Spaces Deepest Secrets S06E06 Is the Universe a Hologram

  • Published on Apr 24, 2019
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  • Albert on vacation
    Albert on vacation Month ago

    it's true! the universe is a hologram and the earth is flat!

  • Maido Melker
    Maido Melker 4 months ago +1

    So we basically are the "chained people in the cave" trying to figure out ourselves by researching the shadows on the cave's wall from the "outside world" ... Yes? No?

  • DeusEx Doomguy
    DeusEx Doomguy 5 months ago

    holy fuck why do they need to dumb things down so much

  • William Shroyer
    William Shroyer 7 months ago

    That's pretty much how I've perceived the world around me from the beginning - everything we see and touch looks voluminous and full-bodied to the naked eye, but it's really just an onion-skin-thin layer of existence wrapped around an enormous void. Sometimes when I'm perceiving that, it feels like I could fall away into that void.

  • Rafael Maia
    Rafael Maia 7 months ago

    Simulation hypotesis is a better name for this theory.

  • John Connor
    John Connor 7 months ago

    season six episode six six minutes in pause it..they know what they are doing

  • Robert Gajewski
    Robert Gajewski 7 months ago

    I think I see that measurement of gravity across the width of galaxies suggests that the universal gravitational constant G is not so universal. The gravitational well near outer stars is deeper than expected. G' may increase depending upon distance from the galactic core, perhaps, only to a limit then fall back to its original value G?
    It seems that the mathematics of holograms describe the universe, even if they are not physical realities in themselves.

  • Robert Gajewski
    Robert Gajewski 7 months ago

    Interesting that LIGO demonstrates gravity waves while the proposed laser interferometry is proposed to detect quantum glitches expected from holographic projections. Looks like the same experiment.