Gordon Ramsay Makes Scotland's First Ever Buffalo Mozzarella


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  • EJ Estonactoc
    EJ Estonactoc Hour ago

    these guys are gay

  • Yenny Rozan
    Yenny Rozan Day ago

    I have been using my phone and my computer and the new iPad to

  • Ethanboi 17
    Ethanboi 17 Day ago

    Suttle flex with the car..

  • AppleBottemGs
    AppleBottemGs Day ago

    That lambo is fresh

  • Jess Stange
    Jess Stange Day ago

    The ultimate buffalo buger

  • Katana Clips
    Katana Clips 2 days ago

    Fuck yer fife

  • Johan Thorsen
    Johan Thorsen 2 days ago

    Lambo ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🧡💛💚💙💙💙💙💙

  • freshsauce
    freshsauce 2 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay should of been in lil pump's new song "butterfly doors"

  • Andrew Columbus
    Andrew Columbus 3 days ago

    Do you know 4:33

  • Mr Potato Man
    Mr Potato Man 3 days ago +2

    Damn how much was it to rent that car ?

  • Tyler Paulson
    Tyler Paulson 4 days ago



  • Bolekinas
    Bolekinas 4 days ago

    Hands... Discusting

  • FredMonster
    FredMonster 4 days ago

    2:50 “Oh shit!” Quite literally.

  • Ryan Martinez
    Ryan Martinez 4 days ago +8

    1:47 lmao did he just shove Ramsay?

  • Antonio Jordan
    Antonio Jordan 5 days ago

    He ain't wash his hands or nothing 😂😂😂 white people only a black person would have got in the shower and changed clothes

  • Double Pump Juice
    Double Pump Juice 5 days ago

    Who else didn’t see the Camera man?

  • Wil Urosevic
    Wil Urosevic 5 days ago

    6:48 that fist bump hard as shit

  • Eduardo Diaz
    Eduardo Diaz 5 days ago

    3:09 the I just touched a boob face gordon make is amazing

  • Reece Norwood
    Reece Norwood 6 days ago

    he just had to flex with the lambo

  • Santi Sáenz de buruaga

    What a showoff

  • Shahmeer Jamal
    Shahmeer Jamal 6 days ago


  • Mr Green
    Mr Green 6 days ago

    What they add to milk ??

  • Bill Ross
    Bill Ross 7 days ago

    The camera just had to zoom in on the car brand.......

  • Eki the Alchemist
    Eki the Alchemist 7 days ago

    Why would you choose the milk it from behind?
    Why can't the Scots be normal and milk it from the sides?

  • Trevor Cort
    Trevor Cort 7 days ago

    Close your eyes and listen😛

  • SamBeg StHa2
    SamBeg StHa2 7 days ago

    So paneer is mozzarella?

  • SamBeg StHa2
    SamBeg StHa2 7 days ago

    A cook who rides a lambo.

    DEREK ZHANG 7 days ago

    Buffalos’ are so cute!

  • Spectral
    Spectral 8 days ago

    I'd laugh if gordon tryed to milk a male lmao

  • mister Moody
    mister Moody 8 days ago

    3:14 when he finishes too early

  • RyzenKurt Ritchie
    RyzenKurt Ritchie 8 days ago

    hes like a kid well he is scottish though

  • George Tello
    George Tello 8 days ago

    6:50 that knuckles sounded loud!!!

  • Lil Russian
    Lil Russian 9 days ago

    That man has money up the ass

  • King Lighttin
    King Lighttin 9 days ago

    *SCOTLAND. F O R E V E R.*

  • NinjaVlog s
    NinjaVlog s 10 days ago

    If i milk a cow id break it's dick

  • Ben Kelly
    Ben Kelly 10 days ago

    That’s a piece of shit car compared to the laferrari

  • kona hoover
    kona hoover 11 days ago

    1:39. the bulls face doh

  • captain Bowo King
    captain Bowo King 11 days ago

    Amy and Sammy from kitchen nightmares probably loves this episode

  • Its Martin_YT
    Its Martin_YT 11 days ago

    Gordon has to be the most healthy and athletic old guy in the world and by old I meant 50+

  • Ross Z
    Ross Z 11 days ago

    actually the first scottish buffalo mozzarella was made in 1968, by Sir Willy Mozzarella

  • mike WIZZ
    mike WIZZ 12 days ago

    Wait he has a lamborghini gallardo? actually of course he does

  • Aidan Walker
    Aidan Walker 12 days ago

    Gordon that’s what she thinks of you trying to milk her

  • Ali30 00
    Ali30 00 12 days ago

    *You should be less worried about the kickin' and more worried about the shittin'*

  • Nameless King
    Nameless King 12 days ago

    6:49 that fist bump sounded painful

  • Sobirjon Abdullaev
    Sobirjon Abdullaev 13 days ago

    wow lol pretty sure this guy was the first pero
    son to push ramsay and get away with it xD 1:45

    THE HOT SAUSAGE 13 days ago

    Gordon truly is awesome

  • Christina Singleton
    Christina Singleton 13 days ago

    *smash bro’s theme*
    Horace: The big cheese!
    Mike: The little cheese!

  • Avran Fernandes
    Avran Fernandes 14 days ago

    Nice car bro lambo

  • Slowriginal Slowriginal
    Slowriginal Slowriginal 14 days ago +12

    did you ever see a 200 million worth guy be like that? Thats why I like Gordon.

  • Slowriginal Slowriginal
    Slowriginal Slowriginal 14 days ago +1

    1:10 looking to the camera like...

  • Inziswap Boi
    Inziswap Boi 14 days ago


  • George Tawadros
    George Tawadros 14 days ago

    S o S i G

  • A Random Rat
    A Random Rat 15 days ago

    I can't be the only one who only sees people bashing on vegans, than the actual vegans complaining.

  • beast crip
    beast crip 15 days ago

    Nice lambo

  • Skullbreakerking
    Skullbreakerking 15 days ago

    Lamborghini :0

  • CartierShahツ
    CartierShahツ 15 days ago +1

    Weird Flex But Ok.....

  • aikerz87
    aikerz87 16 days ago

    Who like a booger?

  • Gaby Chuels
    Gaby Chuels 17 days ago

    A female bull is a cow....

  • *LitModz YT*
    *LitModz YT* 17 days ago

    He got Lamborghini

  • Poorly drawn faces
    Poorly drawn faces 17 days ago

    Thats a nice Ferrari
    Edit: Lamborghini*

  • Abbas Fakhoury
    Abbas Fakhoury 18 days ago

    He forgot to season the buffalo's tits first.

  • JstSumMobileScum Qian
    JstSumMobileScum Qian 18 days ago +1

    Why do you need a lamborgini when you have bulls

  • Space Cat
    Space Cat 19 days ago

    Before 🐪 after 🐫

  • MK Unicorn
    MK Unicorn 19 days ago

    was inspired to make cheese after watching this
    turned out pretty yummy

  • Tinyt3mpr
    Tinyt3mpr 19 days ago

    Fam I live in fife I’ve never seen this

  • Lizard Lover
    Lizard Lover 20 days ago

    Dang, nice car.

  • Adrian Hernandez.J
    Adrian Hernandez.J 20 days ago

    Ramsay with that lambo🔥

  • GamerVaulter
    GamerVaulter 20 days ago

    thats milk and shit

  • FacingRealityThroughGames

    Why can’t he be a normal white person, drive a honda

  • DaGreatWatahMelone
    DaGreatWatahMelone 20 days ago

    Gordon should poison the food

  • Amanda Kelley
    Amanda Kelley 22 days ago

    That’s not what we call buffalo in America. I’m curious now to know what we call them.

  • Para_exe
    Para_exe 23 days ago

    The background looks like the windows do wallpaper

  • LoudAswin GT
    LoudAswin GT 23 days ago

    Buffalo: *shits*,
    Ramsay:, it's RAW!

  • HybridAnimation
    HybridAnimation 23 days ago

    Top Gear: The Gordon Ramsay Episode

  • Mariah Woods
    Mariah Woods 23 days ago


  • Austin Kulseth
    Austin Kulseth 23 days ago +1

    I'm more interested in the LAMBO

  • Anonymous Mouse
    Anonymous Mouse 23 days ago

    The beginning seems like a car commercial

  • Chain Pain
    Chain Pain 23 days ago

    1:47 disrespect

  • X striker
    X striker 25 days ago

    Chef Ramsay why do you hate our food?


  • Howto notbasic
    Howto notbasic 25 days ago +1

    Gordon: unfortunately my hand smell like shit
    But if it was the people that said that it I'll be like this

    People: unfortunately my hand smell like shit
    Gordon: You fucker,son of a bitch,asshole get the fuck away

  • KayLily M
    KayLily M 26 days ago

    Ramsey your cheating on your wife

  • KayLily M
    KayLily M 26 days ago

    The buffalo made so much touchdowns

  • KayLily M
    KayLily M 26 days ago

    This vid is like football

  • Kyla Dang
    Kyla Dang 26 days ago +1

    House tour

  • Gladiator 2819
    Gladiator 2819 27 days ago

    *conplains about peoples food*

    *dosent wash his hand while making burgers*

    ~-~gordan ramsay

  • Gaming4life
    Gaming4life 27 days ago

    3:37 HELLO THERE

  • Harpsikord
    Harpsikord 28 days ago

    Seeing Gordon Ramsay farming like us southerners has made my day a whole lot brighter, seeing him get pissed and shit on made me die laughing and seeing him practically leap frogging onto the buffulo I just lost it 😅 I dunno why when I'm around farm animals I just get so excited and eager to learn and work

  • nrl fishing
    nrl fishing 29 days ago

    He didn’t toast the buns

  • Scottish NUT
    Scottish NUT 29 days ago


  • Iced Lime
    Iced Lime 29 days ago +1

    This a rari not a rover

  • TheShadowGamer TSG
    TheShadowGamer TSG Month ago


    OHH YEAH Month ago

    The buffalo they were milking was soo cute 😍

  • The Unknown
    The Unknown Month ago

    2:49 wth

  • luuke luketer
    luuke luketer Month ago

    I thought I'd get to see him slaughter a buffalo ..........

  • Samuel J
    Samuel J Month ago

    the only comforting thought was the machines doing milking, because up until then it was disgusting. Piss and shit oozing with the milk ruined it that bit.

  • holyshititzmark
    holyshititzmark Month ago

    What kinda knife is he using?

  • Janelle Silbernagel

    These are the best!! Love watching him do all these!! Keep them coming!!

  • doubble valiant
    doubble valiant Month ago +1

    *My HaNds sTiLL SMelL lIke ShEt*

  • Luader
    Luader Month ago


  • Hinoots
    Hinoots Month ago

    4:32 why would you throw away whew protein? It’s hella healthy, ye know...