Real or Fake? Trying to Replace my iPhone Battery in Shenzhen, China

  • Published on Mar 24, 2019
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    My trusty iPhone 7 is dying - so I set off to find a replacement battery in the cell phone repair markets here in Shenzhen, China. And I learned quite a bit about replacement batteries in the process.
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  • Strange Parts
    Strange Parts  3 months ago +1719

    Short version:It's back! This time with all the right footage:)
    Long version: I uploaded this video yesterday, but had to remove it and reupload it today, because it was missing a bunch of footage of everything I was doing on my workbench. It's a long story, but I made a mistake when I rendered out the final video, which I didn't catch until some of you guys with sharp eyes noticed I was looking up at an overhead camera but that you weren't seeing any footage from it, and mentioned it in the comments. So thank you for the heads up! It's fixed now, and I watched through the whole thing to make sure this version is what we intended you to see. Thanks for your patience, and sorry if you were in the middle of watching when I took it down yesterday, or got a notification and then couldn't watch it. I just really wanted to make sure you could see the full version we worked so hard on.

    • kurdstan SLEMANY
      kurdstan SLEMANY 24 days ago

      😘 maybe

    • Just ME Onlyme
      Just ME Onlyme 25 days ago

      We want this 4:40
      Out of curiosity: 16:13 since the tester can reset the battery count, you could have reset the count and put the old battery back in to see if the phone still reacted to a "bad battery".
      18:46 so is the battery settings show OK? My iPhone ' battery indicator/health' in "Settings" said the iFixit battery was a fault.

    • LeoTehJester
      LeoTehJester 25 days ago

      @kurdstan SLEMANY With a shoe-horn and some duct tape!!

    • kurdstan SLEMANY
      kurdstan SLEMANY 25 days ago

      How i can sen my 7plus and put it 5000mAH battery on it lol

    • LeoTehJester
      LeoTehJester 26 days ago +1

      The odds are that the knock off batteries you buy *IN* China (as opposed to *from*) are 75% likely to have been made in the same factory as the authentic batteries, they just didn't undergo Q/A and Printing. When I worked for [REDACTED] we found that they make 120-140% more product than they're asked to make so they can replace prior to shipping any stack/factory damage. The extra's are then sold to the street at a massive reduction (they're essentially already paid for).

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  • 深巷猫与魂🇨🇳

    在他们卖的地方买电池 买他们的机器测试 666

  • Jacob Young
    Jacob Young 7 hours ago

    Hei bro 你来中国越来越频繁了哈😄

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  • UglyUncle
    UglyUncle 12 hours ago

    华强北 : 美国人什么鬼 穷成这个b样 30也贵

  • Js2532 IG san
    Js2532 IG san 15 hours ago

    Entre pensando que el video era en español
    :'v me siento estafado

  • xin lin
    xin lin Day ago


  • Chris Covers
    Chris Covers Day ago

    It’s a little easier to get those strips out without snapping, if you remove the taptic engine first.

  • WICK 815
    WICK 815 Day ago

    No sale mas barato comprar 100 iphone nuevos? :v

  • Qvo ling
    Qvo ling Day ago

    Very sticky

  • Danny Jones
    Danny Jones Day ago

    Can you do a video on updating memory?

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  • Yang ZHang
    Yang ZHang Day ago +1

    你妹啊!标题写着中文 你说着英语,而且不打字幕 蓝瘦

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  • Y Fuduoduo
    Y Fuduoduo Day ago

    7 dollars. Now you know how apple makes money.

  • 抱著嫦娥烤玉兔


  • z3r0 r17411n
    z3r0 r17411n Day ago

    find a vendor with a battery tester make them show you buy one done

  • 吴权政
    吴权政 Day ago


  • Kaleo Emmsley
    Kaleo Emmsley Day ago

    I've been watching your video and I find it hilarious that everyone passing by turns around.

  • Ellis The DJ
    Ellis The DJ Day ago

    from UK I went to apple in Dec 2018 & they replaced my battery for £25

  • Jeana Verkempinck
    Jeana Verkempinck 2 days ago

    It's amazing how much less life you get out of a lower life battery. Around 80% life I look to move the battery into more of just a random/non-essential use bucket.

  • Ernest Ng
    Ernest Ng 2 days ago

    Nth is real in mainland China except the swindlers.

  • 梁柏荣
    梁柏荣 2 days ago +13

    Sorry for seeing this vedio just now..
    As a chinese, there is 2-brands considered as the best non-original batterys, one is PISEN, other is SCUD.
    Also it provides replace services for free in most chinese cities , costing no more than $15.

  • Edward liao
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  • Gary Zhu
    Gary Zhu 2 days ago

    In fact, the iphone battery is not as expensive as the official website, but the iphone company deliberately sold expensive

  • farray
    farray 2 days ago

    I used max 2200 now 22 months 3% low only big performance this battery

  • Mark Le
    Mark Le 2 days ago

    Sir I got an iphone and it is sim locked and when I put a sim in it will say sim not supported I bought mine from Amazon refurbished but it is locked to an unknow carrier please help me sir do you have any software on laptop to unlock my sim please reply. Thank you if you can can you find a free one?

  • Christian Clark
    Christian Clark 2 days ago

    Have you seen anyone eating dogs

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  • علي رحمن ابن ميسان

    Add the Arabic language to understand what you say

  • Markus Duesseldorf
    Markus Duesseldorf 2 days ago +4

    When you say you want one for 7 at 1:41 or 2:35, it sounds to me like "she died" :-)

  • 海冰狗
    海冰狗 2 days ago

    iPhone is made in china

  • Deepak phogat
    Deepak phogat 2 days ago

    Why charging cycle is 0 and 2

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  • Andy Lau
    Andy Lau 3 days ago

    We'll see who's gonna be the winner between trump from USA vs CHINA.

    • Super Clark
      Super Clark 22 hours ago

      You do realize they're cheap because they're basically slaves right?

  • 王上南
    王上南 3 days ago

    把做中文字幕的 拉出来打一顿 不好好做翻译 偏要放些小粗话上去

  • Randall Tufts
    Randall Tufts 3 days ago

    Great seeing you again Scotty. Looks like the Vaca put a spring in your step! Short weekend breaks make burnout less likley. Always take time for YOU! Your the only one you get & there are no extra lives in the game of Life!.
    Have a great day. Thanks for another great video!

  • You are F*cking bitch

    Made in China

  • The Variety Channel
    The Variety Channel 3 days ago +2

    Why do you never haggle the price. I feel bad 😞

  • Inkling Boy
    Inkling Boy 3 days ago

    the title of this video is how to destroy your own iPhone

  • c men
    c men 3 days ago

    chinese people seem to have never seen a man with a camera🤣🤣

  • 大葱
    大葱 3 days ago

    haha english and Chinese both ok

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  • Somvannda Kong
    Somvannda Kong 4 days ago

    Hey, how much for iwatch price there if compare to original price?

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    david quintela 4 days ago

    Buy one new chipper

  • Просто Легко

    А на сколько дольше такая увеличенная батарея держит заряд в повседневной жизни?

  • 唐嘉怡
    唐嘉怡 4 days ago +8

    我怀疑你在偷学技术😂 I suspect you're stealing technology.

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  • Rikka Togashi
    Rikka Togashi 5 days ago

    What is that face you're making in the thumbnail

    • Slamdoxicalz
      Slamdoxicalz 4 days ago
      An "ehh .. ???" face

  • Epixez
    Epixez 5 days ago

    That beard thicc

  • Carlos Mc
    Carlos Mc 6 days ago +1

    Can you review REMAX battery for me? Cuz I'm planning to buy one in my country.

  • Karim Yehia
    Karim Yehia 6 days ago

    Hi Stranger :-), thanks very much for your battery comparison and test. I love your videos also for the interesting images showing food stands and city life in Shenzen. I have ordered the Nohon extra cap. for my iPhone 6s. It really seems to have more capacity than the original. I wonder if you know what is the best quality replacement LCD screens with Gorilla glas for the iPhone 6. Best regards Karim

  • Vincent Vivek
    Vincent Vivek 6 days ago

    Why on earth ifixit is not shipping to INDIA WHY???

  • 吊日台独祖宗十八代骨灰盒

    Well, Canada winter is so cold. So I change a lager battery for my old iPhone 6s.

  • macccias2
    macccias2 6 days ago

    Spanish noooo!???

  • dinasty jayakusuma
    dinasty jayakusuma 6 days ago

    Dimana saya bisa menemukan orang seperti ini di INDONESIA, jenius & saya akan belajar banyak hal dengan dia.

  • Etwibior
    Etwibior 6 days ago

    5:22 damn that girl is hot :D

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  • Iosif Ivanov
    Iosif Ivanov 7 days ago

    I used to buy NOHON batteries from Ebay , which are better than original ones , I used one at full capacity for almost one year , so few things doesn't need to be original to be good

  • Nadson Andrei
    Nadson Andrei 8 days ago

    subtitles in Portuguese, please!

  • 유현무
    유현무 8 days ago

    Who is translating Korean? Language is not used to say, so under mechanical accent. Is it translated by Korean? Or Google translation?

  • Vencent Young
    Vencent Young 8 days ago

    I replaced my pixel battery last week. Here in China, you can get every material you need online

  • CyberTech
    CyberTech 8 days ago

    can you test a "baseus" aftermarket battery it's pretty popular on aliexpress?

  • Uzair Latif
    Uzair Latif 8 days ago

    You always strip the battery adhesive sideways so it will not break

  • Stephen Hee
    Stephen Hee 8 days ago

    Can safety be tested?

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  • 冕冕仔
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  • 佳明鄭
    佳明鄭 9 days ago

    I found that battery sticker are quite annoying, so I get rid of them for future easy replacement.

  • Hasan Beydilli
    Hasan Beydilli 9 days ago

    Turkish translate pls

  • Emre
    Emre 10 days ago

    Wow 150 Dollar? Did you bargain? At least 20 Dollars discount should be possible.

  • Zavier
    Zavier 10 days ago

    14:40 don’t roll it up, just pull it out

  • Daniele 02
    Daniele 02 10 days ago

    Ma sei italiano? Vedo la descrizione in italiano

  • marcel151
    marcel151 10 days ago

    Where did you learn speaking chinese that good?

  • Spyros Diamantopoulos
    Spyros Diamantopoulos 10 days ago

    Hello. I have a problem with iPhone 5s. I have changed screen. I have updated IOS12 and I have a damaged battery. The battery ends very fast. When I lock the iPhone from the power button it restarts. While it stays open it works perfectly. That is, once the screen is locked, it restarts. What's wrong; Save me

  • 千本正太
    千本正太 10 days ago

    Omg u can change all that info in the battery.

  • sammar cai
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  • MrEkg98
    MrEkg98 12 days ago

    I looked at the price of the battery tester. Holy cow. Its like 148 on ali. Are these things cheaper if you buy in China? Do you work in China for a company or are you a student. How are you funding staying there and buying all these parts boards etc.

  • Nicolás Belazaras
    Nicolás Belazaras 12 days ago

    That’s probably my battery you’re holding, they stole my iPhone here in London and in a week it was in Shenzhen to be dismantled and sold in parts...

  • Jem Little
    Jem Little 13 days ago

    where can I get that super cool tester ?
    Can you do a vid on that ?

  • Marcin S.
    Marcin S. 13 days ago +2

    I thought you would check before connecting a new battery, whether resetting the amount of charging cycles will help to extend the time of work on an old battery. That would be interesting.

  • KoopaPlush 101
    KoopaPlush 101 13 days ago

    do you live in china?

  • Ergin Demir
    Ergin Demir 13 days ago

    you cant test the capacity in a second, you should make full discharge.

  • 黄辰旭
    黄辰旭 13 days ago

    Chinese product it under 30CNY, Apple sales it for 300 CNY, that's how the capitalism work.

  • pomonabill220
    pomonabill220 13 days ago

    You are cute as a button!
    Thanks for the informative video!

  • Beaches south of L.A.
    Beaches south of L.A. 13 days ago

    Did you say the ifixit battery that they sold was $29.99? Or was that if they did it for you?

  • NTKSpipersDad
    NTKSpipersDad 13 days ago

    pretty illegal!

  • Exaco
    Exaco 14 days ago

    I would not be surprised if someone Replaced iPhone battery with fake one and it turned out it's alot better.

  • Jara FPV
    Jara FPV 14 days ago

    You haven't seen the inside.. especially the cells.. Probably the ICs inside those batteries are a "original" (stripped off from an original iPhone batteries) and then used an after market lipo/life battery cells.

  • Jara FPV
    Jara FPV 14 days ago

    what gimbal are you using?

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle 14 days ago

    I purchased that battery tester you highlighted in this video and I’m finding it impossible to locate the software can you please help point me and your other viewers in the right direction?

  • Branson
    Branson 14 days ago


  • murrij
    murrij 14 days ago

    Anybody know where I can get one of those battery testers he's using?

  • Foysal Hossain
    Foysal Hossain 15 days ago

    Bro who to remove iCloud official?