Real or Fake? Trying to Replace my iPhone Battery in Shenzhen, China

  • Published on Mar 24, 2019
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    My trusty iPhone 7 is dying - so I set off to find a replacement battery in the cell phone repair markets here in Shenzhen, China. And I learned quite a bit about replacement batteries in the process.
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  • Strange Parts
    Strange Parts  27 days ago +1634

    Short version:It's back! This time with all the right footage:)
    Long version: I uploaded this video yesterday, but had to remove it and reupload it today, because it was missing a bunch of footage of everything I was doing on my workbench. It's a long story, but I made a mistake when I rendered out the final video, which I didn't catch until some of you guys with sharp eyes noticed I was looking up at an overhead camera but that you weren't seeing any footage from it, and mentioned it in the comments. So thank you for the heads up! It's fixed now, and I watched through the whole thing to make sure this version is what we intended you to see. Thanks for your patience, and sorry if you were in the middle of watching when I took it down yesterday, or got a notification and then couldn't watch it. I just really wanted to make sure you could see the full version we worked so hard on.

    • samu transistor
      samu transistor 4 days ago

      Make Samsung Galaxy

    • John Smith
      John Smith 14 days ago

      14:11 I still have a polaroid camera somewhere somewhere ^)

    • KWCH
      KWCH 16 days ago

      can we be friends? I'm in SZ.

    • Der Dattelkopf
      Der Dattelkopf 17 days ago

      I dislike you because you are buying apple products.

    • ChinaElectronics
      ChinaElectronics 18 days ago

      thaks for your sharing

  • Joseph Fraire
    Joseph Fraire Day ago

    His voice funny lmao

  • Enlade
    Enlade Day ago

    Why did I watched this to the end? I'm using Android devices for many years and will never go for stub products...

  • susboiii
    susboiii Day ago

    I like how ppl in the background stare at u

  • Minter Huang
    Minter Huang Day ago


  • I amcarbonandotherbits.

    Don't know much about today's phone technology but that bty tester, Could it not be chipped to give out false readings for the btys you were sold.

  • Primitive
    Primitive 2 days ago

    This guys voice is so annoying

  • jonah oliver
    jonah oliver 2 days ago

    Dude ur awesome

  • Harley Me
    Harley Me 2 days ago

    not to hard, pop the back off, pull the battery, put the new one in and pop the case back on.

    works for all Samsung tabs... oh wait macinshit... well good luck

    THE LEGEND 2 days ago

    Seth rogan lookalike

  • raaz87
    raaz87 2 days ago

    Brush your teeth.

  • KEBZ
    KEBZ 2 days ago

    Great vid! Just hate how people always turn around and stare as soon as they see someone vlogging 😂

    • qpopuiuzmnmb
      qpopuiuzmnmb Day ago

      ...Why? Vlogging/video recording in public is less normalised in China compared to the US. Plus, tech markets in Shenzhen usually ban video recording. The dude here may not have arrived at a market yet, but him recording while walking still looks weird to people.

  • Ross Watanuki
    Ross Watanuki 2 days ago

    how much did u pay for the battery tester

  • fortunearn
    fortunearn 2 days ago

    Are you sure it is a battery tester or a battery stat modifier?

  • Yansen Haryanto
    Yansen Haryanto 2 days ago

    how about reset the charge cycle on the original battery and see if it's makes the phone faster and last longer for single charge? i heard years ago that apple slows down their phone that have charge cycle high enough...

    ALEX aGAMER 2 days ago

    who else never knew u could change the battery on iphones

  • Wartus Amadeus
    Wartus Amadeus 3 days ago

    You should maybe reset the charge cycle on ur used battery, maybe Apple has software that makes it seem that batteries are discharging faster after an specific times of charges

  • Xavier Daniel
    Xavier Daniel 3 days ago

    check the phone's battery setting to see what it says about the battery

  • turbobumers 01
    turbobumers 01 3 days ago

    Woah, I have the same scale :) But not for batteries.

  • Jet Fusion
    Jet Fusion 3 days ago

    New batteries are actually never fully charged for transport regulations due to heat buildup and self-combustion when allot of these are packed together. It's kind of a huge bomb. Batteries fully charged are the ones you must distrust. You noticed that you can reset them. The less charged they are the better it might be. Also test batteries when fully charged only or you are comparing chickens with cows so basically for science you can start this video all over again LOL.
    In terms of original batteries or not it doesn't matter much. It depends on what Lithium factory has the better price for the hardware manufacturer and they slap on their own controller. The capacity is the number it is shipped with and is often very correct or they would be out of business pretty soon right. Customers will come back when you lied to them as a manufacturer. You basically pay more for the battery controller that is original or not and it's nothing more than an interface with diagnostics. In terms of how long a battery will last depends on something similar like the silicon lottery. The fact a battery is original says zip. a cheaper non-original can be better in terms of lifetime when the lithium is of better quality.
    I noticed that original batteries are actually very overpriced towards actual quality, because the phone manufacturer wants profit over hardware. The battery manufacturer doesn't have this problem. Batteries that come with the device are often worse than after market batteries. You might find out yourself that any changed battery might last much longer between charges as well as overall lifetime.

  • Emil Karolak
    Emil Karolak 3 days ago

    15 min battery replacement is fast? :D In normal phone it takes 30 seconds.

  • LiTTech
    LiTTech 3 days ago

    Hello, what's the name of the software 4:40 & where can we find it? I have the same model tester, but no software.

  • Daoist Potsmoker
    Daoist Potsmoker 3 days ago

    uh us asians haggle pirces man

  • yoshy 262
    yoshy 262 3 days ago +10

    New battery ALWAYS comes at 50% charge.
    Never trust an 98-100% full charge battery if is on sale as ''new''.

    • yoshy 262
      yoshy 262 Day ago

      +Social Justice Warrior That I don't know. Can be Original but used, that's why the battery is charged more than 50%.
      An unused battery is always at 50%, original or fake.

    • Social Justice Warrior
      Social Justice Warrior 2 days ago

      Is your comment original or not original?

  • Osman Demiray
    Osman Demiray 3 days ago

    You look like Bob Lee Swagger (shooter series)

  • Andy Milliner
    Andy Milliner 3 days ago

    Apple as emitted to slowly down old phone so what the point of putting in a higher battery then stock

  • Ricer Eclipse
    Ricer Eclipse 4 days ago

    Lifehack: remove the Taptic Engine to lessen the chance of breaking the strips

  • Kenny axmann
    Kenny axmann 4 days ago

    Dawm you are really good at Chinese

    SLT GFX 4 days ago +1

    Apparently, they don't sell bars of soap, hair wash, toothbrushes, cutting shears or razors there? Hmm... Peace.

  • leungtse
    leungtse 4 days ago

    hahaha welcome to SZ~~

  • Daniel Martuniac
    Daniel Martuniac 4 days ago

    There is a device like this for sammy's phones? I changed my s8's battery because the old one was 2 years old and had around 600 cycles. The surprise was when the new one is even worse than the old one. I lost around 30min to 1h of SoT with the same everyday apps.

  • Charles Benoit
    Charles Benoit 4 days ago

    Find me screen replacement for a hawei mate 20 pro please.

  • Yiğit Burak AKINCI
    Yiğit Burak AKINCI 4 days ago

    Im bringing electronics on shenzen china is techno-world

  • Brandon Brends
    Brandon Brends 5 days ago

    COLLIN MC GREGOR look-a-like

  • michael avila
    michael avila 5 days ago +1

    18:38 can we just point out the fact that this guy has 6 pages?

    • Twitch Xcultion
      Twitch Xcultion 2 days ago

      You must be watching in 1440p with your face plastered against the screen. I never noticed that.

  • This Is Merica
    This Is Merica 5 days ago

    People got a staring problem where you live...

  • Adam Kruszka
    Adam Kruszka 5 days ago

    next time remove the Taptic Engine first so it doesn't rip the strip lol

  • Leonardo Davy
    Leonardo Davy 5 days ago

    why r everyone eyes closed?

  • Alterate Awful
    Alterate Awful 5 days ago +2

    Yes good
    Thats what Gipsy street sellers in Italy
    On the battery it said 150.000 MHA
    And i was like WTF
    I am going back to Germany

    • Alterate Awful
      Alterate Awful 4 days ago

      +R N they are not Italian Citizens but u see them every 20 M selling the same stuff

    • R N
      R N 4 days ago

      Never ever ever ever trust a gypsy!

  • Insane Original Gaming

    Fook a Iphone, get yourself a Samsung

  • Nial Nsrdn
    Nial Nsrdn 5 days ago

    I'm gonna say that the percent of fake battery to explode is 80% , original battery will last longer. Cheap things will ruin your life

  • James Does It All
    James Does It All 5 days ago +1

    As a tip with buying batteries in Shengzen: You can see the real battery capacity after first full discharge after use. (let it die) You can know the batteries real-rough life cycle after about 2 weeks of use. For me, a battery bought on the streets lasted me about 2-3 months before it died. They can use that machine and machines like it to program the meta data to think it's "original" or "new" but in actuality it's second hand or less capacity-off brand.

  • Omnivore skaters
    Omnivore skaters 6 days ago +1

    You dont need to buy a physical device, I repair Iphones in the US and I use a software called coconut batter. It works great!

  • markownik
    markownik 6 days ago +7

    1) Remove taptic engine before pulling the white straps out.
    2) Please take care, first plug everything EXCEPT battery into the board, make the battery connector the LAST thing you plug into the board.

  • YaCraxyBoii
    YaCraxyBoii 6 days ago

    Two years worth of Chinese in secondary school kinda paid off. It was fun hearing what they were saying and partially understanding alot of it

  • Vincent Vivek
    Vincent Vivek 6 days ago

    So which one to buy NOHON or IFIXIT one plz tel ASAP??

  • Marc Huyghebaert
    Marc Huyghebaert 6 days ago

    What type of battery tester are you using/did you buy?

  • pukpukpuk
    pukpukpuk 6 days ago

    Why not use only ONE adhesive strip??

  • Vishnu M Aiea
    Vishnu M Aiea 6 days ago

    Very cool, except I don't own an iPhone (-_-)

  • Este guey dijo....
    Este guey dijo.... 7 days ago +1

    750 cycles is about two years charging it every night.

    • tonpa888
      tonpa888 5 days ago

      Not only charging, but fully charging, from 0 to 100%

  • Mat Kamil
    Mat Kamil 7 days ago +3

    i just kept hearing.."wo yao cibai" over and over, which is something else entirely 🤣

  • Guest House
    Guest House 7 days ago

    you look like walter white

  • Alex Alamilla
    Alex Alamilla 7 days ago

    I watched the whole video. Good Content. Thanks.

  • Discoli
    Discoli 7 days ago

    no one:
    strange parts: **in Shenzhen, China**

  • Jookie
    Jookie 7 days ago

    this guy has the biggest balls all those people looking at him

  • RandomGamerBoy
    RandomGamerBoy 7 days ago

    build an Iphone X

  • Bader AlSeiari
    Bader AlSeiari 7 days ago

    Can you make a video about changing the iphone charger to a usb-c. so the iphone charges just like a samsung phone

  • Joakim Posten
    Joakim Posten 7 days ago

    14:50 You HAF to do IT with your fingers

  • Nicolas Licastro
    Nicolas Licastro 8 days ago +1

    Why asian people always stare at the camera?

  • grim0404
    grim0404 8 days ago

    Love your channel makes me want a iPhone but I hate the software was hopping you can do a android phone maybe Samsung

  • JoeWolf
    JoeWolf 8 days ago

    Those adhesive tags on iPhone batteries; I haven't come across a single one that doesn't break. They're absolute garbage.

  • Loose Moose
    Loose Moose 8 days ago

    hunter pence?

  • Harsha Jayamanna
    Harsha Jayamanna 8 days ago +3

    NOHON is best battery. I think better than genuine apple. Real max capacity. I change lot of battery’s but nohon is best battery i seen

    • 苏孟官
      苏孟官 5 days ago

      how about ipad pro batteries?

  • vegetayami
    vegetayami 8 days ago +2

    i see only 2 possibilities ! first : if you have warrantie then use it ! you should get it for free.
    second. donc buy a fuching iphone ! exept if you use apple product other then the phone

    • vegetayami
      vegetayami 7 days ago

      +Darkshadowguy it would be more usefull if you would tell me what is wrong ? if i use my autocorrect it tells me that everything is wrong because i am german so just tell me WHAT was wrong please.

    • Darkshadowguy
      Darkshadowguy 7 days ago

      vegetayami 3rd. Use autocorrect....

  • Polite Cat
    Polite Cat 9 days ago

    for the amount of time you used that "tester", it was completely useless. you cant tell the quality of a battery immediately like that. it requires at LEAST one full charge and discharge cycle. also i HIGHLY doubt any of the apple branded batteries in china are BOTH new and original. there are tons of fakes. that lady that scrubbed the logo off even had the tools at hand to scrub logos off things because thats what they do in china.. copyright infringement.

  • Salah Swilh
    Salah Swilh 9 days ago +1

    i think that removing the taptic engine before removing the tabs makes it much easier.

  • Veikra
    Veikra 9 days ago

    Shenzhen is diy heaven. So much choice and company willing to sell to anyone, no matter how small the purchase

  • Anderson Epifanio
    Anderson Epifanio 9 days ago


  • rawan saied
    rawan saied 9 days ago

    I want to buy extra batteries for your need

  • 王威
    王威 9 days ago

    深圳市场有很多电池都是小工厂生产全新电芯➕原装电池拆下来的排线 也有很多有名的电池品牌 例如飞毛腿 品胜.....

  • Justin Catiggay
    Justin Catiggay 9 days ago

    Do you think you'd be able to replace the lightning port on an iPhone, to a type c port?

  • Alex Nather
    Alex Nather 9 days ago

    U think ur better then everyone

  • Marcelo Carvalho
    Marcelo Carvalho 9 days ago

    Your videos are top notch. Keep up the outstanding work!

  • GSH Mattyan
    GSH Mattyan 10 days ago +24

    Anyone else see the people looking at him on the street?

  • Sid Ali
    Sid Ali 10 days ago

    i'm from algeria i need someone to validate my wechate account

  • NovaGTX
    NovaGTX 10 days ago

    I’m watching this video with 5% battery

  • Mobile Gamer
    Mobile Gamer 10 days ago +1

    U know that heating the battery adhesive weakens the pull-tabs right?

  • Joey Inglima
    Joey Inglima 10 days ago

    Is there a website to buy things from there ?

  • Christian Morales
    Christian Morales 10 days ago

    I was in 6th grade when I replaced my iPhone battery

  • amanita333
    amanita333 10 days ago

    12:27 first time in my life i see one of these weighing anything else than weed :D

  • Rıdvan Çoban
    Rıdvan Çoban 10 days ago

    Einstein mode ON
    to be able to really check the capacity, you gotta do a full charging and discharging cycle on the battery. you have to discharge it at a constant current, which lets say is 250mA to keep it close to what a phone would use, and see the total amount of current drawn from the battery when it is down to it is minimum voltage level, i.e. when it is empty. That machine just probably does some inaccurate calculations to tell you capacity, that is all. Because due to the fact that the characteristics of a battery is not the same at the percentage of 100 or 50 or 20 whatever, it cannot just calculate the discharge rate for 10 minutes and multiply the amount drawn with six and tell you the real capacity, this is just inaccurate.
    Einstein mode OFF

  • Ahmet Ferit KIZILKAYA
    Ahmet Ferit KIZILKAYA 10 days ago

    Adam çinde kala kala İngilizcesi i kayfırmış

  • Frances Hall
    Frances Hall 10 days ago

    Well if your iPhone is saying the battery is at 10% after a year or two, shouldn't the question be, WHY USE AN IPHONE BATTERY????

  • Rui Takeda
    Rui Takeda 10 days ago

    Where can I buy that battery calibrator tester?

  • 谢歆
    谢歆 10 days ago


  • Astralis 35
    Astralis 35 10 days ago

    Tip for removing Batterystrapes , remove the Taptic Engine , allows the Strap to be more in a straight line which prevents ripping

  • LoliSheeep LoliSheeep
    LoliSheeep LoliSheeep 10 days ago +1

    Please keep posting on your channel. Chinese viewers love your videos (saw many comments saying: "great videos but the Up ("uploader" for short on Bilibili) is not updating)! Many UScliprs have their official account on Bilibili like LLT, TED Talks, 3Blue1Brown and etc. Chinese viewers really like to keep up with you guys. (There are subtitle groups who would like to do the translation and caption for free and I can do it for you too.)

  • Andrew Hels
    Andrew Hels 10 days ago

    Are you 100% positive that the battery that has a larger capacity actually has a larger capacity, and that there is not a chip installed that makes it seem so. I don't believe there is a way to make a lithium Ion battery with a larger capacity unless the battery itself is larger. There is a large history of fakes over the years and that has always been the case. Does it actually last longer then an original battery?

  • Jr Animator
    Jr Animator 10 days ago +2

    he forgot tones exist. it takes some skill to comprehend his mandarin.

  • Csaba Józó
    Csaba Józó 10 days ago

    Next time remove the buzzer, makes it much easier.

  • Brenden Hooper
    Brenden Hooper 10 days ago

    Ur not supposed to heat up th adhesives in the battery

  • Carl Chan
    Carl Chan 10 days ago

    Using 3rd party parts will not cause the iPhone to become a brick? I have seen some of the news about that.

  • Daniel
    Daniel 10 days ago +2

    You hould have shown us the battery percentage in ios

  • BB23
    BB23 10 days ago +14

    What about this challenge: buy an iPad non cellular and try to build a SIM card and antenna into it

  • Helium
    Helium 10 days ago

    Your Chinese is getting better!

  • Johannes Dolch
    Johannes Dolch 10 days ago

    Nice Video. You convinced me, running around in China and spending 200 Dollars on several batteries, tools, materials and a tester to find out which one to use is better than paying 49 Dollars to get one from Apple with Warranty and functioning Waterproofing. I am sure the battery booth ladies, all if which have these "testers" don't use them to reset cycles on the batteries they sell. I really like the Shenzhen Idea but this whole Vender-Booth system seems super shifty. As for the "It's up to the consumer to figure out what to put into the phone" ... I would not trust the average iPhone user to figure out what to have for breakfast. And Apple People replacing their own battery? Hahahahahahaha .... oh that wasn't a joke.

  • JItterRy PoKERy
    JItterRy PoKERy 10 days ago +2

    Behold the power of 3500 mah battery

  • Soldierbest3
    Soldierbest3 11 days ago

    Понты. Забавно смотреть как китайцы оборачиваются на идиота разговаривающего посреди улицы.

  • HumanCloset
    HumanCloset 11 days ago

    How is the orwellian social credit system going?

  • del evan
    del evan 11 days ago +2

    Hi there i love your video very much im curious about the device to test the battery is legit is there a device to remove and unlock the passcode in china can you do a video that can remove icloud