record deal yet

  • Marcelo Cavalcante

    Instalando umas luzes estroboscópicas mais um cara vendendo bebidas e tocar esse som após as 22hs vai lotar essa rua uuuhhuuulll muito bom

  • Luis Molina1R1
    Luis Molina1R1 2 days ago

    La jefa a de estar emputada por jugar con la bajilla😅😂😂😂✌

  • Javier Rincón Moreno

    Valla pedazo maquina chaval! Bravo!!💪

  • Ramzy Cinar
    Ramzy Cinar 3 days ago

    Ekrana para firlatanlar varmi benim gibi emek diye buna derim abi🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Rooney75 Pyngrope
    Rooney75 Pyngrope 4 days ago

    he's able to do it .... out of some house tools and...and...junks.... imagine when he plays it on a real drums set....I mean really...such creativity...man.!!!...I loved it so much😍😘😘👍👍👏👏👏👏

  • Beer Brewer
    Beer Brewer 4 days ago

    This guys mom was pissed when he was a child.

  • Bim Bam Benen
    Bim Bam Benen 5 days ago

    Ob der wohl auch Hip - Hop kann??? Dann könnt ich mir die 24 min auch anhören, was ich echt gerne würde.

  • oscar diaz
    oscar diaz 5 days ago

    That guy is just awesome!

  • Massive Steve
    Massive Steve 7 days ago

    Man this is way much of a genius! You are talented Dario!
    I still can't understand how those arms sustained this all that time☺

  • Vincenzo Annicchiarico

    E straordinario e incredibbile altro che la musica elettonica👍👍

  • vitger
    vitger 7 days ago

    хуя себе, 2,4 тыс далбаёбов с дизами. Бесконечный лайк лысому и бородатому красавцу! Красава!

  • Wojtek Famulla
    Wojtek Famulla 10 days ago

    Er ist krank (positiv )🤔

  • Joel Taker
    Joel Taker 11 days ago +1

    i need gum and some water after watching this

  • Azeem Zaman
    Azeem Zaman 11 days ago


    RUSLAN TV 12 days ago

    Молодец такой

  • Bela Pakular
    Bela Pakular 14 days ago

    For the 2.4k people who can not appreciate this🖕🖕🖕

  • Lucky
    Lucky 14 days ago

    artysta dziwne odglosy wydaje wokalem ,wiec psuje cale nagranie ...

  • kchang8
    kchang8 16 days ago

    ay man if you want to lead the free world, the job will be open in a couple of years.

  • Christof Büchler
    Christof Büchler 16 days ago

    mehr als geil der typ

  • 俺ゆんゆんの友達第1号

    ( ・`д・´)ノBurn!てやるのなんか草

  • сергей гарнов

    Во х....ярит

  • Krishnamurti.p Krishnamurti.p


  • Вадим _
    Вадим _ 20 days ago


  • Mali
    Mali 20 days ago

    Sen nasil bir kralsın be 👏👏

  • Maryooma Aash
    Maryooma Aash 21 day ago

    U have simple tools ,very simple but ur professional
    Cool ur the best

    D BUGGIN 21 day ago

    UN_BELIEVABLE !! ~the fills, changes, transitions,drops and the intensity ,,WOW.,,...professional drummers cant do this. .. I AM NOW A SUPER FAN ..DARIO,,,,,YOU ARE, HANDS DOWN.. THE WORLDS BEST STREET DRUMMER/TECHNO UTENSIL MASTER GENIUS..

    D BUGGIN 21 day ago


  • Proslider71
    Proslider71 21 day ago

    Un coté Techno "industrielle" qui est géniale , chapeau l'artiste !!! Je suis curieux de savoir ce qu'il est devenu depuis 2015...

  • Daniel Baryshnikov
    Daniel Baryshnikov 22 days ago


  • Алексей Клюев

    Просто красавввва🙌

  • DarkSharku
    DarkSharku 22 days ago

    he is for sure one of the greatest musicans on earth... with distance! tremendously awesome!!

  • mohammad hs
    mohammad hs 22 days ago


  • Sylwo 1974
    Sylwo 1974 23 days ago

    Super. Gość wymiata.

  • Ne Znayu
    Ne Znayu 23 days ago


  • Ali Uzel
    Ali Uzel 23 days ago

    Standing like a statue !! Leave wallets not cents !! He is a master.

  • Ashpro79
    Ashpro79 23 days ago

    Pure talent

  • Iaccaloco
    Iaccaloco 23 days ago

    8.965.561 views and only 80K likes? HOW?! :/

  • Ali Raza
    Ali Raza 24 days ago


  • Seymen Aksoy
    Seymen Aksoy 24 days ago

    abi birşeye kızmış

  • Иван Шустров

    Вот же даёт жить звуку из мусора!!! Красава!! И Уху приятно!!! УЧИТЕСЬ ЭСТРАДА!!!!

  • Dan Ihde
    Dan Ihde 24 days ago

    Fit right in with the Mothers of Invention and FZ.

  • Sebastian Sonntag
    Sebastian Sonntag 25 days ago

    Tomorrowland on the streets in Paris x)

  • Roy Beard Jr
    Roy Beard Jr 25 days ago

    That was amazing good job

  • Александр Александров

    excellent =) Просто супер. Самый охренительный момент когда железку об пол кидает ))

  • 1khenn
    1khenn 26 days ago

    I thought I was good until I saw this :(

  • At The Disco Panic!
    At The Disco Panic! 27 days ago


  • Nicks anime channel
    Nicks anime channel 27 days ago

    That was so awesome!!!

  • conde chacal
    conde chacal 27 days ago

    Pero que coño? Que máquina este hombre, tiene los hombros de acero porque no para el pavo, increíbleeeee

  • Александр Цуканов

    Это просто потрясающе 👍👌✌👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Dáibhí Ó Braonáin
    Dáibhí Ó Braonáin 28 days ago

    She’s not bad 🇮🇪❤️👍

  • DEeMON
    DEeMON 28 days ago

    he must be smoking pots

  • Florence Micheal
    Florence Micheal 28 days ago +2

    People pay money to go to the concert instead of that come and watch this

  • Mélochris Rider
    Mélochris Rider 29 days ago

    IL devrait faire des concerts

  • Patrice Denis BORIE
    Patrice Denis BORIE 29 days ago


  • niente amici solo nemici !!

    Un fenomeno!

  • Andrew Sherif
    Andrew Sherif Month ago

    How can 2.4k people give this a thumbs down?

  • 1970apollo
    1970apollo Month ago


  • Christophe Charniaux

    salut, je fais le même que toi, dit moi si il y aurais moyen de se faire un essais. je suis batteur et percussionniste, et rien que d'oreille, je sais déjà quoi faire pour te tenir des bons rythmes. et continue, un grand fan. Chris

  • Naveen Kumar
    Naveen Kumar Month ago

    Amazing. This is the real technology that beats computer technology...Thanks for Entertain us.

  • massimo lieto
    massimo lieto Month ago

    Ma sei un grande!

  • Locutorio internacional


  • Jomar Rarican
    Jomar Rarican Month ago

    he never get tired unbelievable

  • JCD
    JCD Month ago

    he must have neck muscles where any formula1 driver would be jealous of :)

  • Ravi Lachhani
    Ravi Lachhani Month ago

    इसे कहते हैं जीनियस बिना संसाधनों की कला।

  • toddrunt
    toddrunt Month ago

    wok and roll!

  • Скури Нап
    Скури Нап Month ago

    ахуенчик, пару баксов заработал....не то что всякие певцыртом со своими триллиардами за то же время

  • Vinicius Rodrigues
    Vinicius Rodrigues Month ago

    Esse cara é o pica das galáxia mano

  • Marko Tek
    Marko Tek Month ago

    Il est chaaaaaaud

  • LFZ Walker
    LFZ Walker Month ago +1


  • Cheni Escalante
    Cheni Escalante Month ago

    alguien comprele una Bateria porfavor ! genial el ritmo

  • Princess Shao
    Princess Shao Month ago

    Awsome perfect

  • sosed world
    sosed world Month ago

    вот на таких энтузиастах и держится земля

  • Dylan Luis
    Dylan Luis Month ago

    Where can I buy this album?

  • svnnh x
    svnnh x Month ago

    16:20 rave baby

  • power to the people
    power to the people Month ago +2


  • Eder Nunes
    Eder Nunes Month ago


  • Сергей Сытов

    талант, что тут скажешь

  • binh le
    binh le Month ago

    Các clip như thế này nhìn người nước ngoài đứng xem xung quanh mà họ lịch sự quá!

  • Лютый Волк

    опять Костя накурился...

  • Fred Gehrke
    Fred Gehrke Month ago

    so- tic tac ts ts ts dum dup dum dup gong dong --- dock dock geee :) :) ;)

  • noll seb
    noll seb Month ago

    Einstein of the music. Nice.
    This night party in my kitchen.lol

  • RH 23
    RH 23 Month ago +1


  • gandhi bernal
    gandhi bernal Month ago

    lo que no se ve en got talent

  • Francisco Jose Torres Mora

    Un hombre con clase...

  • Supng Tran
    Supng Tran Month ago

    yes huhu

  • Štefan Pečevar
    Štefan Pečevar Month ago


  • Negah
    Negah Month ago

    Beste, wirklich unglaublich, hab die Zeit komplett vergessen bei zusehen, die 20 Minutren kamen mir vor wie 2, Hammermäßig gut

  • NEO *The ONE*
    NEO *The ONE* Month ago

    This guy , wow

  • hugo hernandez
    hugo hernandez Month ago +1

    Lo quise imitar con las cosas de mi mamá y me metió un putazo

  • Nico Meyer
    Nico Meyer Month ago

    Love it!!!

  • Christine Wolff
    Christine Wolff Month ago

    cool Groovy

  • Юрий Антонов

    Это ни человек, откуда столько концентрации

  • ACommonFerrariFan
    ACommonFerrariFan Month ago

    I want Pipe Guy, Dario Rossi and Gordo Drummer in the same vid 😍

  • Simon Le Grec
    Simon Le Grec Month ago

    totaly trash ....8.8mio views...shot mee now

  • Ed Iceberg
    Ed Iceberg Month ago

    ... and get my dick sucked, too

  • Juozas Vysniauskas
    Juozas Vysniauskas Month ago


  • Negro Bustos
    Negro Bustos Month ago

    La cagooooo

  • innocenti daniel
    innocenti daniel Month ago

    superbe bravo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!