100 People Tell Us Their Best Feature | Keep it 100 | Cut

  • Published on Aug 21, 2017
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    About Keep it 100:
    A rapid-fire montage of 100 of us responding to the same awkward prompt.
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    About this video:
    Share will someone and tell them what their best feature is :)
    Music: Marvelous Mint / I Like to Pretend
    100 People Tell Us Their Best Feature | Keep it 100 | Cut
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Comments • 3 153

  • zonetwo ed
    zonetwo ed 2 days ago

    2:15 damn thats a nice neck 😂

  • Audrey Paige
    Audrey Paige 4 days ago

    The girl at 00:21 reminds me of Hannah Baker. Her hair and facial features are similar lol

  • Bertalan Jager
    Bertalan Jager 5 days ago +1

    What is your best feature?
    People: my eyes
    *is wearing glasses because eyesight is bad*
    Me: boii

  • Patrick Handford
    Patrick Handford 5 days ago


  • hiimtania
    hiimtania 5 days ago

    0:21 she looks like Hanna baker from 13 reasons why

  • Alex
    Alex 6 days ago +1


  • Suga V Rush
    Suga V Rush 7 days ago +3

    "What's your favourite feature"
    Me: mY eVeryThInG.... Expect when I'm upside down cause I look like a frog

  • Stagerz
    Stagerz 8 days ago

    My dick in no nut November
    *Ah shit, her we go again*

  • It’s just me Boi
    It’s just me Boi 10 days ago

    I like my customer service

  • elleanor the chip3tte
    elleanor the chip3tte 11 days ago

    *the length of my d-*

  • Ruth Naranjo
    Ruth Naranjo 11 days ago

    2:24 girl stop it, thats to much

  • criminallyvulgar
    criminallyvulgar 12 days ago

    AGAIN! There's Koji with his fine ass!

  • Captain X-Raygaming
    Captain X-Raygaming 12 days ago

    2:23 instant lesbian and feminist

  • Taylor Fulton
    Taylor Fulton 12 days ago +1

    I know almost no one's said anything about her but I really like the girl @2:20 (after the Asian lady.) Something about her in a lot of their videos. She's different

  • Laura Nwogu
    Laura Nwogu 12 days ago

    Only one butt made sense...the rest of y'all 😅😂😂😂 get out of here bruh

  • 100% gay for Mamamoo
    100% gay for Mamamoo 13 days ago +1

    "My shitty attitude"
    Why is that me

  • Macey Tarena
    Macey Tarena 13 days ago +3

    I hAvE a PrEtTy GiRlFrIeNd
    I love that 😂

  • B Tillie
    B Tillie 13 days ago

    The guy at 0:10 seconds 😍

    ROSIE KR 14 days ago

    Hey I’m a sing songwriter from londonnnn -yep I know you’ve seen this a million times BUT PLEASE LOOK AT MY RECENT SONG AND GIVE SOME HONEST FEEDBACK I just wanna improve :) thanks beautiful humans ❤️❤️

  • Muhammad Rahman
    Muhammad Rahman 14 days ago +2

    1:00 bruh looks like the bully from Paranorman

  • Alek Sokol
    Alek Sokol 14 days ago

    The man at 0:51 reminded me of the high sparrow from game of thrones oof

  • Un Bastone
    Un Bastone 14 days ago

    So... Seems that I would be the only one to say "nothing"

    • jemliac
      jemliac 13 days ago

      Un Bastone
      you know, id make up something to not seem insecure.

  • Bificalera1
    Bificalera1 14 days ago

    1:30 that was so cringy :(

  • Gooblat Heckwagon
    Gooblat Heckwagon 15 days ago +38

    "I have a pretty girlfriend" guy wins.

  • Stela Rubio
    Stela Rubio 15 days ago

    This girl at 0:20 she's pretty. Rock it! \m/

  • Asmr_queen Satisfied
    Asmr_queen Satisfied 15 days ago

    2:06 who invited mrs doubtfire

  • Anouk Yacoubi Sluis
    Anouk Yacoubi Sluis 18 days ago +12

    “I have a pretty girlfriend”
    I think he’s missing the point of the video

  • Amara Painter
    Amara Painter 19 days ago

    The guy at 2:08 is very attractive and idk why but something about him is

  • Amara Painter
    Amara Painter 19 days ago

    1:00 confuses me

  • jaya xo
    jaya xo 20 days ago

    01:31 is relatable

  • Introverted Bookkeeper

    The confidence at 0:07 is what I need in my life!

  • Angelie Noelle
    Angelie Noelle 20 days ago +1

    0:18 lol

  • The Amazon Dream
    The Amazon Dream 20 days ago

    No one said boobs... Must just be me😅

    PATTYY L 20 days ago

    They asked for BEST FEATURE..not best personality trait. They're like I'm caring I'm loyal.thats not a fucken feature.

  • Shubhankar Kulkarni
    Shubhankar Kulkarni 23 days ago

    Whitechapel shirt at 0:47
    Fuck yeaj

  • SALMN Trip
    SALMN Trip 23 days ago

    "I like my fists" she seems like a furry to me

  • Sophia Madge
    Sophia Madge 24 days ago +1

    "My shitty attitude."

    I mean yeah same.

  • domein
    domein 25 days ago

    1:08 now thats a pancake

  • Wolves
    Wolves 25 days ago

    “ my massive, veiny cock”

  • GuildBankLooter
    GuildBankLooter 25 days ago

    That sick mutant freak

  • greasy guys channel
    greasy guys channel 25 days ago

    What is your problem with gay people stop there to gay

  • Emily Smith
    Emily Smith 26 days ago +1

    1:53 bro that guy truly loves himself

  • z
    z 26 days ago

    2:23 watch out for this bad ass

  • Mike Waisoiski
    Mike Waisoiski 26 days ago +2

    1:00 is that dustin pak
    Edit: no

  • Rob Catorce
    Rob Catorce 26 days ago

    Dude with the whitechapel shirt thats what's upp

  • anustrasher69
    anustrasher69 26 days ago

    01:47 he looks so pretty tho

  • X.T. music
    X.T. music 26 days ago


  • Jonathan Levesque
    Jonathan Levesque 27 days ago

    I LIKE MY FISTS 👊🤛🤜✊👊🤛🤜

  • The eRko Production
    The eRko Production 27 days ago

    1:17 no

  • Yansel Frau
    Yansel Frau 27 days ago

    Who else thought some dude would say my dick?

  • Useless GTA V
    Useless GTA V 27 days ago

    I'm kinda disappointed nobody talked about their genitalia

  • a n d r y a
    a n d r y a 27 days ago

    to the waist girl I love you I would fight an army of crackhead for you

  • El Gaming
    El Gaming 27 days ago

    1:51 she's ginger but she says she's blonde!??! This is why they get bullied

  • Tovar 0_0
    Tovar 0_0 27 days ago +1

    Who's the girl at 1:10?

  • Mr Hood
    Mr Hood 27 days ago

    Fucking hell, this video is almost as diverse as Manchester

  • Fouad Nassar
    Fouad Nassar 27 days ago

    If everyone is caring and nice, then who are the mother fucking douche bags.
    Even a jerk would say he is nice.

  • fast gear
    fast gear 27 days ago

    The girl at 1:44 is so butifull

  • Langweiliger Hase
    Langweiliger Hase 27 days ago

    Waited for some guy who says its his dick lol

  • Jonathan Tak
    Jonathan Tak 28 days ago +1

    2:23 a true feminist

  • Rosemary Miranda
    Rosemary Miranda 28 days ago

    The main compliments I ever got was my smile and my personality so I’m assuming that’s about it for me 🤣😭

  • C. C
    C. C 28 days ago +116

    0:05 "how much time do you got man? I mean.." *Give👏me👏that👏confidence👏*

  • Tide Sheets
    Tide Sheets 28 days ago +1

    Cringe: “my fists “
    Me: 🙄

  • Seth Norling
    Seth Norling 28 days ago

    0:20 lowkey looks like hannah baker

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki 28 days ago

    0:18 ewwww jesus almost puked

  • Pleasent Grove nigga
    Pleasent Grove nigga 28 days ago

    2:23 calm down dike😂😂

  • Tomas
    Tomas 28 days ago

    2:27 Oh I can tell you Ella

  • Anthony Hilferink
    Anthony Hilferink 28 days ago

    0:56 that face doesnt go with what she says

  • Olivia Leathley
    Olivia Leathley 28 days ago +245

    Her: my neck
    Me: wtf why would you say..(sees neck) DAMN that’s a good neck

    • Eleni
      Eleni 4 days ago

      I had the exact same thought 😂

  • G. Aloysie
    G. Aloysie 28 days ago

    Now that I think about it, I hate everything about myself

  • Zero Tolerance
    Zero Tolerance 28 days ago +1

    Ilah: (says nothing)
    Everyone: Everything about Ilah!

  • Szász Bálint
    Szász Bálint 28 days ago

    0:47 nice shirt bro

  • Aaliyah Polite
    Aaliyah Polite 28 days ago

    @2:23 that was weird

  • Maria V
    Maria V 28 days ago +1

    *My shitty attitude* killed me 0:53

  • Lucy Knudsen
    Lucy Knudsen 28 days ago

    lol it's matthew inman

  • CMPLX Suhltyy
    CMPLX Suhltyy 28 days ago

    my depression

  • Dexter Franco
    Dexter Franco 28 days ago

    to the guy with the shitty attitude, that is your best feature man, youre great for it , youre always funny in vids for that

  • geeklette99
    geeklette99 28 days ago

    Anyone else want to be someone on cut? What kind of work day would that be, you never know wtf you're getting into (of course I comment this on a tame video)

  • Irlanda
    Irlanda 28 days ago

    1:08 Ya she likes it I like it and maybe other people likes it but I bet when you slap her ass sounds like a screenshot

  • Baby Sun
    Baby Sun 28 days ago

    "i LiKe mY fISTS"

  • Nick Tl
    Nick Tl 29 days ago

    Does anybody ever even check if they're actually 100 people?

  • iSupport SanE
    iSupport SanE 29 days ago

    2:23 oh shit, watch out.

  • Kevin Victoria
    Kevin Victoria 29 days ago

    Some of these people are a bit delusional

  • Thomas Baratheon
    Thomas Baratheon 29 days ago

    I thought Lily Thai was in the thumbnail

  • safa khalid
    safa khalid 29 days ago

    0:41 where is the upper lip??

    • Travis_Redfern
      Travis_Redfern 29 days ago

      safa khalid maybe she meant figuratively like “Stiff upper lip”

  • Kathy Orozco
    Kathy Orozco 29 days ago


  • Kathy Orozco
    Kathy Orozco 29 days ago


  • No One
    No One 29 days ago

    2:28 that's modafuckin Blaine? The guy that made Dietrich and Daniel go through shit?

  • meeachael angelo
    meeachael angelo 29 days ago +34

    the girl at 0:42 and the next girl have the same exact voice

  • NuclearWinter
    NuclearWinter 29 days ago

    Wait girl can honest get it

  • Dc Liverachee
    Dc Liverachee 29 days ago

    Baby you beautiful.. @ every girl in this video and comment section. I mean it too. Although you might not be attractive to me you sure as hell are to at least like 10 million people.. Think about it, it’s 7 Billion people on earth...

  • anichim s
    anichim s 29 days ago +14

    1:19 my jaw DROPPED

  • Milli Pete
    Milli Pete 29 days ago

    0:21..... ok sis

  • Ahmad Brkam
    Ahmad Brkam 29 days ago

    1:08 I am sorry but it's normal>

  • Cristian Coman
    Cristian Coman 29 days ago

    When I see some very ugly people who are 100% percent sure they are the most beautiful creatures I would cut them in half

  • Jahaziel Cipolla
    Jahaziel Cipolla 29 days ago

    Thought they were going to talk about their favorite rap features 😂

  • Godzilla Fart
    Godzilla Fart 29 days ago

    Zayn 2:18

  • Jeanne P
    Jeanne P Month ago

    1:44 wtf her voice is so cute 😍😍😱

  • Francis Simard
    Francis Simard Month ago

    1:27 guy look like matt stonie, I though he would say his estomac

  • Strong Wet Fart
    Strong Wet Fart Month ago

    My toes, my knees, my shoulder, my head

  • Safari
    Safari Month ago

    1:37 is that fucking Joss Whedon