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Animals reacting to musical instruments

  • Published on Sep 30, 2018
  • Animals reacting to musical instruments.
    Trombone and Cows
    Native Flute and Horses
    Bassoon and Crow
    Flute and Bird
    Piano and Elefants
    Guitar and Dog
    Guitar and Kittens
    Paul Mc Cartney and Grasshoppers
    Bagpipes and Beluga
    Accordion and Cows
    Violin and Parrot
  • MusicMusic

Comments • 13 786

  • Scott Watts
    Scott Watts Day ago

    In conclusion: cows are the biggest fans of instruments

  • Mark Solarz
    Mark Solarz Day ago

    My dogs howl when ever I play my harmonica,........................they seem very relived when I stop. I’m trying to get better I tell them!

  • TFF204
    TFF204 Day ago

    Playing on a piano in front of an elephant...
    (The keys are made of ivory)

  • PitLord777
    PitLord777 Day ago

    *First clip*

    Let me play you the song of my people

  • kurt saul
    kurt saul Day ago

    even grasshoppers loves music too 👍🏼

  • Nicola Di Modugno


  • Z jiea
    Z jiea Day ago


  • Cinara Cunha
    Cinara Cunha Day ago

    Que incrível... demais

  • Кирилл Павлюченко

    Разогрев перед выступлением "Энималз."

  • nora Pothoven
    nora Pothoven Day ago

    I love Animals.they bring us Joy🐖🦌🦏🦒🦓🐆🐍🐒🐧

  • fluidling
    fluidling Day ago

    With the exception of the bird and the flute, most likely the other animals were just curious about the noise or just wanted some food

    AARYAN VERMA Day ago

    Animals have feeling more than us . Don't hurt and eat them.They are innocent .Eat vegan .Join vegans united on face book

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous Day ago +1

    That bird really hates violin

    • Magz Sara
      Magz Sara Day ago

      It can't be doing with a sad tune...

  • Video Stealing099
    Video Stealing099 Day ago +1

    Humans: *Starts playing instrument*
    Animals: Thats sexy

  • drinkthelethe
    drinkthelethe Day ago

    Seeing the crickets just cling to Sir Paul McCartney makes me really happy. I'm lucky enough to see him for the first time this July! I can't wait! Those crickets have some very fine music taste

  • Stu Mountjoy
    Stu Mountjoy Day ago

    1:50 budgie boogie

  • Stu Mountjoy
    Stu Mountjoy Day ago

    1:20 crow saying "can you please keep the noise down?"

  • Laurence Gray
    Laurence Gray Day ago +1

    There is an elephant sanctuary forty five miles north of where I live. One of the elephants likes to paint. However, this is the first time I have seen an elephant play the piano.

  • Nicole Foxen
    Nicole Foxen Day ago

    That last one was the best finisher possible xD

  • shlisa shell
    shlisa shell Day ago

    Cowboys used to play to the cattle at night to keep them relaxed.

  • Michael Youngstrom
    Michael Youngstrom Day ago +1

    The elephants were the best!

  • BobT36
    BobT36 2 days ago +1

    1:44 WTF IS THAT TUNE? (Cockatiel and the flute). I remember it so well, but I can't for the life of me think what it's from. Some game, probably?

    • BobT36
      BobT36 Day ago

      THANKYOU! That's been annoying me all night lol. Thought it was from one of the Zelda iterations, but no of course it's angry birds.

    • Dylan Daniels
      Dylan Daniels Day ago +1

      Angry Birds

  • Andrew Oriez
    Andrew Oriez 2 days ago

    The parrot at the end.... Geez everyone really is a critic!!!!

  • 007sting
    007sting 2 days ago

    Cows love to get down. I never knew that.

  • Sarah Holly
    Sarah Holly 2 days ago

    Playing till the cows come home

  • Joshua Fogg
    Joshua Fogg 2 days ago

    Eru Ilúvatar.

  • Katrina D
    Katrina D 2 days ago

    Can we please stop killing the animals?

  • Koaasst
    Koaasst 2 days ago

    lmao the ending was great

  • SanFranGirl1982
    SanFranGirl1982 2 days ago

    Imagine Paleolithic people using music to lure in herd herd animals to hunt.

  • Kev Ro
    Kev Ro 2 days ago

    I have the same reaction to Celine Dion songs;.

  • Ansuz A-G
    Ansuz A-G 2 days ago

    "what is this hooman"

  • Random Reviewer
    Random Reviewer 2 days ago +2

    The first one is me when I open a bag of chips next to my friends.

  • RelentLess Enterprises

    2:43 Guitarists get all the pussy

  • Maxim Qu
    Maxim Qu 2 days ago +1

    My neighbour has a dog and when I go visit my neighbours house to play the piano her dog just starts screaming like a wolf 😂

  • princess of the footjob's kingdom

    *The parrots are all hysterical*

  • ssaa hat
    ssaa hat 2 days ago

    2.18 the elephant know bogie wogie

  • Chris Schaefer
    Chris Schaefer 2 days ago

    Skip 10 seconds and a horde appears

  • CatsRUs
    CatsRUs 2 days ago

    Love, love this video!!!

  • jaspernatchez
    jaspernatchez 2 days ago +1


  • Priscilla Hernandez
    Priscilla Hernandez 2 days ago +1

    as a musician I can say, better and most respectful than most human audience

  • Ray Warman
    Ray Warman 2 days ago +1

    So the parrot wasn't a fan?

  • Y a m y a m
    Y a m y a m 2 days ago +1

    The bird on the flute is soooo cuteeee

  • SGTreport
    SGTreport 2 days ago +1

    Are you beginning to understand how they have deceived us?
    God SPOKE the universe into being VS. the "big bang".
    CREATION VS. explosive destruction.
    YOU are a product of DIVINITY.

  • Blu
    Blu 2 days ago +1

    well, there you go hunters, all you have to do is play music

  • J. Manuel Fernández L.

    The parrot was saying Stop!

  • Andrew Miller
    Andrew Miller 3 days ago +1

    Not many people would sing so calmly with locust flying around. Most would be like “Ah get it off! Get it off!”

    • ziggy ashton
      ziggy ashton 2 days ago

      Andrew Miller why did I read this in an Irish accent ?

  • helouda
    helouda 3 days ago

    *I found a mosquito, let him out*

  • Carlos Rodrigues
    Carlos Rodrigues 3 days ago


  • movo233
    movo233 3 days ago

    I love that people directed by USclip recommended section has become a community lol

  • Cursed Cat
    Cursed Cat 3 days ago

    i like the last one XD

  • MrChillybee
    MrChillybee 3 days ago

    Saturday June 15, 2019 at 1:20 a.m cet I was wondering how many dislikes there could possibly be. Answer 2.5k out of 193.k somebody / please explain to me who, what, why, or how??? anybody could "dislike" the essence of life itself.

  • Adrian Jimenez
    Adrian Jimenez 3 days ago

    Anyone know the name of these songs?

  • Adrian Jimenez
    Adrian Jimenez 3 days ago


  • Molly R. Goates
    Molly R. Goates 3 days ago +1

    That bird copying the flute was just amazing

  • e schwarz
    e schwarz 3 days ago

    haha elephants really getting into it

  • Densais
    Densais 3 days ago

    Финал убил))))

  • Steven Nielson
    Steven Nielson 3 days ago

    At 4:20 it reminds me of Epona's song from LoZ

  • A-GUY
    A-GUY 3 days ago

    a bird that knows the angry birds song.... hmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Om Prakash Solanki
    Om Prakash Solanki 3 days ago

    Parrot was getting emotional

  • Mister Stitches
    Mister Stitches 3 days ago

    Elephants know the BoOgIe WoOgIe!

  • VolgaZap
    VolgaZap 3 days ago

    2:26 ho yeah !

  • crnylous
    crnylous 3 days ago

    Animals reacting to instruments is like school kids reacting to bubble gum being open

  • adrianninja2s Adventures

    This was really cute.

  • v1e1r1g1e1
    v1e1r1g1e1 3 days ago

    All Western music. I wonder if this works with NON Western music? I bet it doesn't work with Rap, Death Metal or stuff like that.

  • Jacob Labots
    Jacob Labots 3 days ago +1

    5.20 hahahaahah that bird lmfaooo

  • Issy Noneya
    Issy Noneya 3 days ago

    OH MY GOD. I feel bad for the violin....

  • Чокнутый проффесор

    0:51 Ого, сколько тёлок пришло

  • deine mutter YT
    deine mutter YT 3 days ago

    The last one was the best ;)

  • drevni kocur
    drevni kocur 3 days ago +1

    At 5:04 I honestly expected the parrot to start singing "My heart will go on". :)

  • Снайп Снайп

    В последнем видео, попугай ему по казахски говорил "ОСТАНОВИСЬ, ОСТАНОВИСЬ", а он не понял и продолжал играть.

  • stephen st.clair
    stephen st.clair 3 days ago +1

    The last bird is a Simon Cowell impersonator.

  • Constanza Ortega
    Constanza Ortega 3 days ago +1

    AND, I’m sure that bagpiper could be the key to making Nessie show her face ❤️

  • Constanza Ortega
    Constanza Ortega 3 days ago

    Hahahah ! That kid with the concertina makes me want 2 things.
    1) A concertina
    2) A kid .

  • yeeyee
    yeeyee 3 days ago

    cutest vid ever

  • Zoey Coen
    Zoey Coen 3 days ago

    🐄 🐄 🐄 🐄 🐄 🐄 🐄
    Those cows are so funny.

  • Vasili Zaitsev
    Vasili Zaitsev 3 days ago

    ni a los pajaros les gusta titanic !

  • Bozena Krb
    Bozena Krb 3 days ago

    Not only people But also any animals love music..amazing..👍👏

  • babatunsdai brunner
    babatunsdai brunner 4 days ago +1

    At 320 where's my slipper and bug spray

  • Darren Fuerst
    Darren Fuerst 4 days ago +1

    I take it that last parrot didn't like the song choice

  • A S
    A S 4 days ago


  • outdated meme
    outdated meme 4 days ago

    Animals are the best kind of audience nowadays....

  • NBPrediction
    NBPrediction 4 days ago +4

    Music is in fact a medium to higher dimension

  • debra biderman
    debra biderman 4 days ago +1

    That parrot at the end did not like the music eh.?

  • xemmelopolak 13
    xemmelopolak 13 4 days ago

    Whats that music 2:27 ??? Tell in coments

    • Macs Eagle
      Macs Eagle 3 days ago

      Green Day: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

  • Wendy Bartram
    Wendy Bartram 4 days ago

    Guy with elephant is bullshit look at the guy beside the elephant he squeezed the hell out of their sensitive ears and hit them to paint and make them hit the piano so please keep your eyes open elephants don't want to do that shit would u much bullshit CRUELTY going at that place

  • PeterD. And Friends
    PeterD. And Friends 4 days ago

    I thought the parrot flying in the person’s face was very funny 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Abigail Rose Cottman

    my cat used to love my violin

  • TritonLord77
    TritonLord77 4 days ago +2

    Does anyone know the guitar song at 2:43?

  • laura schneider
    laura schneider 4 days ago +4

    first clip got me. those cows appeared so fast and gathered round it was so cute.

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  • Duhlorence69 Buttsweat


  • Catholic
    Catholic 4 days ago

    the Bird can sing the angry Birds theme

  • Nobody at all
    Nobody at all 4 days ago

    The bird at the end did not like Titanic

  • Julien Light83
    Julien Light83 4 days ago

    Cat's guy is awesome !

  • Slate 27
    Slate 27 4 days ago

    How did Paul Mc Cartney get all those locusts/grasshoppers to come to his performance?

    I heard that flies will fly in a different way when listening to different music, and I've had crickets chirp when playing a video/song on my phone.

  • Zirloin
    Zirloin 4 days ago +1

    3:49 it to painful

  • Rondo Hunter
    Rondo Hunter 4 days ago

    I think animals hear music and since is does not scare or offend them, they are curious and finding the source of music is not harmful gathers round for a free concert. So we find that though elephants can twerk, it's not that enticing. Plus they are tone deaf, can't play a piano scale at all. Cows are herd animals. One of them goes to see who's playing the music and the herd follows. Birds we know are very intelligent creatures with excellent auditory abilities.

  • Ben Czyrny
    Ben Czyrny 4 days ago

    Very Beautiful ❤

  • RaxuRangerking
    RaxuRangerking 4 days ago

    I like how we transition from elephants to a dog holding an elephant doll.

  • Kirsten I. Russell
    Kirsten I. Russell 4 days ago

    My favorite animal audience is the cattle. They all come running and then stop for the concert!