Workers Thought They’d Found A Muddy Puppy But They Cleaned It Off And Got The Cutest Surprise

  • Published on May 13, 2018
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    When construction workers discovered a muddy puppy stranded at the bottom of a hole in London, England, they knew that they were its only hope of rescue. Downing tools, they did everything they could to rescue the doggy in distress. However, when the creature’s matted fur had been washed, they got an exceedingly cute surprise.
    What initially seemed to be a young dog was eventually transported to South Essex Wildlife Hospital, a registered animal charity in the English county of Essex, near London. Sue Schwar founded the organization in 1995.
    In those early days, in fact, it became the first wildlife rescue center of its kind in the region. Today, meanwhile, it’s a refuge for the care and rehabilitation of wildlife native to the area, including mammals, birds and even reptiles.
    At first, Schwar ran the hospital from her home. However, due to demand, she had to find a bigger, more appropriate setting. As a result, the number of animals that she and the hospital can accommodate has risen to more than 200 at any one time.
    Now, veterinary staff are able to deal with each animal that comes through the hospital’s doors. In fact, not a single one is denied treatment if it is needed. Indeed, a team of volunteers and professional vets work tirelessly to ensure that every critter receives the utmost care.
    What’s more, the charity covers a large swathe of southern England, including some parts of London. And people often find animals in the most extraordinary of locations throughout the region. One such discovery came in 2012.
    Intriguingly, this time it wasn’t the most obvious place for a young animal to be hiding. That’s because the discovery was made at Canary Wharf, a section of London dominated by businesses and iconic skyscrapers. And given the almost continual construction developments, the area certainly is not synonymous with wildlife.
    So, when construction workers build at sites in the locale, they rarely have to be mindful of disturbing animals. For example, on one day in spring 2012, a group of builders were digging away at a site in the area without a second thought to what they might discover.
    However, they then stumbled upon something strange. A worker had heard cries coming from a hole on the construction site, and upon further investigation he spotted a lump at the bottom.
    Moreover, the builders soon realized that, alarmingly, the mound was moving. In fact, after a closer look, they could make out what they thought was the shape of a puppy.
    As a result, the team dropped their tools and hatched a plan to rescue the stricken animal. Plastic and mud caked the hole, so they needed to be careful if they were going to get the creature out unscathed. Furthermore, they had no idea how long the puppy had been down there. Time, then, was of the essence.
    Delicately, but as quickly as they could, the builders lifted the animal from the hole. When they got it onto solid ground, though, they couldn’t tell what kind of creature they had found. Yes, it was so coated in mud that all of its features had been obscured.

    ►Image credits:
    Image: South Essex Wildlife Hospital via Daily Mail
    Image: Facebook/South Essex Wildlife Hospital
    Image: Davide D’Amico
    Image: Dan Kitwood/Getty Images
    Image: Clem Onojeghuo
    Image: Life Of Pix
    Image: chuttersnap
    Image: LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images
    Image: Facebook/Essex Badger Protection Group
    Image: Facebook/Sue Schwar
    Image: Pixabay
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