Can LGBTQ+ and Christians See Eye To Eye?

  • Published on Jul 26, 2018
  • LGBTQ+ and Christians come together to find middle ground. Can they push past their beliefs to understand one another? SUBSCRIBE for more! SUBSCRIBE for more! 👉 👈
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Comments • 48 582

  • Chloe Batter
    Chloe Batter 24 minutes ago

    Did they say conservatives like Republicans? Because they are aware that Republicans can be gay, and so can Christians.... I mean here I am

  • GerryTube
    GerryTube 3 hours ago +1

    Why are Christians the homophobic ones when Muslims are the ones throwing em off building some people are just jerks

    • Avatar
      Avatar Hour ago

      GerryTube Christians are not homophobic. In fact I don’t tho anyone is.
      Christians don’t fear homosexuals, they’re Disgusted by them, and hold them hon contempt. After all it’s an abomination to God.
      Now, those Muslims who throw people off roof tops are crazy. God doesn’t condone murder, but those Muslims have no regard for God!

  • Lurch685
    Lurch685 7 hours ago

    I hope the girl with the blue hair sees this:
    Please stop talking with the vocal fry. It’s so annoying.

  • Spyker
    Spyker 7 hours ago

    anyone else think that, that blue haired girl was gross, i mean srsly like ew.

  • Sofia-Alex Parlando
    Sofia-Alex Parlando 10 hours ago

    This is so respectful... i love it

  • Royale Gamer
    Royale Gamer 12 hours ago +2

    The girl with blue hair looks like jeff from OW on drugs

  • Nathan Schiltz
    Nathan Schiltz 14 hours ago

    Alex looks like he runs a vaguely racist deep ass meme page

  • Charlie Tacos
    Charlie Tacos 15 hours ago

    My mom says I’ll never be a boy to her even if I grow a beard when I’m older. She wants to take me to a therapist because she thinks it’s the divorce between my mother and father that did this to me or a phase. I get bullied at school and even had to get violent with a kid, it sucks. My mom found my chest binder, plus I cameout to her on mother’s day of 2018. :(

    • Avatar
      Avatar 5 hours ago +1

      Well, no one should bully you. Thats not right either. Your mom should love you, although she doesn't have to accept who you aren't. I'm not so sure therapy works for people who "think" they are of a different gender.
      Like homosexuality, Transgenderism, is a mental disorder. Part of this disorder is the "inability" to recognize that something is wrong. Homosexuals and Transgenders, use something called "excuses or justification" for their behavior. This is part of this "mental delusion or disorder". Most people don't excuse or justify something that is wrong.
      96% of the world doesn't have this disorder. For transgenders, they believe or think, that they were born in the wrong body. For homosexuals, they say they were born that way, which we know is not true.
      I believe that at this point in time, only God can fix these types of mental disorders, delusions, or demonic states of mind. You are a human being just like any other human being. You are no less, nor are you less important. You need love and understanding. But that doesn't mean people will accept.
      Hope this helps.

  • J. Zaragoza
    J. Zaragoza 16 hours ago

    That blue haired girl has a hot voice

  • Jake Sizer
    Jake Sizer 16 hours ago

    The first 20 seconds it changes the names of the people on the right side 3 times. Christian, traditional marriage, and conservative.

    • Avatar
      Avatar 5 hours ago

      They like to stereotype and group the people they dislike into one group. They call us bigots. Hahahaha.

  • YipTic
    YipTic 17 hours ago +1

    The gay people dont know anything about the bible, the statements they say about the bible are completely un true

    • Doris Uhlman
      Doris Uhlman Hour ago

      +Avatar U have any proof it's a mental disorder cause science says it not!

    • Avatar
      Avatar 4 hours ago

      not a cop it 100% is a mental disorder that comes packages with a triple whammy
      1. Attraction to members of the same gender
      2. Justifying the behavior that goes with it
      3. Being oblivious to the fact it’s a mental disorder.
      The reason you say is not is part of the package problem!

    • not a cop
      not a cop 4 hours ago +1

      +Avatar being gay is not a mental disorder

    • Avatar
      Avatar 5 hours ago

      Most of these LGBTQ+ Degenerates don't know jack anything about the Bible, nor their Mental disorder. They're oblivious to the obvious. They are ignorant when it comes to their mental disorder and ignorant about the Bible.
      They love their disorder because it "wrongfully" gives them a license to commit filthy acts of perversion.

    • Avatar
      Avatar 5 hours ago

      +not a cop how does that relate to what YipTic commented? Funny how people deflect, distract, deviate, detour, suppress, and avoid, the truth.

  • YipTic
    YipTic 17 hours ago

    All sins are equal

    • Avatar
      Avatar 5 hours ago

      You mean they all lead to damnation or they all have the same consequences?

  • TheRandomUnicorn
    TheRandomUnicorn 18 hours ago +1

    I don't really have a religion, I have no idea what's happening with creation and who or what created all of this, and I don't really care who or what created this, because this has been created, this is how things are, there's nothing we can do to change it. I don't really believe in sins as such, but I believe that some things are wrong, such as killing another human for reasons other than to keep yourself or someone else alive. I am a bisexual girl, the first experience was when I was in love with my best friend and I told her, because I trusted her more than anyone. I knew she was straight, and I knew she wouldn't fell the same way, but I thought she deserved to know. She took it very well at first, she explained that she did not feel the same way and we were both ok with in. after a few months I still liked her, and she got angry at me because she thought I wasn't trying to get over her. Luckily, her and I are still really good friends, I still think she is a beautiful person and any guy would be lucky to have her. I currently suffer from severe depression, anxiety and social anxiety, I am suicidal and I do self-harm. Lol sorry I know probably no one cares, I just wanted to say this because someone might relate to my story

    • Doris Uhlman
      Doris Uhlman 41 minute ago

      +Avatar aww thanks! ☺

    • Avatar
      Avatar 44 minutes ago

      You Heard/Read Doris. She’s kind, sweet, and willing to help!
      She’s extremely smart, and knows a lot! Thank you for helping her out Doris!

    • Doris Uhlman
      Doris Uhlman 58 minutes ago +1

      And please don't ever attempt suicide. This pain isn't permenant but death is. And this pain eventually will get better. Have u told anyone you know about your depression? Just being able to talk o someone can also help

    • Doris Uhlman
      Doris Uhlman Hour ago +2

      Hey, I also care. I also suffer from depression and have a little anxiety. And I'm suicidal sometimes also. Please try not to cut though. I have done it a few times but even though it might feel good at the time, it's not gonna make our depression any better. I'm here if u want someone to talk to. ☺

    • Avatar
      Avatar 17 hours ago +1

      TheRandomUnicorn Hey! I care and many people care! You’re infinitely valuable.
      Although I can’t relate to your story, there are people that care for others and have compassion.
      Thanks for your story and I’m sorry you’re suffering from all these things. I’m stuck in a funk myself, but all these things will pass and better days come.
      Even though I don’t know you, I care about your well being! The world has never stopped spinning because an issue didn’t get resolved. 💕💕
      Is there anything you’re curious about or have doubts about?

  • Crazy Violin
    Crazy Violin 19 hours ago +1

    A man and a woman get married, yes. A woman and a woman get married, no.
    A man and a man get married, no. Theres a reason to be 2 genders. Just because you are Bi doesnt mean I'll treat you less, but I'm allowed to express my opinion.

  • Blessed RNay
    Blessed RNay 22 hours ago

    Okay, I'm curious to know where they got their Christians from..

  • mariemakeup101
    mariemakeup101 22 hours ago +1

    No no no no. All sins have the exact same consequence that Jesus paid for. Lying is equal to engaging in homosexual sex in the eyes of God. The only sin that has a greater consequence is disbelief in Christ. I, a straight individual who has lied before, am no better off than a gay friend of mine. The only difference is whether or not we accept Christ and believe in his death and resurrection. Much love to anyone who identifies as LGBTQ who has had vicious things spoken to them by a Christian. 💖💖💖

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 22 hours ago

    Hey, anybody know why religious homophobes in the recent comments always have snakes in their profile picture? Cerastes... Avatar changed their profile pic multiple times, and they're always snakes.
    Aren't serpents symbolic of the devil?
    And aren't rainbows a symbol of god's love?

    • Çerastes
      Çerastes 57 seconds ago +1

      @Rusty Shackleford: Anyone who doesn't believe in God, has to go to hell since obviously God ain't gonna force people to be with him. It's only logical.

    • Rusty Shackleford
      Rusty Shackleford 29 minutes ago

      Çerastes , yet you think all gays should burn in hell

    • Çerastes
      Çerastes 31 minute ago +1

      @Rusty Shackleford: Well unfortunately for you, I don't have such dislike nor prejudice. So you are using that word wrong.

    • Rusty Shackleford
      Rusty Shackleford 50 minutes ago

      Çerastes ,
      ho·mo·phobe /ˈhōməˌfōb/
      a person with a dislike of or prejudice against homosexual people.
      Yep it means what I thought it meant

    • Çerastes
      Çerastes Hour ago +1

      @Rusty Shackleford: You keep using that word, "homophobe" ... it doesn't mean what you think it means. Also my profile picture is from a game called "League of Legends" _(and a reference to a certain character, just like my channel alias which comes from Latin)_ since after all, my channel was meant to be a gaming channel back in the day. You can take the tin-foil hat off now.

  • The Voice Of Reason
    The Voice Of Reason 23 hours ago

    Did any one at 1:45-2:10hear sirens?

  • Sky Marcel
    Sky Marcel Day ago

    I identify as " IronMan "
    People don't use my pronouns properly.

  • Sky Marcel
    Sky Marcel Day ago +1

    How many genders are there in USA ?

    • Avatar
      Avatar Day ago

      Why the United States? Why not the World. There are 2 Genders. Male and Female

  • Bop Duci
    Bop Duci Day ago

    They put the lgbt people over in the left because of ben Shapiro

  • Kelvin Lim
    Kelvin Lim Day ago

    Like some, who have a propensity for cheating, drinking, being a sexual pervert, etc.
    Why? Torah teaches that it is to test whether you really want to keep God's commandments.
    Exodus @
    26 He said, “If you listen carefully to the Lord your God and do what is right in his eyes, if you pay attention to his commands and keep all his decrees, I will not bring on you any of the diseases I brought on the Egyptians, for I am the Lord, who heals you.”
    Notice the last statement --- who HEALS you when you keep his commandments.
    No! He created you this way and he will restore you eventually when you don't engage in gay sexual relationships.
    We are sinners plagued with all sorts of sin issues. And the only way is not to hate God's laws but to follow God's remedy to sin. Turn away from wrong, and do right. (the hardest thing : all sinners want to excuse themselves from sin).
    Being gay is not a sin, only engaging in gay sex is sin.
    Having bad thoughts is not a sin, we all born with evil inclinations, but having the will power to restraint oneself to do evil is the greatest thing act towards the path of righteousness.

    • Avatar
      Avatar 21 hour ago +1

      Kelvin Lim that’s why I don’t understand why they advertise their lifestyle. I never asked them to tell me.

    • Kelvin Lim
      Kelvin Lim 22 hours ago

      +Avatar just to add. likewise, a paedophile can choose to live according to his desires or go against his desires.
      Or choose to celibate, as his actions bring harm to many people.
      The gay can choose to also follow his desires or go against his desires or celibate. He thinks he is not harming society but by his action, he harms himself and those around him.
      His behaviour extends an influence in his environment. Children who have no gay tendencies might engage in gay activities because he thinks it is a normal option or an alternative lifestyle endorsed by society.
      With more and more gay parades, people will not seek male-female relationships. It becomes a lifestyle option.
      My advise is keep your lifestyle private. To advertise it openly, causes more harm than good.

    • Kelvin Lim
      Kelvin Lim 23 hours ago

      +Avatar Agree with most of what said. Ehyeh asher ehyeh. You will be what you choose to be.
      Their worm will not die says Isaiah 65:25.
      God created both good and evil. So that wisdom will come out of it.

    • Avatar
      Avatar Day ago +1

      +Maksie0 Of course loving someone of the same gender is not evil or harmful. Who said It was? Engaging in Sodomy with someone of the same gender is extremely evil and harmful.
      Telling homos they have the option of being celibate is simply "passing along valuable information"

    • Avatar
      Avatar Day ago +1

      Kelvin, Let me correct you on something.
      God did not create Homosexual People that way.. Sin Created them this way. Living a Life aside from God creates such corruption.
      God Created Adam and Even Perfect in His Image.
      That being said, Adam and Eve Sinned by Disobeying God. Sin Entered the world through Adam and Even, and corrupted man kind.
      Homosexuality stems from sin, not from God.
      So being attracted to members of the same gender is a mental disorder. Committing acts of homosexuality is an abomination. I will agree with you that inheriting a corrupt mind, is not a sin, but acting upon such corruption is a sin. A sin worthy of death according to God and the Bible.

  • Brayan Lopez Hernandez

    Every time i go to school i always see this church with a gay flag and i think to myself "this is sad"

    • Avatar
      Avatar 19 hours ago

      Corey Holt I don’t know, but thanks for keeping track or trying to!

    • Corey Holt
      Corey Holt 20 hours ago

      But don't worry. Avatar's here fighting on the front lines for the kingdom of god!!!
      Whats this now, every day for 4 months? 5?
      I'm sure god is so proud. Lmao

    • Avatar
      Avatar Day ago

      What you're seeing is an organization that's not a church, that calls itself a church. But I do get what you're saying. Homosexuals are corrupting everything that involves God.

  • Wesome Awesome
    Wesome Awesome Day ago

    Isn't Lutheranism a branch off of Christianity? I thought Lutherans accepted the LGBT community.... Or am I off of the topic...?

    • Avatar
      Avatar 4 hours ago +1

      Wesome Awesome It’s simple. It’s in the Bible. Notice, it doesn’t say to “pray”, nor “ask Jesus into your heart”
      >> Confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, Believe in your heart that God raised him from the Dead. Accept him as your lord and savior, seek repentance, and live in obedience to him.

    • Wesome Awesome
      Wesome Awesome 4 hours ago

      +Avatar Then what should the actual answer be? Lmao

    • Avatar
      Avatar 5 hours ago

      +Wesome Awesome If it doesn't conform to the Bible, then yes. It's of Satan.
      Don't forget that probably about 80%-90% of people who call themselves christians are not christians, and are clueless about what it means to be a Christian.
      They're easy to detect and you can predict what they're going to say when you ask them the following...
      How are you a christian or how do you know you're a christian?
      Their response is typically one of the following: (I go to church every Sunday, I prayed the prayer, I asked Jesus Christ into my. heart, My parents are christians, or, I grew up in a christian home)

    • Wesome Awesome
      Wesome Awesome Day ago

      +Avatar So basically what you're saying is if it's not full fledged Christianity, it's like Satan's work or something?

    • Avatar
      Avatar Day ago

      I believe the hundreds of denominations may be a tactic Satan uses to confuse people about God and the Bible. Hence the reason for your confusion on Lutheranism. Also Catholicism is in now way part of Christianity, either. Same goes for Jehovah's False Witnesses, Mormonism, etc.

  • Nea T
    Nea T Day ago +4

    “You can’t be gay because it’s against MY religion “ so u can eat a cookie because I am on a diet

    • Avatar
      Avatar Day ago +1

      +Maksie0 Christians expect nothing of the world, except for what the Bible predicts.
      Other Worldly Religions were either man made, or Satan made , to control people and expect people to follow their evil agenda.

    • Avatar
      Avatar Day ago +1

      World Religions hold you hostage and in bondage to Empty Rituals that Yield nothing in return. Its a waste of your entire life on earth. Followed by Judgement.
      Christianity, on the other hand frees you from the bondage of sin and is based on Love and a Personal Relationship with the Creator of The Universe. God.
      To put it in perspective. "People are subject to their circumstances, meaning they are slaves to their circumstances" This is the World.
      "Christians are not subject to their circumstances. Our Circumstances are Subject to God.
      I am using the word "subject" as an adjective > likely or prone to be affected by (a particular condition or occurrence, typically an unwelcome or unpleasant one).

    • Maksie0
      Maksie0 Day ago +3

      Religion in a nutshell. They expect the whole world to follow their bizarre little rules.

  • Thunderpaw Animations

    Not all christains hate lgbt, my mother is a christain and she's fine with it!

    • Avatar
      Avatar 5 hours ago

      +Thunderpaw Animations I read the whole thing. Thats for your response. May I shed some light on a few things? Perhaps you could bring this up to your mom.
      God made Adam and Eve Perfect in his Image.
      God did not make people homosexual, nor LGBTQ+, nor transgender.
      Adam and Even disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden, and this is how Sin entered the World and corrupted mankind and the world.
      Through this sin, stems homosexuality, bestiality, transgenderism, rape, murder, pedophilia, gossip, mental disorders, physical disorders, gluttony, etc.
      God never intended for people to be corrupted by sin, and LGBTQ+ people are extremely corrupted by this mental disorder.

    • Thunderpaw Animations
      Thunderpaw Animations Day ago +1

      +Avatar actully she has like 4 crosses on her wall has me keep like 6 cross necklaces and preaches god every single time she gets the chance if something good happens to me she says "it was god *insert my real name here*" she just doesn't go to church because
      1. She doesn't have the time
      2. She doesn't have the money
      3. I don't think you can drag a, bisexual girl, a trans girl, and a four year old into church
      5. And you can not put AN ATHEIST TRANS GIRL IN A CHURCH
      She just exepts the lgtbt community because two of her kids are and she's NOT an awful person that will kick out her two children because they like the same gender and guess what else she says 'no devil created a human so lgbt had to come from somewhere god made them' I'm sorry that this ia incredibly long and you probably won't read it all

    • Avatar
      Avatar Day ago

      Then she's clearly not a christian. Christians are not fine with people who commit abominations against God.
      And BTW, your mother can not get you into heaven. Only God can.. Via his Son Jesus Christ.
      You might want to stick with the Bible.

  • Diamante Barleston
    Diamante Barleston 2 days ago +2

    Religion shouldnt have much to do sexuality

    • Avatar
      Avatar Day ago +1

      Well, isn't that like an oxymoron?
      God created 2 Genders and Also created these 2 genders to procreate and have offspring to populate the Earth.

  • ExpensiveMagic
    ExpensiveMagic 2 days ago +1

    Some Christians need to get their head out of their ass.

    • jjpimp79
      jjpimp79 Day ago

      +Avatar facts 😂

    • Avatar
      Avatar 2 days ago +1

      ExpensiveMagic how is that possible if it’s not inside their ass to begin with? 😂😂😂

  • Cody Zimmer
    Cody Zimmer 2 days ago +2

    God is love man. If you aren't loving, you're doing it wrong.

    • Cody Zimmer
      Cody Zimmer Day ago

      Thank you Republican Jesus

    • Avatar
      Avatar 2 days ago

      Cody Zimmer that’s the point. God is Love and because God is not in a homosexual union, there is no love, by definition.
      I believe he calls it vile affections or corrupt lust!

  • Carlie Byrom
    Carlie Byrom 2 days ago +2

    I really wanna see a video around depression. Like some adults think that kids are " to young " and " they aren't really " and kids who actually are depressed I want these certain people to see that no matter age or ways of living u can be going through something, just because you're younger doesn't mean u have it great. You know? :)

  • lo que la gente promete cuando se quiere

    I'm sorry but I can't help but to eye roll so hard every time a conservative guy speaks.

  • LuigiVEVO
    LuigiVEVO 2 days ago +1

    There is no middle ground.

  • Dale Boxsell
    Dale Boxsell 2 days ago +2

    What people don’t understand mankind will accept almost anything but what they don’t understand God has one way of thinking and it never changes so you must choose God’s way or or Man’s way there is no middle ground.

    • Rusty Shackleford
      Rusty Shackleford 11 hours ago

      cZn_Spizzy , Deuteronomy 21:18-21 King James Version (KJV)
      18 If a man have a stubborn and rebellious son, which will not obey the voice of his father, or the voice of his mother, and that, when they have chastened him, will not hearken unto them:
      19 Then shall his father and his mother lay hold on him, and bring him out unto the elders of his city, and unto the gate of his place;
      20 And they shall say unto the elders of his city, This our son is stubborn and rebellious, he will not obey our voice; he is a glutton, and a drunkard.
      21 And all the men of his city shall stone him with stones, that he die: so shalt thou put evil away from among you; and all Israel shall hear, and fear.

    • not a cop
      not a cop 12 hours ago +1

      +cZn_Spizzy Exodus 21:20
      “If a man beats his male or female slave with a rod and the slave dies as a direct result, he must be punished, but he is not to be punished if the slave gets up after a day or two, since the slave is his property.”

    • cZn_Spizzy
      cZn_Spizzy 15 hours ago

      ​+Rusty Shackleford The bible never condoned slavery and certainly never condoned the murder of children. One of the ten commandments is "Thou shalt not murder." How could it condone the murder of children.?
      To include and condone something is different, I know. But the inclusion of these things were to help define more moral issues and relationships with God.

    • Rusty Shackleford
      Rusty Shackleford 22 hours ago

      Dale Boxsell , gods way also includes slavery and the murder of children. Why are we obedient to him again?

  • Geocentric Kingdom
    Geocentric Kingdom 2 days ago

    Ahhhhhhhh I see what you did there. Put the sinners on the left. Ecclesiastes 10:2. OH and Matthew 25:41!
    As much as we are called to show love to all people, know that there is no "middle ground" between us and them. Their agenda is to destroy the family. Ours is to maintain it and build it up. We will live forever with God, but they will perish. That's the Bible.

  • mychannel
    mychannel 2 days ago +1

    "Homosexuality is a sin". This sentence is the motto for LGBTfobia. It puts LGBT people on a lower level as if they're naturally wrong.

    • not a cop
      not a cop 12 hours ago

      +Çerastes so if you are a minority you are naturally wrong

    • Çerastes
      Çerastes Day ago +1

      @mychannel: It is (homosexuality) naturally wrong. There's a reason why 99% of the human population are heterosexual. Biology is reality, not bigotry.

  • Max Kuoch
    Max Kuoch 2 days ago

    Do you guys think that it is possible that God created some people to have homosexual thoughts? I am a christian who does not support the LGBTQ community (but i still love everybody and am not a homophob) yet this thought has crossed my mind, because it is said that we are all born sinners, so would that be a way we could be born sinners?

    • JamesHLanier
      JamesHLanier Day ago

      +Avatar I've asked you to demonstrate this claim before, and you always cower away. Prove that sin exists, and prove that morality or immorality is dictated in any way.
      Tell me, by the way, how exactly do lesbians engage in those things you listed?

    • Avatar
      Avatar Day ago

      +JamesHLanier You accepting or Rejecting the Concept of Sin, doesn't change the fact that sin, IN FACT, Exists. Your existence doesn't change Facts. Furthermore Consent does not dictated morality or immorality. To top it off, being attracted to members of the same gender is a mental disorder that leads to Fudge Packing and Butt Pirating, something that is IN FACT, DISGUSTING. REVOLTING, GROSS, NASTY.. SICK, PERVERTED.

    • JamesHLanier
      JamesHLanier Day ago

      +Avatar The act itself is a choice, sure, but the attraction itself is not. You don't choose who you're attracted to.
      And of course, there's this.
      It's not perverse.
      Sodomy isn't a problem if everyone involve consents.
      I don't accept the concept of sin.

    • Avatar
      Avatar Day ago

      +JamesHLanier Every single human being chooses who they have sex with, except those who are raped. No excuses. Homos choose who they commit Sodomy with and Who They don't .. ITS A CHOICE. Capeesh?

    • Avatar
      Avatar Day ago

      +JamesHLanier Hahahahaha. DO NOT, equate the color of skin to you Sin. I can't believe you people compare being black to making a choice to commit Perverse Acts.

  • 2Bdiscovered
    2Bdiscovered 2 days ago +1


  • Widethinker
    Widethinker 2 days ago +5

    There is no middle ground and we cannot see eye to eye.

  • Annabelle Browning
    Annabelle Browning 2 days ago


  • Annabelle Browning
    Annabelle Browning 2 days ago +2

    anyone else lgbtq+ and christian?

    • Rodrigo Bento
      Rodrigo Bento 20 hours ago

      +Avatar religious identity meaning the religion a person follows. So Christianity would be your religious identity.
      I'm not too deep into religion but isn't your "mission" here on Earth to "spread the word of God" or something of the sort? If so, how can christians expect to achieve this by outcasting such a massive group of people because of who they love? Calling them literal abominations for something they can't control. Even if this isn't your intention, it's still shaming. You're basically saying you view them as mistakes. Even if it's a fact from your point of view, what do you expect gay people to do? Reject their own identity?
      If they choose to believe in and love God then why isn't that enough? I know the answer. Because it's in the Bible. But then what's the point of going out of your way to refuse their religious identity?

    • Avatar
      Avatar 20 hours ago

      Rodrigo Bento well, your statement doesn’t make any sense at all.
      I am simply quoting the Bible and/or stating facts. I am not trying to convert.
      No one is shaming anyone for the way they were born and they way they developed.
      Where do you get that from?
      And what is religious identity?
      Perhaps if ask for specific and detailed questions it would make more sense.
      I’m curious what you truly are asking me!

    • Rodrigo Bento
      Rodrigo Bento 21 hour ago

      +Avatar what's the point in trying to convert / turn people to God if you're just going to outcast them and reject their religious identity because of the way they were born? I just don't understand

    • Annabelle Browning
      Annabelle Browning Day ago +1

      +Avatar exactly i don't believe in that verse thats the point im trying to make to you

  • KittyRose 17
    KittyRose 17 2 days ago +2

    GOD makes no mistakes
    LGBT we are no mistake

    • Avatar
      Avatar Day ago

      God did not make people Homosexual or Transexual. He made Adam and Eve Perfect in his image.
      Adam and Eve Sinned against God and through this Sin stems homosexuality and transsexuality.
      So God did not make LGBTQ+.. Its a mental disorder just like çerastes mentioned.

    • Çerastes
      Çerastes Day ago +1

      @KittyRose 17: True, God makes no mistakes, however God has nothing to do with LGBTQ+ ... and technically LGBTQ+ is a mistake; a mental disorder, something gone wrong during normal development. After all, there's a reason why 99% of the human population are heterosexual. Biology is reality, not bigotry.

  • Randomosity!
    Randomosity! 2 days ago

    It makes me happy to see people living a complex society having a sophisticated conversation about their beliefs and seeing each other’s point of view respectfully. A lot of people aren’t mature enough to do this.

  • bianca alicia
    bianca alicia 3 days ago +2

    i love how respectful and thoughtful these conversations were

  • cardboard shelf
    cardboard shelf 3 days ago

    Could they be in a happier place?

  • Allie Winters
    Allie Winters 3 days ago +2

    Dang I wish I could sit in this group, I love these type of conversations

  • Luna Van Brug
    Luna Van Brug 3 days ago +1

    I'm Christian and I don't believe God doesn't support the LGBTQ+.
    The bible isn't written by God, but humans.
    God for me is LOVE.
    I love the stories in the bible and believe many of them.
    But the fact that we made those rules makes me feel uncomfortable about being Christian. I believe in God and in Jesus.
    I love everybody on this earth, no matter how many sins.
    I would scream it to God, knowing it also loves everybody.
    It made us.
    We aren't a mistake or not perfect.
    This is the way it made us, different but in a way the same.
    I love you, no matter what. ❤

    • Avatar
      Avatar 21 hour ago

      Rusty Shackleford What’s you think it has to have consistency?
      What makes you think there is no consistency?
      And why is your reaction contempt instead of curiosity?

    • Rusty Shackleford
      Rusty Shackleford 22 hours ago

      Avatar , you acknowledge that the Bible was written by so many people that there is almost no consistency, yet you still believe it to be god's word. Lol

    • Avatar
      Avatar Day ago +2

      +Luna Van Brug The direct source of Love comes from God. Love is not exactly an emotion, like the dictionary states. Love has several attributes. Yes a woman who can't have kids is capable of loving.
      A woman who can't have kids can marry a man, if she so chooses too.
      Kids are not dependent on Love.

  • Nob the Knave
    Nob the Knave 3 days ago +2

    Why would they have to? No one has a right to ridicule, harass, or discriminate against someone for being LGBTQ. Why would either party need to see eye to eye with the other. Christians are perfectly within their rights to think and feel how they please about LGBTQ people, they just have no right to act upon those feelings if they are negative.

    • Avatar
      Avatar Day ago

      +Maksie0 That would be completely incorrect. I don't come up with ideas. I only quote the truth or the Bible, which is of course the truth. Quoting is not shoving. Hahaha. Nice try though!

    • Maksie0
      Maksie0 Day ago +1

      Avatar, you're the one trying to shove your shitty ideas down people's throats.

    • Avatar
      Avatar 3 days ago +1

      Christians will never see eye to eye with LGBTQ+. And you're right we don't hate these people just for the sake of hating. We just simply don't agree with their lifestyle. It wouldn't be so much of a problem if they would stop shoving their lifestyle down people's throat.
      Thats just like a Nouveau Riche person flaunting constantly in you face that he's richer than you or that he won the lottery. People with old money don't do this.

  • Lil' A.M
    Lil' A.M 3 days ago +2

    I'm a FtM fight me lol

    • Avatar
      Avatar 21 hour ago

      Rusty Shackleford Brain structure? How would you know a brain is of the male gender? How do you know it’s not a mental disorder? Or lack of living in reality?

    • Rusty Shackleford
      Rusty Shackleford 22 hours ago

      Avatar , brain structure, he was born with a male brain in a female body

    • Avatar
      Avatar Day ago

      +Lil' A.M since you're female. I won't be so brass, like I usually am. I am quite patient and understanding. I have a question for you.. What made and makes you want to be a male?

    • Lil' A.M
      Lil' A.M 3 days ago

      +Avatar A female To Male

  • JeffTheAntisocialPiano
    JeffTheAntisocialPiano 3 days ago +1

    I mean I am Christian and also Bi and so is like another person in my Youth group.

    • Avatar
      Avatar 2 days ago

      JeffTheAntisocialPiano I do too! Unfortunately! They hated God and put him to death!

    • JeffTheAntisocialPiano
      JeffTheAntisocialPiano 2 days ago +1

      Avatar I kinda understand why people hate a lot of us Christians.

    • Çerastes
      Çerastes 3 days ago +1

      @JeffTheAntisocialPiano: if you believe in Jesus Christ, you would also know that bisexuality is not right. In fact, it would be intellectually dishonest to be openly bisexual and a christian when the bible, teachings of Jesus, God and the christianity itself does NOT approve such behavior in any shape or form. Jesus himself affirmed the covenanted union of one man and one woman as the only normative expression of human sexuality. If you think that bisexuality is just fine, then you are in a direct conflict with his teachings and therefore you are not exactly following him.

    • Avatar
      Avatar 3 days ago +1

      JeffTheAntisocialPiano That simply means they’re not Christians, if they think it’s okay to be bisexual.
      Now if you’re saying they were attracted to members of the same gender, and are working through the struggles of being attracted to members of the same gender, and seeking repentance, I can possibly understand that.
      But God is not okay with people openly being bisexual or homosexual!
      Homosexuality is an abomination!

  • riley 8220 8220
    riley 8220 8220 3 days ago +1

    If all the teens follow the gay people's path then their will be no more kids and then no more earth

    • Avatar
      Avatar Day ago

      +riley 8220 8220 Its extremely gross. It's very animalistic. Nothing good comes out of that type of behavior. They're infested with all kinds of STD's and their minds are not right. Most people who have a corrupt mind, don't go around Justifying their behavior, much less with pride and intolerance.
      Thats why homosexuality is very dangerous, even though it may not seem like it. If God himself destroyed 2 cities full of homos, it makes me wonder if they're at a point of no return. Very scary stuff.

    • JamesHLanier
      JamesHLanier 2 days ago +1

      "the gay people's path"
      Haha what are you even talking about? You know that homosexuality isn't a lifestyle right? It's not something people are converted to. It's just a sexual orientation. You also get that gay people aren't infertile, yeah? And what you find personally gross is completely irrelevant.

    • riley 8220 8220
      riley 8220 8220 2 days ago

      I'm not even religious I just don't think all that gay stuff is good for humanity (not saying I don't like gay people because I do)but how will there be kids and it's just gross.

  • Louise Fillion
    Louise Fillion 3 days ago

    This is a very valuable and worthy effort. Good on you!

  • Joseph Pitts
    Joseph Pitts 3 days ago

    Loved the words of the Christians, and found the words of the gay individuals as insightful.
    As with gay marriage, I don’t believe that there is a need to redefine a religious institution. Civil unions are a perfect solution.

  • Joleen Rose
    Joleen Rose 3 days ago +2

    if only people can always communicate like this...beautiful

  • Clearly Elena
    Clearly Elena 3 days ago +5

    I’m Christian and my God loves all. God does not make mistakes. God created everyone in his image.

    • Avatar
      Avatar Day ago

      +Clearly Elena Except Sin and People's Choices! But you are right, he doesn't make mistakes. We as Humans Make mistakes. Mistakes have consequences.

    • Clearly Elena
      Clearly Elena Day ago +1

      Çerastes God dosent make mistakes he created everyone and everything

    • Clearly Elena
      Clearly Elena Day ago +1

      Avatar God doesn’t make mistakes and he created everyone and everything.

    • Çerastes
      Çerastes 3 days ago +3

      @Clearly Elena: God created Adam (and Eve) as his image, not everyone. Should re-read Genesis. When it comes to LGBTQ+ orientations, they are mental disorders and definitely NOT part of God's creation.

    • Avatar
      Avatar 3 days ago +2

      You seem like a sweet girl but I believe you're thoroughly confused.
      Can I ask you a few questions? Im curious.
      What makes you think God doesn't love them? Why would anyone say they're a mistake?
      Where in the Bible does it say that God made LGBTQ+?
      What does being happy with yourself have anything to do with sexual sin?
      God made Male and Female. Two Genders.
      God made Adam and Eve Heterosexual.
      Do you mind articulating to me, where in the Bible it says he made Transgenders and Homosexuals?

  • Tamíris Denkiu Hartmann

    why there's only one girl?

    • Avatar
      Avatar 3 days ago

      Tamíris Denkiu Hartmann There should be more right?

  • Aaron DiFrancia
    Aaron DiFrancia 4 days ago +4

    Who’s gonna tell them that someone can be both

    • cZn_Spizzy
      cZn_Spizzy 15 hours ago

      +Rusty Shackleford No, you *can't.* To give in to the lifestyle that is the LGBTQ community is to lose faith in God. Essentially, Christianity believes that God made humans in his image, and biologically, the only correct sex is between a man and a woman. In my eyes, to participate in anything other than that is an awful act and not a faithful testament to God's legitimacy as the creator of the universe.
      By the way, I am not forcing my beliefs upon you however, I am just stating mine. Also, I am allowed to have this belief (just as you are allowed to have yours) so do not take away its value.
      I agree with Cerastes.

    • Rusty Shackleford
      Rusty Shackleford 22 hours ago

      Çerastes , sure you can.

    • Çerastes
      Çerastes 4 days ago +2

      @Aaron DiFrancia: Well no, you cannot exactly be openly both.

  • karla berrios
    karla berrios 4 days ago

    James is such a sweetheart

  • Justin Mathew
    Justin Mathew 4 days ago +3

    I believe in sin because that's where morals come from.

  • Meghann Hlibichuk
    Meghann Hlibichuk 4 days ago +3

    if you're not supporting the LGBTQ community you're against it

    • Meghann Hlibichuk
      Meghann Hlibichuk 3 days ago

      +Bruce Wayne because why not? And what does it even mean to "support neutral people"? What do neutral people need support for? Are they constantly being discriminated against by society for simply loving someone?

    • Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne 3 days ago

      What happened to being Neutral. Is that not a possibility? Why does anyone have to support LGBTQ? How about you support neutral people?

    • Meghann Hlibichuk
      Meghann Hlibichuk 3 days ago +1

      +Tron Tron lol look at you

  • Landon Y
    Landon Y 4 days ago

    0:22 Conservatives? I thought this was LGTBQ vs Christians, not LGTBQ vs Conservatives. Being Christian doesn't automatically make you a Christian or vice versa.

  • Lucy Lin
    Lucy Lin 4 days ago +4

    Well, I am both, sooooooooooooooo

    • Avatar
      Avatar Day ago

      Maksie0 Correction. Based on the Bible, it’s been established that you are someone with a reprobate mind; also known as debased or depraved.
      Anything that comes out of you mouth or keyboard is corrupt! A lie!
      Furthermore, you clearly don’t understand the difference between the word harassment and clarification.
      Lastly, our definition of Christianity? Wrong!
      Only God defines Christianity, not Çerastes nor myself, nor anyone else except, the Bible.
      And I didn’t write the Bible. You may not care wether Lucy’s pastor may have led her astray or not, but I do. I’m not in the business of holding other people’s hands on their way to hell.
      I’m in The Business or giving people accurate information from the Bible, that will get them saved!

    • Maksie0
      Maksie0 Day ago

      Don't bother with Avatar and Cerastes, Lucy. They have an obsession with trolling this comment section and harrassing anyone who doesn't fit their definition of a "real Christian".

    • Avatar
      Avatar 2 days ago +1

      +Lucy Lin As far as your pastor saying its not the thought, but the action. Let me tell you what Jesus Christ said.
      Matthew 5:28
      But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart.
      **notice that there's no action here but just looks and thoughts" Thats why its important to fact check what pastors are teaching. Hope you have a great rest of your week.

    • Avatar
      Avatar 2 days ago +1

      +Lucy Lin So you're saying you're attracted to members of the same gender, but you're not actively in a bisexual or homosexual relationship then. Have you seeked repentance from God, so he can fix this? I guess you're celibate then.
      I would be careful with what you pastor tells you, and fact check it with the Bible. Most people who call themselves pastors are Like Ravenous Wolves in Sheep's Clothing. They don't spend time studying the Bible.
      Our Jobs as Christian's Lucy, is to give people the Gospel and Tell them about salvation. I would hate for you or anyone to be deceived by some "pastor". God paid an expensive price for us to have the chance to get to heaven.

  • Claren Dennis
    Claren Dennis 4 days ago

    I mean if you want me to not call you by what I can see, I can just say 'hey you' or say 'hey...' And just wave my hands and tell you to come over here... Pretty simple to me

  • Arely Garcia
    Arely Garcia 4 days ago +1

    I don’t know if homosexuality is a sin or if God is not happy with me being this way, (and I’m hoping he isn’t cause I’m catholic) but if it is, then I will try my best to make up for it by doing good things, and avoid worse sins

    • Avatar
      Avatar 4 days ago +2

      The Catholic Church teaches false doctrine about salvation like Doris mentioned.
      You can not be saved by works or by doing good things. That’s unbiblical. No one is good enough to get into heaven. No one!
      It’s by The Grace of God that you’re saved. It’s a free gift given to you, after accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour!
      This acceptance is followed repentance and obedience to God and his word!
      Doris quoted the Bible correctly for you!

    • Doris Uhlman
      Doris Uhlman 4 days ago +2

      U don't get to heaven by doing good things though. The Bible says, For By Grace are ye saved through faith and not that of yourself it is the gift of God. Not of works lest any man should boast. And it also says unless a man is born again he cannot enter the kingdom of heaven.

  • Ashley Adcock
    Ashley Adcock 4 days ago +1

    I wish they had Christians who understood the bible in this.

    • Tron Tron
      Tron Tron 4 days ago +1

      +Avatar by the power vested in me by God Almighty LGBTs shall not be the shiniest of all turds

    • Avatar
      Avatar 4 days ago +1

      Ashley Adcock I agree with you. The Bible is clear cut about homosexuality and LGBTQ+
      According to God there is no seeing eye to eye with LGBTQ+

  • Hudson
    Hudson 4 days ago +1

    At school the teachers knew some kids, like me were gay so we did an icebreakers and I feel that was a way easier way of coming out to my classmates

    • Avatar
      Avatar 4 days ago

      Hudson I can’t believe teachers are endorsing and supporting this stuff in schools. 😱

  • hippicajun41
    hippicajun41 4 days ago

    I believe in god, but being gay isn’t a sin so... what am I? 🤨

    • Çerastes
      Çerastes 4 days ago +1

      @hippicajun41: Religious? Spiritual? At least someone who believes in a god ... it's just not the christian God.

    • Avatar
      Avatar 4 days ago +1

      hippicajun41 you’re a human being. If you’re attracted to members of the same gender, then you have developed or discovered, that you have a mental disorder.
      If you haven’t committed acts of homosexuality, then you haven’t sinned in this area!
      Everyone has some mental corruption that stems from sin. Sin is acting upon the vile temptations that stems from our corrupted minds!

  • Jr Animator
    Jr Animator 4 days ago +2

    the blue shirt guy was like;
    "liking someone of your own sex is no sin, but just don't have sex"

  • Light Artorias
    Light Artorias 4 days ago

    I love Becky with the good hair!

  • look a towel
    look a towel 5 days ago +2

    Sometimes your appearance says everything about you needless to say I kinda knew blue girl's stance on the subject and where her mind was by the the way she chooses to present herself to the world

  • JaylaPosts
    JaylaPosts 5 days ago +1


  • Anxiety
    Anxiety 5 days ago

    I’m sorry but u aren’t nb if u have ur tits out

  • Melanie Matthews
    Melanie Matthews 5 days ago

    Conservative does not equal Christian...

    • Avatar
      Avatar 4 days ago

      Melanie Matthews They typically group older white people, Christians, Republicans, conservatives in the same group.

  • jada //
    jada // 5 days ago +1

    this is where i become so torn. i identify as Christian and i place God above all else. But im also all for the lbgt community and support them wholeheartedly. i even identify as bisexual. so sometimes it’s hard for me because i want to make sure i do right by the Lord first and foremost but it just hurts my heart to stand by and watch people not get to be who they are and do/be with what/who makes them happy. so i just try to be loving to everyone and be the best good version of myself and hope it’s enough. it’s just a bit scary and confusing

    • Avatar
      Avatar 3 days ago +2

      jada // That’s a very good comment you wrote Jada! I agree with you wholeheartedly.
      Christians have a few goals. Not to Judge or Condemn unbelievers.
      We’re not hear to criticize anyone. But there are so many people that say they’re Christians, and think it’s okay to openly be homosexual or bisexual, and that God is okay with that!
      God is not okay with that. If you happen to be attracted to members of the same gender and are working with God to correct this, I get it. That what he wants. But that’s not the issue here.
      The issue is that people are completely ignoring what the Bible says about homosexuality, and believe that they’re saved; because someone told them so.
      My goal is to tell as many people as possible, the truth, so they’re not deceived!

    • jada //
      jada // 3 days ago

      Çerastes They’re human, no other reason but that. I think they deserve to be happy with whomever they choose. As far as me being bisexual, If you’re going by a label, that’s the one I would choose. I see no reason for me to be dishonest with myself or others as if I don’t notice or feel the attraction between myself & another female & me identifying as bisexual is me acknowledging that. But because my beliefs are what they are, I have not acted on such feelings or thoughts but that is just by my decision. There are a lot of things that are claimed to be biblically incorrect but God gives everyone choice & if someone decides to choose otherwise then that is on them & if the consequences are actually what they say they are, then that is their price to pay. No one is perfect, everyone sins & no sin is greater than the other. At the end of the day the final decision is up to God. I will do my best everyday to try & please Him & be the best person I am capable of being while here on earth & hope it is enough. That’s all I can do. No one is going to get it right all the time- And trust me, I do understand & acknowledge that actively choosing to live in sin may play a role in your punishment but that is not for me to judge. I do ask you to pray for me in my journey, maybe my mind will change. I just want to become closer to God, that’s all. The rest will follow.

    • Çerastes
      Çerastes 4 days ago +2

      @jada //: Any particular reason why you want to support something that is essentially wrong in the eyes of the christian God? Also if you believe in Jesus Christ, you would also know that bisexuality is not right. In fact, it would be intellectually dishonest to be openly bisexual and a christian when the bible, teachings of Jesus, God and the christianity itself does NOT approve such behavior in any shape or form. Jesus himself affirmed the covenanted union of one man and one woman as the only normative expression of human sexuality. If you think that bisexuality is just fine, then you are in a direct conflict with his teachings and therefore you are not exactly following him.

  • Flared
    Flared 5 days ago

    All though I believe homosexuality is a sin, and is wrong I don't think we should discriminate. Through my beliefs, it's told not to discriminate about homosexuality and I believe that's right. In the long run, we're all humans, being a homosexual or a heterosexual shouldn't define who we are it's just one branch of the tree.

  • Haley Seymour
    Haley Seymour 5 days ago


  • Haley Seymour
    Haley Seymour 5 days ago

    i wish they would of stayed that not all christians think this way🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Adelyn Bennett
    Adelyn Bennett 5 days ago +1

    You dont have to support something to love everyone, just remember that.

    • Avatar
      Avatar 4 days ago +2

      Maksie0 oh let’s just define bigot for the sake of your convenient ignorance!
      Bigot: a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.
      We are not bigots because we are not intolerant of those holding different opinions, homosexuality being normal is not an opinion, it’s a fallacy, it’s a lie.
      We are intolerant of liars and perverts! Not opinions!
      But you, on the other other hand, consider that we have opinions instead of facts, about homosexuality, and you’re intolerant of us, that’s why you’re the real bigot. Not to mention hypocrite!

    • Maksie0
      Maksie0 4 days ago

      There's nothing bigoted or hypocritical about taking a stance against hate.

    • Avatar
      Avatar 4 days ago +1

      Maksie0 so you’re both a bigot and a hypocrite both! Double whammy

    • Maksie0
      Maksie0 4 days ago

      No, just the bigoted ones like you.

    • Avatar
      Avatar 4 days ago +1

      Maksie0 so you’re intolerant of religious people? 😂😂😂
      Now look up the word Bigot and Hypocrite in the dictionary

  • Sydney lastname
    Sydney lastname 5 days ago +1

    Anyone notice how in the beginning he said “lgbt folks over here and conservatives over here?”

  • Raul Bob
    Raul Bob 5 days ago +1

    This was not bad, actually

  • Edgelord_ ChemicalRomance

    I think having your own beliefs and opinions are fine, until you invalidate someones existence

    • Oh Boy
      Oh Boy 3 days ago +3

      Edgelord_ ChemicalRomance It’s not invalidation of existence, it’s merely a separate approach.

  • Roman Wernsing
    Roman Wernsing 5 days ago

    Everyone except that green haired they was very respectful which was refreshing for sure. I only wish they (as in the green hairs person) weren’t so... I don’t know just shocking and blah!!! It’s kinda hard to describe

  • Zendaya Zoe
    Zendaya Zoe 5 days ago

    So for all those in the comments saying being part of the LGBTQ+ community is a sin: doesn't The Bible says at some point that every sin can be forgiven if it was committed out of love? So even though loving someone of the same gender or doesn't feel like the gender you were born or whatever is a sin why do you care? It's alright because God sees the love (either for another human bering or for yourself) and forgives your "sin" because love is the most important thing in life so he's alright with it. Then why aren't you?
    I personally don't believe in God but most of my friends do so I don't really know for a 100% what The Bible says and everything in religion in general but I always thought that was His thing. That he is forgiving and loves everyone the same no matter what sexuality or whatever.
    Please don't get mad at me if I got something wrong but that's just how I always thought things are

    • Chrissie Demitro
      Chrissie Demitro 2 days ago

      +Zendaya Zoe man says: me and I'll belive ...GOD SAYS: BELIEVE AND I WILL SHOW YOU..if I was to bring someone and introduce him as jesus to you and show you the evidence that he's real.and he exists would you believe?..if the answer is yes..then where is the searching for him in you're heart..when it's a close spiritual relationship you will know he's real because that where faith steps in.i can't explaine it to you because it's you who needs to experience the truth he will never turn anyone away. But then that's entirely you're personel choice. Nobody can tell you he's real for you to believe .you have to want to know him to believe. And Christians don't hate the LGBTQ trans community. we don't wish harm or anything bad upon them fact..its hurting to think they choose to live in the way they do. Because the bible does speak against it.. and we don't want anyone to be separated from GOD...but that is the choice they made and its theirs to choose

    • Avatar
      Avatar 5 days ago +1

      Zendaya Zoe to answer your question about “real love”. Love comes from God. God is Love!
      Now I know you don’t believe in God, but bare with me!
      God created man and woman to procreate and commit themselves to marriage, this is a union he designs and orchestrates.
      So when 2 people of the same gender engage in sodomy or sexual immorality, and live together, God is not part of that union, therefor it’s not based on love, but instead Lust and Vile Affections.
      Same concept between an animal and a person, or a child and an adult, or 2 siblings. It’s corrupt and perverse.
      I’m just answering your question, not convincing you about the existence of God!

    • Avatar
      Avatar 5 days ago +1

      Zendaya Zoe I don’t have a definition of sin, since I didn’t define it in the first place.
      God’s definition of sin is quite simple.
      It’s the decision a person makes, to live a life apart from God.
      That means to live in disobedience to the Bible, and to live a life apart from the plans he has for you!
      God did not “design” humans or any living creature to live independently from God, hence all the array of issues the world has today!

    • Avatar
      Avatar 5 days ago +1

      Zendaya Zoe where do you think science came from?

    • Zendaya Zoe
      Zendaya Zoe 5 days ago

      What's your definition of sin?
      How can you call love between to people of the same gender friendship and between two people of different genders real love?
      And why do you think it's unnatural for humans if there are other species in nature (lions or dolphins for example) who show romantic behaviors to partners of the same gender?
      Why do you think pedophilia is as bad as loving someone of the same gender if love between them is consentual?
      I just want to understand your thoughts.

  • Jasmine DC
    Jasmine DC 5 days ago +1

    It’s easy to hide your sexuality; but you can’t hide melanin sooooo there is no comparison. Someone saying their “born this way,” to me as a person of color is disrespect- my opinion .

    • Avatar
      Avatar 5 days ago +1

      Jasmine DC homosexuals are trying to equate their sin to the color of skin!
      Extremely evil and vile!

  • Ashley mb
    Ashley mb 5 days ago

    I love these videos, I love that people from both sides can sit down and discuss they’re beliefs in a safe place. I believe that everyone should have the choice to do whatever they want, they should push they’re beliefs on others and I feel this series of videos just helps people understand why they’re on the opposite side without pushing.

    • Avatar
      Avatar 4 days ago

      Bruce Wayne why don’t you stay out of the conversation?

    • Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne 4 days ago

      +Ashley mb why don't you make me happy and just stop talking

    • Ashley mb
      Ashley mb 5 days ago

      Avatar I’m going to be honest and say I don’t really have an opinion on that part. Of course, I don’t agree with it, I think it’s pretty gross. The majority of children that come from it are disabled in some way, or have some other complication. But even though I think it’s disgusting, at one point (a long ass time ago) it was normal. If it’s consensual and they’re of age and not hurting anyone, I don’t think I would be the person to stop them. It’s still legal in a lot of the world, and as long as what you’re doing is legal who am I do stop you. I definitely think conceiving that way should be 100% illegal as it may change the child’s value of life, And I also think it’s quite gross. If it’s not hurting anyone, why not?
      I guess I don’t really know, I would love to just yell no to that, but then I would be stopping someone from doing what they want and even though I don’t agree with it, I wouldn’t want to make someone unhappy in anyway.

    • Avatar
      Avatar 5 days ago

      Ashley mb what do you think about incest? And thanks for clarifying!
      Girls are so much easier to reason with! 👍🏼

  • Toon505
    Toon505 5 days ago +2

    Adam and Eve, not Adam end Steve

    • Avatar
      Avatar 4 days ago

      Bruce Wayne why are you so upset and aggressive? I didn’t know the truth hurt that bad! But I guess it does!
      John 3:20
      For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed.

    • Bruce Wayne
      Bruce Wayne 4 days ago

      +Tron Tron shut your peaceful ass up

    • Tron Tron
      Tron Tron 4 days ago

      +Maksie0 you know what would be good right now is silence

  • Ray's Room
    Ray's Room 5 days ago +8

    the blue haired them is so cooooll

  • NatTheKiwi
    NatTheKiwi 5 days ago

    How to own slaves is in the Bible yet people don’t do that. Why can’t they just choose not to practice the hating someone for who they love. Jesus never mentioned it so obviously it can’t be that important.

    • Çerastes
      Çerastes 4 days ago +2

      @NatTheKiwi: ... well, Jesus never mentioned incest or child molestation either so I guess they are not that important either, right?

    • Avatar
      Avatar 5 days ago +1

      NatTheKiwi Jesus did mention homosexuality plenty in the Bible! Did you not know this?
      Furthermore what makes think or say that anyone practices the hating someone for who they love?
      That doesn’t make any sense !

  • That Potato
    That Potato 5 days ago +5

    Dear homophobics,

    First off, why do you care about other people’s love life? Their life, their decision. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Nobody wants to hear your negative opinions. Secondly, do you think you’re impacting the world in any way by spreading your negativity?

    Sincerely, That Potato.
    PS: I would appreciate some homophobics to explain why they’re homophobic. It would really help.

    • Lurch685
      Lurch685 7 hours ago

      I am not a homophobe. I used to be, but not anymore. The mentality is simple: we are all entitled to have opinions on things. I think the sight of same sex couples kissing or making love is disgusting. It’s simply revolting. It’s not a judgment OF THEM, it’s the behavior that’s just nasty and repugnant.

    • David Bamber
      David Bamber 12 hours ago

      Because it is our business. It brings the judgement of God on a nation that I am apart of.

    • That Potato
      That Potato 4 days ago +3

      I realize that 😕

    • Maksie0
      Maksie0 5 days ago +5

      Avatar continues to insist there is no such thing as homophobia, while continuing to be the very image of it.

  • Quentin Kelley
    Quentin Kelley 5 days ago +3

    I’m catholic and I don’t mind lgbtq

  • GhastGirl
    GhastGirl 5 days ago +1

    I'm a 15-year-old Christian who doesn't really care if your LGBTQ

  • Elham Salangi
    Elham Salangi 5 days ago +1

    I am a muslim and I still believe that everyone should be able have a choice and be able to love whoever they want or do whatever that makes them happy. At the end of the day everybody is accountable for their own actions. Respecting each other is the most important thing!

  • Hammond Muzic
    Hammond Muzic 5 days ago +1

    does it have a middle ground when it comes to pedophilia?...right is right and wrong is wrong, why must someone compromise the law of God to please mans sexual perversion?

    • Avatar
      Avatar 4 days ago

      Maksie0 if it goes against the law yes. Regardless of anything. But this topic here is homosexuality, is let’s best stick with the topic at hand!

    • Maksie0
      Maksie0 4 days ago

      Anything against the law is immoral? Would it have been immoral to free a man's slaves in the 1700s?

    • Avatar
      Avatar 4 days ago

      Maksie0 what is immoral? Well that’s simple. It’s against the law; making it illegal, thus wrong, thus immoral.
      Consent or lack of consent do not define or dictate morality or immorality.
      God and nature discrete morality and immorality.
      Hell, even homosexuality goes against the theory of evolution for that matter. The theory unprincipled and ignorant people cling on to!

    • Maksie0
      Maksie0 4 days ago

      And once again, facts don't care about your feelings. You can keep whining about "EUGH DISCUSING PERVZ 😭" but it's absolutely meanginless.

  • Azumi Hoshino
    Azumi Hoshino 5 days ago

    Anyone hear "turn it off" from the book of mormon singing through here?

  • Phuny Pheedbax
    Phuny Pheedbax 5 days ago

    If want more answers let me know

  • Skelly Arts
    Skelly Arts 5 days ago +1

    im bisexual and christian and honestly i don't see anything in Christianity that goes against LGBT there's just a few people who look way to deeply into the bible

    • Çerastes
      Çerastes 4 days ago +2

      @Skelly Arts: if you believe in Jesus Christ, you would also know that bisexuality is not right. In fact, it would be intellectually dishonest to be openly bisexual and a christian when the bible, teachings of Jesus, God and the christianity itself does NOT approve such behavior in any shape or form. Jesus himself affirmed the covenanted union of one man and one woman as the only normative expression of human sexuality. If you think that bisexuality is just fine, then you are in a direct conflict with his teachings and therefore you are not exactly following him.

    • Avatar
      Avatar 5 days ago +2

      Skelly Arts you need to spend more time reading the Bible instead of spending time listening to society and people of this world.
      The Bible is crystal clear that homosexuals will no enter the kingdom of God.
      So if you’re proudly and active bisexual person, and live as though it’s ok, then you’re not a genuine Christian.

  • idk meh
    idk meh 5 days ago

    Doesn't god love ever one so why wouldn't he love you if you where gay ?

  • Phuny Pheedbax
    Phuny Pheedbax 5 days ago

    Some people dont want children thats thier choice

  • Phuny Pheedbax
    Phuny Pheedbax 5 days ago

    The only reason CHRISTIAN s complain is because children are a generational thing

  • Phuny Pheedbax
    Phuny Pheedbax 5 days ago

    Now nobody could complain about the male and female energy on both sides

  • Phuny Pheedbax
    Phuny Pheedbax 5 days ago

    Male bisexual should date female bisexual