• Published on Oct 21, 2019
    Today we will show you various experiments with ordinary things that you should watch. We tested how to iron wrinkled banknotes, we checked what shaves better epilator or wax strips and more. The main aim of these life hacks is to ease your life and solve annoying problems.
    You will be surprised but you can easily clean corn using a toothbrush. This lifehack will save you a ton of money. We also try to clean it with an electric toothbrush and it doesn't work. The next experiment is very cool! Take two eggs and cover one with toothpaste. Next, you will need two glasses filled with vinegar. Place one egg covered with toothpaste into the glass. And another egg in a second glass with vinegar. Leave for 10 hours. Toothpaste protects the eggshell from the acid in the vinegar. The second egg became soft and semi-translucent. You will find a brilliant makeup idea that cleansing milk removes makeup much better than micellar water. Watch the video and find the a cool experiment with rusty nails. Take two glasses and fill the first with vinegar and the second with citric acid. Place nails inside and leave for one hour. Vinegar removes rust perfectly. The next trick is really surprising - you can clean metal surfaces using ketchup. Apply a layer of ketchup on a stainless-steel surface and let sit for 30 minutes. After that remove the ketchup using a cloth. Hand sanitizer works perfectly to erase permanent marker from wooden surface.
    01:20 Cool experiment with egg
    01:52 Makeup lifehack
    03:21 Viral hacks tested
    12:00 Ice-cream rolls
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  • Chloe Scott
    Chloe Scott 36 minutes ago

    No one:
    Not a single soul:
    5 minute crafts: cooks eggs in microwave
    Me: that’s probably not cooked all the way

  • Celtic bhoy 1888
    Celtic bhoy 1888 2 hours ago

    13:17 the water doesn’t know what size you are 😂

  • Gray Fullbuster
    Gray Fullbuster 2 hours ago

    13:03 I have another way just lick the ketchup off and then eat.

  • iiCrybxbyii MSP
    iiCrybxbyii MSP 4 hours ago

    So basically everything you guys did is a fail :)

  • Shayaan Manuar
    Shayaan Manuar 4 hours ago

    5 minute crafts dont say other people hacks dont work cuz half of yours dont work you should doesnt work on those half of your videos

  • Tara Tal
    Tara Tal 4 hours ago

    I did the hair thing and it DOESN’T WORK

  • Ivano Medic
    Ivano Medic 4 hours ago

    9:20 ZOMBIE!!🤣🤣

  • Rosemarie Rubin Amandy

    13:54 She said to stand up

  • Marie Paula
    Marie Paula 5 hours ago

    This is irony of what they portray in there real videos some useless fricking sh*t.

  • Bendycat_girl
    Bendycat_girl 7 hours ago +1

    Why thx for telling us the fake hacks u created

  • some person
    some person 8 hours ago

    11:08 seriously, who eats a taco like that

  • Mr.Obvious
    Mr.Obvious 8 hours ago

    13:53 ah yes *R* *I* *S* *E*

  • Tyra Tonks
    Tyra Tonks 9 hours ago

    They're testing their own hacks and finding they don't work. Amazing.

  • The Scaled Beanie
    The Scaled Beanie 9 hours ago

    Yea doing this is like repeating what u just did

  • Charlotte Abrams
    Charlotte Abrams 17 hours ago +1

    13:53 rise not rice???

  • BriarRose Vlogs
    BriarRose Vlogs 19 hours ago

    Um, that shower steam hack does work, but only on certain fabrics.

  • SUP3R S0N1C
    SUP3R S0N1C 20 hours ago

    The strongest and one of the most expensive substances in the world is made by putting graphite into a microwave? That is totally believable, and I definitely won’t have to buy a new microwave afterwards

  • Rebecca Harrison
    Rebecca Harrison 20 hours ago

    Uh...5 minute crafts you kind of messed up because most of these are yours...!

  • Xxgachagalaxy_girlXx
    Xxgachagalaxy_girlXx 21 hour ago

    This video should be called: Myths that don't actually work!

  • Sabeer Rahman
    Sabeer Rahman 21 hour ago

    I thought you were supposed to be making viral internet hacks

  • RedFounded
    RedFounded 23 hours ago

    Anyone notice near the end they just did life hacks and didn’t test them

  • Aminatink
    Aminatink Day ago

    NO NO NO... You got it wrong. All the videos with this title MAKE FUN of YOUR CHANNEL... You can't join in.

  • Eliana Eccher
    Eliana Eccher Day ago +1

    The pink dye with the ovacados, they did it wrong. Your suposed to put the ovacados in the water ALONE, and THEN put it on the shirt.

  • ElPro No0bZ
    ElPro No0bZ Day ago

    I like how thay test things thay already did on another video

  • Romane P :3
    Romane P :3 Day ago

    0:29 why you gonna raze a kiwi ? 😐

  • Yash Raj
    Yash Raj Day ago

    3:22 what do you want to do with that hack

  • Gracie Edmondson

    They’re proving they lie

  • Siddhant Srivastava

    Oh so you tried your own hacks?

  • swee_ning
    swee_ning Day ago +1

    If graphite turned into diamonds in microwaves then all jewelry stores would go out of business 🤭🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • M P
    M P Day ago +1

    Eu sunt Aladin Aladin vino și îmi freaca lampa mea putin

  • Yoongi Agust D
    Yoongi Agust D Day ago

    I was disgusted when he drags the spaghetti at his hands

  • Ricardo Juarez
    Ricardo Juarez Day ago

    Where can I find this rise at the end

  • Ramdomname 0
    Ramdomname 0 Day ago

    Yuor oen hack is exposing

  • Ramdomname 0
    Ramdomname 0 Day ago

    Someone bashing yuor vid the yuo tube name is 5 minutes craft

  • Yeeet Welch
    Yeeet Welch Day ago


  • Lil x D4rKfiiR3
    Lil x D4rKfiiR3 Day ago

    13:03 this girl dont know how to f7cking eat my god

  • Lil x D4rKfiiR3
    Lil x D4rKfiiR3 Day ago

    11:08 who tf eat a taco like that

  • Kala Mango
    Kala Mango Day ago

    Bro they’re testing their own hacks

  • Celius Arts
    Celius Arts Day ago

    Thay are exposing their channel

  • Celius Arts
    Celius Arts Day ago

    Some of these failed hacks 5 minute crafts did

  • Jenna Au
    Jenna Au Day ago +1

    13:53 they spelled rice as "rise"

  • Ellie B
    Ellie B Day ago

    “James loves Olivia”

  • Anshika Bansal
    Anshika Bansal Day ago

    This should be called debunking our own hacks 😏😏🤣

  • Sasuke Gamer
    Sasuke Gamer Day ago

    How to shave ur food

  • Jenedith anelis solano matos

    No entendí nada 😐🤨

  • Lam Anh Ngo
    Lam Anh Ngo 2 days ago +1

    13:53 "rise"

  • TotallyPrincipal
    TotallyPrincipal 2 days ago

    People usually test if 5-minute crafts hacks are real, not the other way around 😂

  • Puja Pujari
    Puja Pujari 2 days ago

    5:19😘😘 i love this idea

  • Daeyoung Seo
    Daeyoung Seo 2 days ago

    Eggs don’t float on vinegar


    How many have electric tooth brush and regular brush
    ,,,,give a like 👎👎

  • Sofia Royster
    Sofia Royster 2 days ago +1

    *5:38** hate to say it guys, but we were epic pranked omg*

  • havxc
    havxc 2 days ago

    7:12 her lip cream 🤣🤣😂😂

    Read the screen

  • Everald Graham
    Everald Graham 2 days ago

    They said 5 minute crafts video 14:21

  • Maecee Damian
    Maecee Damian 3 days ago

    who else noticed that this girl 6:20 looked like the girl in the unfortunate events and the girl in the unfortunate events also ties her hair with like a ribbon or something...

  • Prachi Singh
    Prachi Singh 3 days ago

    No one:
    Not a single soul:
    Five minute crafts: writing over something else makes it invisible

  • [] অপরিচিতা []

    *Everyone: hehehe We try 5munites crafts hacks😂😂*
    *5munite crafts: hehehe we meme ourselves again make loser millions viewers 😎😎*

  • Huzaifa Kaleem
    Huzaifa Kaleem 3 days ago

    I thought that The airy omlet was written Angry omlet (Maybe thats da spelling of Omlet?)

  • Lemonarie -
    Lemonarie - 3 days ago

    13:53 *RISE*

  • Noob 9281
    Noob 9281 3 days ago


    Can I wear this hairstyle t o school? Malaysia

  • Sans & Violet I Non Fangirl I

    Why did i expect a genie to come out of that thing i-