Ramsay Walks Away For The First Time Ever - Kitchen Nightmares


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  • Aurora Addison
    Aurora Addison Hour ago

    I'm not the only who wants to BITCH SLAP THIS WOMAN

  • dan gwilliam
    dan gwilliam 19 hours ago

    gold digging coke addict ;) hahahahah

  • Alvin Ibratama
    Alvin Ibratama 2 days ago +3

    She needs psychiatrist, not Gordon Ramsay

    • Ashesher Mo Lang
      Ashesher Mo Lang 2 days ago +1

      true i think she has this narcisstic shit disorder in her fuckin mind

  • Reelies Dot
    Reelies Dot 3 days ago

    Amy; the basic white girl

    • Reelies Dot
      Reelies Dot 3 days ago

      A lot don’t act like this, but this is kind of common.

  • not dipper pines
    not dipper pines 3 days ago

    If I ever met this woman I would stab her on sight

  • Pontus Nilsson
    Pontus Nilsson 4 days ago

    Shes a delusional bitch

  • X
    X 4 days ago

    Imagine Amy working in "Hell's Kitchen", she will not last Day 1.

  • Barney & Friends
    Barney & Friends 6 days ago


  • EdgeHead R
    EdgeHead R 6 days ago +2

    Amy is the real definition of liberal

  • [ThunderStorm] EAGLE
    [ThunderStorm] EAGLE 6 days ago +1

    She: You are attacking my life and my business.
    Gordon: I'm telling you the problems.

  • Coby Wayne
    Coby Wayne 7 days ago


  • Craig Stevenson
    Craig Stevenson 7 days ago +1

    Any reasonable looking woman who dates a guy that looks like Skeletors corpse 30 yrs older than her obviously has some issues.

  • Kaian凯安
    Kaian凯安 8 days ago

    "In the the fallout, it emerged Amy had done time for misusing a Social Security number, Samy was jailed for drugs and a video emerged appearing to show him threatening a customer with a knife.
    After attempting to cash in on their notoriety with T-shirts and featuring some of their 'catchphrases' like 'I speak feline MEOW!' and 'Here's your pizza, go f**k yourself,' Samy and Amy may be done."

  • Ricardo B.
    Ricardo B. 8 days ago +1

    What happens when a restaurant run by Leftard SJWs get's blown by a reality bomb...

    • MoonMan
      MoonMan Day ago

      Ricardo B. This has literally nothing to do with politics

  • Cypher Yoongi
    Cypher Yoongi 8 days ago

    “I FeEl AtTaCkED”
    *sis* you’re the one attacking the poor customers and you’re husband is the one attacking Gordon, you’re full of shit.

  • alisha Dawn
    alisha Dawn 9 days ago +1

    Gordon u handled your self well. I give u props

  • Duelmaster_5
    Duelmaster_5 9 days ago

    Food is this man's passion. As much of an asshole as this woman is, it must have hurt Ramsay inside to walk away and be unable to do anything to have helped.

  • peak dubbed
    peak dubbed 9 days ago

    Stealing tips from your employees? Man, this old fuck is a piece of shit. What a greedy little bastard, you don't deserve success with that attitude.

  • Bowl of Rice
    Bowl of Rice 9 days ago

    She was about to loose it at 3:04 lmao

  • Smiley Psycho
    Smiley Psycho 9 days ago +1

    You know its funny, he leaves them and then their place gets shut down.

  • Mata Pendejos
    Mata Pendejos 10 days ago +1

    Now they're out of business.

  • Dee Luu
    Dee Luu 11 days ago

    Too much Botox must have seeped into her brain

  • Sidney Black
    Sidney Black 12 days ago

    Amy and her husband were said to have threatened to stab a customer who wanted a refund on a desert that was rotten or something like that.

  • reaper of souls
    reaper of souls 13 days ago

    Closed ha ha ha

  • veronikah K
    veronikah K 14 days ago

    This woman is hilariously crazy

  • Maureen Doherty
    Maureen Doherty 14 days ago

    She has the right to run the business the way she wants and she sure did!! She ran the business right out of business!!! She's really smart!!!

  • alex john
    alex john 15 days ago

    She is fuckin ugly

  • Cowboy Western
    Cowboy Western 16 days ago +1


  • Manoli S.
    Manoli S. 17 days ago

    Calm Ramsay is 100x more terrifying

  • gem
    gem 17 days ago

    A fooking narcissist

  • Aster Yeager
    Aster Yeager 18 days ago

    Gold digga

  • weerobot
    weerobot 18 days ago

    It's Christmas let's go home...LOL

  • Craig The No Skin
    Craig The No Skin 18 days ago

    The way she said “we will go on with our life” I think she meant they good and act like nothing ever happened.
    2016: Amy’s Baking Company has shut down.

  • bluewhale18
    bluewhale18 19 days ago

    Females are evil

  • TNE Sitra
    TNE Sitra 19 days ago

    How is her lips big?

  • Anuran Bhattacharya
    Anuran Bhattacharya 23 days ago

    I bet my last penny that she is a loser liberal leftie.

  • Chris Neufeld
    Chris Neufeld 24 days ago

    This place brought this on themselves. They could’ve gained so much with Ramsay’s help, but in the end it wasn’t meant to be. 😔

  • Salty Jodi
    Salty Jodi 24 days ago

    *Three weeks later, these fellas got fucked up on their own restaurant along with the lousy foods, and yes, it got worse.*

  • Pixel_ Red_Muks
    Pixel_ Red_Muks 25 days ago

    Fuckin hell hope she die with torture

  • just anotherviewer475
    just anotherviewer475 26 days ago

    no henny no...

  • EaST CoAsT MaCHete
    EaST CoAsT MaCHete Month ago

    No point of helping them they lost everything.

  • SamTDG Gaming
    SamTDG Gaming Month ago

    Amy is stupid you stupid

  • JO
    JO Month ago

    Americans are so rude.

  • Haziq Kujik
    Haziq Kujik Month ago

    That 2:07 smile made me want to really slap her in the face

  • mango
    mango Month ago

    literally me being dramatic

  • Edward Stone
    Edward Stone Month ago

    If he was blowing her back out every other night she wouldn't act that way😂😂😂🍖🍌🥒

  • CteFox Zeus
    CteFox Zeus Month ago

    It's a good thing to leave people like these to run the track themselves. Well done Ramsey 👍

  • moknowsH2O
    moknowsH2O Month ago +3

    this what happens when you give your side chick a restaurant

  • Silas Greene
    Silas Greene Month ago +1

    This was the first time Gordon was calm and collected while berating the chef.

  • Christopher Salem
    Christopher Salem Month ago +1

    Wow so she is saying he verbally assaulted her when she and her husband told two men to get the f out? something doesn't add up.

  • Nathan Walcott
    Nathan Walcott Month ago

    I think Gordon thinks everything is perfect. I think he should just listen to people's opinion.

  • Deez Nutz
    Deez Nutz Month ago +1


  • Eunice Madriaga
    Eunice Madriaga Month ago +5

    Why do people ask for gordon's help when they don't even accept a criticism?

    KINGGSTERR DPG Month ago +1

    Psycho bitch.

  • Iosua Leaea
    Iosua Leaea Month ago

    I’m doing all good now without him

  • TZR L7
    TZR L7 Month ago

    Hormonal Bitch

    • Roses are Red
      Roses are Red Month ago

      That isn't hormones that's mental illness.

  • Michaelraj gaming
    Michaelraj gaming Month ago

    Your so stupid

  • Queen Lyn
    Queen Lyn Month ago +3

    He is more scary when he is calm freak he is freaking me...

  • Kit
    Kit Month ago +1

    This episode of KN is still one of the most harrowing things I’ve seen. Ever.

  • ermitanyo hermit
    ermitanyo hermit Month ago +2

    Nino would not show gordon reviews from the internet, he will show gordon pictures of him reading the reviews.

  • Musicrocks30
    Musicrocks30 Month ago +9

    Restaurant: We need help
    Gordon: ok here’s the problems
    Restaurant: no you’re wrong and you’re insulting me
    -every kitchen nightmares episode ever

    • Craig B
      Craig B 5 days ago +2

      They act that way, because they think gordon is simply their to give them free upgrades and publicity. They don't want to change anything else

  • Skin Hound
    Skin Hound Month ago

    I bet Amy is nuts in the sheets too yeeeeaaaw

  • DarkZtorm
    DarkZtorm Month ago +1

    Psycopaths are real.

  • Vickyy Silva
    Vickyy Silva Month ago +2

    If you can't take criticism get out of kitchen honey

  • FightDrills Fitness
    FightDrills Fitness Month ago +1

    Low IQ and doesn't take any criticism. A business owner has very thick skin and they can take all the criticism in the world and keep going. They're like a sponge. This lady is a shithole ignorant dumb ass slut. Sorry for my french. 🤣🤣🤣

  • SmallCupofTea
    SmallCupofTea Month ago +4

    Thank god Chef walked out. Can't stand that lady blabbering trash talk.

  • Dodge Charger15
    Dodge Charger15 Month ago

    This guy makes more money then you and can cook bad ass and you say you don't need him

  • DangerDrive
    DangerDrive Month ago

    I hope she restaurant dies

  • yuteyuuby kyuubi
    yuteyuuby kyuubi Month ago

    I really want to learn from Ramsey. Even knowing he will shit down my neck when I fuck up

  • Syahmi Najhan
    Syahmi Najhan Month ago

    Anyone know which episode this is

  • Siddhant Acharya
    Siddhant Acharya Month ago +1

    Amy's bitch's company.
    Where are they now , fetching eachothers ass?

  • BlackOrchid
    BlackOrchid Month ago

    It is a shame that Kitchen Nightmares decided to run this show on TV for entertainment purposes, allowing people to gawk at two deeply troubled individuals like zoo animals. It is a shame that Kitchen Nightmares purposefully chose a thumbnail showing the woman at one of her worst moments, just to draw viewers in. Kitchen Nightmares knows what they're doing with such a promotion and it is shameful.
    The reality is that there is nothing wrong with her eyes, they are normal eyes. The criticism is a projection of wrongful mental health stereotypes, used as an aversion to the truth that she is a human, albeit troubled. This isn't entertainment, this is a woman and a man that need help, not to be made a mockery of so people can feel comforted in their own lives. Some people make comment on her rude behavior, but then treat her in kind. I do not know what has become of her, but I hope she has found some peace in her life.

  • Tyler Puszczewicz
    Tyler Puszczewicz Month ago +2

    Imagine if Amy and her husband owned a bar. I would like to see how they would handle Jon Taffer yelling at them. It would be WW3.

  • Kevin Maund
    Kevin Maund Month ago

    Never seen Gordon so calm

  • Tifany Delafuente*YT

    Gordon just wants the best for cotumers

  • Arpit Monga
    Arpit Monga Month ago

    It was the biggest mistake of her life... When a person like gordon ramsay walks out without cussing.... You are doomed...

  • Little EchoFlower
    Little EchoFlower Month ago

    Drama bomb bitch damn.

  • TauOverlord
    TauOverlord Month ago

    One of the few times he wasn't shouting and in someone's face, because he was defeated; they had shown him they had no true passion and he couldn't bring himself to care anymore. You can almost see the disappointment in his eyes, he really did want to help them.

    ITS A DIO Month ago +1

    Most horrible restaurant ever

  • Michael Aldape
    Michael Aldape Month ago

    When men r married to women like this they just want to die sooner

  • Maureen Doherty
    Maureen Doherty Month ago

    Did the old man get deported yet?

  • Exotics Edge YT
    Exotics Edge YT Month ago

    He’s so calm it’s funny 😂

  • Tricia W
    Tricia W Month ago

    WITCH.....No class and no breeding. An embarrassment to the human race !!!

  • Sir Harradonna
    Sir Harradonna Month ago +3

    Gordon: attacked?
    Amy: *ATTACKED!!!!!*

  • R K
    R K Month ago

    Damn, thought that was her granddad.

  • anime world
    anime world Month ago

    Does she breathe when talking

  • Tyler Wilkinson
    Tyler Wilkinson Month ago

    It's comes to know surprise that this place ended up closing down lol Amy needs some serious mental help.

  • Angry Barbarian
    Angry Barbarian Month ago

    I just farted from.my laughin..
    What about my launch

  • seth
    seth Month ago

    this is the most chill I’ve ever seen Gordon Ramsay

  • Lady Heathen MyHeartBurnsThereToo

    Bloody twat..mocking G.R.'s Scottish accent when her husband also has an accent...shirk and blame, shirk and blame...what a pile of fake rubbish.

  • Gaz Mach1
    Gaz Mach1 Month ago

    Wife ? .... gold digger

  • Daniel Lewis
    Daniel Lewis Month ago

    Princess complex

  • Zeo Shuffler
    Zeo Shuffler Month ago

    She's MENTAL

  • solomon tsegaye ጄቲቪ ሪሞት

    when a pimp buys restaurant for his hoe

  • chris rivers
    chris rivers Month ago

    All I can say is that you can't change everybody

  • mmx
    mmx Month ago

    You can tell she’s on the verge of crying.

  • Falcon Eye
    Falcon Eye Month ago


  • n2rev
    n2rev Month ago

    perangai yahudi

  • Andrew Quigley
    Andrew Quigley Month ago

    Fuck that precious stuck up gold digging bitch!!! Glad they went out of business ! She deserves nothing less than hell.

  • Silicon Valley Engineer

    Ramsey should have reached over that table and slapped, slapped and slapped her face