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  • Nina Liu
    Nina Liu 3 hours ago

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  • Justice Served
    Justice Served 4 hours ago

    Shayne can’t do proper resuscitate

  • bob george
    bob george 4 hours ago

    if your going to the trouble of changing candy wrappers then just come up with some fake candy

  • Angeline Tran
    Angeline Tran 6 hours ago

    Every doctor appointment ever

  • Angeline Tran
    Angeline Tran 6 hours ago

    Every joke ever

  • Angeline Tran
    Angeline Tran 6 hours ago

    Every mall ever

  • daninho
    daninho 6 hours ago

    They filmed at the team 10 house😂 at least I think so

  • JJ
    JJ 7 hours ago

    Slavery has no respect of persons

  • Im Sam
    Im Sam 7 hours ago


  • Anthony Jacob
    Anthony Jacob 9 hours ago

    He has ADHD that’s not cool! Lmfaoo

  • hanson Feng
    hanson Feng 10 hours ago

    Me at work during the summer trying to remind myself I should be grateful

  • Duckz 0381
    Duckz 0381 11 hours ago

    My parents stop getting me a babysitter when I was 11

  • gibberish ed
    gibberish ed 14 hours ago

    yay Norbit refrence in the bloopers

  • Cheesy Goldfish
    Cheesy Goldfish 14 hours ago

    Noah’s hair looks like rainbow sherbet

  • The CCG
    The CCG 16 hours ago

    This was posted on my bday

  • illusion master
    illusion master 17 hours ago

    dat Jake Paul ps4 house

  • Maddy Bennett
    Maddy Bennett 17 hours ago

    I live for the bloopers at the end

  • MrHustler
    MrHustler 17 hours ago

    The end was the best! LOL!

  • Zee
    Zee 17 hours ago


  • Bethany Smith
    Bethany Smith 18 hours ago

    My summer job is working in a nursing home. Its greattttt. 👌🙃

  • SSJ8K Reyes
    SSJ8K Reyes 18 hours ago

    That was Jake Paul's house

  • hunter bonnett
    hunter bonnett 19 hours ago

    What happened to Smosh Summer Games

  • Lee Jin Hyung
    Lee Jin Hyung 19 hours ago

    Trending this week

  • IvanGamingHD
    IvanGamingHD 22 hours ago

    that was so funny

  • Oukei TV
    Oukei TV 22 hours ago

    Wait where's the shut up intro?

  • Stwayker
    Stwayker 23 hours ago


  • Patrick Jenkins
    Patrick Jenkins 23 hours ago

    Do “Every Anime Fan Ever” next!

  • Niamor Ueiv
    Niamor Ueiv 23 hours ago

    Every World Cup Ever ! ;)

  • Chrissy Urz
    Chrissy Urz Day ago


  • Евгений Чмеленко

    Жиза пздц)

  • _ Hayzilla _
    _ Hayzilla _ Day ago

    Every Fortnite Ever

  • Grant Haseloff
    Grant Haseloff Day ago

    They flexin with this house

  • Nick Balasco
    Nick Balasco Day ago

    Do A every mommy vlogger ever

  • ItsNebulaa Gaming

    Every Boss Ever?????

  • Fizzy Aura
    Fizzy Aura Day ago

    Every Xbox Game Ever

  • Evelyn Sanchez
    Evelyn Sanchez Day ago

    Every College Ever!!!

  • Jake Taller
    Jake Taller Day ago


  • Dalina Schwartz
    Dalina Schwartz Day ago

    the bloopers are priceless😂😂

  • TheSpeedDemon225


  • beastboyoa
    beastboyoa Day ago

    Jeez, what happened?

  • Jessica Reyes
    Jessica Reyes Day ago

    Every school orientation ever ☺

  • Salt And Pepper
    Salt And Pepper Day ago

    When i was a kid i had a lemonade stand

  • wilmau
    wilmau Day ago

    Damn who's house is this the door is gigantic ! Must be my vagina's house

  • Mr Sways
    Mr Sways Day ago

    Every Microsoft Office ever
    Ever Sony Office ever
    Every Barbeque ever

  • Инна Силивестру

    Do every movie bloopers ever

  • BlindArtist 78
    BlindArtist 78 Day ago

    Don’t you mean “every waste of summer ever”?

  • Allen Friedrich
    Allen Friedrich 2 days ago

    It seems off without Anthony. Still Amusing tho.

  • Yannick Ray
    Yannick Ray 2 days ago

    Why did Noah look like ninja with that bandana on?

  • unicorn lover 14
    unicorn lover 14 2 days ago

    Yay I have just been watching so many of your vids

  • colin puckle
    colin puckle 2 days ago

    Every motel ever

  • Cin3mattic
    Cin3mattic 2 days ago +1

    Smosh is the happy Madison of youtube

  • Aimn Saad
    Aimn Saad 2 days ago

    Can u join anthony

  • fire vlogs
    fire vlogs 2 days ago

    Every neighbor ever

  • Skooty Puff
    Skooty Puff 2 days ago

    i sure do miss the old smosh

  • santosh p
    santosh p 2 days ago

    I don't know smosh still exists

  • Super Moose
    Super Moose 2 days ago

    My first summer job was baby sitting. One time these people had 7 kids and I just let them play outside until one of them cried. I HATED IT. At one point, they all cried at once.

  • Winston Antiadill
    Winston Antiadill 2 days ago +1

    Is Smosh still making videos? Just know that Smosh died when it got a fucking director, i miss the 2 old fellas that used to make videos for fun

  • spartan gaming
    spartan gaming 2 days ago

    Aaaaaa, I'm in need now!

  • Bruce Buchan
    Bruce Buchan 2 days ago

    Congrats to 100 every blank evers!!!!!!

  • Lxrdz 03
    Lxrdz 03 2 days ago

    Good job guys, top 50 trending video

  • Barnaby Scott
    Barnaby Scott 2 days ago +1

    *Every Baby Gender Reveal Ever*

  • Thinknoodles Jr
    Thinknoodles Jr 2 days ago

    Every Body Builder Ever

  • The McClellon
    The McClellon 2 days ago

    Every cliche ever

  • Mom K
    Mom K 2 days ago

    I just got done with my summer job

  • Meloetta Melodies
    Meloetta Melodies 2 days ago +1

    For teens and under, summer?

  • nycbklynrmp
    nycbklynrmp 2 days ago

    you need more episodes of this series. camp counselor for art and crafts at nusery school LOL

  • Mahmudul Mohtasim Shezan

    every netflix and chill ever

  • Neon Jaden
    Neon Jaden 2 days ago

    every talent show ever

  • Game On!!
    Game On!! 2 days ago

    I just about threw up my mouth when that guy is just the old girl

  • Luke Holland
    Luke Holland 2 days ago

    You should every beach ever

    AFSRP CEO 2 days ago

    I wish they did the blooper

  • Ryan Gonsior
    Ryan Gonsior 2 days ago

    They should make every summer school ever because it's a big god dam waste of time

  • Clash Central
    Clash Central 2 days ago

    Do Every Basketball ever

  • Draco Phoenix
    Draco Phoenix 2 days ago

    Every I want anothny comment back ever!

  • Bp Fillup
    Bp Fillup 3 days ago

    I miss the old “SHUT UP” intro 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Aaron Wood
    Aaron Wood 3 days ago

    The bloopers are 10 times better than the actual video

  • Miko Bouvat
    Miko Bouvat 3 days ago

    Shaynes body is AMAZING

  • conqueror of worlds
    conqueror of worlds 3 days ago

    Honestly I relate to this so much I am actually counting the days until I go back to school

  • blackcurry30 Contreras

    do every pubg ever good day

  • Xalex Gaming
    Xalex Gaming 3 days ago +1

    Could you please do Every Australian Ever? Shane would be hilarious 😂!

  • Nicole Gutierrez
    Nicole Gutierrez 3 days ago

    Is it just me, or is this the house from the kissing booth?

  • Elton Dervishaj
    Elton Dervishaj 3 days ago


  • Ben Spartan
    Ben Spartan 3 days ago

    Do Every Camp Ever! :)

  • Jamie Hollman
    Jamie Hollman 3 days ago +1

    plz do every bed or shower ever

  • Joonatan Lehtonen
    Joonatan Lehtonen 3 days ago

    Let's say 1 movie takes 2 hours, then 4 movies in 8 hours. 8x30 is 240hours. There's no way the person watched 5000 movies in one month.

  • Ninja in Training
    Ninja in Training 3 days ago +1

    Every Musician Ever

  • Shine Paris
    Shine Paris 3 days ago

    you should do every pokemon ever

    AL DUSTY 3 days ago

    Organ and awax 😂😂🤣🤣

  • Gustavo. G
    Gustavo. G 3 days ago

    Upvote to reset Smosh to its original form

  • Danno [insert last name here]

    currently at my summer job

  • Dahlia Sarmiento
    Dahlia Sarmiento 3 days ago

    Every summer romance ever

  • SumAutisticKid
    SumAutisticKid 3 days ago

    Do Every Drag Queen Ever.
    Please Please Please Please Please!!!!!

  • XxVeryOrigialNamexX
    XxVeryOrigialNamexX 3 days ago

    Every every “blank” ever.

  • JoseR S
    JoseR S 3 days ago

    The bloopers are funnier than the real video

  • Skyler Gordon
    Skyler Gordon 3 days ago

    Margret needs her Mac and cheese

  • Darth Potato
    Darth Potato 3 days ago

    You should do every public bathroom ever

  • ThatNich
    ThatNich 3 days ago

    I'm trying to do animations and maybe vlogs in the future, so sub to me if you're into that kinda stuff :)

  • #1 bayley fan
    #1 bayley fan 3 days ago

    Is that Jake Paul's old house

  • Senyor Miau
    Senyor Miau 3 days ago

    Wait, is that Smosh? Who are all that people and where is Anthony?