Smokin' Indoor Ribs

  • Published on Aug 11, 2016
  • An update of the ChefSteps Apartment Ribs, this simple recipe shows you how to make incredible barbecued ribs indoors, no smoker (or pants) required. Get the recipe at
    An update of the ChefSteps Apartment Ribs, this simple recipe shows you how to make incredible barbecued ribs indoors, no smoker (or pants) required. Get the recipe at
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Comments • 239

  • Russel Urbani
    Russel Urbani Month ago

    You lost me at membrane

  • personager
    personager 4 months ago

    Will this work with beef ribs instead?

  • Frank Li
    Frank Li 5 months ago

    Introduce Sichuan pepper to any BBQ related product. A guy from Sichuan

  • Mike C
    Mike C 8 months ago

    You guys changed this video but why? I have made this on multiple occasions and I always reference this video whenever I attempt this. The information is still the same thank god but you guys have added more to it. You know what forget all the other stuff thank you for this video. I have made believers out of the doubtful. But more importantly I have made killer ribs.

  • KFStreich
    KFStreich Year ago

    I've never used my out door smoker below 11°f

    PAP KEEP CALM Year ago

    Shame on you what my Donald Trump face that's under me!😂

  • Archer
    Archer Year ago

    liquid smoke is probably better than "real" smoke

  • PhilthyMr Basty
    PhilthyMr Basty Year ago

    I think you are giving bad info dude. You cure meats in prague powder (pink salt) then WASH IT OFF! Pink salt (Prague powder) is TOXIC to humans. Why do you think it is used to kill off ALL bad bacterial organisms. (We are organisms too). You should cure the meat first then wash it then sous vide it. This would be perfect for an equilibrium brine.

  • Yakuza Ronin
    Yakuza Ronin Year ago

    Sous vide @ 162F versus common BBQ Smoking @ 225F Question: does the meat go through the same process of 'fat melting into juiciness' and getting as tender as possible in both processes...i.e. anything getting missed with the lower sous vide temperature?

  • Josh Wise
    Josh Wise 2 years ago

    This makes video makes me sad, why would I want fake BBQ

  • Michael
    Michael 2 years ago

    I'm curious about how this really tastes. I've done ribs at home before, but there's this sort of magic that comes with smoking where after a long time in the smoker, the meat almost gets this kielbasa-like sausage flavor. I feel that liquid smoke would create smokiness, but I'm not sure that those complex flavors that are created from long smoking times would be created.

  • Ronald Medina
    Ronald Medina 2 years ago

    I cooked these ribs twice now, the first time at around 160℉ and they were great, with the "snap" like you said, but yesterday the 2nd time I cooked them at around 180℉ and half the ribs turned into soup

  • KristianH1986
    KristianH1986 2 years ago

    can someone help? if like to do this exact recipe however I'd like to cook the ribs at 60 (cooking something else at 60 and want to do both at same time). how long should I do this and will the longer exposure to the liquid smoke ruin the flavour? Thanks

  • excalibur3590
    excalibur3590 2 years ago

    Yeah I really hate how dogs stare at your food lol

  • Masao Ogawa
    Masao Ogawa 2 years ago

    The very last moment of this video would be the best thumbnail-image to describe how good this dish actually is.

  • Tom's BBQ Pitstop
    Tom's BBQ Pitstop 2 years ago

    Never thought about doing Ribs indoors. looks awsome!

  • Batifish reyes
    Batifish reyes 2 years ago

    Can you do it on a slow cocker

  • Justin C
    Justin C 2 years ago

    Did you seriously say "Hittem with the rub" -- That's called HITTEM WITH THE HEIN!!!

  • Knight Galahad
    Knight Galahad 2 years ago

    I'd order a Joule if they shipped to the UK. (Yes I know I could import, but then I'd have to use a step down voltage converter)

  • Carlos Andres Aguirre Alvarez

    love your recipies!!!!, But why people should get this product if slow cookers can do the same job.

  • MisterX3866
    MisterX3866 2 years ago

    have fun with the cancer

  • Noham Roger
    Noham Roger 2 years ago

    dynamic walk bear nykpiv participate.

  • Prasana Utami
    Prasana Utami 2 years ago

    I wanna taste it:(

  • 郁淇
    郁淇 2 years ago

    chefsteps turned into joulesteps

  • HeyItsKeeKee
    HeyItsKeeKee 3 years ago +2

    You should do Indoor smoked turkey legs next!!!

  • masterhaemi
    masterhaemi 3 years ago

    I would really like to order a Joule...but how long do i have to wait till you release in it germany?

  • Luca Bellucci
    Luca Bellucci 3 years ago

    +Chefsteps When do you think joule will be available in Canada?

  • Ragnar Azad
    Ragnar Azad 3 years ago

    Awesome loved ur videos
    Hey can u guys make Cuban sandwich

  • tyvek05
    tyvek05 3 years ago +1

    Joule is a huge waste of money, and just a gimmick. you can do the same exact thing with a pot of hot water on the stove!!! no rocket science needed just common sense.

    • superbleeder98
      superbleeder98 2 years ago +7

      Yeah and stand in front of it for hours at a time while adjusting the knobs on the stove. Most of us have a life and jobs, you know?

  • marcelo guerra
    marcelo guerra 3 years ago

    I'm missing your videos

  • Walter
    Walter 3 years ago

    Sorry, another Jules recipe? I'm leaving this channel...

  • Anthony Francella
    Anthony Francella 3 years ago +3

    I miss when Chefsteps would post on USclip.

  • Onyx
    Onyx 3 years ago

    HIT EM WITH THE RUB!!!! And if you have time also try to hit em with the hein

  • Rohun B
    Rohun B 3 years ago

    What's so good about a slab of unhealthy red meat.

  • NightOdin
    NightOdin 3 years ago

    potato with molasses~

  • okan931
    okan931 3 years ago

    We get it, you sous vide.

  • Sarah Hutchie
    Sarah Hutchie 3 years ago

    I gave it thumbs up for the dog at the end ❤

  • Jdkdkz Dndjdb
    Jdkdkz Dndjdb 3 years ago

    man your sutch a hood cook, wish i was this good! but ill keep looking and keep learning :)

  • KaleKain
    KaleKain 3 years ago

    Anyone have a link to the sous vide machine they use please? I can't find one by that name on Amazon.

  • Phoebe Tan
    Phoebe Tan 3 years ago

    ze poor doggy :')

  • Phoebe Tan
    Phoebe Tan 3 years ago


  • Markus Meiner
    Markus Meiner 3 years ago

    When using Joule, is vacuum packing necessary?

    • K Scanlin
      K Scanlin 2 years ago

      No, the ziploc bag isn't even actually closed. The water pressure pushes the air out of the bag all by itself.

  • Greg G
    Greg G 3 years ago

    So which time/temp did you use??

  • Leo
    Leo 3 years ago

    2:12 hit em with the hein reference?

  • catisawesome
    catisawesome 3 years ago

    Can you guys do pepper jelly?

  • camillecamille04
    camillecamille04 3 years ago

    grant looks like inigo montoya:)

  • Steve McKenzie
    Steve McKenzie 3 years ago

    Can I please come stage for a week as a dishwasher???? Pretty pretty please! You guys make me wanna cook again.

  • TheLMMish
    TheLMMish 3 years ago

    Why am I watching this? I am poor and the fridge is empty. I'm going to bed thinking about these :(

  • GH KIM
    GH KIM 3 years ago

    Damn you Mr. Moustache...damn you...I can't get rips out of my mind a whole day.

  • prsdnn__
    prsdnn__ 3 years ago

    I came here to check if they still use joule on literally every damn video. Guess not. So glad i subbed to Eater And Bon Appetit instead.

  • KnightMD
    KnightMD 3 years ago

    What changes for beef back ribs?

  • clip012
    clip012 3 years ago

    Ribs with plastic monomer migration contamination.

  • Little Blizzard
    Little Blizzard 3 years ago

    Don't you guys remember- they've been cooking sous vide way before they had joule. It's going to be awesome!

  • thepandamancan
    thepandamancan 3 years ago

    Is there a better way to get a well defined smoke ring? I probably over-salted my ribs and got the proportion of salt to curing salt off by a gram or so, but my ribs turned out more pink throughout than having a smoke ring.

  • TheVoiceofReason
    TheVoiceofReason 3 years ago

    That's it, you've done it. Caved and bought a sous vide...I can't wait to start making some bomb-ass food!

  • Summer B
    Summer B 3 years ago

    Freaking hipsters. So pretentious...

  • Dope Pandaaa
    Dope Pandaaa 3 years ago

    Has anyone noticed that Grant has a major pornstache?

  • Javid Faekar
    Javid Faekar 3 years ago

    goodness your channel looks like porn for gourmet. aesthetic.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 3 years ago

    more videos about red beets please, I enjoyed your videos about them :)

  • Russell Trengove
    Russell Trengove 3 years ago

    made these for a special at work yesterday. no sous vide but coooked covered in oven at about 100°c for about 6 hours will a little water in the pan. best fckn ribs ive ever eaten. ever. hurry up and get joule in aus......