Halloween - Official Trailer (HD)

  • Published on Jun 8, 2018
  • This October, Michael Myers returns. Watch the #HalloweenMovie trailer now.
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    Universal Pictures will release Trancas International Films, Blumhouse Productions and Miramax’s Halloween on Friday, October 19, 2018.
    Jamie Lee Curtis returns to her iconic role as Laurie Strode, who comes to her final confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago.

    Master of horror John Carpenter executive produces and serves as creative consultant on this film, joining forces with cinema’s current leading producer of horror, Jason Blum (Get Out, Split, The Purge, Paranormal Activity). Inspired by Carpenter’s classic, filmmakers David Gordon Green and Danny McBride crafted a story that carves a new path from the events in the landmark 1978 film, and Green also directs.
    Halloween is also produced by Malek Akkad, whose Trancas International Films has produced the Halloween series since its inception, and Bill Block (Elysium, District 9). In addition to Carpenter and Curtis, Green and McBride will executive produce under their Rough House Pictures banner. Ryan Freimann also serves in that role.

    Halloween will be distributed worldwide by Universal Pictures. www.HalloweenMovie.com
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Comments • 58 274

  • Joseph Allan
    Joseph Allan Hour ago

    Could have been such a badass awsome movie. But of course sjw and liberalisim had to take its bow in this hiddeousily destroyed fucked film. Guys dressing as girls and girls as guys for the costumes and the 3 hard chicks taking down the most prolific on screen killer ever. Thank god i rented and didnt buy cause this movie was fucking rank. Ya big mike made some awsome brutal kills, but as always women ruined it as they do everything else in life. Take this hillary clinton b flick and shove it up your smelly little hairy asses you manflakes and women. Any woman could ruin the good in anything. Fuck em all.

  • Nicola Paccione
    Nicola Paccione 7 hours ago

    1st halloween and 2nd phenomenal...this one ok and rob zombie's 1st was probably better than this version...just my thoughts...

  • David U
    David U 12 hours ago

    How many times are they going to kill this guy and how'd he come back from getting his head chopped off!? :/

  • ash h
    ash h 18 hours ago

    Took this 📀 and get out 📀 from my homie last night lol he aint care so me not either 😂 🍷

  • rim touzani
    rim touzani 19 hours ago

    fuck you mom

  • Trini b
    Trini b 23 hours ago

    I still haven't seen this movie yet

  • Happily Insane
    Happily Insane 23 hours ago

    It wont be the same, unless they get the original piano player.

  • Malo Dinho
    Malo Dinho Day ago +1

    i think the trap was for Lourie's son in law for permanent divorce...

  • Brendan Debattista

    I never seen a movie with alot of mistakes . This movie sucks👎👎

  • sheila luciano
    sheila luciano Day ago

    2:20 'Micheaaaaaaal' when I Stole my moms credit card for robux (No guys She actually took out a freaking nerf gun and Shot the hell out of me and scared me and got grounded from playing roblox for a year ;-;) BUT. I did come back to roblox now So HALALUYA..

  • Lucas Layton
    Lucas Layton Day ago

    When you're running away from a killer, make sure to scream your lungs out every step of the way so he knows which way to go.

  • Kyle L.
    Kyle L. Day ago

    Really? This is what passes for horror? I kept skipping ahead bit by bit, hoping that it would get better, hoping that I would stop wanting all of the characters to die. I love a movie that makes you emotionally involved with the actors, a movie where you love them and hate all negative things that befall them. You know, as you would with your own family or good friends. This movie? I was happy when the script called for all of their deaths, wish they, for their level of stupidity, were killed of faster. The only one I felt for was the babysitter, her character was pretty damn cool and she should have been allowed to live. This tripe was a complete waste of braincells.

  • Wan Zainira
    Wan Zainira Day ago

    the story line is fantastic . but i think the actors and actress need an improvent .

  • RipVan Winkle
    RipVan Winkle Day ago


  • David Jonathan
    David Jonathan Day ago +31

    I'vе wаtсhed yestеrdау іn full HD quality at thіs website: *рlushd. іnfo*

  • Desiree Kabwe
    Desiree Kabwe 2 days ago +1

    Lol what's the fucking difference between Michael and Jason?

    • Desiree Kabwe
      Desiree Kabwe Day ago +1

      +David Garcia no I mean they're so similar, both are big ass motherfuckers and both don't talk, both are have superhuman strength the only difference is Jason uses a machete and Michael uses a kitchen knife lol

    • David Garcia
      David Garcia Day ago +1

      One is a human being who is the personification of pure evil. And the other has been killed and resurrected many times, coming back stronger and better every single time.

  • Shawn Feldt
    Shawn Feldt 2 days ago

    I really like and love this Halloween movie is really good is the best movies that I see in years

  • hdna12
    hdna12 2 days ago

    I enjoy this movie! But the Halloween Series isn’t the same without Dr. Loomis, I would’ve loved to see Malcolm McDowell come back as Dr. Loomis rather than Dr. Sartain his character is the worst.

  • Rita Jastrebski
    Rita Jastrebski 2 days ago

    I have to say Jamie is badass

  • BlackRobin71
    BlackRobin71 2 days ago

    The asylum scene was actually my military school in SC.😁

  • Partho Roy
    Partho Roy 2 days ago

    @ 2:36 After all these years, will Michael finally come out of the closet?

  • 德Sammy
    德Sammy 2 days ago

    Just finished watching this, absolutely amazing, not just insane attention to detail but honestly gives of a eerie and freaky vibe on and through out the film, solid 9/10 in my opinion and obviously recommend it!

  • iogan wolfovich
    iogan wolfovich 2 days ago

    Here piratbit.org/dl.php?id=259094 you can download: the movie in High Definition (HD) 12.45GB

  • Ravaniscool
    Ravaniscool 2 days ago

    What a disappointing film!

    • John Contreras
      John Contreras 38 minutes ago

      What a *great* Film!

    • Michael Myers
      Michael Myers 2 days ago

      Just saw it last night, and I agree. Too bad, it was all set up to where it could've been great. The mask and music were great, all the returning actors/director etc., but the screwed it up....

  • donald pace
    donald pace 3 days ago

    Well all I can say is Please,Please, stop no more Halloweens this had to be the worst one out of all of the Halloweens made except for the Love by Carpenter and Effort from Jamie Curtis this movie was just Horrible the whole hour and 45 minutes was just a waste of filming time and please tell me what was up with that stupid Dr that put on the mask things just did not make sense at all talk about dysfunctional families after all Laurie had been through and her family did not want to listen to her well they deserved to die well had enough of this , this was another reason I am glad I did not have to pay to watch this film in the end we are the ones who pay for it to be made sorry Mr Carpenter.

  • SmokeyDesperado
    SmokeyDesperado 3 days ago

    this is gonna be horrible. let the IP rest ffs

  • Penny Chan
    Penny Chan 3 days ago


  • Ivona Dancikova
    Ivona Dancikova 3 days ago

    Jamie she is the best:-)

  • duanecrump crump
    duanecrump crump 3 days ago

    Just watched carpenters nee remake. I give it 3 stars. Thank God Jamie Leigh Curtis made it watchable. All he did was bang people's heads on cheesy b actors. I'm a little disappointed for John carpenter


    More than 30 000 000M views 💚💚💚❤❤❤💙💙💙💛💛💛💖💖💖💜💜💜🤗🤗🤗

  • Nostalgic Cinephile
    Nostalgic Cinephile 3 days ago +1

    2019 ?

  • Michael Ray
    Michael Ray 3 days ago +1

    So I watched the new Halloween movie today and I gotta say if someone bottled everything that was wrong with not only horror movies but Hollywood in general and in the bigger picture sense of the word society as a whole and put it into a single film this is what they came up with. Same old tired jump scares, lame ass characters that you aren't the slightest bit invested in and adults acting inconsistently and like total morons whenever the bad guy shows up. Also, what's with castrating (metaphorically at least) and emasculating men Hollywood? All the male characters are either wimps or total losers who get their asses kicked by Michael Myers while the women are left to be badasses. It's pathetic and insulting to say the least. Remember when horror was good? Go back to the old Nightmare on Elm Street films as an example, let's say #3 Dream Warriors. The girls were badass sure but the guys weren't gender swapping, beta male sissy boys desperately trying to get into their best friend's girlfriend's pants. They weren't cheating pieces of shit either. What's with the WAR ON MEN Hollywood? What the absolute f**k is wrong with you? #waronmen #hollywoodsucks #mikeyleeray #wearethealpharesistance #GetWokeGoBroke :)

    • Michael Ray
      Michael Ray Day ago

      +David Garcia bit of fun and it seems like that's how everyone communicates these days lol

    • David Garcia
      David Garcia Day ago

      What's with all the hashtags?

    • Michael Myers
      Michael Myers 2 days ago

      Yep right on. I liked the mask and the music, that's it. Yes, please leave all the politics out of horror movies for god sake

  • Cjsterifix
    Cjsterifix 4 days ago


  • Ntosh Nomb
    Ntosh Nomb 4 days ago

    I never watched the first movie, the 1978 ot something movie so I have no reference point.
    I was disappointed by this though. There were a lot of mistakes senseless things that made me a bit angry.
    1. The granny made all the preparations, her house was supposed to be safe but Michael opened the door easily.
    2. Why did the granny stand at the door when she saw Michael instead of moving away and prepare to fire once he gets in?.
    3. Why did she leave the basement to go look for Michael?. In my opinion they could have been safe in the basement, just wait for Michael to open it and just shower him with bullets.
    4. Why didn't the lady in the Bathroom stab Michael with that tool she was holding, she just waited for her death?.
    5. Michael was shot by the granny but at some point you don't see the shot wound on him.
    6. Is Michael immortal? He was shot and stabbed but he continued as if nothing was done to him.
    7. Why did they not shoot him in the head when they trapped him? I would expect that the granny would want to make sure that the bustard is dead after she has lived her whole life in fear.
    8. When the kid called 911 after the noticed the car accident, he never gave the location of where the accident was. Or is that something that is automatically known in the States when someone makes a call? That call was not even long enough to be traced.
    9. Oh, my favorite part. When he stepped on the head of the doctor and it burst like a watermelon smashed by a hammer🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. Is it really that easy to crush the skull or does this person have godly powers?
    I noticed other mistakes in the movie.
    I love a good horror movie, this one was not even close. It left me angry and disappointed

  • Gökhan Taşkafa
    Gökhan Taşkafa 4 days ago

    Izledim çok güzel flim

  • chronic love
    chronic love 4 days ago

    I rather stick with the rob zombies version! This movie wasn't as horrifying. It was just basic like the older films I'm also I a big fan of the older films but I'm sorry this film wasn't for me.

  • Amran Nasiri
    Amran Nasiri 4 days ago

    🎃Happy Halloween🎃

  • Falling fether
    Falling fether 4 days ago +1

    2:19 that's like me when I was little looking for the boogyman 😂

  • Fútbol Total
    Fútbol Total 4 days ago

    This film was dissapointed

    • Secular Unity
      Secular Unity 4 days ago

      Fútbol Total There were more nods and tributes to the sequels than the original film itself lmao. There were very few tributes to the original, but the whole idea of the new film was to go back to the original roots. I don’t see how that’s an issue, and for you to defend and argue your points by constantly saying “But you’ll never understand” is immature. What’s the point of arguing anything if you’re just going to say “You’ll never understand my point anyway”?
      You’re operating under the flawed assumption that anyone who stands up to your criticism of the film and tries to argue it will be incapable of understanding what you’re trying to point out and say. This is a flawed and rigid state of mind that prevents one from having an open mind and possessing good argumentative skills.

    • Secular Unity
      Secular Unity 4 days ago

      Fútbol Total It cannot be a tribute to something that never happened in the original. There was no bus crash or accident in the original. Myers escaped straight from the sanitarium (we don’t know how). As for the other patients escaping, Myers himself let them free to cause a distraction and give him an easy escape, which evidently worked.

    • Fútbol Total
      Fútbol Total 4 days ago

      +Secular Unity
      Clearly I know what I'm talking about, if you were someone who knew about cinema I would explain it to you, but you say "Why would it be stupid?", is because the whole film is a tribute to the 78 version,
      If you understand that this is stupid ?, for reasons like that I can not argue to someone who would not understand my points one by one, I save you reading my criticism and to me you save me writing, still believing that this film does not "stupid"

    • Fútbol Total
      Fútbol Total 4 days ago

      +Secular Unity
      Obviously I was not referring to the fact that Myers escaped, but that the 'accident' clearly is a stupid tribute to the version of 78.
      Was it not an accident that caused the patients to escape in 1978?, that's what I mean, a similar accident after so many years ?, It's stupid, creatively in that it failed

    • Secular Unity
      Secular Unity 4 days ago

      Fútbol Total No, I don’t think it’s stupid. Why would it be stupid? If he was locked up again, then where else would he escape from? Also, it was not copied at all. In this film, Michael escaped from a prison bus, which crashed, while in the original, he didn’t. In fact, we never know how Michael actually escaped in the original, but it certainly wasn’t a bus crash.

  • jejejejeje jejejejje
    jejejejeje jejejejje 5 days ago +1

    Yeah was as expected, load of shite.
    Why do they try recreate every iconic scene from the original in the follow ups? Can we get some new iconic scenes ffs

  • yigit
    yigit 5 days ago

    0:32 What kind of dog is this?

  • Jonathan Tinner
    Jonathan Tinner 5 days ago

    Ok I haven’t see. This monvie yet I love the movie Halloween but I seen the ending Sean and they still after 40 years did not end this movie if you watch. Close they kept it open and they are set too make another one too this movie Jammie Lee Curtis signer a deal she will be in this Halloween 2018 and she signed another deal for another Halloween movie they will never end this until they tie it off and end it it will never happen just like chucky and Friday the 13 they will keep making them because the fans want them

  • Lps Rainbow Cat #YouTuber and Popular

    I'm a teenager I'm 16

  • Lps Rainbow Cat #YouTuber and Popular

    Halloween is my favorite horror movie

  • Miguel Santa Rosa
    Miguel Santa Rosa 5 days ago

    The best Halloween's movie

  • Luxianooo TM
    Luxianooo TM 6 days ago

    I'm here wanting to try that mask on
    Seems cool I want one

  • Brandon Coates
    Brandon Coates 6 days ago +1

    Movie was fuckin amazing

  • Kawaii Anime
    Kawaii Anime 7 days ago +1

    The real reason why I don’t go to public washrooms

  • Jenny Lynn
    Jenny Lynn 7 days ago

    I watched this so many times. The only thing I was hoping to see was 1) why did Michael escaped back in 1978 if he and Laurie are not brother and sister 2) I wish Cameron (Allyson's boyfriend/Lonnie's son) gets killed by Michael by how he was treating Allyson at the dance: cheating on her and dumping her phone in the punch bowl and let Oscar lives 3) Kyle Richard and Brian Andrews reprise their roles as Lindsey Wallace and Tommy Doyle. Still a good movie though

    • Secular Unity
      Secular Unity 4 days ago

      *"1) why did Michael escaped back in 1978 if he and Laurie are not brother and sister"*
      Michael escaped to go back to his hometown to kill again. He never escaped to come after Laurie. He didn't even know who she was until he saw her on his doorstep. Why he was obsessed with killing her and stalking her is unknown. Nowhere in the 1978 film is it ever stated or implied that Laurie Strode is Michael’s sister. This was a narrative inclusion for Halloween II, which Carpenter and Hill wrote the screenplay for and produced. Why did Carpenter and Hill do this? It was probably in their contract and they were getting paid, so why not? In the 1978 film, Laurie just happens to cross paths with Michael Myers while she is walking to school with Tommy. Laurie’s father is a realtor and asks her drop off a set of keys to a house that is for sale. The house that is for sale is the former home of Michael and his family. Michael, not knowing any other home other than the mental hospital, returns there on Halloween day and see Laurie drop the keys through the mail slot. Michael is intrigued by Laurie and chooses to follow her throughout the day. His reason for following Laurie is not revealed. Maybe she reminded him of his sister Judith? We don’t know and Carpenter and Hill don’t tell us. The point is that you're not meant to know.
      Michael’s reason for trying to kill Laurie is mysterious, as it was never Carpenter or Hill’s intention to reveal ‘why’ he wanted to kill Laurie other than he saw her and her friends and decides to kill them. Michael is the absence of motive, the absence of character, the absence of emotion. Also, may I ask, why does Michael NEED to be related to anyone in order for him to go after them?
      *"2) I wish Cameron (Allyson's boyfriend/Lonnie's son) gets killed by Michael by how he was treating Allyson at the dance: cheating on her and dumping her phone in the punch bowl and let Oscar lives"*
      You can see Cameron as more of a good guy if you watch the deleted scenes, where he apologizes to Allyson, gives her phone back, and tells her that he will buy her a new phone.

  • Gheorghe Ardelean
    Gheorghe Ardelean 8 days ago

    Fără nici un sens, un film
    De nota (-1)

  • Stefan Petrovic
    Stefan Petrovic 8 days ago

    The best horror movie in my whole fucking life !!!

  • Ari
    Ari 8 days ago

    Interestingly enough Jamie Lee Curtis is anti-gun. She has advocated for bans on all semi auto rifles. Yet in the movie she wields weapons and exercises her right to defend herself with a firearm.... interesting the hypocrisy there regardless of role.

  • donal kwekkwek
    donal kwekkwek 9 days ago

    wow ... movie in 2018 like this !!! DEAD END, I HAVE GIVEN ONE STAR to imdb.com

  • Earl White
    Earl White 9 days ago

    cant wait to see this!!!:)

  • Kim Reithel
    Kim Reithel 9 days ago

    Such a good movie I love it

  • TheBeastAnimal
    TheBeastAnimal 9 days ago +1

    Halloween 2018> Rob Zombie 2007 Halloween

  • Tim
    Tim 10 days ago

    Part II of H20, 20 years later! usclip.net/video/upyAJ-kEgNY/video.html. Curtis needed Money! Her checking account was getting low!

  • euloghtos
    euloghtos 10 days ago

    this movie is so stupid realy so shit...

  • NotFred
    NotFred 10 days ago +1

    It was a great movie. If you're a big slasher fan you will like it.

  • Dojan
    Dojan 10 days ago

    Okay movie, though a bit disappointing. Insanely idiotic characters.

  • Paul Page
    Paul Page 10 days ago

    The auto mechanics jumpsuit, the william shatner shape mask, black boots, and the kitchen butcher knife.

  • Ali Elsayed
    Ali Elsayed 10 days ago

    I watched this movie in the morning it looks mysterious and full of puzzles but anyway i loved this movie i hope another season soon

  • Exaco
    Exaco 10 days ago

    Just another slasher movie with lots of stupid af people that goes straight into the death trap and inhuman antagonist. The difference is that the main actor is not completely stupid, prepared for years to gain pretty basic military tactics which turned her actions into something that average person would do.
    Doesn't deserve 6.8 on IMDB, more like 4.8, also this is not horror movie, it's not scary at all, "The House with a Clock in Its Walls" is maybe even more scary than this even it's not an Horror movie.

  • حسب شهر ميلادك

    y'all im still confused about the comments tho . some of you say its really good and some of you says its bad . so should I watch it or nah ? + the first Halloween movie was really good and scary so I guess part 2 is good too ?

  • Χριστινα Ανδριτσακη

    Only in the end is scary

  • George Lakeman
    George Lakeman 11 days ago

    [SPOILER] All people in that movie are made of jelly beans. It's fucking 2019 do something more interesting with the killing scenes jesus fucking christ

  • Lino Moreira
    Lino Moreira 11 days ago

    Best Halloween movie!

  • Leather face
    Leather face 11 days ago +1

    This movie is awesome!!

  • Bliss Miles
    Bliss Miles 11 days ago

    Question:- What you will do if someone is knocking the door that badly?

  • mark Moynihan
    mark Moynihan 12 days ago +1

    Trailer better than the movie

  • Ciara Dean
    Ciara Dean 12 days ago

    hay lory how about you try to kill michael myers because if you don't he will try to kill you. But if you hide he will still find you. Just run away and yell out loud for help JUST DO IT.

  • john jensen
    john jensen 12 days ago

    One of the worst horror movie ever police like zombies and actors slow-paced around stupid acting all around

  • Suyog Gore
    Suyog Gore 12 days ago

    Bathroom scene is same as in movie Hell Fest

  • T Ward
    T Ward 12 days ago


  • carl marsden
    carl marsden 12 days ago +1

    Michael myers looks like captain bird's-eye without his mask 😂

  • Alain Ndabarinze
    Alain Ndabarinze 12 days ago

    The ending trashh

  • Al Cappuccino
    Al Cappuccino 13 days ago

    The 2018 Halloween film was made at my military school in SC lol 😬😬😬

  • the shape
    the shape 13 days ago

    They put 2 much comedy in this movie

    • Michael Myers
      Michael Myers 2 days ago

      I was disappointed in this movie a lot. I did like the mask and music though.

    • Secular Unity
      Secular Unity 4 days ago

      Too much comedy for who?

    • Jotaku Jo
      Jotaku Jo 11 days ago

      +BKK He's just complaining, it's done in a very realistic manner and subjective. about 3 moments are funny to most audience because it's true and real. I did jury duty one time and it was an incredibly horrific case but everyone laughed during a certain moment even the victim smiled. Humour is apart of life, The movie does it really well hopefully you find it enjoyable.

    • BKK
      BKK 11 days ago

      I haven't seen it yet...but there should be 0 comedy in it

  • Knowledge is Power
    Knowledge is Power 13 days ago

    Just watched it...by far the worst Halloween movie to date, such an utter shame. Don't waste your time people.

  • Aladdin Hameed
    Aladdin Hameed 13 days ago +1

    give me my time back! worst movie ever, what an dissapointment

  • Димитрије
    Димитрије 13 days ago

    Where were all the police? helicopters, dogs and swat would be all over the place. characters were as dumb as ive ever seen in a horror movie except the black kid. and all myers does is walk. i could easily stay a few feet in front of him!

  • cos min
    cos min 13 days ago

    when this movie will be released??

    • Michael Myers
      Michael Myers 2 days ago

      It came out January 15th on DVD/Bluray. It wasn't very good, I was very disappointed

    • NO FACE
      NO FACE 13 days ago

      today it will release in bluray

  • Tupazz Le Booze
    Tupazz Le Booze 13 days ago

    just watch it and got such a disappointment not from the storyline or the gore deaths but to the bunch of idiotic dumbass characters in it... SERIOUSLY WTF. So many scenes of how suddenly the police car doors can't be opened, instead of running far away but just have to go to a dead end and other ETCs... DAAMMNNN!!!!!! I am cursing all thru' the show....

  • atotheg1991
    atotheg1991 13 days ago

    I just watched this film and it was complete GARBAGE. Glad I didn't pay for it. Whoever edited this film should be ashamed of themselves... and whoever approved it to be published should seriously retire. This film just majorly devalued the Michael Myers character.

    • Michael Myers
      Michael Myers 2 days ago +1

      I agree. I am contemplating making movies after seeing this crap made millions

  • Zee
    Zee 13 days ago

    What was the point of the reboot

    • Secular Unity
      Secular Unity 2 days ago

      Zee It doesn’t.

    • Zee
      Zee 2 days ago

      Secular Unity how does it connect with the last two by Mike Zombie

    • Secular Unity
      Secular Unity 4 days ago

      It's not a reboot.

  • Alex Styles
    Alex Styles 13 days ago

    Where can i watch this movie?

  • Effy Stonem
    Effy Stonem 14 days ago +5

    this movie was honestly really good!

  • zolt kolompar
    zolt kolompar 14 days ago


  • zolt kolompar
    zolt kolompar 14 days ago

    Gluplji deo od ovog nije mogao izaci ! Film prepun satanizma! Film prepun nelogicnosti ! OCENA NULA !!!!!!!

  • OGRCM Sensei Cloud
    OGRCM Sensei Cloud 14 days ago

    Just watched this today and thought it was going to suck bad as the ones Rob zombie made.. naw in my personal opinion i think this was good as the old Halloween movies if not better! That would be messed up if the girl that was holding the knife at the end goes crazy and is the next killer in the next Halloween movie ?! Only complaint is that one death scene where he stomped that dudes head in looked so cheesy!

  • micky nyash
    micky nyash 14 days ago

    So far the dumbest horror film to be ever made, if it was a black person locked in a police car with a serial killer they would have ended him.. How the fuck did she let him live? Second part thts dumb is the women in the basemen, they cant even think of arming themselves and guns were there. And then the dad walking to the cops car without getting any response.. Wtf.. I really hated this movie

  • F dL
    F dL 14 days ago +1

    My mom thought the stupid old guy was the father of Laurie's daughter not her husband LOL.

    KHAI37HD GAMING 14 days ago

    Micheal dont kill children

    RIYAS KKD 14 days ago

    He Got 2 gun shot..and allso he went Accident and allso he doesn't have one finger but he walking like Batman wtf .such a nasty movie

  • King Jizz860
    King Jizz860 14 days ago +1

    There's no such thing as family. There's only Michael.

  • Repsak Videos
    Repsak Videos 15 days ago

    usclip.net/video/lAiv4dvFP4g/video.html Check out this scary trailer

  • scania20
    scania20 15 days ago

    what a shithouse of a movie, pathetic

  • Hitler's plummer
    Hitler's plummer 15 days ago

    Michael Myers tha type of nigga who uses the *TV* to watch the *REMOTE*
    EDIT: Micheal Myers tha type of nigga who uses the *DOOR* to open the *KEYS*

  • Putri Syantic09
    Putri Syantic09 15 days ago


  • Murga Seher
    Murga Seher 15 days ago

    I am doing nothing, just watching this. Need to get evil within 3 though 😈