The Art Of Making Noodles By Hand


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  • Calvint Lim
    Calvint Lim 7 hours ago

    Hand pulled noodle = 拉麵(lamian), in Japanese pronounced as ramen. However, now a days, ramen become = instant noodles, no need to pull, just made by machine and cut it to noodle shape, that's all. But he'll ya, the world thought lamian is something different, in fact, ramen originally was lamian, but Japanese chef never learn it properly, just like how pasta started.

  • naghmama mazhar
    naghmama mazhar 10 hours ago

    soba noddles: keep in mind they are glutenfree. so the way he does it is extremely awesome. The dough does not brake and out come wonderful stretchy soba noddles!! WOW. A true master!!!

  • naghmama mazhar
    naghmama mazhar 10 hours ago

    chinese food is far better than italian: now honestly: what u know about italian cuisine beside pasta dn pizza????? U have ever been in china? Poor u.

  • Mikhail Angela
    Mikhail Angela 18 hours ago

    You can watch Gordon Ramsay learning to pull noodles to see how hard it is.

  • Erick Holland
    Erick Holland 20 hours ago

    That was weird but I'm still amazed how it made by hand.

  • fariz Alfarizi
    fariz Alfarizi Day ago

    No glove after poop

  • Sada Riahni
    Sada Riahni Day ago

    Mie tarik

  • Ryan Lin
    Ryan Lin Day ago

    that Japanese chef is so philisophical

  • Morten A. Christensen

    I watched this while my 5 minute pasta was cooking in the pan.

  • Daniel Blackwolf
    Daniel Blackwolf 2 days ago

    Fucking gross he's doing it on a restaurant table made out of wood.... my mother is a chef for over 37 years.... she always works on stainless steel she had stainless steel put on the counters that she uses for baking at home.... after years of use wood tends to be porous and you have bacteria buildup in it..... that's why a lot of these third world countries have fucking disease.... why don't you just use Wooden Spoons see where that goes and forks.

  • Kubeq
    Kubeq 3 days ago

    ok, this is epic

  • DarkVoidOblivion
    DarkVoidOblivion 3 days ago


  • lacson peter
    lacson peter 3 days ago


  • shmood
    shmood 4 days ago +2

    these are the types of people i think about before i go to bed and when i wake up in the morning- what inspirations in the world

  • Snowden Drifts
    Snowden Drifts 4 days ago

    I wonder if soba dough would make good pizza dough...

  • The Hentai Guy
    The Hentai Guy 5 days ago

    It’s amazing how noodles can inspire people this much, I also feel inspired

  • kamrun nahar
    kamrun nahar 5 days ago

    I like this food

  • adeking 121
    adeking 121 5 days ago

    Y’all am hungry

  • Adelia Cook
    Adelia Cook 5 days ago

    quite interesting happened

  • thomson bjorken
    thomson bjorken 6 days ago

    I need 2 stop watching this at night....

  • Silverguest 7055
    Silverguest 7055 6 days ago

    There is to types of art of noodles in Asia the hand noddle or la mien and the Japanese the soba that is divide in three types of noodle

  • Sakura Pink
    Sakura Pink 6 days ago


  • Рикардо Милос

    Поставьте лайк чтобы иностранцы подумали что я написал годный коммент и пошли переводить в гугл переводчике. Привет

  • Leaf47
    Leaf47 7 days ago

    The ancestor of the ramen

  • Sergio Venturo
    Sergio Venturo 7 days ago

    What kind of jutsu is this ?

  • Алена Никитина

    Хочу научиться делать такую лапшу😑

  • lily cole
    lily cole 8 days ago


  • JK Huang
    JK Huang 8 days ago

    Pho is better than noodle😂

  • testusername 181
    testusername 181 8 days ago

    If someone gave me dough and random ingredients ill make pizza like skip noodles , i cant even twist noodles

  • History of China
    History of China 8 days ago

    The first guy is so touching :)

  • Ellie KaiOppai
    Ellie KaiOppai 9 days ago

    Noodles philosophy

    ooo yea

  • Надежда Апанасенко

    Художник ..

  • Darren Aphipphy
    Darren Aphipphy 9 days ago

    That chinese chef is so handsome 😍😍😘😘

  • Paul-Sebastian Manole
    Paul-Sebastian Manole 10 days ago

    All this is, is science. And it can be automated using machines.

  • Jiming Lu
    Jiming Lu 10 days ago

    chinese chef:add more water when weather is cold.
    japanese chef:10 demensional noodles with sand gardern and ocean waves.

  • Fortnite Daily And Funny Moments

    some guy on the street with a hole in his stomach: HELP I NEED A DOCTOR!
    japanese guy comes: yes im am here

    "starts making noodles"

  • Kevin Cooper
    Kevin Cooper 10 days ago

    I never knew noodle making could be made this exciting.

  • Ray Arthey
    Ray Arthey 10 days ago

    As a fusion chef... my dishes are a blend of Italian, African and Asian food... but I must admit I am obsessed with Asian food, wold love to learn this Nobel art, cause making hand made noodles is pure art and expression... I'm in love 😍😍😍

  • The_gamer_kath 324
    The_gamer_kath 324 10 days ago

    The noodles are the best :"D (igual que la maruchan :v)

  • Ananta William Wijaya
    Ananta William Wijaya 10 days ago

    the virtuoso of noodles

  • Daily life taste
    Daily life taste 10 days ago

    WOW! Great! Many thanks for sharing

  • Jea H
    Jea H 11 days ago +1

    I am watching and paying close attention to this video as if 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Googling "handpulled noodles" near me.

  • clickhead
    clickhead 11 days ago

    "When I close my eyes, I can see soba in 10 dimensions" is a great line to start a food anime...

  • Not Dom
    Not Dom 11 days ago

    This was waaaaay too satisfying to watch

  • Guy Warner
    Guy Warner 11 days ago

    What is the recipe?

  • Wild Doggo
    Wild Doggo 11 days ago

    Welp apparently to be a master you need to see in 10 dimensions

  • Wild Doggo
    Wild Doggo 11 days ago


  • Kamui God
    Kamui God 11 days ago +1

    Nobody gonna mention how he does this in fresh ass Concords though 😭

  • 47たくあん
    47たくあん 12 days ago


  • umar arshad
    umar arshad 13 days ago

    Chinese was awsome, japanese is just drama queen even preparing a dough like some anime character

    • James Yang
      James Yang 12 days ago +1

      umar arshad that's how they pretend to be perfectionists

  • Sheikh Nadeem Alam
    Sheikh Nadeem Alam 14 days ago

    respect!! n salute to there sheer passion n enthusiasm!!

  • Thom Poz
    Thom Poz 14 days ago

    Nokedli? Hol van a nokedli??!!

  • wongkl ren
    wongkl ren 14 days ago


  • Azka Athasyah
    Azka Athasyah 15 days ago

    So isnpiring 👌💪👍

  • HowlingMoonCinemas
    HowlingMoonCinemas 15 days ago +6

    "500 bowls of noodles a day"???? WHAT????

  • Indi Shae
    Indi Shae 17 days ago

    Who knew a noodle video could be so inspiring. Great job guys! Wish I could taste their noodles

  • Austin Burnett
    Austin Burnett 17 days ago

    so just some flour and water, then slap it around a bit? Gotcha, let me try it.

    Oops, i broke my ceiling fan.

  • Suraya Oktaviani
    Suraya Oktaviani 18 days ago

    Wooww cool.. 😍😍😍😍

  • Symphonic Brush
    Symphonic Brush 19 days ago

    Sent to this video after watching a Gorillaz video.
    Well, both vids have noodles I suppose lol
    But on a more serious note, I love how skillful these people are with their craft.

  • Xuan Wu
    Xuan Wu 19 days ago

    The noodles, the skill, the confidence. Sexy lol

  • Sklouchechi
    Sklouchechi 19 days ago

    I feel like the soba dude just made those steps up to appear more interesting

  • David Snyder
    David Snyder 19 days ago

    Can we all just go ahead and say that Asian craftsmanship is some next level shit? Like... I just make rich people richer for a living and these guys are out there making edible art.

  • yhannie obado
    yhannie obado 20 days ago

    making a noodles wearing a ring nice.......

  • Erza Scarlet
    Erza Scarlet 21 day ago

    The second guy is just straight up an anime character, no kidding

  • Rakesh Kumar
    Rakesh Kumar 21 day ago

    Where you live

  • I Share U Watch
    I Share U Watch 21 day ago

    This is incredibly amazing! 😍

  • karittha Sun
    karittha Sun 22 days ago

    the first chef is hella cool

    CẦN THƠ KÝ SỰ 23 days ago +1

    nice video

  • Loukama 21
    Loukama 21 23 days ago

    This is amazing. Much respect for the amount of time and effort put into each of their traits. There is so much passion. Or at least what i felt. I don't know much about editing and the sort but this was equally amazing. Love to see more.

  • Roviiil
    Roviiil 23 days ago

    new anime? Flour Bender: the noodle within

  • Asli Memis
    Asli Memis 24 days ago

    That dough looked so satisfying..

    CAESAR 24 days ago


  • juana bogado
    juana bogado 24 days ago

    Nde valé kk che karaí.
    Es usted muy habil señor. 🤗👏👏👏

  • MrInsane InTheBrain
    MrInsane InTheBrain 25 days ago

    Maybe I’ll be hated for this, but the 10 dimensions thing annoys me.
    If you can only see 1 dimension with 2 eyes, then you should only be able to see 5 with 10 fingers.

  • shaoyi xue
    shaoyi xue 26 days ago

    The soba guy just basic north of China most Mum can do this hand is called Shou Gan Mian.back to 35 years ago every week my Mum cock this for us.

    • shaoyi xue
      shaoyi xue 25 days ago

      +Lee Ximin 你是井底之蛙而已,手擀荞麦面就能给你看傻了?实话实说怕他不高兴?你跪得太久了,已经没有了自己的见解,但凡日本的一定是好的,来,干了这盒纳豆。

    • Lee Ximin
      Lee Ximin 25 days ago


  • ahmed sabir
    ahmed sabir 26 days ago

    fist one is better than 2 one

  • Asphyxia Da Vinci
    Asphyxia Da Vinci 26 days ago

    I was jus eating cup noodles

  • No ah
    No ah 26 days ago


  • Food Ranger TV
    Food Ranger TV 26 days ago

    Very skillful, that is why the noodles are delicious, efforts and mentality were invested

  • AB SinTeta
    AB SinTeta 27 days ago

    Only in japan will u need 10 dimensional vision to make noodles

  • 12269 2138
    12269 2138 27 days ago

    Kalbo wag mo lagyang ng pulbos yan

  • Meltem Aytan
    Meltem Aytan 28 days ago

    Soo amazing😍

  • AC Life
    AC Life 28 days ago
    1000 Subscriber GIVEAWAY 🏆🏆

  • BDL
    BDL 28 days ago

    I tried, my dough was snapped long before before reaching that form...

  • Rockstar Games Rockstar Games

    , Kulwinder

  • fabio pagalan
    fabio pagalan 29 days ago

    gotta love em noodles

  • Aylin Uchiha
    Aylin Uchiha 29 days ago +2

    Ichirakus noodle restutant who knows

  • Trevor Forest
    Trevor Forest Month ago

    It's so much easier to just pop a bag of Mr.Noodles in the microwave though...

  • LeeTheUnicorn
    LeeTheUnicorn Month ago


  • Lyra Sabadakya
    Lyra Sabadakya Month ago +1

    The manga was better

  • GameWorks12
    GameWorks12 Month ago +2

    Am I tripping or those concords look weird?

  • yunus mardison
    yunus mardison Month ago

    the last soundrack is so good 😭

  • nunugod
    nunugod Month ago


  • amber yu
    amber yu Month ago


  • indra fardian
    indra fardian Month ago

    This video touched the deepest part of my stomach

  • Usiel Ramirez
    Usiel Ramirez Month ago


  • lilu mia
    lilu mia Month ago +1

    Волшебники! Мастера высшего класса!!! 👍👍👍😍👏👏👏

    ROCK UP Month ago

    Wow that's literally awesome

  • asnan muzaki
    asnan muzaki Month ago

    Ini ni yang bikin indomie jadi mahal😂🙏

  • Isabela Elena Chitan

    And many year of hard work. I see on Tv, isn't easy. A magic with noodles. Thanks!