Bonez - Victim [Music Video] @BloodAndBonez | Link Up TV


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  • Hijack the Ripper
    Hijack the Ripper 8 months ago

    You're in dire need of a red pill bruv

  • Smithson
    Smithson Year ago

    Why has this not had many views!? Pure track this raw real vibes

  • Buddha Finger
    Buddha Finger Year ago

    Sounds like he grew up listening to joe black..... izzy up in here blacks flow man

  • Noms2509
    Noms2509 Year ago +1

    just found this guy, 100% gained a new fan Salute

  • Sam Singh
    Sam Singh Year ago +1

    Another banger - keep going jheez!! 🔥🔥

  • Axsom Nelson
    Axsom Nelson Year ago +1


  • Elson Barbosa
    Elson Barbosa Year ago +1


  • FigureFlowsTv
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  • Lyrically toxic
    Lyrically toxic Year ago +1

    Real talk big track 💯

  • Dani Kelly
    Dani Kelly Year ago +1

    Stevo knows what real music truly is👌 follow his snapchat STMM, If you want happiness in your life add him up✌💕

  • Blaque Gypsie
    Blaque Gypsie Year ago +3

    Hard track 🔥🔥

  • Haych Kay
    Haych Kay Year ago +4

    Bonez gets slept on way too much

  • Izzy Skint
    Izzy Skint Year ago

    i was hoping this would be the old school mc bonez from the hud

  • blazethathaze69
    blazethathaze69 Year ago +7

    yo big up Stevo the madman (funniest man on snapchat if u don't know already)

  • Titan
    Titan Year ago +3

    This is actually good

  • Oscar Adams
    Oscar Adams Year ago +10

    How am I just hearing about this guy?

  • Royal G
    Royal G Year ago +4

    What's the instrumental??? Mad up beat!

  • Josh Taylor
    Josh Taylor Year ago +12

    🔥🔥🔥💯 were running this record in Canada 🇨🇦 bless up to the uk man dem

  • Jay Arsenal
    Jay Arsenal Year ago

    talk the talk nah man. this is what I want to see more artist doing. Educating and not only talking about pussy henny and whips!

  • Tokens
    Tokens Year ago +7

    Listen, this man is talking real shit

  • FashionablyLate
    FashionablyLate Year ago +15

    My mum told me when i was 5, "Being black is a blessing and a burden." Understatement of the century.

  • RAP M.O.B
    RAP M.O.B Year ago +1

    Real shit

    DUPPY YO MUDDHA Year ago

    where the fuck did u find a tank loool

    • Speaking
      Speaking Year ago

      +sinfielddub thank you bro

    • sinfielddub
      sinfielddub Year ago

      +Speaking search raf upwood on google

    • Speaking
      Speaking Year ago

      sinfielddub where exactly do u know?

    • sinfielddub
      sinfielddub Year ago

      its in cambridge

  • Jj Jj
    Jj Jj Year ago


    • Badman Promotions
      Badman Promotions Year ago

      +blazethathaze69 lol Do you know him or somethin?

    • blazethathaze69
      blazethathaze69 Year ago

      that funky ute with them white donny boys with coins etc?

    • Badman Promotions
      Badman Promotions Year ago

      Lol Why would you be interested if he's a batty boy or not? Jj Jj you should change your name to Gay Gay

    • blazethathaze69
      blazethathaze69 Year ago

      what u talking bout?

  • jo jo
    jo jo Year ago

    Not enough of this in grime👌🏾💯

  • Acesiz Official
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  • K. DOT
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  • Jl Lo
    Jl Lo Year ago +8

    Real shit. Bonez is consistently sick, all love.

  • EthiopianStar
    EthiopianStar Year ago +3

    Nice tune

  • ksi vs logan
    ksi vs logan Year ago +13

    how can someone dislike this video this is real music and real talk...

  • Outere
    Outere Year ago +7

    wen they kill a innocent man they bring up convictions but dats not relevant 💯 none of dat bullshit real rap

  • OfficiallyStera
    OfficiallyStera Year ago +6

    Big'up urself king. Everytimeee!

  • Aye Nizzy
    Aye Nizzy Year ago +7


  • FnF Nay
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  • richy spark
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  • Nasro Mohammed
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  • Griffo
    Griffo Year ago +1

    Liar liar

  • Lord of Goatford
    Lord of Goatford Year ago +1

    117 viewer

  • Sajad Nasir
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  • Zack Kallis
    Zack Kallis Year ago +2


    • Don Zoner
      Don Zoner Year ago +3

      Zack Kallis your a neek blud😂😂😂 go school and learn suttin

    • Outere
      Outere Year ago +1

      Zack Kallis dead cause he ain't talking drill shit he went in u fanboy

    • Dildo Shwaggins
      Dildo Shwaggins Year ago +5

      Zack Kallis man said its dead go listen tom67