Dario Rossi - full set - Paris République, Sep 10 2015


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  • HaCi MuRAT
    HaCi MuRAT 12 hours ago


  • Dogg House
    Dogg House 14 hours ago

    I can't understand why all this dislike on the video ? Why people can't shut the fuck up, the hate or the bad opinion, for their self just shut up!!!

  • Заяц ПЦ
    Заяц ПЦ 2 days ago


  • Agramer east
    Agramer east 3 days ago

    You are here a drummer, DJ, producer, mixeta, and on the end probably cooker!
    Perfect electro music without power... 😊
    Bravo Dario. Saluto da Zagabria!

  • Morderoc
    Morderoc 4 days ago

    Even the sun bows before the talent.

  • 김영록
    김영록 4 days ago +1

    누가좀 드럼사줘라. 만수르

  • theK.nock.0ut
    theK.nock.0ut 4 days ago

    16:40 i bet the white tiny kid will remeber this till her old days

  • Ali Barari
    Ali Barari 4 days ago

    this man is very fast wowowowow
    this is a real techno

  • Aditya saputra
    Aditya saputra 4 days ago

    Wow its amazing

  • adddan123
    adddan123 6 days ago

    This is incredible. But I noticed that this video had 2.5 thousand dislikes. What the hell is wrong with people?

  • Caoimhin Saunders
    Caoimhin Saunders 6 days ago


  • Curtis Porter
    Curtis Porter 7 days ago

    Talent personified. Love the random smash down of tin sheet @ 1:19

  • jemin haan
    jemin haan 7 days ago

    Nobody know him there?

  • Maycon Cesar
    Maycon Cesar 10 days ago

    Sería interessante. Com o cara dos canos. grove

  • алексей елисеев

    Amazing! Awesome! Without any mistake. It's a true drum's fan

  • ちゃんぶー
    ちゃんぶー 11 days ago


  • Chris Tian
    Chris Tian 12 days ago

    Kanalname ist aber nicht so glückloch gewählt.. aber trommeln kann er

  • G Frank
    G Frank 16 days ago

    Loved it. Jam on young man. Kickin ass big time. GF1 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😎😎😎😎😎😎👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • David Burkett
    David Burkett 16 days ago

    Just mental. Come to London I will literally throw £10 notes at you.

  • anatoliy kupec73 rap
    anatoliy kupec73 rap 16 days ago

    это барабанщик от бога!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!

  • Banothu Vinod kumar
    Banothu Vinod kumar 17 days ago


  • dave Scopes
    dave Scopes 17 days ago +1

    At 4:18 this beat could be used on the British quiz show. Countdown. Lol

  • dave Scopes
    dave Scopes 17 days ago

    This is the second one I've watched /. Listened to now. Absolutely awesome. Emagine this at night with disco lights going. I can't Dance. But I'd have to have a jump around. Lol. This is brilliant stuff in my opinion. 👍👏

  • Kim Wetteland
    Kim Wetteland 17 days ago

    Love his shirt, where can i buy one?

  • ZLOthy 44
    ZLOthy 44 18 days ago +1

    17:43 close eyes.. Best of all !

  • Raju Shinde
    Raju Shinde 19 days ago

    U r great

  • Ramo Zuli
    Ramo Zuli 20 days ago

    This man Need Manager ✊ Respect!!!!!!!

  • jon ward
    jon ward 20 days ago

    This is the best man at it. So tight with his rolls . He keeps a steady flow going for 25mins wow

  • とっしーー
    とっしーー 20 days ago


  • Neddy M
    Neddy M 21 day ago

    This is just awesome... id tip a nice amount no problem.

  • Eugênio Pithan
    Eugênio Pithan 21 day ago

    Techno raiz!

  • daneiker eligon
    daneiker eligon 21 day ago


  • Dharamvir Singh
    Dharamvir Singh 21 day ago

    God bless the person like the video who love music

  • Alagaytor
    Alagaytor 22 days ago

    Oh yeah yeah

  • lio nel
    lio nel 22 days ago

    Merci dario , continue.

  • Carlo Palladino
    Carlo Palladino 22 days ago

    Sei un grande

  • Carlo Palladino
    Carlo Palladino 22 days ago

    Vorrei sapere quando vienì a Firenze

  • Pauluz de Boskabouter
    Pauluz de Boskabouter 22 days ago

    Dude wear earbuds!!!!

  • Yebane Brod
    Yebane Brod 22 days ago

    where do I buy your CD from? 😂

  • Dorgia
    Dorgia 23 days ago

    "Good mix" !

  • ddogglife21
    ddogglife21 23 days ago

    Nice job Dario from another Dario ..enegizer bunny got nothing on you

  • Ankur Javeri
    Ankur Javeri 23 days ago +2

    Whiplash 2 - starring Dario Rossi

  • Ankur Javeri
    Ankur Javeri 23 days ago +1

    Anyone else stand in one place watching this for the full 24:52, bopping their head the whole time, forgetting about everything else in their life?

  • Gino Bona
    Gino Bona 23 days ago +1

    Sensacional Dario, você é show!!!

  • Sandra P. Echeverri
    Sandra P. Echeverri 23 days ago

    Without words !!!!!! 😍😍💓💓💓❤❤❤❤💕💖💞💝💗

  • Stev6 Free
    Stev6 Free 23 days ago

    Incredible talent

  • AudreyDurden
    AudreyDurden 23 days ago

    dude, take this act to Ann Arbor, Michigan during art Fair and you'll make a thousand dollars a day. at least. any other time of year, your still be cleaning house ...Ann Arbor. I have no reason to lie to you.

  • dead space
    dead space 24 days ago +1

    Вот ебощит.......

  • Moises Guardado
    Moises Guardado 24 days ago

    Verry Good

  • Lukas Rödiger
    Lukas Rödiger 24 days ago

    Einfach nur geil bin nämlich selber auch Schlagzeuger 😎🤘👍

  • Jailton Schenaider
    Jailton Schenaider 24 days ago

    Muito bom. O cara e fera!!

  • Alexandre Oliveira
    Alexandre Oliveira 25 days ago +1

    Vish o cara taca lhe Pau nos balde eiimmm...kkk

  • Agatino M
    Agatino M 25 days ago

    Orgoglio Italiano

  • Ayu Sigit
    Ayu Sigit 25 days ago


  • Enoch Genesis
    Enoch Genesis 25 days ago

    My arms got tired


    why is there noone dancing??? where are the groupies? if he was at my club hed have girls dancing all over tripping balls!, hahaha

  • Viktor Gyrash
    Viktor Gyrash 26 days ago

    Суперяга !!!!!

  • НАНУШ 2018
    НАНУШ 2018 28 days ago


  • Guillermo Calagua
    Guillermo Calagua 28 days ago

    Es el techno industrial lima peru techno original

  • ともぞうさくら
    ともぞうさくら 28 days ago


  • Lambert Lambert
    Lambert Lambert Month ago

    Performance stupéfiante ! On devient accro très facilement à ses rythmes transcendantaux.

  • Вељко Стајковић

    9:21 Jel ono Borjan sedi dole i puši cigaru u plavu trenerku i zelenu majicu???

  • Маляр - Реставратор

    Тиесто в соседнем доме в петлю полез и не слышно ванбюрена

  • F1FoX
    F1FoX Month ago

    jebni blachą synu

  • John Sm
    John Sm Month ago

    Has anyone else noticed, a hot blonde woman MILF starting 4:00?

  • Ubiratan Pessoa
    Ubiratan Pessoa Month ago

    Very very nice

  • Gepard
    Gepard Month ago +1


  • santschi monika
    santschi monika Month ago


  • Predator
    Predator Month ago

    The correct title : Crazy ,angry & beautiful

  • Александр Рябухин1

    Талантливый чел

  • justpassingthroughthistime

    This should get everyone up and moving BABY!!!

  • Old Car
    Old Car Month ago

    Não tenho interesse!

  • Алмабек Сазанбеков


  • Vui Vẻ Vẻ Vui
    Vui Vẻ Vẻ Vui Month ago

    Woa woa😍

  • ana eblu
    ana eblu Month ago


  • oscar perez
    oscar perez Month ago

    Super. Te felicito. Brother 👍✌😎

  • Guilherme Duane
    Guilherme Duane Month ago

    the real ableton live..

  • Radek Maja
    Radek Maja Month ago

    Brak słów przyjacielu. GOOD WORK. Thx😁

  • Den Pivovarov
    Den Pivovarov Month ago

    Такой композитор и на вилах сыграет , как на басухе .

  • hurricane physio therapy

    Non- stop drumming for 25 minutes..
    How insane this guy is..
    With real skill full hand
    What a real raw talent he is 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • msinanc
    msinanc Month ago +3

    He's getting much better as he plays, instead of getting tired.

  • takeru auto
    takeru auto Month ago


  • Michael Albrecht
    Michael Albrecht Month ago

    wow,great job :) well done

  • Tekse Tamás
    Tekse Tamás Month ago

    Live trance dj :)

  • Ullukai Games
    Ullukai Games Month ago

    Awesome perfection ! Thanks ! Super talent !

  • Robotz S
    Robotz S Month ago

    a velocità 2.0 fa parecchio ridere! uahaha

  • Keith Stanley
    Keith Stanley Month ago

    get a job!

  • Station ofdreams
    Station ofdreams Month ago

    You could spend thousands on musical equipment, but still never get anything as good as what this guy produces on recycled tins, a set of bongos, a couple of old buckets and various bits of metal. The energy in his music is infectious and fantastic.

  • julzlasiloo
    julzlasiloo Month ago

    Do they have those yellow buckets at Home Depot?

  • Fares Prince
    Fares Prince Month ago

    awesome ^^

  • Rafael Camacho Volpicella

    De puta madre...!! The best!! Foarte bine!! Excelentissimo!

  • david lerouge
    david lerouge Month ago


  • david lerouge
    david lerouge Month ago

    soyer pas radins ceux qui onts des tunes ca il meritte un billet de 500

  • david lerouge
    david lerouge Month ago

    j addorre

  • michele lisa
    michele lisa Month ago


  • Byzantine 1381
    Byzantine 1381 Month ago


  • добро пожаловать

    Он так 24 на 7 будет играть