Irish People Watch Archer

  • Published on Jul 20, 2018
  • "He's kind of like Don Draper, if he was a dumbass."
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    Archer is an American adult animated sitcom created by Adam Reed. It follows the exploits of a dysfunctional group of secret agents trying to be a super secret spy agency and....not quite succeeding. We decided to sit down our TRYers and show them the first episode, to see what they thought!
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Comments • 560

  • Chris Combs
    Chris Combs Day ago

    You should do “F is for Family”, I love that cartoon. It’s hilarious!

  • Rose Treiger
    Rose Treiger Day ago

    I am so mad at Arby's for showing this guy's actual face they ruined Archer and Bob's Burgers for me. The man does not sound like he looks

  • William Gullett
    William Gullett 9 days ago

    Ciara is awesome

  • aaron fluellen
    aaron fluellen 10 days ago

    Do a video on BrickelBerry

  • gerry mckown
    gerry mckown 11 days ago

    Is it me, or are the Irish folks talking REALLY fast, but I still do understand them......I just have to turn up the "old world de-coder ring!" G>

  • The Dragon with the Girl Tattoo.


  • James Scott
    James Scott 15 days ago

    Archer ISIS was before regular terrorist ISIS thus they had to change the name. Just like they had to kill off Lord whatshisname's dog named ISIS on Downton Abby.

  • Erika Ferrell
    Erika Ferrell 19 days ago

    lol the naked photo of the mother with her dog is a throwback to the iconic photo of yoko ono and John Lennon in ... I believe it was Rolling Stone magazine

  • Anthony Jones
    Anthony Jones 22 days ago

    Dermot being an Archer fan makes me all sorts of happy

  • H.R. Pufnstuf
    H.R. Pufnstuf 26 days ago

    The best cartoon of all time ever forever.

  • TheBelieveit1
    TheBelieveit1 Month ago

    Just wait til they hear about Malory's view on the Irish.

  • Pepe Lepeu
    Pepe Lepeu Month ago

    Irish people are great. Loving these videos. From america

  • Mr nope
    Mr nope Month ago

    "All never roid hum agan"

  • Eric Mistrot
    Eric Mistrot Month ago

    Cleavage shots of Lana are always necessary

  • silver soulja
    silver soulja 2 months ago

    Why do you feel bad for laughing?

  • Thomas Healy
    Thomas Healy 2 months ago

    How do you not watch the episode with the Irish Mob?!

  • Christopher Mathern
    Christopher Mathern 2 months ago +1

    " HES GOT AN ERECTION !!! ".... omg. that gets me every time

  • Michael Stone
    Michael Stone 2 months ago

    Ciara is a hottie!!

  • Lana MacDougall
    Lana MacDougall 2 months ago

    I may be biased but i love when he screams Lana lol

  • Ken Morrison
    Ken Morrison 2 months ago

    Way to much talking.

  • KennyG881
    KennyG881 2 months ago

    They should show them South Park

  • HGB MD2930
    HGB MD2930 2 months ago

    These people are not funny all

  • Osama Qasho'
    Osama Qasho' 2 months ago

    "He's a spy and also Bob's Burgers and Lucille Bluth is his boss/mother" is the perfect way to describe Archer!

  • Rok Hamler
    Rok Hamler 2 months ago

    Does nobody know the picture with Archer's mother and her dog is a Lennon/Yoko Ono reference?

  • George Hutto
    George Hutto 2 months ago

    Justine, I would never, ever answer the phone! 😋

  • Necracudda
    Necracudda 2 months ago

    I mean the last part is somewhat realistic, Guys sometimes get an boner from random shit, HELL, I sometimes get one In my math class and I have no idea why. Lmao

  • Trevor Goodchild
    Trevor Goodchild 2 months ago

    Did they cut the “possibly a Jew” line? Omfg-

  • Trevor Goodchild
    Trevor Goodchild 2 months ago

    Irish didn’t get the Lennon & Ono reference?

  • Brian M
    Brian M 2 months ago

    Archer is a great show.

  • Demon Slayer
    Demon Slayer 2 months ago

    3:28 “phrasing”

  • Kimberly Finley
    Kimberly Finley 2 months ago

    My two favorites started the video

  • david gutierrez
    david gutierrez 2 months ago

    1:30 Sarena looks like the character

  • Terry I
    Terry I 2 months ago

    If you ain't seen this show, you literally have not lived.

  • Michael Grimm
    Michael Grimm 3 months ago

    Playing in the background while doing something? Don't you dare!!!

  • Allan Bautista
    Allan Bautista 3 months ago

    South Park next time?

  • Fascist Barbie
    Fascist Barbie 3 months ago

    If only they'd react to Krieger doing the smoke bomb at least once.

  • N/A
    N/A 3 months ago

    Danny phantom? What a cunt.

  • rotaryfreak3
    rotaryfreak3 3 months ago

    Should have watched the episode where they describe Germany as the Alabama of Europe.

  • Melissa M
    Melissa M 3 months ago

    A new-age fuckable Inspector Gadget 🤣

  • Christopher Mathern
    Christopher Mathern 3 months ago

    Jesus Christ - hes got an erection !!... LOLs

  • midnightmoker
    midnightmoker 3 months ago

    Archer is ‘da bomb’!

  • orion khan
    orion khan 3 months ago

    _”That’s how you get ants !!”_

  • ab bc
    ab bc 3 months ago +1

    I know one of the guys who worked on Archer for Floyd County Productions (he's still w/FCP but working on a different project now) and sent him a link to this video. He's actually watched several of your other videos and really enjoyed your comments on Archer. :) cheers!

  • ruskodisco
    ruskodisco 4 months ago

    Is everyone in Ireland gay or is this what western media wants?

  • DVD Guy That
    DVD Guy That 4 months ago

    He's also Moth-Monster-Man

  • Michael McGourty
    Michael McGourty 4 months ago

    You should watch some Japanese Anime like Dragon Ball Z or Black Clover...

  • Purnima Gurung
    Purnima Gurung 4 months ago

    Archer is amazing and so meta

  • Chris Endsley
    Chris Endsley 4 months ago

    Archer is great, super funny. y'all didn't even see any pam poovy

  • DjJtown
    DjJtown 4 months ago

    React to Rick & Morty or Assy McGee!!

  • David Grouix
    David Grouix 4 months ago

    Season 5 is the best season of this show! Highly recommend it!

  • MartialBob
    MartialBob 4 months ago

    They really should watch the episode with the Irish gangsters.

  • Mr. Scoot Scooter
    Mr. Scoot Scooter 4 months ago

    Isis has been a terrorist group since the 90s. Uneducated fucks.

  • John Sargeant
    John Sargeant 4 months ago

    DO YOU WANT ANTS? because that's how you get ants.

  • Juggern4ut7
    Juggern4ut7 4 months ago

    The Pele of anal

  • Laura L. Enright
    Laura L. Enright 4 months ago

    I love Archer!

  • Such a Bad Ash
    Such a Bad Ash 4 months ago

    JUSTINE!!!!! You are GORGEOUS!!!

  • Lydia Butler
    Lydia Butler 5 months ago

    My response after watching my very first Archer episode was "Oh my God! He's such a *douche bag*!! Can we watch another one?"

  • Dunkel Ap
    Dunkel Ap 5 months ago

    they missed every fkin punch line every times the audience talk and they mute Archer

  • Gunnar Willett
    Gunnar Willett 5 months ago

    Yall really half assed this episode, missed a lot of funny shit

  • MissT -
    MissT - 5 months ago


  • Ryan Woolsey
    Ryan Woolsey 5 months ago

    Love me some Serena😉

  • rapodaca
    rapodaca 5 months ago

    Girl that commented on lanas earings could do an amazing cosplay of her!

  • Boris Van Druff
    Boris Van Druff 5 months ago

    Irish people watch Downton Abbey. And get Allen Leech to come on.

  • Maevna
    Maevna 5 months ago

    This was before ISIS... Lol

  • Greg jackson
    Greg jackson 5 months ago

    Luv this channel. Love all the people on it. The two dudes in the beginning...not trying to be shitty but either one of you has a fucking enormous head....or one of you has a really tiny one.

  • Jd Ingres
    Jd Ingres 5 months ago

    Sorry, all I hear is McGuirk...

  • Cin Firefly
    Cin Firefly 5 months ago

    Love Archer, I can watch it over and over an still laugh at the same dumb ass punch line.

  • Christopher W
    Christopher W 5 months ago

    Damn, Sarina is soooo fine.

  • admstacks
    admstacks 5 months ago

    Archer had isis before the terrorist group. They were forced to change it

  • Raze-Macrocosm
    Raze-Macrocosm 5 months ago

    Rick and Morty should be on the list!

  • CorsetGrace
    CorsetGrace 5 months ago

    Archer is the greatest cartoon ever. After older Bugs Bunny.

  • Patrick House
    Patrick House 5 months ago

    It was before ISIS was ISIS.

    OHMY DANK 6 months ago

    That forehead is so big a stormtrooper could shoot it

  • Chris Deleon
    Chris Deleon 6 months ago

    How could they not include the rampage episode

  • JaySharp604
    JaySharp604 6 months ago

    Seriously? They talk through the dialogue? That's the reason you watch this show... ffs.

  • Sterling Archer
    Sterling Archer 6 months ago

    Such potato eaters.

  • gerry mckown
    gerry mckown 6 months ago

    Would you all PLEEEZ stop the F'in PC crap! It's a cartoon to laugh at! ooooh that camera shot was unethical!? really? do you girls hear yourselves?.....

  • Zombie 9899
    Zombie 9899 6 months ago

    They could have shown them the scene where he has breast cancer and is interrogating the Irish

  • madlarkin8
    madlarkin8 6 months ago

    There are hot women in ireland? I might have to venture to that country some day.

  • steamtacular
    steamtacular 6 months ago

    Why the fuck didn't you show them all the scenes taking the piss out of the Irish?
    The Irishmans dilemma scene would have been great

  • PsychoKitty사랑
    PsychoKitty사랑 6 months ago

    I looooove this show, Archer is the best

  • Nymphonomicon
    Nymphonomicon 6 months ago

    "Heych Jon Benjamin. " I need footage of him being interviewed by Europeans...

  • Nedervolker
    Nedervolker 6 months ago

    Am now wondering though... how'd they react to the EP's in which Malory's hating in the Irish, calling 'em potatoheads an' all? =P

  • John Yim
    John Yim 6 months ago

    1:20 well you dont date people that love their family because that could be an emergency family comes first then your preference of guys

  • The PASHA Of Gaming
    The PASHA Of Gaming 6 months ago +1

    I really would have loved to see them react to the scenes where archer, suffering from cancer, is interrogating the Irish mob ala Family Feud style.

  • Cody Ayo
    Cody Ayo 6 months ago

    Omg show them the irish joke episodes

  • ccggenius12
    ccggenius12 6 months ago

    Making Irish people watch Archer, but not using the scene where they establish that an assassin is from a country that was an Axis power? Shame. Wait, no... Seamus. 'cause that's the name of the baby that isn't Archer's illegitimate son, and also sounds a lot like "shame"?

  • Angel Gd
    Angel Gd 7 months ago

    Best show ever.

  • Irtaza Azam
    Irtaza Azam 7 months ago

    That one girl kinda looks like Lana

  • anonymous xcx
    anonymous xcx 7 months ago +1

    Lana..... Lana!!!!!...what!!!!! danger zone....😂😂😂

  • Kyle Voltti
    Kyle Voltti 7 months ago

    I kind of wish they'd watched this one.

  • Robert Craighead
    Robert Craighead 7 months ago

    Your supposed to say: Comment, like, and Subscribe. I've seen 10 year olds do it, I know 2 Irish guys can if they TRY very hard.

  • Big Mass
    Big Mass 7 months ago

    I prefer if they have no idea of Archer initially

  • Zenryu'sCC ds
    Zenryu'sCC ds 7 months ago

    Whos the cute black girl!????!

  • Christopher Mathern
    Christopher Mathern 7 months ago

    And thats how you get ants...

  • Ashley-Meggan Bowie
    Ashley-Meggan Bowie 7 months ago

    AWWW!!!! OMG, when I watched my first one of these, I was like “ARCHER.” Dude was like, “Lucille Bluth.” So wait, the Irish are like smart, enlightened versions of us - but, who don’t eat tasty bad food or have guns... or football.

  • Jess Ess
    Jess Ess 7 months ago

    Archer was YEARS before the ISIS terrorist.
    The name isn’t a joke but when they changed it they made a joke about it

  • Paul Davis Jr.
    Paul Davis Jr. 7 months ago +1

    This is making me want to go to Netflix to watch Archer.

  • Caged Rage
    Caged Rage 7 months ago

    2:10 it’s set in the 90s and the show was also made before ISIS was main stream.

  • Andrew Sep
    Andrew Sep 7 months ago

    Did you see Regis this morning? You should have show them that one.