Modern Horizons Commander w/ LoadingReadyRun l Game Knights #27 l Magic the Gathering Gameplay EDH

  • Published on Jun 12, 2019
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    It’s our most epic episode ever! Kathleen and Graham from LoadingReadyRun are back and ready to battle using the new cards from Modern Horizons.
    Buckle up, because what transpires is the longest and most back-and-forth game we’ve ever had on the show. Plus, it features the first-ever real-life exhibition of the famous BEAR FORCE ONE deck from Friday Nights.
    It’s Ayula vs Hogaak vs Morophon vs Yawgmoth
    Who will emerge victorious? ONLY ONE MAY STAND!!
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    Watch Friday Nights:
    Graham’s BEAR FORCE ONE:
    Kathleen’s Yawgmoth:
    Jimmy’s Hogaak:
    JLK’s Morophon Avatars:
    Josh Lee Kwai - Director & Editor
    Terry Robertson - Editor
    Josh Murphy: Editor and Script Supervisor
    Ashlen Rose: Assistant Editor
    Lauren Haroutunian - Director of Photography
    Jeoff Hanser - Sound Recording
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Comments • 4 099

  • The Command Zone
    The Command Zone  Month ago +1963

    Yes - I missed an Ur-Dragon trigger early in the game. My bad. I was just thinking of Morophon as a Avatar in my head. Hope you all enjoy the episode! -JLK

    • shizzlepecks
      shizzlepecks 6 days ago

      Came down here to ask about that lol

    • Daniel Miller
      Daniel Miller 9 days ago

      DA BEARS!

    • barefoottiger42
      barefoottiger42 10 days ago

      Also graham's ayula's effect is a choose one, so he could only buff or attack, not do both like what he did to kill the sphinx

    • Gaming Bro's
      Gaming Bro's 16 days ago

      and your spinx had flying none of the bears did

    • j g
      j g 21 day ago

      Shouldn't the butcher have dies to the dictate triggers when Jimmy sacked his own stuff

  • King Mathias
    King Mathias Hour ago

    It's literally four bears, my dude.

  • James Justus
    James Justus Hour ago


  • sms
    sms 8 hours ago

    I kinda have a crush on Kathleen, she's merciless and also super charismatic tbh

  • garlicxlr
    garlicxlr 9 hours ago

    Did he just say "bear-y worrying"...?

  • kristrropher knapik
    kristrropher knapik 23 hours ago


  • Glad1atoR
    Glad1atoR Day ago

    The favor gets me every time and I've seen it probably five times.

  • Mr. Ben
    Mr. Ben Day ago

    Good episode. Bears for the win! You gotta do the math!

  • kenneth norsworthy

    Bear power!!!!!
    You know what next time i see a bear cammder deck, im going to do as much as i can to help it out.

  • Isaac Soong
    Isaac Soong Day ago

    What's a well-oiled value engine to a meme deck?

  • John Kidby
    John Kidby Day ago

    Always a bit weird for me seeing Kathleen, since she looks EXACTLY like a younger, hipster-y version of my mother. Awesome episode though. BEARS!

  • Tony Cuneo
    Tony Cuneo Day ago

    Didn't the Ghastlord have protection from black when Jimmy cast Toxic Deluge at 32:00 ? It would have protection from that spell right?

  • W Kelly-Coderre
    W Kelly-Coderre Day ago

    Yo Graham why is mirror of the FOREBEAR''S not in your deck????

  • MGlBlaze
    MGlBlaze 2 days ago

    I feel really bad for Jimmy but that Hermit Druid whiff was so god damn funny.

  • omegaguy71
    omegaguy71 2 days ago

    So just watching this again, did graham's graveyard get exiled at some point? Because the shamanic revelation would have been able to save josh with +8 life. Btw one of the best Game Knights. Great work!

  • matt schmid
    matt schmid 2 days ago

    I've got to stop playing magic with my bear hands. I'm glad none of the hosts of hosts in this show are bearly clothed.

  • matt schmid
    matt schmid 2 days ago

    I can barely contain my excitement, wait a minute, hold my bear, my dad puns are bearly beginning. baird from the hobbit is getting his beard trimmed. I feel like all of this bad pun karma is going to eat me like a BEAR!!!!!!

  • Derick Nicholson
    Derick Nicholson 2 days ago

    I have watched all the game knight episodes, this is the best one yet

  • 20x20
    20x20 2 days ago

    Deuce of Calamity.

  • The august
    The august 2 days ago

    Jimmy can just mill Graham using his Altar Of Dementia and Hogaak, casting Hogaak by delving. His graveyard was big enougth to do so. Hogaak is an 8/8, it's like 80 cards milled by casting it 10 times from the graveyard, Delving 70, he had some tokens, so one of those cast could be convoked. Idk, he could win I believe.

  • D3c0n
    D3c0n 3 days ago

    Did I miss something, why didn't Kathrine trigger Ob Nixilis getting all the blood artist triggers for herself before the chaos ensued?

  • Love Byström
    Love Byström 3 days ago

    josh is soo happy about all the stuff he did during and around the response to porce of vigor!

  • Jonathan Haynes
    Jonathan Haynes 3 days ago +1


  • Mir
    Mir 3 days ago

    ... Josh could have lived.
    Sling-Gang Lieutenant enters and triggers. Trigger on the stack, play Diluvian Primordial, use Assassin's Trophy to blow on Lieutenant. The other two goblins aren't in play yet, so they can't be sacrificed for damage. He'd be alive at 1 health.

  • irish mexican land lord

    Wheres an MTG Necrovalley when you need one?? 😂

  • Genie
    Genie 4 days ago

    Second time watching this; at 1:04:52 Kathleen sacrificed Apprentice Necromancer to get back Butcher of Malakir. Dictate trigger never happened. FeelsBadMan

  • hunter jakson
    hunter jakson 4 days ago +1

    BEARFORCE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The16th Hack
    The16th Hack 4 days ago

    Morophon choosing bears

  • The16th Hack
    The16th Hack 4 days ago


    Josh before you died, couldn’t you have played the from grants graveyard that gained him 4 life and he drew a card for each creature with power 4 or greater he had? That would’ve kept you alive

  • DaHazmo
    DaHazmo 4 days ago

    Am I missing something or why didn't Jimmy just return Avenger on the last turn and make billions of mana with cradle and then play the worm harvest? Seems like he just threw to make Graham win

  • Joshua Parry
    Joshua Parry 4 days ago

    Was Bitterblossom sacrificed to the Dictate, or did I miss something else?

  • deviltrigger85
    deviltrigger85 4 days ago

    First card of first activation of Hermit Druid = basic land. lol.

  • Bean dip
    Bean dip 5 days ago

    At 20:00 josh missed something when he attacked with his commander his ur dragons last ability should've triggered because his commander has changling

  • LOL
    LOL 5 days ago

    what are those sleeves josh is using

  • Melinda Greer
    Melinda Greer 5 days ago

    This was one of the best eps in a while. Great show all around.

  • Solar
    Solar 5 days ago

    This is my favourite Episode of Game Knights so far, ngl

    ARCANEbyNATURE 5 days ago

    Do y’all have a deck list of the Bear Force One deck? I need this lol

  • Google não deixou eu colocar um nome maior que esse

    I feel like these videos are dedicated to bully josh, he always has the coolest deck and does the craziest plays, get's focused and dies while a guest builds the most stupid board that simply deals damage while doing nothing cool and the rest pretends as though they don't exist until it's too late

  • Andrés Pérez Camarasa

    OMG the hermit play xD
    Love the show! I'm in the middle of putting together my own Ayula deck so this is a great oportunity to see one in action, and Graham's deck build philosophy is just like mine (except I won't use any artifacts because bears can't use artifacts, they have no thumbs xD)

  • Ricer Nurse
    Ricer Nurse 6 days ago +1

    and that's why you stay in school.... math is needed in real life!

  • Lord Perkins
    Lord Perkins 6 days ago +1

    Damn, I'm rewatching this for the third time and I can safely say that it is my favorite episode of Game Knights. The constant shifting of who was in the lead, hilarious moments such as the hermit druid trigger, and the ending when the Golgari graveyard engine was defeated by a bunch of bears. It's going to be a while before this episode is topped.

  • White Noise
    White Noise 6 days ago

    Bears! Bears! Bears! Bears!

  • Tatsuhiro Satou
    Tatsuhiro Satou 6 days ago

    Cardkingdom? Who buys cards for edh, if I'm not gunna use the deck for a tournament I proxy it.

  • Soul Evans
    Soul Evans 6 days ago

    Graham is me play my spider tribal deck

  • QSBK Thunder
    QSBK Thunder 6 days ago

    Okay so ive seen most of friday nights and other things and its mentioned that graham and kathleen are married. But my memory sucks so i might be delusional? Are they or are they not married

  • Hannsen Meneses
    Hannsen Meneses 7 days ago +1

    Lol ! , They try to poop on poor Josh so hard every time ! LOL
    Also Id like to add, that the ending was the most HILARIOUS id ever watched. Super FUN ! Thank you guys.

  • Weebfox
    Weebfox 7 days ago

    The ending was a big yikes but theis episode overall was super fun

  • Mini Echo
    Mini Echo 7 days ago


  • Arcfang Gaming
    Arcfang Gaming 7 days ago

    i've never wanted graham to win more... he seemed to be so giddy with his bears

  • Alex Burks
    Alex Burks 7 days ago +6

    "Does it have protection from Bears?" 😂

  • nicolaus dedes
    nicolaus dedes 7 days ago +1

    We need more people like Graham, Memes > Broken Combos

  • Low Yeeliang
    Low Yeeliang 8 days ago

    1:23:44 Graham: you can discard land and fight the Avenger of Zendikar on Jimmy's Turn.
    Jimmy: "Of course I'm gonna win"
    Graham: " I left with 1HP"

  • STORMER 281
    STORMER 281 8 days ago

    How many tokens can u have I thought it was three

  • Makhond
    Makhond 8 days ago +2

    This match was BEARly a fair fight, a GRIZZLY death for the bears foes.

    • Makhond
      Makhond 4 days ago

      @Dill Pickle yet its the POLAR opisite

    • Dill Pickle
      Dill Pickle 6 days ago

      GRIZZLY death not grizzly end

    • Dill Pickle
      Dill Pickle 6 days ago

      Makhond you should have copied graham and said GRIZZLY FATE instead of grizzly end

  • Nicolas Clark
    Nicolas Clark 8 days ago +1

    That was an unbearable ending. Truly a grizzly fate.

  • Firesquatter100
    Firesquatter100 8 days ago

    He "bearly" won.

  • James Glover
    James Glover 8 days ago +5

    Just won with the queen of bears in a casual commander game!

  • James Walling
    James Walling 8 days ago

    I have been running Vedalken Orrery in literally every EDH deck I have built for the last 10 years.

  • Luiz Henrique
    Luiz Henrique 8 days ago

    Anyone know what's the App they use for commander life management?

    • P. V.C
      P. V.C 7 days ago

      lifelinker its their app

  • Monteur du Chat
    Monteur du Chat 8 days ago +4

    I feel so unsatisfied when you play a card and ther's no animation!

  • Miles Stock
    Miles Stock 8 days ago

    It's hard to believe this wasn't scripted

  • zero tsang
    zero tsang 9 days ago

    lol this has to be the best game of commander ever!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thomas Steenkamp
    Thomas Steenkamp 9 days ago +2

    Lost my my mind when that Hermit druid flopped rofl

  • MTGAlchemy
    MTGAlchemy 9 days ago

    Looks like i gotta make the the Avatar Morophon deck cause it look like to much fun! Id like more ideas on other tribes Morophon would be fun with. I know zombies and typical stuff like that is probably pretty good but i really want something weird. hmmm Weirds?

  • Jerry Tang
    Jerry Tang 9 days ago

    wow directed by m. night shamalamalan

  • Mundane05
    Mundane05 9 days ago

    Yeah... the way Jimmy started talking about the Bear deck after JLK died completely gave away the ending. And that dude's an actor. Maybe he did it on purpose to take away the surprise out of spite.

  • Retro31
    Retro31 9 days ago

    This episode brought to you by "Couldn't Jimmy have let Josh die and the Blood Artist get exiled" and a quick reread of 800.4.a

  • Paul
    Paul 9 days ago

    @36:00 thats one of the things ill never get about mtg. If all of Josh's artifacts and enchantments which were previously targeted are now phased out, shouldnt he be able to declare new targets?

  • djpraiseadelik
    djpraiseadelik 10 days ago

    Seeing Bear Tribal in Commander for the first time gave me such a warm, fuzzy feeling. Like when Magic got its first Goblin Planeswalker i.e. Daretti, Scrap Savant. All hail Ayula, Patroness of Picnic Baskets and Honeypots!

    • djpraiseadelik
      djpraiseadelik 10 days ago

      Another note: I really hope WotC and Mark Rosewater will expand bears beyond ones inspired by the West and Europe. Let's see some Pandas and Koalas too they deserve some love also. See MTG Goldfish and their custom Panda deck.

  • Shadow Kit
    Shadow Kit 10 days ago +15

    He got killed by the bears due to a contract he made earlier in the game...
    *he did die by his own terms!*

  • Corfy
    Corfy 10 days ago +1

    Missed the perfect time to make i can bearly believe it joke.... disappointing

  • Grim Archives
    Grim Archives 10 days ago +1

    How about a pauper format game soon? That would be different this time.

  • Souou Zabimaru
    Souou Zabimaru 10 days ago

    i'm so high how did i get here

  • Nathan Campbell
    Nathan Campbell 10 days ago

    Kathleen had so many answers, I totally forgot she was running a mono-colored deck

  • Menelker
    Menelker 10 days ago

    Bear Force One, claws out and hungry.

  • Sombres
    Sombres 10 days ago


  • Rashed Mukhayer
    Rashed Mukhayer 11 days ago +2

    1:13:55 not cool dude

  • mealpu
    mealpu 11 days ago +5

    I needed to watch this again after watching the latest Game Knights with Amaz. This is so much better.

    • Jacob Shawver
      Jacob Shawver 9 days ago

      I liked the episode it just was kinda a feel bad because of nerdgirl not ever getting 2 do anything crazy

  • yorke Thom
    yorke Thom 11 days ago

    13:34 Funny moments :D

  • Peter pedersen
    Peter pedersen 11 days ago +2

    you guys should make a Game Knights episode with the theme of playing budget-decks. Maybe invite the guy from Commander Quarters. It would be so cool to see you guys brew decks, where you cant use all the staples ^_^

  • Nick Boucher
    Nick Boucher 11 days ago +1

    Felt bad for nerd girl she barely got to play. And it was definitely bad feels when he took her land and then countered her signet

  • dakota bensinger
    dakota bensinger 11 days ago

    Josh Lee "on your end step i am going to cast enlightened tutor" Kwai

  • World_War_Dragons Gaming

    I'm actually currently building a commander deck built around returning everyones creatures except mine to their owners hands, as well as islandwalk creatures, super excited to finish this deck and Try it out

  • Slashingturtle
    Slashingturtle 11 days ago +2

    “You played against bear force one you were there” TAKE THAT CAMERON BEARS THE BETS

  • Robert Zeman
    Robert Zeman 11 days ago

    why are bears so cool

  • MattyP_Sings
    MattyP_Sings 11 days ago

    Josh wait! Couldn't you have targeted your phase out spell with the spell targeting spells in graveyards to survive one more turn??

    • MattyP_Sings
      MattyP_Sings 5 days ago +1

      Yea I realized after I commented 😂

    • Joey Utley
      Joey Utley 5 days ago

      Teferi's protection exiles itself. Its no longer in the game after he plays it.

  • Musician's Insanity
    Musician's Insanity 11 days ago

    This show is why I got into commander. I love it!!

  • Xerdoz
    Xerdoz 11 days ago

    He bearly won.

  • Gamer awsome
    Gamer awsome 12 days ago

    is the show staged or is it real magic???

  • Jip Schilt
    Jip Schilt 12 days ago

    Can we plz get tech deck for hogaak deck!?😂

  • Emmett English
    Emmett English 12 days ago

    Bearilliant episode

  • Cygnus Vismund
    Cygnus Vismund 12 days ago


  • Corbett Woodruff
    Corbett Woodruff 12 days ago

    I need a vedalken orrery but as of right now I'm unable to afford one

  • pryodiablo
    pryodiablo 13 days ago

    This video makes me really happy

  • Wolfy Games
    Wolfy Games 13 days ago +1

    Rift effect looks so cool!

  • Christian Clarke
    Christian Clarke 13 days ago

    Watching this was so stressful, but I was rooting for either Josh and bear guy

  • Beezu
    Beezu 13 days ago

    those mats are hecking beautiful - do they double as mousepads? i dont play magic but i do have a PC that needs a cool mouse pad like that

  • Andrew
    Andrew 13 days ago +1

    20:15 josh missed ur dragon trigger =P

  • Super JTPJ
    Super JTPJ 13 days ago

    Can u pay commander tax for hogaak, or do u have to convoke and delve for that too

    • Jason Dunn
      Jason Dunn 9 days ago

      @Super JTPJ of course I have, but it doesn't come up super often. If it does, you move him to command zone.
      If you do that, then yes, you have to pay the commander tax. That still applies.

    • Super JTPJ
      Super JTPJ 9 days ago

      Jason Dunn ever heard of exile?

    • Jason Dunn
      Jason Dunn 10 days ago

      Why would you do that, when you could just have him go to graveyard, and cheat the tax eve time?

  • Arcfang Gaming
    Arcfang Gaming 13 days ago

    The one time Jimmy hits a land drop... 😂😂😂