Gordon Ramsay Makes Scotland's First Ever Buffalo Mozzarella

  • Published on Dec 4, 2016
  • Gordon heads to Fife, Scotland, to make some cheese and ride some buffalos. From Gordon Ramsay's The F Word
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  • Lordizaiah
    Lordizaiah Day ago +1


  • Izzy Beatty
    Izzy Beatty Day ago

    Gordon riding a bull through buffalos and swearing is a mood (1:22)

  • Sweet candy Studios
    Sweet candy Studios 2 days ago

    The buffalos look cute

  • Jayana Perez
    Jayana Perez 2 days ago +1

    Wait people are a loud to eat buffalo? I thought it was illegal.

  • Ashley Dyer
    Ashley Dyer 2 days ago

    Ive got to say, buffalo meat is DELICIOUS!!!

  • Ava Camerer
    Ava Camerer 3 days ago

    Dont be an idiot like me and eat while watching this (especially when they have it in the stall)

  • bigegg7170
    bigegg7170 3 days ago

    amazing that someone can get so rich just for cutting things up and heating them.

  • manfrombritain
    manfrombritain 4 days ago

    a bull called "malky" rofl only in Scotland

  • anthony carlos
    anthony carlos 4 days ago

    ablka b l k

  • adar ct
    adar ct 5 days ago

    no one:
    gordons car: 0:06

  • FARM_ BOYO-_-
    FARM_ BOYO-_- 5 days ago

    Drink drives wow

  • Y Saleem
    Y Saleem 6 days ago

    Dont be fooled. These guys can kill lions......

    SAMY KHAN 7 days ago +1

    Thousands years old Punjabi method still today, mainly with hands. Scottish people are so traditional and beautiful .

  • Zero-two
    Zero-two 7 days ago

    *milk Gordon milk*

  • Bare Foot Fishing
    Bare Foot Fishing 8 days ago

    My hands still smell like shit!!! That’s the organic part lol....

  • joeis007
    joeis007 8 days ago

    He looks like the guy from the caviar video lol.

  • Banco Yen
    Banco Yen 9 days ago

    Gordon didn’t have to flex so hard in the beginning

  • Halo Galaxy
    Halo Galaxy 9 days ago

    It's like Dirty Jobs

  • [Mr.][Asian][Guy] [Plays][Video][Games]

    Buffalo : "My MAAANN..."

  • Ivan Herrera
    Ivan Herrera 10 days ago

    Why is he so close to the steering wheel? 😂😂

  • justiniscrazily
    justiniscrazily 11 days ago

    Hahaaha awesome

  • Jun Daniel Gyu Lee Kim

    Some people fap.
    I don't you do.
    Fuck this,I'm gonna go and play some video games.

  • Dadoka
    Dadoka 13 days ago

    i ate pudding while this thing shit omg...

  • Skilled Tomato
    Skilled Tomato 13 days ago +4

    Damn my guy is the first to ever push Gordon 1:47

  • Santii K
    Santii K 14 days ago

    0:48 song name?

    KOP COLE 14 days ago

    Dairy lee triangles are also nice

    KOP COLE 14 days ago

    Where are their wings

  • Idul Fawzy
    Idul Fawzy 14 days ago

    Wow supw

  • Yo Ezzy
    Yo Ezzy 14 days ago


  • Rex Carter
    Rex Carter 14 days ago +2

    Your mabe more worried about the kickin, i'd watch out for the shittin! 😆😆😆

  • Mike Brennan
    Mike Brennan 15 days ago

    Wow Gordans first time making mozzarella? Good chance I can make better mozzarella then Gordan Ramsey then.

  • Durable Ninja
    Durable Ninja 15 days ago

    *_Season The Buffalo_*

  • Florence W
    Florence W 16 days ago +8

    Imagine someone looking out the window
    *oh look. It’s Gordon Ramsey in a Lambo.*

  • M1cr0wav3 BEEP
    M1cr0wav3 BEEP 16 days ago +2

    7:23 great way to lose their appetite *Gordon*

  • loading
    loading 16 days ago

    cowboy ramsay

  • Deimos 22
    Deimos 22 17 days ago

    SCOOOLTLAAAANNNDD FOREVAAA *Bagpipes Play in the distance*

  • 메히야조
    메히야조 17 days ago

    Meek creatures.

  • Muslim Artist
    Muslim Artist 17 days ago

    1:54 get duked 😂

  • Going Off Topic
    Going Off Topic 18 days ago +1

    Virgin cow milk vs Chad buffalo milk

  • Santos Delao
    Santos Delao 18 days ago

    Jordan your the cooker in the world

  • Sian Getz
    Sian Getz 18 days ago

    I thought he was going to make mozzarella out of a buffalo. Disappointed.

  • Acph 33
    Acph 33 18 days ago

    Gordon’s a fool lol “the big cheese” & “the little cheese”

    SWAK ANAKUKINA BABE 19 days ago

    Gordon with a lambo?
    Thats sick bro!!

  • Yume月亮
    Yume月亮 19 days ago

    0:43 snot? Drool?

  • Nichelle De Mille
    Nichelle De Mille 19 days ago

    Ramsey with buffalo shit an piss on his body
    Thats for all those mean comments u made to people

  • Flying_bareback
    Flying_bareback 19 days ago

    Poor boys just needed. Cutting horse

    BUTIN BANERJEE 20 days ago

    After cooking and serving the food with his hands,
    At 7:24

    Gordon Ramsay: Unfortunately, my hands still smell of shit.

  • Racoon
    Racoon 20 days ago

    Gordon reminds me off my teacher Mrs mcveigh when he gets angry

  • gamer Chilly
    gamer Chilly 21 day ago

    I see you ramsy driving with Lamborghini

  • Elyas Yusuf
    Elyas Yusuf 21 day ago

    Gordon being gordon

  • shreyas ganesh
    shreyas ganesh 21 day ago

    *furious banjo playing ensues*

  • Ken shiin
    Ken shiin 22 days ago

    I love that last part 😂😂😘 they eating the burger and gordon try to fuck them up with shit of buffalo 😂😂

  • Argonix
    Argonix 22 days ago

    Dude Gordon your like the best chef out there

  • Michael M
    Michael M 22 days ago +1

    lol it's not often you hear Ramsay apologize for swearing

  • Lil Lily Lay
    Lil Lily Lay 22 days ago +1

    2:31 that buffalo just picked it’s nose with its tongue😂

  • Kenneth Angelo
    Kenneth Angelo 23 days ago

    Fueled by olive oil

  • Brutalknockouts YT
    Brutalknockouts YT 23 days ago +1

    Dont worry guys ill just drive in my Lamborghini to a farm no biggy

  • Beraj Patel
    Beraj Patel 24 days ago

    delicious, flavourful and scrumptious ...

  • Nicholas Benjamin
    Nicholas Benjamin 24 days ago +9

    Gordon trying to flex on Jamie Oliver with his Lamborghini

  • Drake Windham
    Drake Windham 24 days ago

    0:43 *”YOU WOT”*

  • GamerZrage
    GamerZrage 24 days ago

    I like how as good as he his he still makes room to learn.

  • El Duderino
    El Duderino 25 days ago +1

    weird flex, but ok.

  • Lxrd Sapphire
    Lxrd Sapphire 25 days ago

    Wait whos recording?

  • Kyle Goldston
    Kyle Goldston 25 days ago

    This guy needs some dogs.

  • Slayer3000bot
    Slayer3000bot 27 days ago +4

    Breaking bad + Gordan Ramsey = gourmet cheese flavored meth

  • Adeptus Yagoncius
    Adeptus Yagoncius 27 days ago

    🎶Pizza mozzarela, piza mozzarella 🎶
    🎶Rella, rella, rella, rella 🎶

  • Vulgaris Magistralis
    Vulgaris Magistralis 27 days ago +14

    “We look for the female with the biggest udders.” Typical Friday night

    • El Diablo
      El Diablo 25 days ago +1

      Couldn’t agree more 😋😛

    • betsy lee
      betsy lee 26 days ago

      Vulgaris Magistralis oh my god

  • Fooli's Adventure !
    Fooli's Adventure ! 28 days ago


  • Santhosh Kumar
    Santhosh Kumar 28 days ago

    Gordon and "fuck u" 🤣🤣, seriously Gordon ? To a buffalo ?

  • SUB3ERO !!
    SUB3ERO !! 29 days ago

    Its coming to market near you...

  • She's Ell
    She's Ell 29 days ago

    This is the best lmai

  • Kevin Zhang
    Kevin Zhang 29 days ago +1

    yo, he did this whole video to flex his lambo

    MIKEK3NT Month ago

    He’s driving Clarkson’s car

  • Enal Jazon
    Enal Jazon Month ago +9

    Next Video
    Gordon makes the world first ever breast milk mozzarella

    • Sipping Tea
      Sipping Tea 29 days ago

      Nah fam, don't need more angry peeps on his back

  • Honey Pennington
    Honey Pennington Month ago


  • Cleo Chan
    Cleo Chan Month ago

    Haha 😂

  • AjayRam
    AjayRam Month ago +1


  • Kadee Hadrian Euw
    Kadee Hadrian Euw Month ago +1

    Im fxcking inlove with gordon ramsay😍😍😂

  • Robloxian alamat101


  • Michael Loomis
    Michael Loomis Month ago

    Gets buffalo shit on his hands. Proceeds to make food with those hands

  • David Soltai
    David Soltai Month ago +1

    Invasive species

  • Gabriel Parker
    Gabriel Parker Month ago +4

    Never knew the UK had a buffalo farm!?

    • Corry Accod
      Corry Accod 8 days ago

      Gabriel Parker That Was In Scotland

    • Doge Coin
      Doge Coin 10 days ago +1

      We haven’t got many, pretty rare

  • Thanos The destroyer

    Sheeeeeeetttttt I wanna eat it *_RAW_*

  • Scupacium
    Scupacium Month ago

    that gallardo

  • Niccolò Antonio Limongelli

    Mozzarella con pomodori fatti a quadratini ricoperti di prezzemolo con del limone sopra.
    Non approvo da italiano ma ok.

  • Spider Ashton
    Spider Ashton Month ago

    He drives a Lamborghini to ride on a buffalo lol

  • wenjingsaf
    wenjingsaf Month ago

    the end cheeseburger BBQ would be perfect for a guys day

  • wenjingsaf
    wenjingsaf Month ago

    1:27 wouldnt want a Scottish person trying to save my life theyd be too busy over pronouncing shit hahah

  • wenjingsaf
    wenjingsaf Month ago

    0:43 that buffalos unimpressed loll



  • Mike Ratkiewicz
    Mike Ratkiewicz Month ago

    6:42 The happiest moment ever recorded of Gordon.

  • Llama corn
    Llama corn Month ago

    Shame i live in northern Ireland ._.

  • Erik Green
    Erik Green Month ago +1


  • peacefulmind319
    peacefulmind319 Month ago

    thats what they call a buffalo? eh...

  • Lea Ann
    Lea Ann Month ago

    All hunger left me when the Buffalo took a crap being milked and it was all over his hands!

  • Nate Vlogs
    Nate Vlogs Month ago


  • Michael B
    Michael B Month ago

    How much cost this mozarela ?

  • Brendas Anderson
    Brendas Anderson Month ago +3

    2:55 Your stimulating the wrong organs 🤣

  • Olallo
    Olallo Month ago

    This mf pushed gordon infront a fucking buffalo lmaaaaooo 1:44