Fastest Way to Dry Your Dog!


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  • unicorn love
    unicorn love 4 minutes ago

    You need to use a blow dryer

  • Earthandweather
    Earthandweather 39 minutes ago

    That might be the stupidest product I’ve ever seen....Thanks 👍🏻

  • Special Dude
    Special Dude 3 hours ago

    nows he's a puffy blue cheeto

  • ProEvanGamez
    ProEvanGamez 6 hours ago

    Maybe a hairdryer would work better.

  • ProEvanGamez
    ProEvanGamez 6 hours ago

    Luke looks like the best dog ever.

  • Boo Boo
    Boo Boo 6 hours ago

    Right but supposed to have a hair dryer and stick them in the holes

  • Linnea gålfalk
    Linnea gålfalk 12 hours ago

    the dogs are soooooo cute!

  • Viibe Avalanche
    Viibe Avalanche 12 hours ago

    What breed of dog is guss?

  • higuccy
    higuccy 13 hours ago

    you been cutting yo wrist?

  • EggRollGames
    EggRollGames 14 hours ago


  • hartsy50
    hartsy50 15 hours ago

    That's what the womens' home hair dryers looked like back in the 50's.

  • Professor Phil 1
    Professor Phil 1 15 hours ago +1

    the better version of this is a leafblower (chiuahuas may blow away)

  • Cookie Cookie
    Cookie Cookie 17 hours ago


  • Connor Strothman
    Connor Strothman 17 hours ago

    I think you need to turn it around and use a hairdryer. It'll be warm air so it'll dry him off faster.

  • Doge Army
    Doge Army 17 hours ago

    The first one is cheap

  • Tiny Beanies For Tiny Babies

    Your supposed to use a hair dryer

  • Jack Lloyd
    Jack Lloyd 21 hour ago

    soo cute

  • arma noide
    arma noide 21 hour ago

    luke doit être récompensé pour sa patience !

  • premiumcut6813
    premiumcut6813 21 hour ago

    Looks like space suite

  • twatbass
    twatbass 22 hours ago

    Luke is so chill.

  • M Buddhist
    M Buddhist Day ago

    So cuteeeeee doggs u got♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • CaptainMystic 56
    CaptainMystic 56 Day ago +1

    You do know that dogs dry themselves in a matter of seconds right?

  • Purge BlackMarket

    Luke: AHHhHhH!!!

  • JetterTV
    JetterTV Day ago

    June 5 my birthday

  • Northling
    Northling Day ago

    Noooo!!! What U doin' hooman???? Doin' me disrespectz!! Am NO space cadet doggo!!! =(

  • Farah Neves
    Farah Neves 2 days ago

    It is backwards

  • The GooF SquAD
    The GooF SquAD 2 days ago +1

    Them crocks looking fine

  • MsLoredana34
    MsLoredana34 2 days ago


  • marisa debary
    marisa debary 3 days ago

    😂 they should have a cat one dryer.

  • Christopher Henthorn

    Gus is so cute

  • Breanna B
    Breanna B 4 days ago +1

    Beautiful dogs you have

  • Beaux-Michael Palkin

    Luke is so cute

  • grytlappar
    grytlappar 8 days ago

    Luke is such a good sport; that thing was pretty undignified. 😂 I'm sorry Luke, I laughed!

  • Josh Reyes
    Josh Reyes 8 days ago

    Here we have a man who can turn a vacum into a blower

  • Kayden Phelps
    Kayden Phelps 8 days ago

    He had it backwards

  • Oblivionator36
    Oblivionator36 9 days ago +1

    Great video just wish he spoke better english

  • Hot Coldman
    Hot Coldman 9 days ago

    I want your dogs. I MUST PET THEM!!!!!!!!!

  • Wyatt Starcher
    Wyatt Starcher 9 days ago

    You put it on backwards😂

  • Ryan Florez
    Ryan Florez 9 days ago

    That is a thicc doggo

  • Cyanide Gaming
    Cyanide Gaming 9 days ago

    The first product you put on backwards because I saw it said the tail

  • *Gαŧєr73™*
    *Gαŧєr73™* 9 days ago

    a blower wiht a heater

  • Manju Kumari
    Manju Kumari 11 days ago

    who like the white dog give a likr

  • Abbie York
    Abbie York 12 days ago

    Your air blower you got for deshedding the Dogs are good for drying too. I'm a groomer and we call them blasters! Used for removing water and hair!

  • Ironic
    Ironic 12 days ago

    Or you could use a towel...

  • blaze pricket
    blaze pricket 12 days ago

    its backwards it said tail on the side he put lukes head on

  • Venus Corrupter
    Venus Corrupter 13 days ago

    His name is Gus or gas?

  • Manivel Natarajan
    Manivel Natarajan 13 days ago

    Jus look at the poor Luke,he has no choice n no expression :-)

  • Srijan Das
    Srijan Das 13 days ago

    luke is like "yeah whatever....."

  • Popuntai
    Popuntai 15 days ago

    It looks like a torture machine for dogs

  • William Liggett
    William Liggett 15 days ago

    Maybe you should use a blow dryer

  • DM Risky
    DM Risky 16 days ago

    What does he say in the intro?

  • Guy Smoot
    Guy Smoot 16 days ago

    funny, but poor dog

  • Keerthan Suresh
    Keerthan Suresh 17 days ago

    That last clip tho 😂

  • Lt. Banana man
    Lt. Banana man 17 days ago

    Americans use hazardous materials and use hazards suits that’s safety
    Crazy Russian hacker uses hazardous materials and put on sunglasses that’s safe

  • Siora7777
    Siora7777 18 days ago

    The stuff Luke puts up with.

  • Nadsenec
    Nadsenec 18 days ago

    look relax

  • Chyl Cartilla
    Chyl Cartilla 19 days ago

    Hi brother

  • yakikadafi
    yakikadafi 20 days ago

    i would use that as a pillow

  • Veronica Procházková

    Marshmallow doggo

  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama 20 days ago


  • Kevin's happy place
    Kevin's happy place 20 days ago


  • Laura Nichols
    Laura Nichols 20 days ago

    It's backwards... ahhhh

  • Destiny Hibbs
    Destiny Hibbs 21 day ago

    Did anyone else noticed he put it on backwards. He put the tail side on his front side lol.

  • SK
    SK 21 day ago

    Am I the only one who thinks that Luke has grown a bit lethargic/non interested in doing things since Taras got two other dogs?

  • Bernadette DeStefano

    Hugo is my favorite

  • Emmett Clesceri
    Emmett Clesceri 22 days ago

    Taras can you please do this again but on the right side please

  • Abi Ferguson
    Abi Ferguson 22 days ago

    he put the side that says tail at his neck

  • GigglyRedhead
    GigglyRedhead 22 days ago

    Luke looks like Violet Beauregarde!

  • James Wright
    James Wright 22 days ago

    Awww Luke is such a good boy

  • Matías Manquehual
    Matías Manquehual 22 days ago

    Está al revés.

  • Rubi Mendoza
    Rubi Mendoza 23 days ago

    So very cute your dogs

  • KiwiMaster6 / TheKM6
    KiwiMaster6 / TheKM6 24 days ago

    He put it on backwards

  • Alisha Avila
    Alisha Avila 24 days ago

    Luke is probably like "What are you doing to me hooman"

  • LindaLuxable
    LindaLuxable 24 days ago

    Torture for a dog.

  • Lee Bailor
    Lee Bailor 24 days ago

    English captions for hearing impaired?

  • sergio 23
    sergio 23 24 days ago

    I like your vids

  • Allison & Friends
    Allison & Friends 24 days ago

    It’s backwards

  • Octavia Noel
    Octavia Noel 24 days ago

    Luke is so chill

  • SomeBoredGuy69
    SomeBoredGuy69 25 days ago

    That is one awesome dog! So tolerant!

  • Jaydon bradford
    Jaydon bradford 25 days ago

    Try a hair dryer

  • Gerardo Alvarez
    Gerardo Alvarez 25 days ago

    What if the dog floated away

  • Lea N
    Lea N 25 days ago +1

    It’s takes longer to put the actual thing on 💁‍♀️ so imma just stick to the all natural way 😂😂

  • janice blake
    janice blake 25 days ago

    Gus is grazing on grass lol 😂

  • Sami.mo89 YT
    Sami.mo89 YT 25 days ago

    I want in on these likes boii

  • lauraesmiz
    lauraesmiz 25 days ago


  • Artur Ratnieks
    Artur Ratnieks 26 days ago

    CrazyRussian dogo

  • Tronald J Dump
    Tronald J Dump 26 days ago

    Oh my Gas

  • wheatthinn_
    wheatthinn_ 26 days ago

    Now we can make balloon dogs

  • DoomRater
    DoomRater 26 days ago

    You had the tail end up next to his head, you didn't towel him off initially, so you really stress tested the thing and it did dry him off.

  • Haley Dagen
    Haley Dagen 26 days ago

    You put it on backwards

  • Agnes Aquino
    Agnes Aquino 26 days ago

    Wow your white husky they are cute

  • Jake Griffith
    Jake Griffith 27 days ago

    Where he thought was the front said tail on the thing

  • supernation HD
    supernation HD 27 days ago

    What happend to your wrest its cut

  • Chris&Lex
    Chris&Lex 27 days ago

    You said zip tie instead of Velcro

  • Titled Glue
    Titled Glue 27 days ago

    did you get your dogs just for experiments?

  • Speed Soft
    Speed Soft 27 days ago

    Gadject, boom, awesome

  • el.feo. Flores
    el.feo. Flores 27 days ago

    He looks like a marshmallow

  • Furious Hawk
    Furious Hawk 27 days ago

    I think this is for the front. ‘Says tail on gajik’

  • Moonwillow Medicine-cat of Windclan

    It’s on backwards...

  • ur mom
    ur mom 28 days ago

    P A S T I E T