The Truth about Hydrogen

  • Published on Jul 27, 2018
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    Errors: I made an off hand comment about adding efficiencies in the video without thinking. This is obviously incorrect, but the final calculation does in fact multiply the efficiencies.
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  • Rodion Gulakov
    Rodion Gulakov 20 hours ago

    Hydrogen will make Australia so rich so soon. And Morocco bit latter

  • Manuel Ochoa
    Manuel Ochoa 21 hour ago

    Viva nikoli

  • Tony .w
    Tony .w 23 hours ago

    the home made hydrogen x battery/ solar is far less expensive fitted to cars thus far.has to be far cheaper..profit is the motive and focus behind this report

  • OrphanPaper
    OrphanPaper Day ago

    that's with the 260 times energy H has over electric with both being from free souses, H would still be viable and clean in a internal combustion , you are not taking battery disposal and creation which is extremely toxic

  • Lucas Lafitte
    Lucas Lafitte Day ago

    thank you very much for making this video. I'm a teenager that loves to learn new things of this world had to offer and duty as a human to take care of this earth we are living in. Love your video, i just randomly came upon this and made me open my mind to bigger opportunity in life. Keep up the good work and you have another supporter aboard :)

  • john smith
    john smith Day ago

    I didn't hear any mention of how explosive hydrogen is. If a car accident ruptures the tank it would wipe out anything or anyone close to it.

  • Gotcha2Tanks4Life

    Batteries will never have the range of hydrogen.... Because of this business with longer ranges will have more Intressest in to hydrogen... We will see a combination of fully electric... And hydrogen...

  • Snide Pete
    Snide Pete Day ago

    Nice! Rating comparisons in Watts/Kg. Seeing as how H2 is the lightest element on the periodic table, it's gonna look pretty good! How about rating it in Watts/$, or Watts/Watt of production power required?

  • Hanhee Yang
    Hanhee Yang Day ago

    3:34 In this image, why does hydrogen not have a significant difference in distance compared to electric vehicles if the specific energy is drastically higher in HFCs?

    • Milan Swoboda
      Milan Swoboda Day ago

      Because H2 has a low energy density by volume. The Mirai dual cylindrical tanks can hold a combined 5kg of H2 but have a volume capacity of over 120 liters and just the tanks weigh in at 87.5kg, Cylindrical tanks are necessary due to the high pressure the H2 is at but that makes it difficult to place them in the vehicle without intruding into the passenger space while still being safe and that will limit the amount that can be carried plus you have the conversion efficiency of the fuel cell stack which doesn't help the matter.

  • TheGandorX
    TheGandorX Day ago

    The one truth i care about is that i can get H2 from a fuel station in minutes. Electric cars take ages to charge.

  • Mike Rurak
    Mike Rurak 2 days ago

    You should also mention that the batteries themselves change. We have many new battery types just around the corner, some with much higher capacity and current. So it may take only a few minutes to charge at a station using a high amp high voltage supply. But yea at home charging is slow. But then again do you see anyone having a gas station in their home? no. I fully believe that electric cars will overtake their old gas powered counterparts in both range and charging time. And the natural(yes NATURAL) transition of economies will be in full swing. So to those protesting the oil industry and pipelines; newer technology is what will push them out of the picture, not you signs and chants. And it is better for the economies as well. Gives time and revenue for formally oil based economies to transition to the newer stuff. For example Canada moving on the Lithium and other metals. The middle east moving toward tourism and businesses hubs(like Dubai). It is easier to transition from one economy to another then it is to shut down an entire economy hoping to rebuild it from scratch. You can't build with nothing.

  • Prof. Michael O. Zeee JCD ECS

    Good and fair analysis, Thanks

  • Blade 3243
    Blade 3243 2 days ago

    You forgot to explain how these cars are produced as well as how the majority of electricity in the us is currently produced.

  • Ahmet Kadaif
    Ahmet Kadaif 2 days ago

    "Man, this show is the biggest load of rubbish I ever heard in my life" - Bo Didley
    This is so obviously being highly paid for.
    This is not just cheap advertising, it is a joke in a very bad taste.
    Ask Japan.

  • Maeguk
    Maeguk 2 days ago

    Just don''t forget that hydrogen currently is coming from CH4 and not water. That's why fuel cell would be a great win to oil companies.

  • jb
    jb 2 days ago

    TLDR: Thermodynamics shows that Hydrogen is a terrible choice as a fuel source when compared with electricity.

  • Max Bliss
    Max Bliss 2 days ago

    Electric cars... limitation and control of movement for a one world government.

  • Thaopao Yang
    Thaopao Yang 2 days ago

    Why not use electrolysis and hydrogen production using the energy from the alternator. Hybrid technology should work with each other.

    • Milan Swoboda
      Milan Swoboda Day ago

      Electrolysis to produce Hydrogen = inefficient. Please be a little more specific on "using energy from the alternator"?

  • A.E. W.
    A.E. W. 2 days ago

    Great job of showing why hydrogen fuel cell systems are not the future. Anyone who claims otherwise does not understand the importance of efficiency when it comes to using renewable energy sources for fuel. Bottom line: It would be a colossal waste of resources to try to make fuel cells work especially with renewable fuel tech as the primary hydrogen process fuel source. Big oil is heavily subsidizing all facets of fuel cell because it's the only way gasoline/petrol remains viable with battery powered cars. Sure gas turbines can produce electricity but the Sun and wind will soon eventually make that option obsolete as the renewable tech matures. Big oil knows this hence why it wants fuel cell cars to take off. It's a dead end.

  • Anti NWO
    Anti NWO 2 days ago +1

    What bunk this video truly is. All one must do is replace their regular spark plugs with specially designed spark plugs that convert every cylinder into a Hydrogen generator IN REAL TIME. In other words the special spark plug uses the 10,000 volts being delivered to it by a coil pack to separate Hydrogen and Oxygen from the water being delivered to the motor from the fuel tank by electric pumps AND detonates it in the same 1/100th of a second with NO electrolyte. The only conversion your engine needs to use this system is to adjust its timing to top dead center of zero as Hydrogen will explode 200 times faster than gasoline or diesel. This system has already been tested and is 100% successful and reliable. Why then fool around with fuel cells which are only 82% efficient when special spark plugs are 99% efficient? The maker of this video is either unaware of this or he is pushing his own agendas for the slim market for a company who is clueless. Either way they are behind in the latest technology. WAY behind โ€ฆ .. ..

  • Alasdair Whyte
    Alasdair Whyte 2 days ago

    how long do the batteries last?

  • Daniel Rose
    Daniel Rose 2 days ago

    Your comparison does not consider the weight benefit of hydrogen. There is a huge efficiency loss for electric vehicles simply because the car is heavier. I am also curious how the efficiency of a plug in / hydrogen hybrid looks like. Small light battery for maybe 50km and a fuel cell for long trips. With mist of the trips below 50km and a total weight below a long range electric car, it might be a viable solution.

    • Milan Swoboda
      Milan Swoboda Day ago

      Look up the curb weight of a Tesla 3 long range and compare it with the curb weight of a Toyota Mirai, both have a similar range. Furthermore FCEV already has a battery to help with efficiency and a bigger battery will not help with their obesity problem.

  • George Kiriazos
    George Kiriazos 2 days ago +2

    Both have nasty booms, I propose flintstone style vehicles.

  • Chen David
    Chen David 2 days ago

    great analysis!

  • look at this guy here

    wow, total lack of economic sense. Prices come down with growth. Look at literally every other tech innovation. Also, as the grid transitions to renewables (and hopefully nuclear) the environmental impact argument also gets less and less relevant.... meanwhile, mining lithium continues to poison the water and consume huge resources. Dude. I thought you were smart.

  • bagustiko
    bagustiko 3 days ago

    the problem is that EV car use lithium (non renewable resources). EV is the answer for the near future, but Fuel cell is the answer for the distance future.

    • Milan Swoboda
      Milan Swoboda Day ago

      So fuel cells and hydrogen storage tanks only use renewable resources ? that's news to me

  • j j
    j j 3 days ago

    Wait what? No! putting energy into batteries CANNOT BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CANNOT BE 100% Efficient!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LAW OF CONSERVATION OF ENERGY!!!!! JESUS You are supposed to be engineers! This sounds like propaganda bullshit now. PLEASE Take into account things like LAWS of physics? I know it's hard and all but they are LAW's you can't just skim over them.

  • John Evans
    John Evans 3 days ago +2

    There won't be any cheap "off peak" night time electricity if everyone are charging their cars !!

  • Callum Palliser-Hanks

    Very informative, thank you

  • Phillip Jones
    Phillip Jones 3 days ago

    Hydrogen sounds like a good idea but, as soon as it sees a sniff of Oxygen it only the smallest amount of heat to set off an explosion, far less than petrol. Chemists know how dangerous hydrogen is. In fact it is often said that you only have to look at it funny for it to explode. It is far too dangerous to use in road vehicles.

  • Philip Malter
    Philip Malter 3 days ago

    While what you say is true for automobile transportation it is not true for robotic air transportation--which is the future of all transportation. Batteries are simply too heavy for air transportation.

  • Andre P
    Andre P 3 days ago

    End of the day, this will be determined by the cost to build the network. Building multiple safe hydrogen stations will cost $Billions. Where as power lines are already everywhere. Costs relatively nothing to set up an electric plug (admittedly a posh one).

  • Andre P
    Andre P 3 days ago +6

    Real Engineering: Really applaud your change in tune regarding Hydrogen (c.f. your last video on this). It takes a lot of self confidence to change your opinion, and its a sign you are defined by the facts rather than your own biases. Well done.

    TECH_GOKU 3 days ago

    What about the battery replacement cost

    • Milan Swoboda
      Milan Swoboda Day ago

      What about the fuel cell replacement cost? you do know that they degrade as well, right? ( download the Toyota Mirai service manual and check their notes on Fuel cell stack performance )

  • Miss Take
    Miss Take 4 days ago

    Yes its great the Hydrogen fuel cell is now available on e-bikes.

  • Dan Strayer
    Dan Strayer 4 days ago

    No discussion of this is complete without an explanation of the energy required to break the hydrogen bond during electrolysis.
    Very good and rational video none the less

    • Michael
      Michael 4 days ago

      That bond can be broken through resonance, but don't try to sell one.

  • Alastair Carnegie
    Alastair Carnegie 4 days ago

    This little video, of a Switch Release very simple Halbach array, (A dirty old scrap one) has let us coin an appropriate metaphor "Revolutionary Potential".

  • gblueslover2
    gblueslover2 4 days ago

    Who wants a vehicle that "MUST" be fueled at ANOTHER "station" anyways, VS. when you can just charge your vehicle while you're sleeping or at work ?
    Hydrogen just keeps the world a far more complex place.

  • Philippe De Clerck
    Philippe De Clerck 4 days ago

    The most efficient means of transport remains a modal shift to active modes (walking/cycling) for short distances combined with collective means of transportation. Cars should be an exception (businesses involving transportation of tools, people with limited mobility) rather than the rule. What we need to adapt is not just our technology but also (and more importantly) the way our spaces are used. Unfortunately that's a hard sell in product-driven economies.

  • Leevi h
    Leevi h 4 days ago

    Why would you not explain the pollution that making batteries caudes? All the mining of lithium and that.

    • Leevi h
      Leevi h Day ago

      @Milan Swoboda I'am just cherry picking and not too familiar with the subject. Good points you have there

    • Milan Swoboda
      Milan Swoboda Day ago +1

      What about the materials required for the fuel cells and the H2 high pressure tanks, they do not cause pollution? Or do you just want to do some cherry picking?

    • Anthony Sach
      Anthony Sach 4 days ago +1

      And possibly the wars. Afghanistan has huge amounts of lithium to mine. Just saying, as oil has been blamed for wars.

  • Utah Home Design
    Utah Home Design 5 days ago

    Why not make the batteries exchangeable so that rather than waiting almost an hour for the battery to charge, you simply exchange your spent battery for one that's already charged in a matter of minutes? You'd just have to make all electric vehicles run off the same battery, also making them easy to remove and replace, and include the cost of eventual battery replacement in the cost of refueling. There ya go, my contribution to saving the planet. Now take that and run with it Elon.

    • Anthony Sach
      Anthony Sach 4 days ago

      I have seen that this is being trialled. but It wont work if all manufactures have different shape batteries.

  • Robert Futch
    Robert Futch 5 days ago

    Where is graffene battery?

  • Robert Futch
    Robert Futch 5 days ago

    Why don't you manufacture in the vehicle. This will work.

  • vixxxx123
    vixxxx123 5 days ago

    How high do you value 3 hours (realisticly more) of your life? Would you like to spend it on a motorway fuel station watching your car recharging? Where does the electricity that goes in it comes from (not counting Norway)? What do you do with the batteries after a couple (literaly) of years? Are they ecological to produce? (stupid question) How much does the new set of them cost? I know just one answer: PETROL

  • Martin Zitter
    Martin Zitter 5 days ago

    It may seem odd, but I don't mind sitting in traffic as much as I used to. My white-on-white Model 3 dual motor is so cheerful and comfortable and the military-grade HEPA-filtered climate control and sound system are so cool that I hardly notice the traffic. With 325 miles of range taking only a cup of joe and a piece of pie to top off, I can get to Dallas and back before you can say howdy, y'all. Oh, and I don't even have to drive anymore.

  • Lifedestoryer
    Lifedestoryer 5 days ago

    Why not put a mini wind turbine or solar panel on cars

    • Milan Swoboda
      Milan Swoboda 4 days ago

      because you'd need a lot of solar panel surface area to have a noticeable impact and wind turbines create drag which decreases efficiency

  • firstlt2
    firstlt2 5 days ago

    How about residential solar panels powering the electric car...Wall Street's nightmare scenario ;). Hydrogen is a great idea for aircraft though, each airport could have its own production facility.

  • Joseph DuPont
    Joseph DuPont 6 days ago +1

    Once again you seem to forget that you can produce hydrogen anyplace and pipe it at high pressures all over the place and you also be piping oxygen all over the place and just tremendous amount of use of oxygen for Hydroponics hospitals and people who have breathing problems and you have it already pressurized and when the product gas comes out of the tank you can recover some of that energy to run things like you can generate electricity through a turbine as this stuff expands out to the use to either burn in the car or for a fuel cell so you really not I don't think telling the whole story but

    • Joseph DuPont
      Joseph DuPont 4 days ago

      In any case a mixture of one part hydrogen 99 parts are can explode so it wouldn't take much of a leak with hydrogen have a real issue

    • gblueslover2
      gblueslover2 4 days ago

      I agree with you !
      Driving around with pressurized tanks and ONCE AGAIN depending upon filling stations to charge you vehicle DOES NOT improve our lives, just because we'd get better mileage.
      The trade off doesn't eliminate the typical service station stops which are a huge pain and inconvenience we already know well of.

  • Joseph DuPont
    Joseph DuPont 6 days ago

    Hydrogen can food be produced with a windmill which will produce high pressure hydrogen electrolysis does not care how much back pressure is our is it basically takes the same amount of energy to Bubble hydrogen into the air or the bubbling up to thousands of PSI which means you can pipe decide origin for free and the oxygen for hospitals and other oxygen usages which they'd people do use oxygen so these two Commodities could be piped across the United States for absolutely free no extra energy and that's where you get your

    • Joseph DuPont
      Joseph DuPont 3 days ago

      I remember a gas line blowing up in Edison New Jersey long long time ago and somehow their piping some big pipes of natural gas

    • Michael
      Michael 3 days ago

      The oil companies cannot keep any pipeline from leaking oil. Do you think hydrogen will be properly contained?

  • Seropnio 808
    Seropnio 808 6 days ago +1

    they should just release anti-gravity technology....goodbye currency system

  • Jorge Nascimento
    Jorge Nascimento 6 days ago

    How much pollution is generated to reform all those tesla batteries, and even normal batteries, i don't see the musk man solving that problem, all i see is a rich guy trying to leave earth forever.
    But, great technical video.

    • Anthony Sach
      Anthony Sach 4 days ago

      Once Earth is ruined he can move to Mars.

  • 9600GTMAN
    9600GTMAN 6 days ago

    you cna fuck yourself in the ass tesla salesman...

  • David Pennington
    David Pennington 6 days ago

    why didnt he compare storing hydrgen in a solid form of hydride in this form hydrgen stored in 3 or 4 scuba size tanks can provide enoughhydrgen fuel to drive a v8 powered car atleast 300 miles

    • Michael
      Michael 4 days ago

      Hydrogen storage is a BIG mistake. It must be generated upon demand in a vehicle and not dispensed in fueling stations. Hydrogen leaks through the tiniest gaps, unlike other fuels. You have seen the idiots in gasoline filling stations smoking cigarettes at the pump. What happens in an accident? That solid hydride you are recommending will be a bomb, as it will convert back to gas fast. There is a reason why those trying to create alternatives to gasoline are assassinated. Remember the "water car"? Where is that vehicle now? In the scrap heap.

  • sloflo
    sloflo 6 days ago +2

    A quick google search of battery vs gas ecological impact will yield you multiple results on studies that have concluded batteries are way less impactful on our environment (especially since were getting way better at recycling batteries every day). So can we just stop with the ignorant comments about how batteries are as bad as gas. TY

    • Texas Ray
      Texas Ray 2 days ago

      Batteries don't make electricity, they only store it. Solar and wind are jokes. The electricity will be coming from nukes and governments will have a monopoly and total control over every aspect of our lives. That is the real crisis.

  • Izzy Sat
    Izzy Sat 6 days ago +1

    Another hidden agenda electric car sale man video

  • Wiciu Wiciu
    Wiciu Wiciu 6 days ago +1

    LPG bitches!
    You have petrol engine? Add LPG instalation. You will get dual fuel car, without sacrifaceing anything :) in Poland price of 1l petrol is 5,40PLN and LPG is 2,30PLN. Same mileage, same car, same power, same range, same stations...

  • Matthias Lauer
    Matthias Lauer 7 days ago +1

    Thanks for the video.

    However, would the 13% storage losses not be subtracted from the remaining 80%, resulting in a 30,4% loss instead of a 33% loss?

  • Tyler Padgett
    Tyler Padgett 7 days ago +1

    I'll take this any day over a pos EV

  • piticfilms
    piticfilms 7 days ago

    Bob Lazar brought me here.

  • Anthony Sach
    Anthony Sach 7 days ago +1

    As with most inventions that we think are good (plastic for one) There is going to be a time when we get overrun by unusable dead lithium batteries. I was going to say they will be sent to China l for 10 year olds to deal with but China is clamping down on waste from other countries.
    Serum lithium levels of 1.5-2.0 mM may have mild and reversible toxic effects on kidney, liver, heart, and glands. ... Prolonged lithium intoxication >2 mM can cause permanent brain damage. Lithium has low mutagenic and carcinogenic risk.

  • Yash Lohana
    Yash Lohana 7 days ago +3

    What if fuel cells are used for electric planes...make a video in this perspective

  • Aaron C-B
    Aaron C-B 8 days ago

    How about Compressed Natural Gas bi-fuel Hybrids? Use methane rather than hydrogen. It is not completely CO2 free. Methane vs CO2, though, is a much worse greenhouse gas... at 30x worse per volume. Methane is produced naturally from the rotting of biological mater anyway. To collect it and use it seems to make a lot of sense. Much cleaner than petroleum, and can be used in current tech vehicles.

  • No Idea 14
    No Idea 14 8 days ago

    I used the *energy* to *get* the *energy*

  • Oliver North
    Oliver North 8 days ago

    You are biased towards electric cars. What about the heat loss through charging. What about the loss of power through resistance of wires from the batteries to the electric motors? Electric motors them selves are also only 60-70% efficient. Hydrogen through the production from electrolysis has no pollution associated with it. Unlike electricity from the grid which produce pollution from coal power or nuclear power. Cent for cent Hydrogen is a clear winner.

  • peter peterle
    peter peterle 8 days ago

    LOHC... Completely unproblematic liquid binds hydrogen in the ratio 1: 650 !!!

  • peter peterle
    peter peterle 8 days ago

    ...sick of Your numbers..

  • peter peterle
    peter peterle 8 days ago +1

    Hydrogen should be generated at fuel-stations - directly from regenerative energy!

  • Dirt Days
    Dirt Days 8 days ago +1

    Good Video,
    One thing is energy loss this video calculate hydrogen from first stage loss but battery calculate from Electricity grid ?
    in this case for fare comparison you should show how much loss when producing electricity to feed grid ?

    • Dakota Williams
      Dakota Williams 5 days ago

      More CLEAN COAL is needed to produce electricity.

  • Dustin Boyd
    Dustin Boyd 9 days ago

    The one thing I thought you should take into account is the recycling of the batteries. The larger batteries in EVs causes an issue with lithium availability. Hydrogen offsets that a bit since the batteries are often smaller like in the new Hyundai Nexo.

  • James Wedding
    James Wedding 9 days ago

    I'll stick to my Gas that I can fill up in under 5 minutes and be back on the road. maybe if somebody figures out how to make an EV go like 2000miles on one charge and not look like a fucking toaster then I'll change my mind. EV Jeep Wrangler 2 door with 500mile range is what I need