Pastry Chef Attempts To Make Gourmet Gushers | Bon Appétit


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  • crimson child44
    crimson child44 10 hours ago

    When she said “ pear purée”, I thought she said,” hair purée”

  • [winfield original]
    [winfield original] 15 hours ago

    She's hot 😍😍😍

  • Vas 808
    Vas 808 Day ago

    Does it seem whenever she gets something off amazon it instantly appears in front of her the next scene or is it just me

  • Erin Cross
    Erin Cross Day ago

    “It’s kinda more of a squirter not a gusher” 😭 story of my life

  • gmontoy153a
    gmontoy153a Day ago

    I'm in love with Claire....100%

  • Tigerz
    Tigerz 2 days ago

    I got gourmet gushers in like 10 mins, by going to store buying them, saved $99 and hours worth of stress!!! 😁😂🤣😅😎

  • G Lin
    G Lin 2 days ago

    She is real talented.

  • Rochelle Nisly
    Rochelle Nisly 3 days ago

    5:23 A little more CLAIRE-ity. Hehe

  • Percy P Penguin
    Percy P Penguin 3 days ago

    Anyone else head messes up with her working on this side of kitchen and not the other? It looks so weird

  • Bryce Mager
    Bryce Mager 3 days ago

    I’m offended by the lack of your enthusiasm for gushers

  • Heba Khan
    Heba Khan 5 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who thinks that Claire looks like Sara from Buzzfeed??

  • Alex Osborne
    Alex Osborne 6 days ago

    TAKIS??? You should do Takis.

  • Dancing Jen
    Dancing Jen 6 days ago

    Damn Brad is hot. He sure has some Irish or Scottish! Or maybe it's Northmen-ish. He looks like a light short-haired Rollo.

  • STK K
    STK K 6 days ago

    That guy has blue Fingernails. Blue Fingernails. Yes.

  • Britany Pilgrim
    Britany Pilgrim 6 days ago

    John Egbert is shook

  • Myrakle Mccall
    Myrakle Mccall 6 days ago

    is he labys

  • Angii Darling
    Angii Darling 6 days ago

    the only thing i walk away with when i watch these videos is Claire had a HORRIBLE childhood ... what kind of freak vegan hippies raised her without gushers and snowballs?

  • Chester Mercado
    Chester Mercado 7 days ago


  • Clotted Scream
    Clotted Scream 7 days ago

    I wonder why they have a test kitchen filled with professional chefs and then they just have dippy fresh hanging out in a corner

  • c31979839
    c31979839 7 days ago +1

    6:32... Best part of the video. Literally made me lol

  • Khantiyathy Chhoeung

    do poptarts!

  • D.R. W
    D.R. W 8 days ago

    You will never nail the magic ratio of Strontium 90 to melamine.

    JORDAN FERNANDES 9 days ago

    just die your hair all black or all blond whats that stupid strand of white

  • skinny jason
    skinny jason 9 days ago

    adults are idiots. i love gushers!

  • Lari
    Lari 9 days ago

    I grew up HATING gushers and I still do..
    Don't @ me.

  • Étienne Boisvert
    Étienne Boisvert 9 days ago

    this women is gorgeous!

  • - Baekhyunee
    - Baekhyunee 9 days ago +1

    My fructose intolerance is screaming

  • Tremorlok
    Tremorlok 10 days ago

    10:01 thats what she said

  • Matilda Norrman
    Matilda Norrman 10 days ago

    i admit i am here bc of homestuck

  • Samantha Davis
    Samantha Davis 10 days ago

    Honestly, I always feel so bad for Claire bc she always has such a hard job and has to be positive

  • Crystil Wood
    Crystil Wood 10 days ago

    anyone else REALLY want claire and brad together...

  • Cyprian Guerra
    Cyprian Guerra 10 days ago

    Would be way better if she hollowed two batches while still in the moulds, brush edges with gelatine without taking them out, align and stick them together in bulks, chill, take the top one off, inject all the hollowed gushers while still in the bottom one, brush the holes, chill again, cut off the thin layer of gelatin around and finally shake them out of the bottom mould on a thin layer of corn flour. I know because I just did this with my sister's kid and it worked awesome.

  • Melanie Stafford
    Melanie Stafford 11 days ago

    Try oatmeal cream pies!!!

  • Ariana Mitchell
    Ariana Mitchell 11 days ago

    I love the explanations.

  • Aimless
    Aimless 11 days ago

    Could you try Swedish Fish?

  • Luluworld
    Luluworld 12 days ago

    You should do how to make Cheezitz

  • Hussein
    Hussein 12 days ago

    "pattered gelatin"

  • OneWithStache
    OneWithStache 12 days ago

    The guy with the nails......why man

  • howle doen?
    howle doen? 12 days ago

    I think she’s absolutely amazing. She works so hard, she’s patient, has a great attitude, always looking to improve, and always preservers to make better versions of food that were already patented and made, and to continue doing so, that’s just amazing. And doing what she’s doing is probably so difficult, but she works hard, she’s creative, and she’s great t what she does. Keep making videos!!

  • glenn yarwood
    glenn yarwood 12 days ago

    6:33 god that’s funny 😂

  • Stranger Happened
    Stranger Happened 12 days ago

    *BTW, why there are zero black people* in the office other than some clerk for the building who has nothing to do with the Code Nast publisher?

  • untrustjacob
    untrustjacob 13 days ago

    my genetics better bless me with a beautiful streak of gray or ima be so triggered

    • untrustjacob
      untrustjacob 13 days ago

      fast forward ten years from now and my bitchass is bald

  • Mymy Searcy
    Mymy Searcy 13 days ago

    Hers looks more like a gummy when a gusher is a chew

  • NadraWhite
    NadraWhite 13 days ago

    10:02 huehuehue

  • Michael Dude
    Michael Dude 14 days ago

    Brad = Best

  • Liam
    Liam 14 days ago

    Make a video on Sour patch kids

  • Nicholas Campbell
    Nicholas Campbell 14 days ago


  • ifollowrivers
    ifollowrivers 14 days ago

    Claire’s reaction to that kid’s face turning into a watermelon XD

  • Dontai's broke headphones

    Plan was doomed from the start

  • viktor b
    viktor b 14 days ago

    *whispers* _homestuckers where you at_

  • Gabbie
    Gabbie 14 days ago

    It’s totally cheating when something’s plant based then your gourmet version isn’t lol

  • Dinara Guzhavina
    Dinara Guzhavina 15 days ago

    Kinder Bueno please!!!!

  • sahalanimation
    sahalanimation 15 days ago

    Claire got that perfect natural eyebrows that other women use as a reference to pencil theirs on their faces

  • Gaven Knapp
    Gaven Knapp 15 days ago

    Does anybody else find Claire extermely sexy...her and Molly are the kinda women you take to meet your grandma on the 1st date..

  • 1d x Kpop
    1d x Kpop 15 days ago

    The best part is when brad comes and helps😂

  • Shady Lou
    Shady Lou 15 days ago

    Next time, use the molds to make impressions in corn starch, then fill the corn starch impressions with jelly stuff

  • daughter child
    daughter child 15 days ago

    Gushers are mans greatest creation

  • Gucci Cachii
    Gucci Cachii 15 days ago

    Omg she should make fruit snacks

  • esmee nicole
    esmee nicole 15 days ago

    i love how she always goes to brad. 😂

  • Tanya  Dheer
    Tanya Dheer 15 days ago

    Is she old or has some sort of hair dye???

    • sedeinfinita
      sedeinfinita 15 days ago

      she has naturally grey strands of hair.

  • Taylor Berry
    Taylor Berry 16 days ago

    Sad how much gelatin was in this. Would have liked to see just pectin or other vegan thickeners used.

  • Katea Katoa
    Katea Katoa 16 days ago

    I love watching these videos makes me so happy when she gets it!!!!!

  • Taht wan chik Kaitlyn
    Taht wan chik Kaitlyn 16 days ago

    10:52 HER EYES

  • So Ronery
    So Ronery 17 days ago

    I love when she reads all the ingredients lol.

  • Annie Miller
    Annie Miller 17 days ago

    The Twinkie flash back 😂

  • EB Sims
    EB Sims 17 days ago

    im in love with claire

  • Pierce George
    Pierce George 17 days ago

    Gaby is precious omg

  • Brenda Santos
    Brenda Santos 17 days ago +1

    2:19 Her face

  • S.K.
    S.K. 17 days ago

    Brad always seems to be hyper critical :/ wonder why he's like that. Everyone else gives Claire constructive criticism and she does a really great job every time!

  • kalle chell
    kalle chell 17 days ago +1

    Anyone else wonder why her hair is gray
    is it cuz she dyes it (who would do that though)

  • Й Б
    Й Б 17 days ago +1

    The series is classicist in a charming way. "This cheap populist food that I don't have much personal experience with is so weird. Let's try to replicate it." The show appeals to the masses of people that grew up with these cheap foods, but it's hosted by someone with an upbringing a bit removed...seemingly, at least.

    • Sad Almonds
      Sad Almonds 17 days ago

      That was a weird way of saying this show is successful because she’s making food from most people’s child hood. Its not that fancy.

  • Mackenzie Mink
    Mackenzie Mink 17 days ago

    Dream kitchen

  • MimiPaperHat
    MimiPaperHat 17 days ago

    Well, Claire if you ever need a boyfriend there's a lot of creepy people in the comment section that says your cute.

  • Jessica Melek
    Jessica Melek 18 days ago

    Is she putting the pomegranate into the mango and the mango into the pomegranate?

  • Nicholas Hogan
    Nicholas Hogan 18 days ago

    "It's a bit more of a squirter than a gusher"
    Yeah it is.

  • Stellaluna Star
    Stellaluna Star 19 days ago

    I make gusher burritos.
    You take a pack or two of gushers and put the gushers inside a fruit rollup, and then wrap it in fruit on the fruit. And then enjoy.
    Gushers are my favorite, I eat them by the pack until there are no more gushers inside the box.

  • Chloe’s Cove
    Chloe’s Cove 20 days ago +1

    Brad reminds me of Chris Pratt especially his character from Parks and Recreation

  • Colton Rowe
    Colton Rowe 20 days ago

    Claire's Gusher looks way better than the original

  • TheIronFox™
    TheIronFox™ 20 days ago

    Next time you make gummies or something like that, I would use corn starch molds, they’re better for gummies and other confection candies and it’s easier to get them out once they set

  • Zachary McQueen
    Zachary McQueen 20 days ago

    Y'know I went to culinary school and got a few jobs in restraunts and it was the time of my life but I kind of lost may passion a little bit. But since I started watching these it has just been revitalized. I have been feeling to inspired and it's all thanks to you and to these great videos. Thank you!

  • Jay N
    Jay N 20 days ago

    I like listening to her voice lol.

  • Brody Harris
    Brody Harris 20 days ago

    'Hi I'm Claire and I'm the prettiest and most talented female on USclip' 😍

  • Tim Newlun
    Tim Newlun 20 days ago

    I'm trigged by this video.. If you don't like gushers, then you don't understand gourmet cuisine!

  • Alex G.
    Alex G. 21 day ago

    Im surprised this one worked so well and took so little time! With how alien gushers are I was thinking it would take weeks AMAZING CLAIRE

  • LilWayneOnTheBrain
    LilWayneOnTheBrain 22 days ago

    0:26 proves she can't possibly understand the pure joy of finding a full chunk of gushers in your pack... Score!!!👏👏👏

  • Sitranine
    Sitranine 22 days ago

    Claire is the Adam Savage of food

  • npc1235813 -6
    npc1235813 -6 22 days ago

    I wonder if Claire's a gusher...

  • Bi
    Bi 23 days ago

    I really appreciate the excellent quality of the video edits. Extremely professional cuts and great flow. Keeps the story interesting and moving.

  • Watch MrCuba
    Watch MrCuba 23 days ago +1

    1:13 I see he likes blue

  • Isabel Bertsch
    Isabel Bertsch 23 days ago

    she totally has a crush on Brad

  • Iraam Vasquez M
    Iraam Vasquez M 23 days ago

    Poor little bit of cornstarch or potato starch over the mold and then take a shot like the ones that they have needles and stick it into the gusher halfway and see if it feels in with the jelly

  • C Brieeze
    C Brieeze 23 days ago

    I would have:
    Put the stuff in the mold let it setup a little bit.
    Hallow out, press a dimple in both molds. Then put the two molds together, one directly over the other to let them setup together.
    Then inject with the filling.
    Maybe use other type of gel thickener or addition to gelatin and pectin or more of each.

  • DroneXFun
    DroneXFun 24 days ago

    Don't the candy makers use corn starch molds?

  • M e y a
    M e y a 25 days ago

    Gourmet candy canes

  • yen nn
    yen nn 25 days ago +1

    *Claire dying inside*

  • Vanessa Unangst
    Vanessa Unangst 25 days ago +7

    if brad and claire don’t get married i will cry

  • Jenny Gao
    Jenny Gao 25 days ago

    holy 2:17 was actually adorable

  • Jacey Garden Wray
    Jacey Garden Wray 26 days ago

    I never want to see anyone eat a gusher the way fingernail polish man did ever again. Ever. Never again.
    Edit: Not that there’s anything wrong with his nail polish.

  • L.A Anders
    L.A Anders 26 days ago

    Anyone else get a lego movie 2 promo shown with the WHOLE lego movie?

  • Garrett Langley
    Garrett Langley 26 days ago +2

    I wanna make a gourmet wife out of her ❤