Irish People Taste Test American Coffee

  • Published on Jul 20, 2017
  • "It feels nice, but I doubt people feel their coffee very often."
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    More Information:
    America is famed for it's coffee. While Ireland has a lot of different types of coffee we were curious to see if American coffee tastes any different,
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Comments • 2 550

  • W-H A
    W-H A Day ago

    Café Bustelo is the best! I have 2 cups everyday.

  • we don't judge
    we don't judge Day ago

    If you put 31/2 scoops in the coffee filter the coffee is perfect for a 12 cup coffee maker.

  • griser
    griser 5 days ago

    I'm gonna call bullshit on this one. More than half the population of GB drink coffee on a regular basis. Especially the younger generation. Tea drinking is on the decline.

  • stevebrownrocks
    stevebrownrocks 8 days ago

    I'm surprised these folk seem so uninformed about coffee, I reckoned most everyone drinks it.

  • Thomas
    Thomas 10 days ago

    Ireland has the best coffee. I have at least 5 Irish coffees in the morning before driving to work.

  • Kim D
    Kim D 10 days ago

    Cafe bustelo needs be made right.. . I'm sorry you had to drink it like!!!!!😣

  • Shawn Carnahan
    Shawn Carnahan 10 days ago

    Folger got it wrong. The best part of waking up is going back to bed after you pee.

  • joel simms
    joel simms 12 days ago

    Put some sugar ,sugar and cream or cream! Only hard core people drink it black.

  • elizabeth cross
    elizabeth cross 15 days ago

    Going to tell you a secret from someone who worked at DD. the Dunkin Coffee....the ones you can buy in the grocery stores is really just Folgers.
    If you want REAL Dunkin Donuts coffee you have to buy it from the restaurant. 💯💯

  • Robin Ayers
    Robin Ayers 18 days ago

    They should have gave them Cafe Excellence Coffee! Onyx Flavor.

  • J ateabug
    J ateabug 19 days ago

    Many Americans have never tried Seattle's Best Coffee. They are missing out because it is Amazing coffee. People in Seattle love their coffee, and they make it so well.

  • Oneshot Onekill
    Oneshot Onekill 23 days ago

    Folgers =life

  • Bill Reines
    Bill Reines 26 days ago

    Also Cafe Bustelo is THE BEST

  • Bill Reines
    Bill Reines 26 days ago +2

    “It’s watery” literally everyone who’s ever had Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.

  • LowHat
    LowHat 27 days ago

    @ 3:12... what was that sinister giggle 🤔

  • Gerber Bernstein
    Gerber Bernstein Month ago

    A spoonful of sugar would help these.

  • James Harrison
    James Harrison Month ago

    Coffee sucks. Period.

  • Pim JCB
    Pim JCB Month ago

    I personally like Peet’s coffee from the US the best. Coffee bean and tea leafs also has good coffee. Folgers, maxwell are the cheap supermarket brands.

  • mark demell
    mark demell Month ago

    The blond in the jean jacket is hot!

  • Steve Strickland
    Steve Strickland Month ago

    put some cream and sugar in it you boneheads== my personal favorite is 1/2 cup 8 oclock fresh ground beans boiled for 2 mins in 2 quart of water.. little cream and sugar to kill the bitterness

  • Jessica Davis
    Jessica Davis Month ago

    How'd you brew it?

  • Chiristopher Barela

    Poor a cup of coffee put 3 teaspoons of sugar stir and put creamer mix and enjoye your coffee.

  • Isabel Calderon
    Isabel Calderon Month ago

    Now i need my black coffee’

  • Darrell Curry
    Darrell Curry Month ago

    Seattle's best is my fave. And millstone

  • Steve Hart
    Steve Hart Month ago

    Fly them to New England and get some Dunkin.

  • KLM Hooked Moore
    KLM Hooked Moore Month ago

    No cream & sugar? WTF???

  • David Tingwald
    David Tingwald Month ago

    I think everyone is getting confused, thinking these Irish folks have never drank coffee before. I'm sure they have and maybe they like their coffee black. It's just they don't necessarily like the taste of American coffee.

  • David Tingwald
    David Tingwald Month ago

    I love Yankees hat guy and jean jacket girl together. :)

  • Mary Lee
    Mary Lee Month ago

    Irish girls and bad makeup 😂

  • Lisa's Journey
    Lisa's Journey Month ago

    maybe the person who made it sucks LOL

  • you tube
    you tube Month ago +1

    Did you give them cream and sugar?

  • hellsjester1
    hellsjester1 Month ago

    ummmmm....... did yah filter it???

  • doro626
    doro626 Month ago

    I literally didnt notice Dinane sitting there until she opened her mouth.

  • coldsake07
    coldsake07 Month ago

    im guessing sugar and milk did not come in to play.....also....whats up with drinking espresso like coffee? Wouldnt that be the equivalent of like 7 cups of espresso at once?

  • Eric Holbrook
    Eric Holbrook 2 months ago

    Brew it strong...

  • fizixx
    fizixx 2 months ago

    Well, they're all tea-totallers, and it's not easy getting a strong cup of tea. Tea is real mild, and they put milk and sugar in it. Naturally they won't like coffee unless it is mild and tastes like candy.

  • Sketchpad Warrior
    Sketchpad Warrior 2 months ago

    Seattle's Best Number 5 is the best. I drink it every day.

  • Dave Sampieri
    Dave Sampieri 2 months ago

    I know I’m late to the game on this but Folgers IS the kind grandma keeps in the back of her cupboard, Seattle’s best is not strong enough, DD can piss right off. Peet’s coffee is my favorite...

  • change38
    change38 2 months ago

    Gotta add stuff to it. Lol sugar, cream, somethin

  • Dena Redford
    Dena Redford 2 months ago

    Your like teeny tiny wee little folks .👨🏻‍🎤👩🏻‍🎤🧝‍♂️🧝‍♀️🤪🤩😝😋

  • Lawnmowerman lawnmowerman

    Folgers is about the best standard American coffee you can get.

  • Debra Curry
    Debra Curry 2 months ago

    Do we really need to hear how Shannon us going to shot herself all the time?

  • Hannah Hawk
    Hannah Hawk 2 months ago

    Any of it would taste better if it isn't black coffee....some half and half would help any of it.

  • No Bozos
    No Bozos 2 months ago +2

    HOW you make the coffee has more to do with the taste.

  • Nicolas Tofano
    Nicolas Tofano 2 months ago

    Doubt it was sugared properly

  • Rachel Light
    Rachel Light 2 months ago

    I don't blame them. Even with cream and sugar not likes even though I do. It's more of an acquired taste. So its understandable.

  • earlbond007
    earlbond007 2 months ago

    He said taste like licking the money box lmao

  • Rachel Alquizar
    Rachel Alquizar 2 months ago +2

    Cafe Bustello is meant to be drank with a ton of sugar and it's just a shot, which Cubans call cafecito.

  • Tri Tebs
    Tri Tebs 2 months ago

    Dazbog, Caribou, and Laughing Man are my go to cups

  • Time Bomb Terry
    Time Bomb Terry 2 months ago

    Folgers isn't that great. Compared to all the other options.

  •  2 months ago

    Yuck, why would you torture them with black coffee?!?

  • nashvillenightkat
    nashvillenightkat 2 months ago

    Best coffees Death wish, peace, Black Rifle,bones, caribou and Trader Joe's

  • Beta Oxy Line Retrograde BOLR

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    • Beta Oxy Line Retrograde BOLR
      Beta Oxy Line Retrograde BOLR 2 months ago

      fudge-brownie red-velvet-cake sticky-bun-smear ~~~~ cinnamon-streusel-coffee-cake banana-nut-muffin blueberry-muffin

  • Blissfull Wulf
    Blissfull Wulf 3 months ago

    Nice, saved the best for last. Love me some Cafe Bustelo.

  • Bethany Hanna
    Bethany Hanna 3 months ago

    I keep watching for Midwestern foods and beverages.

  • Diego Tan
    Diego Tan 3 months ago

    Wasn’t much of a coffee drinker until I tried Cuban coffee in Miami - it definitely changed my life. All you need is a brick of Cafe Bustelo, a stovetop moka pot/cafetera, a lot of sugar and a small steel decanter to make the crema/azuquita. End product - delicious rocket fuel. I’d refuse to have coffee made any other way to this day. ☕️🇨🇺🇺🇸

  • Reese Holder
    Reese Holder 3 months ago

    Cafe Bustelo is the best

  • dcubanditt1
    dcubanditt1 3 months ago

    To help with the bitterness, sprinkle a little bit of salt in the grounds before brewing, it will totally change the way you view coffee.

  • SHEILA Miller
    SHEILA Miller 3 months ago

    Um u have to put sugar and cream in it or it taste like shit.

  • Marieda Parellio
    Marieda Parellio 3 months ago

    “I’m going to shit myself”
    Er no, miss. I’ve had the caffeine bombs you Irish call “black tea”. You’re gonna be fine, trust.

  • Rose Mary
    Rose Mary 3 months ago

    My sister drinks folgers. We drink chock full of nuts

  • Sylvia Smith
    Sylvia Smith 3 months ago

    Folger's Columbian is the best!!!

  • Lisa Collins
    Lisa Collins 3 months ago

    I'm American and I'd never drink any of those black, I need lots of cream & sugar.

  • Stacy Camacho
    Stacy Camacho 3 months ago

    i drink nescafe... 2 spoonfuls of instant.

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez 3 months ago

    PLEASE...PLEASE.... PLEASE!!!!! show them what real Cafe Bustelo is supposed to be, it's not a drip machine style, that's Cuban Espresso, make a damn Colada ya heathens!

    MURR DOG 3 months ago

    Folgers, donkin donuts and cafe bustle all made owned by smuckers.

  • kenneth karrenbauer
    kenneth karrenbauer 3 months ago

    Was it my imagination or did he say it tasted like licking a booty box

  • won hung low
    won hung low 3 months ago

    Folgers suck!

  • lester mckee
    lester mckee 3 months ago

    i need cream and sugar in my coffee....i will drink it without if i have i use coffee mate and a sweetener....and it depends on who makes it

  • allisfaith
    allisfaith 3 months ago

    1:32 lol

  • Lego-V: Burbank Mothership

    Hahaha that was very funny. Honestly though. Coffee is a n acquired taste. You either like it or you don't. Even with cream & sugar it still can be to much for some. Personally I love coffee and drink 120 cups or more a month.

  • Kamaria
    Kamaria 3 months ago

    I am American and was a Barista. Folgers is fucking nasty! I would never put sewer water in my mouth! Dunkin Donuts is very mild and the rest is nasty as well. So, it's not a surprise they didn't like that shit!

  • sandra johnson
    sandra johnson 3 months ago +1

    What kind of coffee do the Irish drink?

  • Jenny C
    Jenny C 3 months ago

    I just found the channel and love it! Everyone is so genuine and hilarious! Love the reactions to American foods!

  • wicked313diesel
    wicked313diesel 3 months ago +4

    Are they just dumping coffee in a cup of hot water?

  • Caerid Lock
    Caerid Lock 3 months ago

    As a person of mixed and varied ancestry, who happens to also be an American, I agree with all of this..... Folgers and Maxwell House are terrible, Dunkin Donuts coffee always tastes watered down I'm not sure why.....Seattle's Best.....well I had the same reaction when I tried it. XD
    Café Bustelo though.....that's actually a pretty decent coffee for how cheap it is. :) 💜💜💜 definitely one of my favorites, along with Chock Full O' Nuts.....
    My personal recommendation for by coffee lovers is get your hands on some Lavazza, it's a fine ground Italian coffee and is absolutely amazing. (And not from America, so....that's a bonus)

  • CavemanSynthesizer
    CavemanSynthesizer 3 months ago

    Dunkin Donuts coffee tastes like dirty dishwater.

  • Gregory Winchester Nichols VIII

    Tastes way worse with a Yankees hat on.

  • Annie Oakley
    Annie Oakley 3 months ago

    You have to drink coffee to taste... cream? sugar?

  • Jesse Hale
    Jesse Hale 3 months ago

    I need italians or Brazils taste American coffee

  • Pammi ASMR
    Pammi ASMR 3 months ago

    Americans know

  • Amber Wheaton
    Amber Wheaton 3 months ago

    Cream and sugar makes it better.... Believe that!

  • joekinn69
    joekinn69 3 months ago

    George has no accent,born in USA?

  • caranthn
    caranthn 3 months ago +2

    Hey guys... That last one does NOT belong with the others!!! That last one is Cafe Bustelo, and yes technically it is coffee, made from coffee beans. But the true reality is, it is Spanish Expresso NOT COFFEE. Big Difference. As you people tasted the difference, much Stronger. Also you really need some Sugar in that... Anthony - The Bronx N.Y ( Puerto Rican )

  • Just Winks
    Just Winks 3 months ago

    Okay this might be horrifying for you all to hear but I'm allergic to alcohol. Since I cannot have any whiskey, I drink Bustelo. I was very pleased to see that you had at least one type of coffee on your show. We're not impressed with Dunkin Donuts coffee here either. Not those of us who have known Bustelo. Thank you for your videos. They bring up bright spot to a very cloudy day sometimes

  • James Coffey
    James Coffey 3 months ago

    Poor souls. American coffee varies widely. What kind of roast is it? How was it prepared? What's the price point? In the bean or pre-ground?
    Most coffee drinking Americans who don't do Lattes or expresso either drink coffee black, or coffee regular (milk and 2 sugars). Most home made coffee is made in a drip pot. That affects the taste of the coffee too.

  • Yaeli Fembotnikova
    Yaeli Fembotnikova 3 months ago

    You give em black coffee when you know they milk and sugar the fuck out of their tea? For shame.

  • Benson 'Drongo' Hedges
    Benson 'Drongo' Hedges 3 months ago

    northern irish........

  • Rose Pink
    Rose Pink 3 months ago


  • L C
    L C 3 months ago

    who & how was the coffee brewed

  • YanxRawk
    YanxRawk 3 months ago +2

    How is nobody putting Baileys in their coffee? X-D

  • Herbert
    Herbert 3 months ago

    This is dumb. They have no point of reference. They don't drink coffee. Sad

  • critterlover4278
    critterlover4278 3 months ago

    OMG @ 1:45 did he say it tastes like licking a booty box?!!! LMAO!

  • D. Red
    D. Red 3 months ago

    Cafe bostelo is an espresso. It’s not really Americano coffee.

  • Doc Xen
    Doc Xen 3 months ago

    shouldn't it be people who do like coffee tasting it?

  • pschroeter1
    pschroeter1 3 months ago

    So you bought all those coffees at my local Walmart? Back off, Dunkin Donuts is my main cuppa.

  • Beatriz Rodriguez
    Beatriz Rodriguez 3 months ago

    Cafe Bustelo is the best's the only one I drink. My mom would give me milky coffee in my bottle when I was around 2.

  • James Davidson
    James Davidson 3 months ago +3

    Where's the community dark roast?😂

  • Jupiter Le Grand
    Jupiter Le Grand 3 months ago

    Yeah, well, I've tasted Irish cooking. 'Nuff said.

  • lamont lovett
    lamont lovett 3 months ago

    What the fuck happen to Maxwell's house coffee damn it.