5 Most Horrific True Stories From History

  • Published on Nov 26, 2014
  • History is full of horrifying events, some of which are truly more terrifying than any fictional story. Here's some true stories from history that will chill you to the bone.
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  • James Williams
    James Williams 6 days ago

    Franky Muniz... you're a fucking dork!

  • Jaimee Gilmore Duet Covers

    Well this really sucks I really wanted to listen to this but this bloke's accent is way too strong can anybody translate for me please

  • Lizzie Sangi
    Lizzie Sangi 10 days ago

    Well, at least death was fast! They never knew what hit them.
    HERCULANEUM sounds like a morbid archaeologists dream. Look what they did to the bodies unearthed in Pompeii - but then there would be no bodies in HERCULANEUM, just skull fragments....

  • Maebeth Cathey
    Maebeth Cathey 11 days ago

    How come we've never learned about the pet Holocaust in schools!?!? That's so sad..

  • Armando Rodriguez
    Armando Rodriguez 12 days ago

    This guy is drunk

  • CoNsTrUcTiVeCRiTic
    CoNsTrUcTiVeCRiTic 12 days ago

    Heych heych

  • Losaiko Vote!!!
    Losaiko Vote!!! 13 days ago

    Holmes ร—as not the first American Serial Killer. He was the first to kill white people. Indians, African Americans, and Chinese didn't count in the early days. Andrew Jackson, a US President was responsible for the "Trail of Tears". He had no love for non-whites. He abused his slaves and eaped slave women. He is like Trump in many ways. Ukraine lost 14,000 soldiers due to holding back funds. Trump gave Turkey a free reign on the Kutds. Turkey killed 2,500 Kurds and kept the women who were to young to fight. Turkey threatened to take Trump's 2 Trump Towers and other assets unless he gave in. Now that is a serial killer!!!

  • Jon
    Jon 14 days ago

    Done your research then kid. Lets have some stories of British atrocities. How about when England went to war with China because China didn't want the heroin the British was forcing on them.

  • whiteboy 909
    whiteboy 909 16 days ago

    he kind of reminds me of Austin powers lol

  • Sara Cameron
    Sara Cameron 16 days ago

    Please don't forget about the millions of native Americans that were raped and murdered. Some tribes were completely annihilated and we will never learn about their history family. Imagine how much publicity a race of people would get today if 80% of their race was destroyed because somebody wanted their land.

  • Love Child
    Love Child 16 days ago

    Thank scientists for modern medicine, not "God"

  • ethan fisher
    ethan fisher 17 days ago

    Syphilis doesnt make ur skin fall off......i think u ment leprosy ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    • Shelby Haase
      Shelby Haase 16 days ago

      You should look up congenital syphilis!

  • once upon a dime
    once upon a dime 18 days ago

    I think it's pronounced na-po-lee not Naples

  • Amy F
    Amy F 19 days ago

    Japan is famous for trouble they cover up! Then again I suppose all countries are!

  • jojolafrite90
    jojolafrite90 19 days ago

    Syphilis = Real life zombies. Sure you fucking dick face. Now stop wasting my fucking time.

  • jojolafrite90
    jojolafrite90 19 days ago

    SO: WHY modify a photo of Holmes? Plus he probably was just a scammer and may have killed no one or almost no one. the whole story was invented by medias as usual.
    Fuck you for the click-bait. Because of it I felt the need to rub your nose in your own shit. Well done.

  • A_ีฅ_0_M_ C_A_ีฅ


  • Sir Lucifer
    Sir Lucifer 20 days ago

    it's not pronounced HAYTCH you dumb ASS it's pronounced ETCH!! Dumb fuck

  • TaraDragon1
    TaraDragon1 20 days ago

    Holy cow! HH Holmes is Sweeny Todd and Norman Bates combined!

  • - L รธ v e l y - C h a n -

    I dont know what Im doing at 10:00 pm but I'll watch this to get night mares

  • Dick Johnson
    Dick Johnson 22 days ago

    Is it just me or does it appear as tho he has a mini orgasm around the 4:56 mark right after saying "...and their skulls to literally explode all in under a second."

  • Pat McCaffery
    Pat McCaffery 22 days ago

    If you spoke at normal speed, I could have watched this video in 4 minutes..!!

  • Dick Dastardly
    Dick Dastardly 22 days ago +1

    I didnโ€™t know Malcolm in the Middle was British

    • Birdman 68
      Birdman 68 22 days ago

      You obwosly dont follow howible histowy fwom the past or its tewible storwees..... ๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜ณ

  • Frankie Winters
    Frankie Winters 22 days ago

    I don't know what's worse. Raping an infant or ...

    Killing your pet!!! :O :(

  • Daniel Morris
    Daniel Morris 22 days ago

    The Zombie Invasion Of 1599 usclip.net/video/aYseCFiR2LY/video.html

  • Axess2084
    Axess2084 23 days ago

    The answer to Life, The Universe, And Everything: 42..... or were they saying 'Thoughty2' and were misheard?

  • A Guy
    A Guy 23 days ago

    Your teeth are so BriTish

  • Complete NOMADness
    Complete NOMADness 23 days ago

    You always hear about the Germans killing the Jews during WWII (which was absolutely horrible don't get me wrong) but few talk about the Japanese killing far more Chinese. When I say far more were are talking in the millions. They were just as if not more brutal. Ever noticed all the POW movies made about Japanese camps? This is not propaganda people. That's why they are only allowed to have a military for self defense to this day.

  • Carmen Sidari
    Carmen Sidari 24 days ago

    The last story most likely inspired The Don..just deny !!

  • R Yvr
    R Yvr 24 days ago

    Bollocks. Only French and Italians got syphllis? lt could be disfiguring but the systemic infections would probably have driven you insane by then.

  • cw porter
    cw porter 24 days ago

    That's bullshit about Nanking, by the way.

  • Cumslinger Bishop
    Cumslinger Bishop 25 days ago

    Don't kniw what all the fuss is about with the H H sounds about right to me

  • Rank 'n' File it UnderWow

    Man or Rabbit, you tell me??? what I need a translator.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 25 days ago +1

    I can honestly say Japan definitely deserved both those nukes.

  • Barney Potter
    Barney Potter 25 days ago

    So if you're wondering ever why code laws are strict that hotel is one reason .one of the best reasons.

  • T Stelle
    T Stelle 25 days ago

    I'll bet all of the rats and mice and other vermin were very happy with the British government over their seemingly foolish extermination ideas...

  • Neng Thao
    Neng Thao 26 days ago

    I hear 42???? Wtf

  • ryan charles
    ryan charles 26 days ago

    Nanjing Massacre

  • Leon Kane
    Leon Kane 26 days ago

    The thumbnail of HH Holmes looked a bit clickbaity which is a bit disappointing on seeing some of your other videos

  • Martin Delaney
    Martin Delaney 26 days ago

    Today's kids need to hear this

  • dont be peanut butter And jealous

    I want to murder this MF for his slow ass talking and dumb accent

  • dont be peanut butter And jealous

    That man has some big ass teeth

  • D K
    D K 27 days ago

    Frickin Japanese where horrible man!!

  • Some Other Dude
    Some Other Dude 27 days ago +1

    Realizing what happened to the people in Herculanium...... hey, now Syphilis looks quite pleasant!

  • Jannette Berends
    Jannette Berends 28 days ago

    The virulent form of Syphilis you describe in the video disappeared ages before penicillin was invented. The virulent period, where Syphilis was deadly in a short period ended after a couple of years. The disease became milder and get the form it has today.

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION 29 days ago +1

    Churchill was always profligate with the blood of others.

  • J G
    J G 29 days ago

    H.H. Holmes Murder Castle was located in the Southside of Chicago in an area known as Englewood. Whenever people talk about gun violence and murders in Chicago they almost always talk about Englewood. So I guess it has always been a bad neighborhood. I grew up on the Southside of Chicago a few miles west of Englewood in Clearing and many of the teenagers in the area bought weed in Englewood on 59th and Paulina just a few few blocks from the location of his Murder Castle.
    H.H. Holmes was originally from London and allegedly was in London during the same time of the Jack the Ripper murders and came to Chicago when the Ripper stopped killing.

  • Andrew Emo
    Andrew Emo 29 days ago

    Hey fousey tube here,

  • annann wi
    annann wi 29 days ago

    Slave traders were the biggest serial killers. Around 12mil souls were kidnapped, chained and abused

  • C&C Phx
    C&C Phx 29 days ago

    thith wuth a good thtory

  • Jeremy Heartriter2.0
    Jeremy Heartriter2.0 Month ago +3

    "Hach Hach Houmes" I like the way you said that๐Ÿคฃ Not being sarcastic, I love your accent.

    • damutae612
      damutae612 23 days ago +1


  • rdooski
    rdooski Month ago

    No way in hell someones head would explode from only 1 second of high heat. Not saying it wouldn't happen but it would definitely take longer.

  • Paleman
    Paleman Month ago

    Oh hi there scrolling stranger

  • Blake Romer
    Blake Romer Month ago +2

    The dude on the thumbnail was like: OO

  • Enceladus
    Enceladus Month ago

    Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima, Nagasaki
    The Tiananmen Square massacre
    Native American massacre
    Great Purge
    Cultural Revolution
    Bodo League massacre
    Bombing of Dresden
    St. Bartholomew's Day massacre

    The list goes on and on and on and on...

  • blueray1969
    blueray1969 Month ago

    What's wrong with you lol>

    Haith haitch? I thought it was just 6 year olds that say that, still trying to learn how to memorise the alphabet lol.

  • Troypam Young
    Troypam Young Month ago

    What the fuck is wrong with people?The earth would sure be a better place without humans.I am sorry Lord I LOVE YOU but the biggest mistake you ever made was humans,myself included!If Eve never ate that fruit we wuold be running around naked in paradise having fun playing with the animals with all of our needs and wants taken care of. Don't know about you but that sounds like a pretty good life to me.Ignorance is bliss.

    BRETT BAXTER Month ago

    I can't make it through the video this guys voice is killing me.

  • Johnny Banner
    Johnny Banner Month ago

    Ti piace la storia d'Italia...well!

  • Osmond Dsilva
    Osmond Dsilva Month ago

    Japanese and Chinese hate each other!