Keith Eats Everything At McDonald's Australia

  • Published on Nov 16, 2019
  • Keith ate everything at an Australian McDonald's and it was A LOT of bread! Aussie fans, what's your go to order from Macca's??
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Comments • 10 334

  • jessjg123
    jessjg123 14 hours ago

    I'm from Aus and there is stuff on here I didn't know existed!

  • Vectik
    Vectik 15 hours ago

    If I get 100 likes on this comment I’ll go too exactly the same McDonald’s (Melbourne airport) and give it a proper Aussie review

  • psychotic
    psychotic 17 hours ago

    Im somehow offended but amused by this video 😂👌

  • Mel Crisp
    Mel Crisp 19 hours ago

    13:14 BUTTER then VEGEMITE
    If you're gonna try Aussie foods, please do it right

  • Pearl Mason
    Pearl Mason 20 hours ago

    *Americans are so dramatic when it comes to Vegemite lol*

    VAPOR 20 hours ago

    Damn it now I want a angry Angus

  • Desmond The moon bear
    Desmond The moon bear 21 hour ago

    A babycchino is just frothed milk with chocolate powder and a marshmallow. It’s meant for children

  • Lucy Reilly-Zattin
    Lucy Reilly-Zattin 22 hours ago

    They got the snack wrap and Caesar wrap mixed up 😭

  • Kers1
    Kers1 22 hours ago +1

    Pretty much the only good food at Maccas is the classic American food. Should've gone to Hungry Jacks (Burger King) because they have exclusive food that isn't bland. Because everyone knows, Mcdonalds has good ice cream but the burgers are better at Hungry Jacks.

  • Ashley Koutarou
    Ashley Koutarou 22 hours ago

    Keith eats everything at Chicago Ribs?

  • Larna Doodle
    Larna Doodle 22 hours ago

    Btw not evens Australians asked for the Beef McWrap 😂

  • Hedwig The grey cockatiel

    Whole meal is the type of bread. It’s not a whole meal lol

  • Alyssa LS
    Alyssa LS 23 hours ago

    since when is raisin toast meant to have cinnamon swirl in it ?!

  • MagicPanda Gaming
    MagicPanda Gaming 23 hours ago

    Why does every channel always do Australian food? I know we are amazing at food making but yeah.

  • harlemilkshake
    harlemilkshake 23 hours ago

    This comment section is embarrassing

  • Breezy Johnson
    Breezy Johnson 23 hours ago


  • Fresh Walker
    Fresh Walker Day ago +1

    where not assies

  • Nano xo
    Nano xo Day ago

    Getting food from maccas anywhere is where you went wrong

  • Meme Boi
    Meme Boi Day ago +1

    Time for the THUNDER DOWN UNDER!!

  • Gibbonz465
    Gibbonz465 Day ago

    Why is he saying “Au-sea” it’s Aussie (OZZY) AHHHHH AMERICANS

  • Bigdogs Areus
    Bigdogs Areus Day ago

    No we call floats spiders, so it's just a frozen coke spider

  • 흥어쩌나
    흥어쩌나 Day ago

    My top 3 words that I get aggravated every time I hear an American try to pronounce:
    Lucky for me, they are also 3 of the words Keith says most in this video :)

  • Yellow Bird
    Yellow Bird Day ago

    The accent is NOT going for Keith! The phrase 'Maccas' is not to be taken lightly.
    Edit:You're meant to eat Vegemite with butter Ya'll

  • Jacob Jimenez
    Jacob Jimenez Day ago

    does anyone hear the fnaf music in the background?

  • DawnJennette
    DawnJennette Day ago

    IHOP, Cheesecake Factory, Chick-fil-a (you need a small menu one lol), Popeyes, Applebees?,

  • Dayana Vardales
    Dayana Vardales Day ago

    anybody concerned about his health no? only me? ok.

  • Lyvi Innes
    Lyvi Innes Day ago +1

    Ok but I didn’t even know we had half of these.

  • ellustrious
    ellustrious Day ago

    18 seconds in and awssies?

  • Amanda Randolph
    Amanda Randolph Day ago


  • Bassam AlMulhim
    Bassam AlMulhim Day ago

    i lose it every time keith gets mad about the mcfeast

  • Ryan A Wilson
    Ryan A Wilson Day ago

    Too much caramel is literally not possible

  • Almadira Dzakirah


  • Emmaylee
    Emmaylee Day ago +1

    I don't even know why Americans bother tasting Australian food. They're never going to like our food because we don't deep fry everything, cover everything in cheese or make something that literally tastes like your chewing on cardboard. Americans and Australian are just too different.
    Btw you should be banned from Australia for saying AW-SS-Y. Keith, for the love of God, it's O-ZZ-Y.

    • Emmaylee
      Emmaylee 12 hours ago +1

      Nan Jiang I don't want to offend anyone. I've just noticed how different Aussie and American taste buds are. Every American tries Aussie foods videos I've seen has said horrible things about Aussie food and I've seen Aussies says horrible things about American food and I can honestly agree. I went to America about a year ago and honestly nearly every meal I ate either my best friends made or I made because none of us really liked the food ate when we ate out, it was edible but wasn't something we loved. We even went to McDonald's and it just wasn't the same either.
      The only thing I've seen that Americans have better than Aussies is Target. American targets are like a grocery store cross department store and they're amazing, I had so much fun shopping in there but in Australia target has kind of flopped. I used to live 15 minutes away from one and then in the other direction there was one 30 minutes ago but they both closed down. Now the closet one is over 2 hours.

    • Nan Jiang
      Nan Jiang Day ago +1

      I would be offended...

      But you're honestly just telling the truth.

  • Jinxxed
    Jinxxed Day ago

    did you just pronounce Aussies as "all-seas"

  • JARK
    JARK Day ago

    I fricken hate this guy. Mate, this actually sucks. This is not what where like. We’re all upside-down and we not called ossies, it’s Ozzie. You be a noob.

  • Kiara 17
    Kiara 17 Day ago

    Instructions for Americans trying Vegemite for the first time
    1- Toast your bread
    2- Butter your bread
    3- lightly spread vegemite (lighter then in the video because your not used to it)
    4- enjoy our delicious delicacy

    for the frozen coke mcspider, we call spiders (a type of drink which has soft drink and ice cream) so maccas adapted it with frozen coke.
    The Mcfeast in this video looks really bad and is usually so much better so shame on the maccas you went to 😂

  • Jack Collins
    Jack Collins Day ago

    This is like a worth it video lmaooooo

  • J M
    J M Day ago

    I can't believe he just put vegemite on raisin bread...

  • badbesha
    badbesha Day ago

    lol they got the snack wrap and Caesar wrap mixed up

  • Get me to 1k subs without any vids ree

    this was gay gayer than this account name - the person who wants to kill keith for doing this video

  • Ash Smith
    Ash Smith Day ago +3

    The way he says “Aussie” makes me lose brain cells 🙃

  • OBFreak03
    OBFreak03 Day ago

    I physically gagged when he put vegemite on rasin toast... just WHY?! Its not that hard America.

  • Nadia Sidiq
    Nadia Sidiq Day ago

    You can't have Macca's cold mate, gotta eat it hot and fresh and specifically request for the burgers made "fresh" and the buns steamed.
    Oh and what about the fillet O fish? And the Sausage and Egg McMuffin?

  • AurangeTree
    AurangeTree Day ago

    I’m so offended for some reason?? Lol

  • Abbey Woolley
    Abbey Woolley Day ago +1

    Americans are so dumb when it comes to vegemite on toast

  • Ellie Haworth
    Ellie Haworth Day ago

    Spiders are what Australians call "floats"

  • Blind47
    Blind47 Day ago

    Any Americans coming to Aus who want to try vegiemite should go to Bakers Delight and try their cheesymite scrolls, they are fukn dardy (good). And thats coming from an Aussie who doesnt generally like vegiemite

  • OceanicTerror49
    OceanicTerror49 Day ago


  • the triforce charmander

    It’s not a sandwich you get a sandwich at subway you get burgers at Maccas just saying

  • mehuman alien
    mehuman alien Day ago

    nope macas is not made to be sitting around going cold then tasting food you muppet its meant to be eaten hot

  • mehuman alien
    mehuman alien Day ago

    anyone else want to punch him

  • mehuman alien
    mehuman alien Day ago

    what a waste of food

  • Josh Obrien
    Josh Obrien Day ago

    As a maccas employee I can tell you that the spicy sauce that he said had an ‘Asian zing’ is the exact same Sriracha sauce that seems really popular in America. The one the the green lid

  • Zebra
    Zebra Day ago

    Oh thank god he learned how to say Melbourne right

  • Levi Draper
    Levi Draper Day ago

    10:41 did you get that from Dubbo

  • Sarah Bethany
    Sarah Bethany Day ago

    the spicy chicken clubhouse is the best burger maccas has ever made

  • matilda matthews

    Who the hell eats vegemite on raisin toast?!

  • Zebra
    Zebra Day ago


  • the Australian police

    If you’re ever in Australia again go to hungry jacks!! Their motto is literally “The Burgers are better at Hungry Jacks” so good!!

  • Sebastian Dommisse

    The Korean looks like he could be a alpha Male yet chooses to be and dress like a gay man. He might be gay I dont watch this and there's nothing wrong with that. Just pointing out that I'm 99% sure he wears makeup.