THERE'S NO WAY THIS IS REAL!!! | Jacksepticeye's Funniest Home Videos #13


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  • jacksepticeye
    jacksepticeye  14 days ago +20248

    L A U G H!

    • Ky0c3_Games
      Ky0c3_Games 10 days ago

      You should of called this jacks funniest kommercials, for short, JFK

    • Citavalo
      Citavalo 11 days ago

      Yeah at your patchy beard. Holy moly.

    • Matthew Bowen
      Matthew Bowen 14 days ago +2

      Yes Boss

    • Connor Richardson
      Connor Richardson 14 days ago

      Hey Jack jw when are you going to do the rest of the spiderman dlc? It's all out now

  • Liz Hittle
    Liz Hittle 13 hours ago

    12:40 *scream*

  • Horus175
    Horus175 14 hours ago

    Not one person has mentioned that the "Flowbee" thing was in Wayne's World and I don't know if that means satire is dead or I'm just old as shit.

  • Sera Stafford
    Sera Stafford 15 hours ago


  • Gaming Master
    Gaming Master 15 hours ago


  • kaysan johnson
    kaysan johnson 15 hours ago

    9:12, we didn't see that spit

  • Batboy 2.0
    Batboy 2.0 15 hours ago

    I’ve seen the uro thing on tv

  • Offcenter Gaming
    Offcenter Gaming 15 hours ago

    I didnt realize anti was hosting the intro to this.

  • Rockstar Gamer
    Rockstar Gamer 16 hours ago +1

    I think the first one, you’re supposed to wipe your ass then put the tissue on it then put it in the toilet? 🤔

  • Jenny Piontek
    Jenny Piontek 18 hours ago

    I lUVE hiS AccENt

  • Josh Hughes
    Josh Hughes 19 hours ago

    Can you watch other USclip's first can you watch Collins key

  • Ticci Emma
    Ticci Emma 19 hours ago

    Is jack dieing?

  • Enraged Monkey
    Enraged Monkey 19 hours ago

    Jack we all no Santa isn’t real I’m 99% sure that toddlers are watching your videos

  • Heather Jane Metcalf
    Heather Jane Metcalf 19 hours ago +1

    Jack have you seen the “Panda Cheese” commercials? You seriously need to look them up. I know they aren’t infomercials but they are definitely worth a look!

  • vast_void
    vast_void 20 hours ago

    Quote of the millennium:
    “I want a Get-A-Grip. I want the people who have the comfort wipe to ‘get a grip’!”

  • JustAnotherMike
    JustAnotherMike 20 hours ago

    "During a facial toning session the system delivers a mild impulse..."
    An impulse to kill all other living creatures you see, and hang them by their insides

  • Billy Buttplug
    Billy Buttplug 20 hours ago

    I love the beard

  • Paula Lipp
    Paula Lipp 21 hour ago

    You look like a hipster

  • Hannah Hetzel
    Hannah Hetzel 21 hour ago

    So the get a grip is an occupational therapy tool. It’s to assist in activities of daily living for those who have the inability to wipe themselves due to injury

  • Samuel Ameigh
    Samuel Ameigh 22 hours ago

    These things are actually often meant for disabled people to use! They're marketed towards people who AREN'T disabled so that they can be cheap for those who need it to use 😇😇😇

  • Undisclosed Username
    Undisclosed Username 23 hours ago

    Cost of two EuroClubs: 74.92$. Cost to pee in woods, as nature intended: FREE

  • Taytianna L
    Taytianna L 23 hours ago

    please do a video with ron ben israel!!!

  • Enter Name Here
    Enter Name Here 23 hours ago

    *It looks like you're checking out your club!*


  • Ben Mock
    Ben Mock Day ago

    oh my goodness..... my parents saw this commercial, and bought a "Flowbee" to cut my hair when I was a kid. I completely forgot about that time in my life. It was so painful... i don't know why . Maybe because i had a vacuum ripping my hair out?

  • blackpantha plays

    by dirty tissue they ment tissue with shit on it XD

  • Ben Wagstaff
    Ben Wagstaff Day ago

    I took a shit while watching the comfort wipe add

  • Bstyle XO
    Bstyle XO Day ago

    “The toilet paper isn’t disgusting. It’s your dirty ass Sandra that’s disgusting”

  • THE_REAL YOGSTROYER Gaming Vlogs And Mo

    I was watching comfort wipe while i was pooping lol

  • Nicolas Wilson
    Nicolas Wilson Day ago

    Did anyone notice jack got his ears pierced.

  • Matty
    Matty Day ago

    She said toilet paper is archaic, but it hasn’t been around for very long. It’s a rather big modern sanitary advancement.

  • Swagg3r _Souls
    Swagg3r _Souls Day ago

    “When you try to grow a beard but it’s all patchy”

  • Giovanni Divito
    Giovanni Divito Day ago

    You look like markiplayer

  • Majestic Meow
    Majestic Meow Day ago

    Where do u send him a video lol

  • Rylan Hammond
    Rylan Hammond Day ago

    My gran got one of those face masks and I walk in the front door and saw her wearing it and I all most shit my pants lol

  • Phantom Predator


  • Anony Mouse
    Anony Mouse Day ago

    The fact that jack has felixs beard is amazing

  • Lidy
    Lidy Day ago

    That "sound" from the towel commercial was literally the opening intro my school used for their cringy news.

  • Danil Torlukov Gardner

    This series is still fantastic

  • Ham Fish
    Ham Fish Day ago

    It still looks like his shanking his golf club

  • DontGetToClose ToYeast

    I had the volume turned to max on accident when Jack said hello everybody, I now have 5 restraining orders and 10 noise complaint fines.

  • Madison Bronikowski

    He did not o he said hoe like a garden hoe

  • Trường Nguyễn

    First commercial is so uncomfortable and stupid and funny and blah,blah alot of confuse emotion when i watch it

  • Crystall_killer
    Crystall_killer Day ago

    What happened with you beard???

  • Jeff Decker
    Jeff Decker Day ago

    10:50 DEMONETIZED!

  • greenlavaistriggered 420

    This is owned by keemstar now

  • CyCy Galaxy
    CyCy Galaxy Day ago

    Sally Face confirmed. SHANE DAWSON WHERE YOU BE!?

  • CyCy Galaxy
    CyCy Galaxy Day ago


  • AlyssasWorld /Alyssa

    13:05 Sally face

  • Anood Gad
    Anood Gad Day ago

    Did you steal pewdiepie's beard or some shit wtf

  • Xavier Skeleton
    Xavier Skeleton Day ago

    3:22 the toilet paper thing costs fricken 20 dollars

  • Xx TheBoyRansomeness xX

    Didnt matthias review the uro club?

  • Janet Wilson
    Janet Wilson Day ago

    Can you shout me out please by the way great video jack. 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Tyler Mogler
    Tyler Mogler Day ago

    NO Jack is gay NO

    GRANT FUNK Day ago

    If the elves are his... p
    Would that make him samta?

  • Amber Accola
    Amber Accola Day ago


  • Codee Hallett
    Codee Hallett Day ago

    The flowbee is lokey the actual best yeah and I had one when I was a kid

  • Cyborg Jay
    Cyborg Jay Day ago

    I have short on the sides and back and taller on the top so im with Jack

  • Mobile Player
    Mobile Player Day ago

    You are starting to get your own pewds beard

  • blockhead 28130
    blockhead 28130 Day ago

    jack how do i send vids?

  • shakenfry
    shakenfry Day ago

    Three words...
    The Wunder Boner

  • Best BaldEagle
    Best BaldEagle Day ago

    Do one on Shaeffer's Deck sealant

  • Ahmad X
    Ahmad X Day ago

    Am I wrong?

  • ravire mirissearachchi

    wasent the wearable towel music drama alert

  • Striker 0625
    Striker 0625 Day ago

    The comfort wipe is a tool that you use to wipe your ass

  • kityycutegamer 22

    The mask reminded me of sally face 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Solidharryity60
    Solidharryity60 Day ago

    Whoever invented the dressing gown should copyright strike the people who invented the wearable towel because a dressing gown is a wearable towel

  • Sombra The Husky

    Yes that’s what it is

  • GenaReal
    GenaReal Day ago

    Its a 90s thing you wouldnt understand unless your from the 90s

  • youtube lover101

    Can you react to "you are a pirate by Fred Perry

  • GenaReal
    GenaReal Day ago +1

    Sean you got white in your hair and bread

  • Marion Rabl
    Marion Rabl 2 days ago

    We have a Flowbee and it actually works really great for men haircuts but I never tried something the kids these days would think of 😂

  • LisaSSP
    LisaSSP 2 days ago

    12:38 - 12:41 nope...nope...don't like that sound

  • Christopher Moore
    Christopher Moore 2 days ago

    9:08 look at his spit hahahah

  • Undeadcheese
    Undeadcheese 2 days ago

    Jack you remind me of Johnny Depp

  • Natalie Augstein
    Natalie Augstein 2 days ago

    Lol. I would actually buy the wearable towel 😂

  • Alex Tundra
    Alex Tundra 2 days ago

    I would buy the uroclub to fill it with soda or something

  • Dalton Jensen
    Dalton Jensen 2 days ago

    The golf club isn't good because ur pissin one second and the next someone calls the cops for public nudity

  • EighteenVp
    EighteenVp 2 days ago

    You should actually buy them and try them for a video and rate them 😂 (not all. Only the ones you think is ok)

  • definitely not here
    definitely not here 2 days ago

    I think I saw the uro club at my local REI

  • Betty Morley
    Betty Morley 2 days ago

    Haha hilarious as always Jack. You are so funny and cute. Keep up the good work and keep going ALL THE WAY to the end. We love you Jack.

  • tyson
    tyson 2 days ago

    👍 and👎!

  • shrek
    shrek 2 days ago

    The queen lived, laughing is a difficult task

  • Caius Jones
    Caius Jones 2 days ago

    That’s the fuckin no copyright news theme that everyone uses

  • hey will u be my friend

    *big ol' echoy slamm*


  • mrcscomic's Gaming
    mrcscomic's Gaming 2 days ago

    “O” “O” “O” “O”

  • Alaina_6
    Alaina_6 2 days ago

    I actually saw the Comfort Wipe on TV when I was a little girl. Didn't understand how ridiculous it was.........until now

  • Santanaboi 1
    Santanaboi 1 2 days ago


  • Nicholas Georges
    Nicholas Georges 2 days ago

    12:38 but did you know I was secretly Jason?

  • Katie Kettle
    Katie Kettle 2 days ago

    Oh my god 👏 😕😕👏😕😕👏😕😕👏

  • Albino Rhino678
    Albino Rhino678 2 days ago

    Pretty sure that music is from a particular new reporter of the name Gloria Borger 👀

  • Nicholas Georges
    Nicholas Georges 2 days ago

    The evolution of jack
    The beret
    The green hair
    Now nothing

  • FoxyGaminTv :3
    FoxyGaminTv :3 2 days ago

    Scared the crap out of meh

  • DerpKing YT
    DerpKing YT 2 days ago

    He spits at 9:13

  • sapnah chandradat
    sapnah chandradat 2 days ago

    the beard is slowly growing...

  • Provnoobs
    Provnoobs 2 days ago

    At 1:58 Jack Thinks about what our world has become.

    Jack: I guess I can rule the world now with these ideas.

  • MindfulDeception
    MindfulDeception 2 days ago

    12:50 Hannibal Lecter

  • Pete R
    Pete R 2 days ago +1

    I think its sad that i actualy have a flowbee

  • Golden_ Dragon981
    Golden_ Dragon981 2 days ago

    Dont call the number for uro club

  • Reid Houston
    Reid Houston 2 days ago