What Happens If We Throw an Elephant From a Skyscraper? Life & Size 1

  • Published on Aug 10, 2017
  • Size is the most under appreciated regulators of living things. Let us demonstrate that by throwing animals from buildings.
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    What Happens If We Throw an Elephant From a Skyscraper? Life & Size 1

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    • Bobby Kids
      Bobby Kids 4 days ago

      +Daniel H *second

    • Literally just some rock.
      Literally just some rock. 10 days ago

      You'd basicly be arrested for doing bad things to animals. Done!

    • UMESH Shridar
      UMESH Shridar 26 days ago

      Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell
      Its not about the size
      Its the surface in which u are falling
      As we all know everything drops at 9.8g
      So its the same speed
      The mouse survived because the surface was capable enough to handle it..
      But partial for the dog and not for elephant
      If we drop a elephant on a block of height of empire state building make of cotton am dam sure that it will survive

    • Knight mare
      Knight mare Month ago

      How do u make these videos?

    • bafor 1o
      bafor 1o 2 months ago


  • Zeezee SD
    Zeezee SD Day ago

    I am reporting u for animal cruelty.... 😉

  • Dr. Nintendo
    Dr. Nintendo Day ago

    Lets hope P.E.T.A doesn't see the beginning of this video.

  • Teague
    Teague Day ago

    So if Godzilla crashed into our planet, it Should have died on impact.. right?

  • jbnOracle
    jbnOracle 2 days ago

    You havent seen that "DUMBO THE ELEPHANT"

  • Rojdeeosim การเคาะลีฟะฮ์

    Why kingkong didn't explode

  • 이준영
    이준영 2 days ago

    3:24 Mouse: Uhh... sooooooo heeaaavyyyyy........

  • Logan Poo
    Logan Poo 2 days ago

    If you threw a insect from the iss it would die right when it fell to the ground

  • Alien Tree Guy
    Alien Tree Guy 2 days ago

    This video makes me think of a thing I've always wanted to see. A elephant being shot by a 88mm Flak.

  • Babadun Badaboobs
    Babadun Badaboobs 2 days ago


  • Whitefang 73005
    Whitefang 73005 2 days ago

    *jumps off building* CMERE DOGGO! WE CAN DIE TOGETHER

  • Neiden kroa
    Neiden kroa 2 days ago

    ...Lets not do that

    FELIX BABAYAGA 3 days ago

    Ooh thats why If I throw a Ant from lv 88 skyscrapers if didn't die

  • Leif
    Leif 3 days ago

    Ananimal aboos

  • RED Engineer
    RED Engineer 3 days ago


  • Shawn Wellons
    Shawn Wellons 3 days ago

    Hmm let’s have a dog falling from a skyscraper whyyyyy

  • KidsToys
    KidsToys 3 days ago

    *Poor elephant* 🐘

  • ZiNTiS
    ZiNTiS 3 days ago


  • SpiritualFoxPlays - Try hard Player

    So how does Ant Man breathe when it’s smaller than atoms?

  • Dogey _Gaming
    Dogey _Gaming 5 days ago

    No wonder when i throw an ant from my hand to the floor that thing is still walking like nothing happened

  • yo tengo
    yo tengo 5 days ago

    so can i throw a newborn baby down from a roof

  • Duy phúc Tề
    Duy phúc Tề 5 days ago

    So confuse 😪

  • Rizky Kazuto
    Rizky Kazuto 5 days ago

    The biggest part.
    Do you believe oxygen could change the body size?

  • SY QQX
    SY QQX 5 days ago

    4.1k animal protectionist disliked this video.

  • leah elliott
    leah elliott 6 days ago

    I want that ball animal as my pet.

  • iron cake 460
    iron cake 460 6 days ago

    At 1:16 stampy long head name

  • kiran kumar
    kiran kumar 6 days ago

    Dat mouse and the blue circle 🔵 thingie are so cute I am gonna DIE!!!

  • Gory Girl
    Gory Girl 6 days ago

    Why would you do such a thing?

  • Sean Gall
    Sean Gall 7 days ago

    Ha what if you could have tiny dog size elephants all fluffy, like a Mammoth without tusks

  • trainer ruby
    trainer ruby 7 days ago +1

    What if one day this guy ends up with an nobal prize.

  • De viccho
    De viccho 7 days ago

    It dies lol

    STANCANADMAPLELEAF 7 days ago +1

    Bah il serait mort

  • Dan SV
    Dan SV 8 days ago

    "the small you are the less you care about gravity" yea..like yea,not in a void

    AMAR NEGI 8 days ago +1

    First question how can we take an elephant on the top of a skyscraper we need a xxxxxl lift for that

  • Jesus Rafael Moreno Piña

    Isn't the elephant supposse to hit the mattress first?

  • Levix-GamePlay
    Levix-GamePlay 8 days ago +1

    Size matters

  • Gacha Galáctico
    Gacha Galáctico 8 days ago

    My dog is bigger than me

  • eastern mv
    eastern mv 9 days ago

    PETA hate this video

  • Da BigKing Gaming
    Da BigKing Gaming 9 days ago

    They die, the end.

  • Wouter R
    Wouter R 9 days ago

    so ur saying bugs are B O N E L E S S

  • Wouter R
    Wouter R 9 days ago

    its mass u bombidingdong

  • mebug
    mebug 9 days ago

    "let's find out" **breaks into a zoo**

  • Saurum
    Saurum 10 days ago

    that theoretical spherical animal was embarrassed when its weight was ~8 kg and I'm here at ~60 kg and I'm happy as shit lmao

    A SEARCHER 10 days ago

    Hi guys. I have a channel about philosophy not history of phlisophy .I'm asking some questions and I try to find the answers .Can you watch my first video and help me to find the answer ?

  • wander last
    wander last 11 days ago


  • ulises Orta
    ulises Orta 11 days ago +1

    4:50 eww

  • ulises Orta
    ulises Orta 11 days ago +1

    I dont swim so.wtimes

  • ulises Orta
    ulises Orta 11 days ago +1

    How much gravity makes all elephant in world ina cube

  • ulises Orta
    ulises Orta 11 days ago +2

    Aaaaaah pigeons are domimating world

    HVGUY 11 days ago

  • MMJ
    MMJ 11 days ago

    Only ALLAH makes the things, there is no such a thing as, creator that is called evolution

  • Enno Fenz
    Enno Fenz 11 days ago

    I wonder how many englishmen are confused by the word "kurzgesagt"

  • Subho Manna
    Subho Manna 11 days ago

    *Just one question: why would I even throw an elephant from a skyscraper*

  • Alex Pisko
    Alex Pisko 11 days ago

    Oh gawwwwdd now I'm sad because of the 🐕 😭

  • Efemral
    Efemral 12 days ago

    Poor tiny gross alien :(

  • • Faymosh •
    • Faymosh • 12 days ago +1

    size matters!

  • Star TechTricks
    Star TechTricks 13 days ago

    Only Indians will find it funny

  • Star TechTricks
    Star TechTricks 13 days ago

    The mice is so cute..

  • Akshit Patil
    Akshit Patil 13 days ago

    There is no 'WE' its only you throwing elephant of a building

    殺TMCERION 14 days ago

    This is pure art

  • TheMikeBase
    TheMikeBase 14 days ago

    the answer is that gravity doesn't scale.

  • Itay Dali
    Itay Dali 14 days ago

    Not accurate. Its because the potential energy is dependent on mass of the object, elephant weight 250,000 time than a mouse. And that why the damage is much greater.

  • Angery Pepe
    Angery Pepe 15 days ago

    So, let's say I throw a living quark across the universe and space gravity would also be the same as earth gravity. Would the quark survive?

  • sack boy 166
    sack boy 166 15 days ago

    Poor doggo

  • dennis witono
    dennis witono 16 days ago

    size does matter folks

  • Sonu MsVr
    Sonu MsVr 16 days ago

    Moral of the video - Size does matter

  • Caleb Jemitola
    Caleb Jemitola 16 days ago +1

    I want more videos from this series 😭

  • kaitlynn lazzanicc
    kaitlynn lazzanicc 16 days ago

    so if my dick fell down the tsar building it would be perfectly fine?

  • Zimvgig Uolivich
    Zimvgig Uolivich 16 days ago

    now I feel how Antman feels. heheheh!!!😝😝😝

  • Diego
    Diego 16 days ago

    This is why Ron Burgundy's dog survived

  • Anonymous stuf
    Anonymous stuf 17 days ago

    through a force called hydrogen bonding hugh!!!

  • N 4
    N 4 17 days ago +1

    *He dies.*

  • Keith Keiser
    Keith Keiser 17 days ago

    What if i drop my Nokia from a skyscraper

  • samdaboss Gaming
    samdaboss Gaming 17 days ago


  • Andres Sin Tilde.
    Andres Sin Tilde. 17 days ago

    I love this recommendations

  • Govind Varma - Jean Augustine SS (2612)

    Small insect:Water don’t get near me
    Water: But I just wanted to be your friend

  • Group Project - In a nutshell

    Curiosity ......

    In a nutshell .

  • ikickslayer Gaming
    ikickslayer Gaming 17 days ago

    So size matter *huhhhh*

  • fitrian hidayat
    fitrian hidayat 17 days ago

    But how did you get the elephant climbed all those stairs? The elevators definitely won't fit

  • Kateryna Vykhrystyuk
    Kateryna Vykhrystyuk 18 days ago

    Grindelwald’s lizard is alive!!!✌️😍

  • Eddie3444
    Eddie3444 18 days ago

    Lifestylepolska steals your content ;-)

  • fake !
    fake ! 18 days ago

    Air drag is major reason.

  • multisomebodyelse notme

    hmm interesting....buuuuut real answer = it would vibrate untill it basically explodes or half explodes pre hitting the ground.

  • manish srivastava
    manish srivastava 18 days ago

    Such a cute marble!!!!!!

  • o Freedxm Ios
    o Freedxm Ios 18 days ago

    This channel is almost all about death

  • Luke Winn
    Luke Winn 18 days ago

    does that mean i can walk on water if i coat myself in hair?

  • Yo boi Sketchers
    Yo boi Sketchers 18 days ago

    Size matters

  • Daniela Dean
    Daniela Dean 18 days ago

    Rip gud boi

  • Vampony Prince Artemis

    hey Kurzgesagt, you tend to forget when we take an insect to be physically ugly, we are horrendous looking to them

  • nilpoint
    nilpoint 18 days ago

    And if you throw Trump and the rest of the elephants off?

  • FridgePlayerYT
    FridgePlayerYT 18 days ago

    Animal cruelty

  • Anson the pro!
    Anson the pro! 19 days ago

    When I heard about fairy flies Im so disgusted they might be just flying around me right now

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    hokiepokie 19 days ago

    So Italian men can breathe under water?!?!

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    Quwyn Iscoool 19 days ago +1

    But why does my chinchilla live longer then my dog

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    xX/SpAcEoUt\Xx 7 19 days ago +1

    So my hopes and dreams will grow X1000?!
    but I have none...

    RAYTHEONGAMING 19 days ago


  • Vescalius
    Vescalius 19 days ago

    why'd you have to choose a dog?

  • Thomas Crum
    Thomas Crum 19 days ago

    So if you're small enough you can "swim" through air, if you are big enough could you "swim" through solids?

  • a n
    a n 19 days ago

    When heard explode, that why human explode and become pieces in air plane crash to water, but cloth are fine.

  • NinjaAdorable
    NinjaAdorable 19 days ago

    Where is part 2 ???