Pastry Chef Attempts To Make Gourmet Gushers | Bon Appétit


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  • Bella Ingersoll
    Bella Ingersoll 6 hours ago +1

    I would watch Claire make literally anything!
    I would watch her all day if I could!!
    Love you Claire!!!❤️❤️❤️

  • Ya fucking buddy
    Ya fucking buddy 7 hours ago

    Fruit roll up 🌝

  • Savannah Silas
    Savannah Silas 8 hours ago


  • Lindsey Maul
    Lindsey Maul 17 hours ago

    No offense but this is dumb! I feel so bad for her! who's making her do this?! Like what in the hell.

  • Vivian Liu
    Vivian Liu Day ago

    Where did she get that green henley sweater @ 12:03!! I love it

  • Jenna Phillips
    Jenna Phillips Day ago

    Maybe try candy corn? That would be fun

  • emelia
    emelia 2 days ago

    Who else ships brad and clarie😂?

  • Naama Haviv
    Naama Haviv 3 days ago

    Gourmet Doritos please!

  • Ras Alghul
    Ras Alghul 3 days ago

    I want to marry Claire

  • Jessica Santillo
    Jessica Santillo 4 days ago

    Man this one seems like it’s gunna be hard.. good luck girl lol if all fails, at least ur hair looks cute today! Haha

  • Caleb Moxley
    Caleb Moxley 4 days ago

    11:35 "the only consERn" that voice crack though second puberty

  • G Sergio Gomes
    G Sergio Gomes 4 days ago

    I wonder how old she is to be called senior food editor. She looks gorgeous.

  • Kille Kille B
    Kille Kille B 5 days ago

    Palm oil plantations are destroying rainforests ware orangutans live😭😭

  • Ashley Sheppard
    Ashley Sheppard 6 days ago

    Claire is so talented and persistent! Not to mention, patient!

  • nene saleem
    nene saleem 6 days ago +1

    Claire, why don't you use the molds with the empty middle part instead of carving them??

  • Gila Bloch
    Gila Bloch 6 days ago

    Silicon mold maybe?

  • Hagen Rehmsmeier
    Hagen Rehmsmeier 7 days ago

    9:45 wtf do i see on his finger nails

    • VampiraPericulosa
      VampiraPericulosa 5 days ago

      it's called nailpolish, it's a safe paint to use on nail, you can get them at supermarkets, pharmacies, and any store where you can find cosmetics.

  • Aixa Medina
    Aixa Medina 7 days ago

    I've never had a gusher

  • Zoey Kamara
    Zoey Kamara 7 days ago

    Uhhh have you been sponsored by Amazon yet? 🤪😂

  • Weird Sibling Time!?

    I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just curious. But are those grey hairs naturally there, or are they died?

  • angwa _
    angwa _ 7 days ago

    I have no idea what’s going on but I still enjoy watching people make food

  • Asdfghjkiller
    Asdfghjkiller 8 days ago

    Gosh her job is HARD.

  • Stoic Club
    Stoic Club 8 days ago


  • cupcakesforlife05
    cupcakesforlife05 8 days ago

    Hi will take all those real gushers for you

  • Jack Hughes
    Jack Hughes 8 days ago

    Elongated hexagonal bipyramids are just hexagonal prisms

  • Jessica Piwaronas
    Jessica Piwaronas 8 days ago

    Can she try gorment pop tarts

  • Rãlph
    Rãlph 9 days ago

    All i saw was claire gushing over brad

  • Jarrett Lantz
    Jarrett Lantz 9 days ago

    You can't make anything

  • Jem Reeves
    Jem Reeves 9 days ago


  • Randomiser
    Randomiser 9 days ago

    Love this, please keep this 10-15 minutes long! 5 minute cooking vids don't work..

  • cantide
    cantide 9 days ago

    Love the videos, is great how Claire keeps trying untill she nails it, and also im lost in her eyes...

  • Liberty Cooper
    Liberty Cooper 10 days ago

    This video made me want gushers..

  • Kay Clarke
    Kay Clarke 10 days ago

    How to make gourmet gushers:

    You don’t.

  • BlackOrchid
    BlackOrchid 10 days ago

    Gourmet Sour Patch Kids :D

  • Lena Turunen
    Lena Turunen 10 days ago

    Who’s here from the try guys?

  • Baelor _
    Baelor _ 10 days ago

    Being an Australian, I’ve no idea what these “gushers” are

  • ImTryingToBeA BetterPerson

    This girl ain't a quitter!!!!

  • Truth_is_the _new_hate

    "More of a squirter, not really a gusher"

  • Erica Wardrop
    Erica Wardrop 11 days ago

    Gourmet Popeyes candy sticks??

  • PitchyMos
    PitchyMos 11 days ago

    Oh my shes on the other side of the kitchen in this one

  • Cansu Turan
    Cansu Turan 11 days ago

    aaagh i want moree of this videos. she is so lovely!

  • mwint1982
    mwint1982 11 days ago

    I'd make Claire a "gusher"

  • oof
    oof 11 days ago

    "Ok I already give up"
    *Me on the first day of school*

  • Mia Ascencio
    Mia Ascencio 11 days ago +1

    why is no one talking about gabbie’s? face at 1:17 when she tries the gusher😂

  • Nelli Smith
    Nelli Smith 11 days ago

    Alright Bon Appetit. I know you'll never see this but PLEASE MAKE STRAWBERRY FRUIT ROLL UPS. This is going to sound disgusting but I eat like 7 to 10 a day. Have done it for years. Suprised I'm not dead actually. Literally have a irrational addiction to the stupid things. Only the strawberry ones though. Like I will kiss that ground yall walk on if you do this. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

  • Scojopo23
    Scojopo23 11 days ago +1

    Brad is the true Hero and brains behind this show😂😂😂

  • Josh Aguayo
    Josh Aguayo 12 days ago

    The guy who doesn’t just stick the whole gusher in his mouth triggers me lmaoo

    MIGHTY MARSHMALLOW 12 days ago

    How old is she cause she is very beautiful

  • veryodd watermelon
    veryodd watermelon 12 days ago

    Im eating gushers while watching this

  • Paul D
    Paul D 12 days ago

    Never heard of Gushers here in the UK

  • Seth Martino
    Seth Martino 13 days ago

    Get a room already Claire and Brad!

  • Madie Donohew
    Madie Donohew 13 days ago

    You should try to make some gum or goldfish

  • Jimmy Harris
    Jimmy Harris 13 days ago

    Cornstarch mold. I like your videos.

  • Lindsay Troll
    Lindsay Troll 13 days ago

    You should do gourmet Cheez It’s!

  • Brooke Kembel
    Brooke Kembel 13 days ago

    Why change what's already perfect?

  • Carlos Santana
    Carlos Santana 14 days ago

    Andy is gorgeous!

  • Sarah Lowery
    Sarah Lowery 14 days ago

    She might have a bottle of vodka at 2:05

  • Margaret Collins
    Margaret Collins 15 days ago

    New Buzzfeed quiz - "are you a squirter or a gusher?

  • kourtnie3609
    kourtnie3609 15 days ago

    1:23 maybe I’m just being sensitive but this hurt my feelings a little. Gushers are a STAPLE of 90s kids snacks. Don’t look at it like that!

  • Veej Crowley
    Veej Crowley 15 days ago

    so... it might be 'gourmet' ,,,, but I'll stick to the original vegan friendly gushers.

  • Lemoncake Logan
    Lemoncake Logan 15 days ago

    Whoever was saying to be more enthusiastic can slap my nuts, this woman is entertaining enough! This is stressful experimentation!

  • Rrrawr rene I
    Rrrawr rene I 15 days ago

    Who is watching this while eating gushers 🙋🏻‍♀️

  • HAYDEN Mary
    HAYDEN Mary 16 days ago

    Gushers are delicious pimples

  • Kimmy Alejo
    Kimmy Alejo 16 days ago

    can you please try making gourmet fruit roll ups??? :)

  • fleanine
    fleanine 16 days ago

    recently found your videos. love them all. subscribed.....I have a question/suggestion.. what about NECCO wafers? since the manufacturer has stopped making that classic.. it may be a fun one to replicate? They someday will be no more longer available :(

  • Amethyst Crandall
    Amethyst Crandall 16 days ago

    "It's kind of a squirter more than a gusher" that's what she said

  • diet pepsi
    diet pepsi 16 days ago

    I'll sell my children for a 5 pack of gushers

  • Arian Carlsen
    Arian Carlsen 16 days ago

    Brad is so cool ❤️

  • RedAZurE_ 1873
    RedAZurE_ 1873 17 days ago +1

    You know Gourmet is not always better.

  • Tielle Delbuck
    Tielle Delbuck 17 days ago

    I'm 29yrs old and I buy gushers regularly. And fruit by the foot. 🤦‍♀️

  • Aidan Johnson
    Aidan Johnson 17 days ago

    Here’s how you make a gourmet gusher...

  • Katrina Liberty
    Katrina Liberty 17 days ago

    You should make Reese's Pieces or Red Hots candy.

  • Animal Lover
    Animal Lover 17 days ago +1

    Gourmet Doritos please

  • Frank Marzegliano
    Frank Marzegliano 17 days ago

    they usually use corn starch in the molds. its easier to get the candy out.

  • Hayley Mcfadden
    Hayley Mcfadden 17 days ago +3

    Make gourmet takis!!

  • Robert van Deventer
    Robert van Deventer 18 days ago

    How do you stay sane? I thought you were about to crack at 8:20.

  • Carlos Flores
    Carlos Flores 18 days ago

    You think Gushers are hard?? Try making "mistelas" (Quito candy)

  • Juan Negron
    Juan Negron 18 days ago

    Why does she have streaks of grey in her hair???

  • Ariel Carson
    Ariel Carson 18 days ago

    SHE HAS SO MUCH PATIENCE. More patience than my mind was born capable of having.

  • Allie Snode
    Allie Snode 18 days ago

    Wait wait wait. DID THAT GURL SAY SHE'S NEVER HAD A GUSHER!!!! I'm ded

  • Inhle Cele
    Inhle Cele 18 days ago +1

    Gourmet dots

  • aPlanetaryCitizen
    aPlanetaryCitizen 18 days ago

    blue fingernails on that guy were unexpected

  • Aoroc10
    Aoroc10 18 days ago

    Make a video about making Hello Panda biscuits, pleeeeeeeeeease.

  • King Keneth
    King Keneth 19 days ago

    She is so cute. Like a date?

  • Gaven Knapp
    Gaven Knapp 19 days ago

    These are still my favorite snack.

  • DrMario Pepper
    DrMario Pepper 19 days ago

    Claire is awesome

  • DrMario Pepper
    DrMario Pepper 19 days ago

    Gushers are gross😮

  • jipdhqdiqh
    jipdhqdiqh 20 days ago

    the original ingredient list is a hot mess

  • Ivy Motl
    Ivy Motl 20 days ago

    Scooby snacks

  • Brian Pont
    Brian Pont 20 days ago

    good gob claire

  • Jennifer Lynn
    Jennifer Lynn 21 day ago

    Should've filled it more like a ravioli than a jelly doughnut. Know what I mean?

  • Mikayla Healey
    Mikayla Healey 21 day ago

    Claire's wardrobe is goals.

  • Emmanuel Thommy
    Emmanuel Thommy 21 day ago

    "coz its kinda more like a squirter not a gusher" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Mia STUPAR-NADESON 21 day ago

    Claire and brad = braire 😍😉

  • bbodenste12
    bbodenste12 21 day ago

    10:02 "its kind of more a squirter not a gusher" thats what he said..

  • csknives2140
    csknives2140 21 day ago

    i feel bad for her it seems like she hates what she does

  • CheesyBread
    CheesyBread 21 day ago

    I'm no cooking expert, but the engineer/scientist in me wants to know if you'd get better pectin extraction if the apples were ground up or pulverized into smaller pieces.

  • * Nadia Mundt *
    * Nadia Mundt * 21 day ago

    6:33 AHAHAHA

  • Sydney Rosplock
    Sydney Rosplock 21 day ago

    love your vids