Ramsay Walks Away For The First Time Ever - Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Dec 23, 2015
    For the first time ever, Gordon Ramsay accepts that he cannot help a business and says goodbye to Amy's Baking Company.
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  • Melly Kidd
    Melly Kidd Minute ago

    If anyone’s curious, this “business” closed with a ton of debt on September 4th, 2015; only a few days after the guy owner in this video tried to stab someone outside their restaurant.

  • The Shit
    The Shit 22 minutes ago

    I dont hit women but id round house her in the face 😂😂

  • Mister RANDom
    Mister RANDom 3 hours ago

    She is human garbage .

  • Saleem Haulkhory
    Saleem Haulkhory 3 hours ago

    That woman is brilliant.....at running the business into the ground 🤔😆😂🤣😅

  • Dane Delouisa
    Dane Delouisa 7 hours ago

    Owners are crazy but a friend of mine claims he went to this place with his family and the food was shit but the baked stuff was bangin

  • Sean White
    Sean White 8 hours ago

    I think samy is scared of his wife.

  • Alex Kos
    Alex Kos 10 hours ago


  • Joey Ohalloran
    Joey Ohalloran 17 hours ago +2

    Why did she ask for his help ?

  • Farouk King
    Farouk King 17 hours ago

    God damn i can see the evil in on her eyes she's was planning on something dark

  • Erik Mc
    Erik Mc 18 hours ago

    Be humble

  • bingbashbosh1
    bingbashbosh1 Day ago

    She reminds me of my ex

  • Ryan Rodriguez
    Ryan Rodriguez Day ago

    Why is speaking Arabic and saying it’s Christmas in the same sentence?

  • Rusty Shackleford

    She obviously can't get along with anyone, she had to marry her dad for God's sake just to find someone to love her. GROSS !!!

  • phoenixman8569
    phoenixman8569 Day ago

    Ramsay is a real Pro at what he does in his field, but does not have a clue when dealing with people who are mentally ill and morally corrupt!!!!!

  • Seamus McBundy
    Seamus McBundy Day ago

    She's my wife now.

  • Zachariah Hayes
    Zachariah Hayes Day ago +1

    That sugar baby is going to ruin that poor man's business.

  • Nathan Bayless
    Nathan Bayless Day ago

    Hoes mad

  • Sad Gordon
    Sad Gordon 2 days ago

    This is why thanos snapped in the first place

  • TheMrSugar Productions
    TheMrSugar Productions 2 days ago +1

    See you two on Dr. Phil!

  • Meme Boi 900
    Meme Boi 900 2 days ago

    Chef Ramsey, you should yell at them like in Hells Kitchen.

  • son ant
    son ant 2 days ago +1

    That lady is beyond delusional

    • son ant
      son ant 2 days ago

      Then convinces herself that he left because mabye they don't actually need help

  • Kzi
    Kzi 2 days ago

    Can you twerk

  • Aladin Mahmud
    Aladin Mahmud 2 days ago


  • Ray Zor306
    Ray Zor306 2 days ago

    100 Real Customers that have supported us, yeah right, yalls food and attitude is just pure shit.

  • I am alive.
    I am alive. 2 days ago

    A smart blonde trying to help a dumb blonde. 😂😂

  • Scouting Girls
    Scouting Girls 3 days ago

    Is this restaurant still doing business? Or its closed? Surely Gordon Ramsay is an influential man and can tell people fuck off and dont eat there and ppl would listen=no customers business gone

  • Neil Hart
    Neil Hart 3 days ago

    Love to put a colt python to her head.

  • DarkHat Studio
    DarkHat Studio 3 days ago

    Jesus... what happened to the days when we could punch people who deserved it?

  • Reign
    Reign 3 days ago

    I wonder if she's still in business after this aired LOL, what a bitch

  • Michael
    Michael 3 days ago

    Did she just gordon ramsey, gordon ramsey? Humbled him

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User 3 days ago

    *Sniff* I'm so proud of him.
    These steps are the first of many for our Lil Ramsay.

  • david rodriguez
    david rodriguez 4 days ago

    She owns a piece of shit restaurant. But has the nerve to back talk one of the best, chefs and business owners. No wonder they are they way they are

  • Lalu Dhiya
    Lalu Dhiya 4 days ago +3

    She needs Dr. Phil, not Chef Ramsay
    In fact, they did show on Dr. Phil

  • Daniel Jordan
    Daniel Jordan 4 days ago


  • Eric Villasenor
    Eric Villasenor 4 days ago

    This bitch should go to the looney house

  • FestaBros827
    FestaBros827 4 days ago

    Anyone else want to punch her

  • Juan Rojas
    Juan Rojas 4 days ago

    WHAT?!?! All the people that are Gordon's fans, like y'all. This lady is one delusional freak and her smirk when Gordon left 😠

  • GC Carpet Tile and Grout Cleaner

    She is one sick bitch narcissistic bitch.

  • Zach Kellner
    Zach Kellner 4 days ago

    Please tell me the owners got punched in the face each at least thirty times since this aired?

  • Lake 42
    Lake 42 5 days ago

    I met them before they were famous. Yeah... place is no longer open. Very expensive and intense service that’s what I remember

  • Chris Rodriguez
    Chris Rodriguez 5 days ago

    I'll still hit it even with that mouth!

  • Jon Mccracken
    Jon Mccracken 5 days ago

    She's the definition of mental illness I'm sure her parents are proud , oh wait they prob moved FAR away from her

  • Josh Waldorf
    Josh Waldorf 5 days ago

    This is an excellent example of a radical progressive leftwing snowflake.

  • No.7 Sly
    No.7 Sly 5 days ago

    She's a gold digger who didn't get her pot of gold.


    Her face is annoying

  • The Truth
    The Truth 5 days ago +3

    So if she thinks everything is great with the business why are they financially struggling and asking Gordon for help in the first place?

  • jquest43
    jquest43 5 days ago

    ( Stuffed nose phonics)

  • Gary Tesla
    Gary Tesla 5 days ago

    What season and episode is this show ??

  • mike856ms
    mike856ms 5 days ago +8

    Closed down and her husband was deported. Seems fitting.

  • Mikes Karaoke
    Mikes Karaoke 5 days ago

    Ronnie Mitchell has a restaurant 😂 she looks upset over her cup cakes

  • DAVID Dudley
    DAVID Dudley 5 days ago

    All this episode showed is she's a prime example of a crazy ass bitch period and when it comes to running a restaurant Ramsey is right and he's got more money then that dumb bitch can only dream of making that kind of green.

  • mary wise
    mary wise 5 days ago +1

    first time ive ever seen him walk away without helping

  • SSGT Graziano
    SSGT Graziano 5 days ago +5

    A woman that can't take criticism?? What a shock!!
    Go find your safe space.

    • SSGT Graziano
      SSGT Graziano Day ago

      +zonescat Nothing like judging someone after accusing them of being judgemental.
      Not basing it on one person. Unlike you, I've experienced more than just one woman in my life.

    • zonescat
      zonescat Day ago

      ah yes, nothing bigoted about generalizing an entire gender based on one person. nothing at all.

  • Keith Alan Mortimer
    Keith Alan Mortimer 6 days ago

    Owners ask Gordon for help then can’t handle the truth that there food is shit

  • Billy Sniper
    Billy Sniper 6 days ago

    Too bad amy restaurants are shut down

  • Curtis Parlin
    Curtis Parlin 6 days ago

    Runs out of business a month later

  • nolan hicks
    nolan hicks 6 days ago

    Wow what a snowflake

  • JustAGuyfromLDN
    JustAGuyfromLDN 6 days ago

    Wait.... didn't THEY call HIM??

  • Acrobatic Jesus
    Acrobatic Jesus 6 days ago

    All she had to do was make grilled lettuce

  • Lolz Dinosaurz
    Lolz Dinosaurz 6 days ago

    Amy is a "Karen" in disguise.

  • Giggs
    Giggs 7 days ago

    "Sammys going To hurt him" lol Ramsey would probably knock Sammy into a coma with his first punch

  • Shae Diamond
    Shae Diamond 7 days ago

    Good job...Gordon

  • Someonejustfuckedup
    Someonejustfuckedup 7 days ago

    You’re about to destroy feminist, are you sure?
    You can choose between:
    Yes & Yes

  • Robert Lange
    Robert Lange 7 days ago +1

    This woman is a raving lunatic. She never blinks. She cannot take criticism. She will fail.

    • Philippe
      Philippe 6 days ago +1

      She has severe schizophrenia. Her life is a constant, full-blown, non-stop psychosis.
      I know it's hard to have compassion for her. But really it's just the fucked up wiring in her head that makes her a miserable trash of a human being. It's just life. sad

  • Steven
    Steven 8 days ago

    It's always funny to hear people blabbing about how they are so wonderful and their product and methods are beyond compare. Then why did you ask Gordon to come and help?

  • paddy shalloe
    paddy shalloe 8 days ago

    Shes such a slut

  • Larry Ovah
    Larry Ovah 8 days ago

    And today they're out of business, they have no one to blame but their own selfish selves.

  • Sir Longbottom
    Sir Longbottom 8 days ago

    He just destroyed them without even yelling? That's when you know it's bad

  • Russ Brewer
    Russ Brewer 8 days ago +1

    She needs Dr Phil; not Gordon Ramsay!

  • Hairy Willnots
    Hairy Willnots 8 days ago

    A gold digging whore spending all her sugar daddy’s money what a fuckin joke

  • JimmY
    JimmY 8 days ago

    she is the epitome of Cunt

  • its_richy _rich
    its_richy _rich 8 days ago

    Hope they closed down lol

  • Jon Robinson
    Jon Robinson 8 days ago

    She is just a spoiled Bitch

  • Diego Astorga
    Diego Astorga 8 days ago

    All the dislikes goes to the woman. I know the people of her kind, are unworthy to help because they can't help themselves.

  • Dayton Pitigliano
    Dayton Pitigliano 8 days ago

    She’s crazier than shit

  • alois hermida
    alois hermida 9 days ago

    Shit this btch couldve been donalds trump gf .lol

  • alois hermida
    alois hermida 9 days ago +1

    Well atleast there busineess went to hell and gordoms ramsey restaurant is making more money lol

  • Christian Brewster
    Christian Brewster 9 days ago +1

    She looks like the lady from Indiana Jones and the temple of doom

  • Joshua Min
    Joshua Min 9 days ago


  • Clinton Pendleton
    Clinton Pendleton 9 days ago

    I wonder if she has sex with her cats

  • U mad Bro?
    U mad Bro? 9 days ago +1

    She's a waste of space on this earth, her and that pirate extra that's sitting next to her

  • Solarchos
    Solarchos 9 days ago +18

    That woman CLEARLY suffers from some kind of psychological disorder. Going by just this video, she probably has some kind of Personality Disorder, either Histrionic or Borderline.

    • Neilju
      Neilju Day ago

      I think she have a bad case of being a bitch

    • Philippe
      Philippe 6 days ago +4

      Schizophrenia (like RARE type of advanced schizophrenia), probably some narcissistic disorder as well. And lots other things too. It is pretty sad. Her life is a constant, non-stop, full-blown psychosis.

  • ShadowHeart001
    ShadowHeart001 10 days ago

    Heard da restuarant closed down

  • ibieiniid
    ibieiniid 10 days ago +13

    First sign of trouble:
    she named her business after herself.
    Can't trust people like that.

    • Colin Simpson
      Colin Simpson 4 days ago

      the first sign of trouble,the bitch was born

  • ibieiniid
    ibieiniid 10 days ago

    lol her british accent

  • John Kurian
    John Kurian 10 days ago

    *Y A L A*
    *Y A L A*
    *It's Christmas*

  • Boosted GT
    Boosted GT 10 days ago

    i bet amy is amazing at sucking cock.

  • james smith
    james smith 10 days ago

    Lol ‘omg sammy is going to hurt him’ like that silly old fool would hurt Ramsey he’s not a bad boxer

  • samus aran
    samus aran 10 days ago +1

    she's only like that because she's not getting a functional D. all that pent-up frustration

  • vector150
    vector150 10 days ago

    LOL this dumb cunt could not run a business and got shut the fuck down. she is nothing but a gold digger. and food was ass and why they closed.

  • Hi Hu
    Hi Hu 10 days ago +5

    I worked with a girl like this. It was hel...not fun. Luckily, they no longer work there anymore. I love how quiet and peaceful it is now.

  • Geraint Baldwin
    Geraint Baldwin 11 days ago

    What a psycho crazy bitch !!

  • Tovi Sema
    Tovi Sema 11 days ago

    Is her restaurant still open

  • Heathen Wolf
    Heathen Wolf 12 days ago

    Her weird ass Jewish gangster husband Proving 109 countries can't be wrong.

  • Martin Mikkelsen
    Martin Mikkelsen 12 days ago

    FUCK OF RAMSEY... you got beaten in your own game... she dont need you... she would have accepted your help... but she dont need you... go back to your litle pathetic lies and stick to what you know best... making food... cuz thats what you are... a chef... nothing more... nothing less... just a good well trained chef... not a leader... just a chef...
    i have the right... hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa.... damn i laughed so fucking hard...

    you have the right to be a provoking idiot who hide behind other men so he dont get his face punshed in... its called a beta male... someone who need another male to protect him... thats ramsey...

  • Billy Maloney
    Billy Maloney 12 days ago

    CUNT period!!!

  • join the fist
    join the fist 12 days ago

    I feel like she was given everything as a child

  • Aaron dela cruz
    Aaron dela cruz 14 days ago

    goodthing that the nightmare is over

  • Toni Leaf
    Toni Leaf 14 days ago

    She might have some positive reviews, but that doesn't change the fact that the restaurant is still empty. (At that time, anyway. It's obviously empty now, because it is closed.)
    Also, I don't think is Ramsey's first time walking away, but these are the first owners who did not try to get him to come back (or have him return on his own accord).

  • Big dummy
    Big dummy 14 days ago

    If she knows so much more than Gordon why doesn't she have her own TV show? How many restaurants does she own?