What Happens If We Throw an Elephant From a Skyscraper? Life & Size 1

  • Published on Aug 10, 2017
  • Size is the most under appreciated regulators of living things. Let us demonstrate that by throwing animals from buildings.
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    What Happens If We Throw an Elephant From a Skyscraper? Life & Size 1

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      Enrico DM Month ago


    • king james488
      king james488 2 months ago

      so what use is it? get outta here lol...

    • Liberis Puritatem
      Liberis Puritatem 3 months ago

      "Insects evolved to be water repellent" is an outdated lamarckism. Water repellent characteristics allowed them to survive, not the other way around.

    • Kim Baylosis
      Kim Baylosis 3 months ago

      Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell zz D

  • ExcełlentTørch
    ExcełlentTørch 2 hours ago

    Because the smallest is the lightest.

  • gilgamesh310
    gilgamesh310 22 hours ago

    That’s elephant must have made a big hole in the ground as it exploded.

  • captain calamity

    it gives me faith in humanity to see that so many people chose to make subtitles for this video that it now has captions for 33 different languages.

  • Ali M
    Ali M Day ago

    Good channel :)

  • Joanne Bartolo
    Joanne Bartolo 2 days ago +1

    Soooo...... fortnite skins are ove 9000 times bigger than a blue whale to take that much fall damage?!

  • Hunter Boyer
    Hunter Boyer 2 days ago

    This ruins the meme do bugs take fall damage

  • Artur Zathas
    Artur Zathas 2 days ago

    .... splash!
    now on with the video

  • Angela Zockt
    Angela Zockt 2 days ago

    Watching that Videos on LSD is fucking mind blowing xD

    Yasin KARAAHMET 3 days ago

    Why we are doing that!?

  • TeeCan
    TeeCan 3 days ago

    Slav will live...

  • Caleb Davidson
    Caleb Davidson 3 days ago

    You get arrested.

  • Doctorwaffles99
    Doctorwaffles99 4 days ago

    kurzgesagt should do a "is water wet"

  • Hpdestroyer Games
    Hpdestroyer Games 4 days ago


  • Dale Ecleo
    Dale Ecleo 5 days ago

    Mice:How did the mouse suvived?

  • 3liz Tan
    3liz Tan 5 days ago

    I want mosquito to be extinct

  • TheFirstSurviver
    TheFirstSurviver 5 days ago

    a very wood thing to do

  • Poofy Pie
    Poofy Pie 6 days ago

    That marble mouse... You made it cute by making it concerned about it's weight, then killed it the exact next moment. How could you break my heart like that!? ;~:

  • Born2Boogup
    Born2Boogup 6 days ago

    How dare you kill a dog. (I'm kidding, but love your videos!)

  • ChitChatCAT
    ChitChatCAT 6 days ago

    So size does matter?

  • Trần Tiến Giang
    Trần Tiến Giang 7 days ago

    Rip elephant.

  • Your Pride
    Your Pride 8 days ago

    Thats just a theory... just do a real practice...
    Dont be theoryman world isnt work that way...

  • Low whet
    Low whet 9 days ago

    Mom stop complaining that I'm underweight

  • Elsabear
    Elsabear 9 days ago

    They fall.

  • xXtentionKord
    xXtentionKord 9 days ago

    If we threw a elephant of a skyscraper I would bust in to tears and wonder why humanity is so cruel

  • venus ayomide
    venus ayomide 9 days ago

    Thanks thus was so cool swimming tru air like gelly😂

  • Yasmina Björklund HV17 KRISTINEGYMNASIET

    Stop being mean to elephant 😭

  • Andrei Bercea
    Andrei Bercea 10 days ago

    why would you throw an elephant

  • Roku
    Roku 10 days ago


    SF MORRIS 10 days ago

    what a horrible video. what if we throw you from a sky scraper

  • Svetusha
    Svetusha 11 days ago

    The answer is not size, it’s force.
    F=M x A
    Mass times acceleration effects force. The units is Newtons.

  • hjaja bjka
    hjaja bjka 11 days ago

    I always fascinated knowing how different animals from different sizes and species see the world. Insects are really interesting but unfortunately I'm afraid of them :(

  • Totalingearth 4
    Totalingearth 4 12 days ago

    To answer the question in the title:


  • Avid
    Avid 12 days ago

    Sadic level 1000

  • Lukas Manos
    Lukas Manos 13 days ago

    What if humans created a suit that biomimicked the feet of a pond skater? Maybe then , if we keep researching, and persevering through trial and error, we could find a way to walk on water. I'm not scientist though, so what i'm suggesting is probably impossible as of right now. What I just said probably sounds really stupid to scientists reading this. lol

  • Sergius Liwang
    Sergius Liwang 14 days ago

    Stop exploding elephants, you did it in part two

  • Filip Stajic
    Filip Stajic 14 days ago

    It will fall and die.

  • The PlushieMiners101
    The PlushieMiners101 15 days ago

    That spherical animal is CUTE

  • Beth R
    Beth R 15 days ago

    Where are the rest of the size videos? I tried to get TED to do one of these and they turned me down. So excited you are tackling size and scaling. I used the first one in my biology class. I want to use more! Keep me posted when you add. I signed up for the newsletter :-)

  • peter grafkind
    peter grafkind 15 days ago

    Why would we do that?

  • Luke R
    Luke R 16 days ago

    Should have used a cat, not a dog.

  • Superglatic26 Minecraft fortnite vlogging and more

    0_0 lol I livery is channel you can learn here and have fun make sure to subscribe 👌👍

  • Martin Gonzalez
    Martin Gonzalez 16 days ago

    lo he comprobado y los 3 mueren, aunque el ratón agonizó un poco más, los otros dos murieron instantáneamente pero el elefante no explotó, solo se habrió exponiéndo sus órganos internos pero no llego a explotar, es todo, fue divertido me costó un poco de dinero pero me divertí mucho.

  • Parallax
    Parallax 17 days ago

    See guys, size matters.

  • Darkend Smile
    Darkend Smile 17 days ago

    If I had a dollar for every time Kursesagt - In a Nutshell said die in a video. I would be a millionaire

  • Cre Henge
    Cre Henge 17 days ago

    They should fall at roughly the same acceleration though. A scyscraper is to small to be much of a hurdle for air resitance

  • The doge support group. 100109

    Good boi dead boi

    CHEN WILSON 18 days ago

    Don’t trust those who said size doesn’t matter

  • Cool Bro Cal Hargis
    Cool Bro Cal Hargis 18 days ago

    Size Matters

  • Parth Karandikar
    Parth Karandikar 20 days ago

    How do they make these animation, which software

  • Σeegma
    Σeegma 21 day ago

    2:43 Something tells me that huge jet engine right besides the door will be a bit of a problem for the ant.

  • Pseudo Nym
    Pseudo Nym 21 day ago

    😁love the dry humour. Contains hopes and dreams

  • Blake Duris
    Blake Duris 22 days ago

    anyone hear the ghast nose from minecraft at 1:03 lmao

  • nukleararse1
    nukleararse1 23 days ago

    Now i want to throw an elephant from a tall building, thanks.

  • Isabella Bajaire
    Isabella Bajaire 23 days ago


  • Xenodin
    Xenodin 23 days ago

    Sooo the size of my D*** is important

  • Elgi
    Elgi 23 days ago

    so why kingkong wasnt explode after fell from skyscraper ? it just died, did not explode

  • Lucas Vailatti
    Lucas Vailatti 24 days ago

    It falls, bye

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    Tristan Taylor 24 days ago

    peple can be big or small

  • Dandi Cabana
    Dandi Cabana 24 days ago

    If I land on my pee pee then I won't die.

  • Ravenkeeper Victor
    Ravenkeeper Victor 25 days ago

    Throw a sperm whale from the stratosphere. Wait...

  • Canned Mayonaise
    Canned Mayonaise 25 days ago

    the first part of the description LOL

  • Brian Scalabrine
    Brian Scalabrine 26 days ago

    *PETA has entered the chat*

  • Gone Wrong
    Gone Wrong 27 days ago

    Why do you hate elephants

  • S1ckerpro
    S1ckerpro 27 days ago

    poor elephant :c

  • Thebunnyperson123
    Thebunnyperson123 27 days ago

    Answer you go to jail for animal crultey

  • Nintedo Dude
    Nintedo Dude 27 days ago

    What happens if you drop an elephant off the Empire State Building?
    It would die. *THE END*

  • Mazequax
    Mazequax 28 days ago

    Fairyflyin' my way to work. The struggle is real.

  • Harvey Coombes
    Harvey Coombes 28 days ago


  • Tiny Toons
    Tiny Toons 28 days ago

    Unless you have a Lucky Horseshoe.

  • Jonathan Higino
    Jonathan Higino 28 days ago

    i believe that even a rat woud die faling from so hi

  • TraXXXtar
    TraXXXtar 29 days ago

    this is like a 1st year college student thesis. this is definitely by someone who probably likes science but doesnt know it well enough to be making these kind of "condescending" educational videos. it was probably written by someone who doesnt know english and then translated by a more appropriate narrator where any normie viewers wont be able to tell how ridiculous this guy sounds
    "Size is the most under appreciated regulators of living things"
    man that is a really fuckin cringey thing to read

  • jeremi pif 2
    jeremi pif 2 29 days ago

    Exosekelton? Sounds like that fly from cod aw

  • klooger28
    klooger28 29 days ago

    how do we know an elephant explodes on impact, has anyone tried it. This is an experiment we need to run.

  • Arch Angel
    Arch Angel 29 days ago

    You really had to pick the dog? Why couldn't you have picked something like a cat, poor doggie...

  • Anthony the Fusion hedgehog

    I would love a animal the size of a marble. I want it to happen.

  • Lawrence Fernando
    Lawrence Fernando Month ago +3

    2:02 It blushed... Just like me looking at a weighing scale

  • Sidra omg
    Sidra omg Month ago

    Dog most important thing

  • The super potato Yt

    So ants are immune to fall damage?

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    Lol LOL Month ago

    Why does sound so creepy when it gets to the topic water...

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    Howard10 1010 Month ago

    What is 3 um

  • I'm bored
    I'm bored Month ago

    If you strap millions of hairs on your feet, could you walk on water?

  • darklordster
    darklordster Month ago

    It goes kurzgesplat

  • Daaron McFarling
    Daaron McFarling Month ago

    The mouse surviving is more fascinating than the elephant exploding.

  • Edwin Cheesecake
    Edwin Cheesecake Month ago

    4:50 is this why it's a bad idea to flush a spider down the toilet? Because they can still breathe, and just clamber back into the bowl?

  • tech and kpop
    tech and kpop Month ago

    If we throw elephant from skyscraper: 10 magnitude earthquake

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    Why would we do that

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    Unknown Society Month ago

    well, you get imprisoned

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    Tyler Clark Month ago

    Poor dog :((((((

  • Lukas Mihara
    Lukas Mihara Month ago

    1:25 weird way to explain gravity... gravity doesnt care much about size, it's about the weight.
    if the mouse would be as heavy as the elephant, it also wouldnt have survived, and vice versa.

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    Chi ha tolto i sottotitoli in italiano?!?!

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    Size = weight

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    If that tiny species was real and smaller than a basketball, then i would adopt one.

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    elephant will fly coz his name is dumbo..