Axe Throwing CONTEST! - Ten Minute Power Hour

  • Published on Dec 31, 2018
  • A small rag-tag family visits LA AXE to live out their old west fantasies.
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    Dir/shot by Tucker ►
    Edited by Matt Watson/Tucker ►
    Game Grumps are:
    Arin ►
    Danny ►
    Music from Stevia Sphere ►
    Mystery Sax Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
    #comedy #gamegrumps #axebar #axethrowing #powerhour
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Comments • 5 544

  • JJ
    JJ Hour ago

    _Hey i stuck it pretty good i cant pull it out_

  • JJ
    JJ Hour ago

    Dan flexed and the sleeves fell off

  • JJ
    JJ Hour ago

    Title: *10 MINUTE*
    Video: **15+ Minute**

  • Diamond
    Diamond 14 hours ago

    why does she remind me of that girl from that one alvin and the chipmunks movie when they're the island

  • Jjacob8600
    Jjacob8600 17 hours ago


  • bob joe
    bob joe 18 hours ago

    This is very safe

  • Axel The Red Panda
    Axel The Red Panda 20 hours ago

    10:30 “what’s it taste like bitch?”

  • NovaCam
    NovaCam 21 hour ago

    Hey, tortilla chips are just fine without salsa.

  • ForsakenGaming
    ForsakenGaming 2 days ago

    bless that woman for dealing with these goofs

  • John Rose
    John Rose 2 days ago

    I don’t think she knows they are commidains

  • David White
    David White 4 days ago

    I love when they get sassy/comedic hosts that play along with their quirkiness.

  • David White
    David White 4 days ago


  • Jova Lolich
    Jova Lolich 4 days ago

    Does anyone else think Carly is just so annoyed with them the entire time..... or is that just me?

    WEEABOO JONES 4 days ago


  • Bluecowgomoo {The Lord Of Cows}

    holy fuck dan is left handed, why did no one tell me this!?

  • ésto es tan fútbol

    Happy birthday daaaaaaan

  • Miguuel Garza
    Miguuel Garza 4 days ago

    Their minds are linked

  • Zarik Kajiwara
    Zarik Kajiwara 5 days ago

    did you see Dan's fucking forarms? god damn fucking arms of legend, only god himself can handle those guns, which leads me to believe...... Danny is god himself *kneels and bows before the almighty god*

  • Faith Jones
    Faith Jones 5 days ago

    Look... I'm already pretty gay.
    But Carly took that shit to a whole other level.

  • The common Skrublord

    One *hand*son

  • Marcus Cobar
    Marcus Cobar 5 days ago

    yeah she definitely hated them

  • Isaiah Bean
    Isaiah Bean 5 days ago

    Is arin singing the belt song to the dragon ball theme

  • EvilKron
    EvilKron 5 days ago

    She jumped out of her skin when Arin went "REALLY?"

  • WeaBea
    WeaBea 5 days ago

    Dan: "This is actually super awesome."
    Arin: "It's AXE-ually? :D"
    Dan: "Alright, Arin, for the love of god-"

  • Claire Wilson
    Claire Wilson 6 days ago

    Carly the axe girl is best grump

  • JDLupus
    JDLupus 6 days ago

    If I went on an axe throwing course, I would NOT be comfortable with my instructor standing as close to me as the lady does here. I'd definitely end up accidentally throwing the axe behind me _somehow..._

  • Yetti pool
    Yetti pool 6 days ago


  • Nightshade Valentin
    Nightshade Valentin 7 days ago

    10:57 what does that translate to?

  • Suction cup Man
    Suction cup Man 7 days ago

    No one noticed Karla’s nice pros for shows

  • Cody Sykes
    Cody Sykes 8 days ago

    1:44 get nice and low to that knob boys ;D

  • Samuel Hasan
    Samuel Hasan 9 days ago

    Dan: ARE WE THE SAME PERSON?!!!... (3 seconds later)..... Dan: you scumbag..

  • LilyTheDoof
    LilyTheDoof 9 days ago

    "This is my ax. It could kill a lot of men."

    I'm immediately in love

  • IsiahRay •
    IsiahRay • 10 days ago

    This is probably one of the funniest game grumps episodes I’ve seen in the last 2 years

  • pun princess
    pun princess 10 days ago

    axe throwing is actually very common in Canada, my mom did it once and got a compliment for perfect technique even though she's never done it before. there's this Halloween carnival in my city called scream-fest (now being named Hex) and there was axe throwing, it was fun although since im left handed, it wasn't easy for instructors to give me tips to improve

    AŚAP RôSE 12 days ago

    “So a man walks into a bar and goes ‘final round’ “

  • My Friend Aj
    My Friend Aj 12 days ago

    she reminds me of allyson stoner

  • XXB00tYL0rD69
    XXB00tYL0rD69 13 days ago

    dan looks like a modern caveman

  • anthony jimenez
    anthony jimenez 13 days ago

    She could ax my cheeks any day.

  • Nightsun Darklight
    Nightsun Darklight 13 days ago +2

    Whos ball sack do I have to swallow to get Carly in the next game grump's episode

  • Holiday Gamer
    Holiday Gamer 13 days ago

    The lady in the back round

  • Holiday Gamer
    Holiday Gamer 13 days ago

    I like how the camera man is behind the fence

  • brian rodriguez
    brian rodriguez 13 days ago

    TWICE CARLY HAS BEEN ON USclip here and up up down down GOOD JOB CARLY!!!!

  • thefatman69fude
    thefatman69fude 13 days ago

    That girl was like stfu and throw the axe

  • DataVortex 101
    DataVortex 101 14 days ago

    Dan is a fucking god

  • Carkea 1
    Carkea 1 14 days ago

    Who AXE-ed for this :D

  • varying-degrees
    varying-degrees 14 days ago

    LOL when Arin finally gets a hit and Dan gets a bullseye and steals the moment

  • Spencer Holland
    Spencer Holland 14 days ago

    Ngl that girl was well fit

  • Abby Marcotte
    Abby Marcotte 14 days ago

    I work at a place almost exactly like this in Arizona

  • GloriousBeast _254
    GloriousBeast _254 16 days ago

    Dan has the same shirt I have. Except his is in different color.

  • Andy Hestekin
    Andy Hestekin 16 days ago

    8:24 "I am drunk right now....with power!". Brilliant

  • AiLess
    AiLess 16 days ago

    This was ridiculous and great. My face hurts from all the laughing this video caused haha💯

  • The Banana Melon
    The Banana Melon 16 days ago

    I’m getting some really strong homo erotic vibes from this video.

    But Arin was in the D club so he can’t be gay

  • Apple Parakeey
    Apple Parakeey 17 days ago

    Arin's mustache makes his lip look 2 times bigger

  • Casey wasey
    Casey wasey 18 days ago

    Honestly lobbing anything sharp into wood is *very* satisfying

  • Obnoxious Goof
    Obnoxious Goof 18 days ago

    5:05 - Jesus Christ that ear rape

  • Thot Patrolling
    Thot Patrolling 18 days ago

    Is it just me or did she have some serious fuck me eyes on Danny

  • Flam
    Flam 18 days ago


  • Sei Verseicle
    Sei Verseicle 18 days ago

    Dan could be Thor in Endgame 😂

  • José Campaña
    José Campaña 19 days ago

    There's something about a girl who can fucking kobe axes like that, that turns me on

  • motoking
    motoking 19 days ago

    I think I’m in love with Carly holy crap

  • Anna Cline
    Anna Cline 19 days ago +1

    Gets cut by using bootleg bay blades
    Doesn't get cut throwing axes

  • thatnickid100
    thatnickid100 19 days ago

    Luuv this one omg

  • • Prince Zomboツ •

    Berserker Mains

  • GoWho Dey
    GoWho Dey 20 days ago

    I don't know what it is, but the way the axes hit at 9:30 just got me. The way that Dan's hit the board and then a second later, Arin's just slams against the board.

  • Azophi
    Azophi 20 days ago

    Wait.... dan is left handed

  • DubiousSpade375
    DubiousSpade375 21 day ago


  • Tony Schafer
    Tony Schafer 21 day ago

    Did anyone pick up the "Beat It" music video reference? I was cracking up😂😂

  • Roozel
    Roozel 21 day ago

    These guys are banging right?

  • Cole Lawrence
    Cole Lawrence 22 days ago

    she look like bhad bhabie

  • Water In a Glass
    Water In a Glass 22 days ago

    Game Grumps is slowly just becoming The Modern Rogue with gaming on the side lol

  • mme725
    mme725 22 days ago

    Danny Axebang

  • Jordzyi1
    Jordzyi1 22 days ago +1

    Lol lol, How they act feels absolute real but I know it’s all act but yeah legit feels real when they ague

  • OptimusProvost
    OptimusProvost 22 days ago

    This is my favorite TMPH ever! I’ve watched it like 7 times

  • Nomadic Santa
    Nomadic Santa 23 days ago

    We need the boys to do some just dance

  • Comrade Croissant
    Comrade Croissant 23 days ago

    its *AXE* - Tualy awesome, *AXE* - solutely, my fave instrument is the *AXE* - aphone, i want to commit *AXE* - cide cause of my *AXE* - tualy *AXE* - ibble jokes.

  • The FBI
    The FBI 23 days ago

    carly= dan genderswap

  • Tamashii
    Tamashii 23 days ago

    Damn dan’s got some forearms

  • ImpressiveDebt
    ImpressiveDebt 23 days ago +1

    For all you weaboos put there

  • X Butser
    X Butser 23 days ago

    Don't fucking Kid yourselves

  • Jam Plang
    Jam Plang 24 days ago

    She is mos def pitching for the other team so you axe boys need to throw it somewhere else.

  • Rin Tanner
    Rin Tanner 24 days ago

    God arins arms.
    slim thicc... skinny legend got me quaking

  • Rangertastic
    Rangertastic 24 days ago

    i need dans shirt but i got chicken legs for arms

  • Jamie Lochrine
    Jamie Lochrine 25 days ago

    I- am- drunk right now.....

    With *P O W E R! >:u*

  • Uncle Jacko
    Uncle Jacko 25 days ago +5

    welcome to the comment section.

    Everyone talking about the axe girl.

  • angryjester
    angryjester 25 days ago +1

    9:30 makes me cry every time i see it idk why

  • GoodePlays
    GoodePlays 26 days ago

    Wow, Carly is really pretty

  • Мэтью Уотсон

    Dan really likes dramatically talking through fences huh

  • Oskar Carnwath
    Oskar Carnwath 26 days ago

    never knew danny was left handed

  • DraconixHalfbreed
    DraconixHalfbreed 26 days ago

    For anyone near Las Vegas/Henderson, NV... Look up Axe Monkeys. I went once a month. Totally awesome place. I promise I don't work there.

  • Jeremy Fisher
    Jeremy Fisher 26 days ago


  • I Don't Even Know Anymore

    I simultaneously love and hate how they intentionally make themselves look really stupid.

  • GMo Kang-Suh
    GMo Kang-Suh 26 days ago

    Carly is hella cute but more importantly can keep up with them. Damn.

  • AndresLionheart
    AndresLionheart 26 days ago +2

    After Dan got hurt with a Beyblade I was concerned about them doing this. Good thing axe girl was there to keep them safe.

  • Tommy Lee Jones
    Tommy Lee Jones 27 days ago

    Axe girl is a cutie

  • Cake Isalie
    Cake Isalie 28 days ago

    “That could kill a lot of men”
    *”Thank you”*

  • Draven Petroski
    Draven Petroski 28 days ago

    dan: "hows it taste" meaning: good mytical morning mario quiz challenge

  • Chris Ness
    Chris Ness 28 days ago

    Have Carly as a guest grump

  • Stormy Weather Rolling

    This seems like an Eric Andre skit at the start

  • Kejame Goran
    Kejame Goran 28 days ago

    She sounds like Mika Kunis so me not looking at my tv I’m thinking it’s Meg talking to them 😂

  • Riley
    Riley 28 days ago

    i am a godddddddd *wheeze*