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  • Published on Jun 5, 2018
  • Every adventure has a beginning. Watch the official teaser trailer for Bumblebee, starring Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena. Directed by Travis Knight. #BumblebeeMovie hits theatres this Christmas.
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  • Warcrafthan
    Warcrafthan 37 minutes ago

    Did they use Bernie Mac's voice for this? At the beginning.

  • Custom Lioness
    Custom Lioness 41 minute ago

    I can't wait for this to come out!!

  • JaycoProlab
    JaycoProlab 44 minutes ago

    It said Man and Machine, not mixed girl and Machine.

  • V | Empire
    V | Empire 2 hours ago

    Is it just me or someone else heard it too bee say "I can't" unclearly at 1:23

  • fluffynoses
    fluffynoses 2 hours ago

    wow this might legit actually be good, which is shocking considering all the transformers movies have been utter dogshit

  • Joby George
    Joby George 2 hours ago

    finally John cena gets an action movie after the marine.he should also be the invisible man in the universal monster universe you can save cgi money coz nobody can see him

  • Nadya Rizkytha
    Nadya Rizkytha 2 hours ago

    mi love film ini kaka lajutin lagi

  • steven merkel
    steven merkel 2 hours ago

    This is going to be another flop

    ImENDANGERED 2 hours ago

    His new mask looks like a wasp which is pretty cool

  • SaTaRo channer
    SaTaRo channer 3 hours ago

    1:46 #1John cena?

  • SteelbeastsCavalry
    SteelbeastsCavalry 4 hours ago

    Gotta be a girl..... sigh. Sorry Paramount, you already ruined this franchise.

  • Wilcoxen Rebecca
    Wilcoxen Rebecca 5 hours ago


  • Makaveli
    Makaveli 5 hours ago

    They changed the story. Bring Sam back!

  • death by cat
    death by cat 5 hours ago

    and there are still those people who claim that the bay films are good...
    (the first one revived the franchise and was fine but other ones were just "bleh")

  • Eggroll47 jg
    Eggroll47 jg 6 hours ago

    About time we all get a good transformers movie that's worth seeing and not made by Michael bay, good job paramount

  • Carter Wahlquist
    Carter Wahlquist 6 hours ago

    My favorite transformer is bumblebee!

  • zoel filler last name
    zoel filler last name 7 hours ago

    good looking movie. wont forgive the rick roll though. not okay

  • Death Zone
    Death Zone 7 hours ago

    1:46 the suit is float :o

  • Tandoori Lad
    Tandoori Lad 7 hours ago

    JOHN CENA.. 😄

  • NERPolitan
    NERPolitan 8 hours ago

    this is gonna flop

  • Ethan Mendoza
    Ethan Mendoza 8 hours ago

    Starscream was the best part of this trailer

  • Igor180
    Igor180 8 hours ago

    I will watch this movie, but honestly I already don't like the fact of this movie taking place before all the five movies, mostly because it's kinda sad to know that Bee had another human friend before Sam :(, and I hope it is just friendship, don't want these two be a couple, and honestly I also don't like the fact that the main human character is female, it's not a gender thing, it's just that in my opinion the main human character being male is better.

    • Igor180
      Igor180 5 hours ago

      You're calling shitty the guy who sacrificed his life three times to help the Autobots, and probably was killed by Cemetery Wind when he was probably helping Bee or Optimus escape from them.

    • Erik C
      Erik C 6 hours ago

      Igor180 Yea he was, I’m glad he’s prob dead. This movie will be the start of a reboot, so it might as well be a different universe.

    • Igor180
      Igor180 7 hours ago

      It's not different universe, this movie will take place way before the first one, and Sam was not shitty with Bee.

    • Erik C
      Erik C 7 hours ago

      Its honestly a different universe. Sam was pretty shitty to Bee anyways.

  • killerboss1220 key
    killerboss1220 key 9 hours ago


  • Soopur 6
    Soopur 6 9 hours ago

    So is this a reboot / remake?

  • Uncle Hirohito
    Uncle Hirohito 9 hours ago

    Looks shit

  • Eduardo Chertif
    Eduardo Chertif 9 hours ago

    Transformers becomes a shit... i’m gona watch TF5 100 times, it is the End of the real TF... you just destroyed my day

  • Stuart Johnston
    Stuart Johnston 10 hours ago

    If ironhide return that will be awesome
    It's not gonna happen

  • Panos Hlabeas
    Panos Hlabeas 11 hours ago +1

    Why isnt bublebee a camaro?????😟😞😕 id prefer a camaro seriously

    • Erik C
      Erik C 7 hours ago

      Sucks for you. Bee was ORIGINALLY a VW Beetle.

  • Panos Hlabeas
    Panos Hlabeas 11 hours ago +1

    Why isnt bublebee a camaro?????😟😞😕 id prefer a camaro seriously

  • euphoric nymph
    euphoric nymph 11 hours ago

    Transformers meet big hero 6

  • Alex the Memelord
    Alex the Memelord 12 hours ago

    can bumblebee just fucking talk already

  • Isabel Osório
    Isabel Osório 12 hours ago


  • RandomIdiotDoingWhatHeWants

    Seems great

  • Петро Дейнека

    Where 4K ?

  • ed mwiti
    ed mwiti 15 hours ago +1

    Hollywood bullshit. Give us crap till we can't take it anymore then reboot. Camaro out Vw in. Retain bernie macs voice for euphoria and a female character for sensitivity give us our favourite autobot. then plan on bringing back transformers maybe after BB2. Fuck you hollywood….. SHIT I FORGOT WHERE I PUT MY TICKETS

    • Erik C
      Erik C 11 hours ago

      ed mwiti lol someone is mad. Bee was always a vw bug :) Female for sensitivity?? Sexist much?

  • Nadia Nasuha
    Nadia Nasuha 16 hours ago

    I am here just to ask the song title at 2.14. Anyone?

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 16 hours ago

    Why does this look infinitely better than any of the other Transformers movies?

    • OneEyedGhoulX
      OneEyedGhoulX 16 hours ago

      Jane Doe Because it's not (thank god) directed by Michael Bay

  • Tipped Jungle
    Tipped Jungle 17 hours ago

    another cash grab! woman loves machine machine protects woman blahh blah blah boring!!!

    • Erik C
      Erik C 16 hours ago

      Tipped Jungle Sorry to hear that.

    • Tipped Jungle
      Tipped Jungle 16 hours ago

      Erik C i have to admit i was excited about the first transformers and enjoyed it they are milking it now, same with starwars n jurassic park, its all ruined for me

    • Erik C
      Erik C 16 hours ago

      Tipped Jungle And you’re not? Oh dear...

    • Tipped Jungle
      Tipped Jungle 16 hours ago

      Erik C you sucked into this shit are ya.. Oh dear.

    • Erik C
      Erik C 16 hours ago

      Tipped Jungle Blah blah blah shut it.

  • Paladin Headquarters
    Paladin Headquarters 18 hours ago

    So nostalgic to hear Bobby Bolivia’s voice and lines.

  • porpus99
    porpus99 19 hours ago

    Well, i recognized StarScream. Most likely the main villain of the movie.

    PRASUN PRADHAN 20 hours ago

    can anybody guess which decepticon might be the villain in this movie?

  • Frank Regter
    Frank Regter 21 hour ago

    Damn. Rickrolled again.

  • Mahdi Maulana
    Mahdi Maulana 22 hours ago

    I love hailee steinfeld

  • dylan697
    dylan697 22 hours ago

    Never thought I'd say this but I'm actually looking forward to a transformers movie

  • Lance Pablo
    Lance Pablo 23 hours ago


  • casey johnson
    casey johnson 23 hours ago

    what is that grill from at 2:05? its racking my brain. i originally though it was a humvee but then it looked more like a willys m83. i cant quite pin what it is.

  • Jaden2x
    Jaden2x 23 hours ago

    G1 starscream!!!!!!

  • Rexnator Ex
    Rexnator Ex 23 hours ago

    I hope this should be good transformer's movie

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    • Erik C
      Erik C 16 hours ago

      Angelica Padilla Crush Mo Yan 1997-2017 Cancelled.

  • Samsformers lol 2005

    Star scream Ma Dorito bOi is back in hie g1 colours "let me tell you something the driver don't pick the car the car pick the driver it's a mistical bond between man and machine (mistical bond between man and machine) also at least Michael bay isn't directing the bee movie that gave us a sight of relief ,

    AAMIR MALIK Day ago +1

    Love iT

  • Waine Llauderes
    Waine Llauderes Day ago

    I really do hope that this will not be a disappointment.

  • iqbal iqbal
    iqbal iqbal Day ago


  • Ng Zi Chin
    Ng Zi Chin Day ago

    John Cena!!!!

  • Blurry Carpenter

    Finally NO Michael bay

  • Gold Wolf
    Gold Wolf Day ago +1

    A G1 Bumblebee and a G1 Starscream?
    At least someone is doing Transformers the right way......hopefully!

  • owen cool the red day

    Wow john cena is in here

  • Mr warhead juice


  • Mr warhead juice

    I got rick rolled..

    JOSHEEOP Day ago

    whats the song

    • JTC 2021
      JTC 2021 Day ago

      JOSHEEOP it's from chromia music it's called Jupiter

  • Gaming Berroa
    Gaming Berroa Day ago

    Tony stark made him out of vibrainium

  • mutiara nugraha
    mutiara nugraha Day ago

    Kumpulan foto dan video gadis yang mengaku sebagai istri Iqbal.. kreatif atau lebay?

  • AtomicPanda123 -

    is it still part of the bayverse?

    • AtomicPanda123 -
      AtomicPanda123 - Day ago

      JTC 2021 so its not in the same universe

    • JTC 2021
      JTC 2021 Day ago

      AtomicPanda123 - yes but it's gonna be a reboot

  • The Dark Knight MGTOW

    load of crap

    • The Dark Knight MGTOW
      The Dark Knight MGTOW 12 hours ago

      hey asshole, i wanted to see what the hype was about. its a pile of shit, fan boys like you should just stfu. it was a good series of movies until the dark of the moon and it got ruined after that. you people have no taste in movies anymore. its because of people like you creativity in movies got killed.

    • JTC 2021
      JTC 2021 Day ago

      The Dark Knight MGTOW then why are you watching it asshole

  • Superboykid52 1
    Superboykid52 1 Day ago

    You can’t hide forever John

  • Kenny BoomBoom
    Kenny BoomBoom Day ago +1


  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson Day ago

    Looks really amazing, actually.

  • Ryan
    Ryan Day ago +1

    I’m disappointed this is not about actual bumble bees

  • Speedy Gunz
    Speedy Gunz Day ago

    Jesus christ! Can these shitty movies just die?! I like how the trailer music tries to pull at the heartstrings and epic. Oh look! more military men that want to use him as a weapon! It's amazing how the same people fall for the same trash over and over.

    • JTC 2021
      JTC 2021 22 hours ago

      Erik C how is he surprised?

    • Erik C
      Erik C Day ago

      Speedy Gunz You might be surprised, my dude.

    • Speedy Gunz
      Speedy Gunz Day ago

      Yeah you're probably right.... So, did you just create the channel, JTC 2021, to reply to other people's comments because you're too chickenshit to use your real one?

    • JTC 2021
      JTC 2021 Day ago +1

      Speedy Gunz hater if you hate these movies than leave no one is gonna listen to your big baby ass

  • Jeff Smyth
    Jeff Smyth Day ago

    I really like how she was about to say "what are you" but then decides "who are you" Not sure why I liked that, but I do.

  • ZhanaeWoods
    ZhanaeWoods Day ago +2

    Legit started crying when he placed his face in her hands...damn it. Im a gangsta. I DON'T CRY!

  • nhash baysa
    nhash baysa Day ago

    Guess bumblebee doesnt like rick rolled

  • Brian Shipley
    Brian Shipley Day ago

    2:13 RickRolls did not exist in the 1980s

  • Silly Chilly
    Silly Chilly Day ago

    Can we see Optimus Prime in this movie?

  • 河君の秘密友達

    The name is John Cena~

  • some random guy
    some random guy Day ago

    I'm getting tired of bumblebee. How about a transformer movie about shockwave or jazz or sideways. Anything besides bumblebee. We already get enough of him. That's just my opinion.

    • JTC 2021
      JTC 2021 Day ago

      some random guy the kids love him think of the kids man bumblebee isnthe mascot of transformers after all

  • conrad marshall
    conrad marshall Day ago

    Getting feels... for a Transformer movie!! Whod've thought!?

  • Apaulyon Megsohn Devoir

    This is so cute! This is the Transformers movie the world needs!

  • Karim Bomar
    Karim Bomar Day ago

    sad very sad this movie is gonna suck badly I'm not watching it if this new director continues the franchise I'm hanging up my energon boots cause it's way beyond too late to start over

    • OneEyedGhoulX
      OneEyedGhoulX Day ago +1

      Karim Bomar LMAO judging a movie that isn't even out yet

  • Darran Chan
    Darran Chan Day ago +1

    "There are people who need you Bee". Yes Bee, the people who have been hurt by the Bayformers, we need you more than ever. We need this so much

  • molted freddys fan
    molted freddys fan Day ago +1

    In the 5 transformers movie bumblebee was a Camaro and now he's a Volkswagen Beetle i cant belive that I'll get to see generation 1 bumblebee and Starscream

  • Adit 5320
    Adit 5320 Day ago

    John cena

  • PawpawOintment
    PawpawOintment Day ago

    Holllllllly sheiitttt....a VW beetle Bumblebee, now that childhood....not some sportscar bullshit. Wait, is this a reboot?

  • BossStar Tv
    BossStar Tv Day ago +1

    John cena

  • Darnel Amos
    Darnel Amos Day ago +2

    We all know bee was always the sweetest of the autobots

  • Luis Andrei
    Luis Andrei Day ago +1

    You can actually see Bumblebee's Original form on Transformers The Ride 3D at the end when you kill Megatron from falling he's on the far left side. You can see him best in the front far right.

  • 雪瀬阿
    雪瀬阿 Day ago


  • Lord Gabriel
    Lord Gabriel Day ago

    Was that starscream? Looked like starscream...

    • Lord Gabriel
      Lord Gabriel Day ago

      Cyrus Wong /Kamen rider Build Oh that's lit. Somewhat resembles what the original starscream freakin' looked like.

    • Cyrus Wong /Kamen rider Build
      Cyrus Wong /Kamen rider Build Day ago

      Lord Gabriel it is him but he change

  • Lord Gabriel
    Lord Gabriel Day ago

    Aw Christ, They better do better than that transformer franchise, god it was awful, more alien than the story lol.

  • Tristan Magoon
    Tristan Magoon Day ago

    So I'm seeing bumblebee obviously and maybe Starscream idk lemme know what you guys think.

  • GayForGrievous
    GayForGrievous Day ago


  • Kenyatta Foster
    Kenyatta Foster Day ago

    Hot trash! You couldn't get me to see this movie at gunpoint! Hell to the NO! Start over using the TV cartoon or the comics or both as a blueprint or just quit making them! You're killing the franchise!

  • lex jr
    lex jr 2 days ago

    Sorry Herpy bumblebee just took over your car.

  • wolfpup3
    wolfpup3 2 days ago

    So, so many things wrong with these movies, but still, this looks the most promising since the first one. Damn it though, let him talk!

  • Ja Rule
    Ja Rule 2 days ago

    Bumblebee is so cute here like he a baby robot. Anyone agree ?

  • Rudy ESSJ
    Rudy ESSJ 2 days ago

    Hella gay .

    • Erik C
      Erik C Day ago

      Yes!! I'm guessing you haven't read the TF IDW comics. Super gay :))))

  • Ivan Monroy
    Ivan Monroy 2 days ago

    This movie reminds of the iron giant

  • Thomas Kalaij
    Thomas Kalaij 2 days ago

    Yas...Hailee Steinfield