I'm a "terrible influence" | Simplymailogical #14

  • Published on Mar 20, 2019
  • Parents please feel free to leave your suggestions on how to be a better role model to your children in the comments section down below ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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Comments • 10 472

  • Olivia Martin
    Olivia Martin 13 hours ago

    I'm 12, and I love ur videos! Whoever says ur a bad influence is weird!

  • Mea Herbert
    Mea Herbert 15 hours ago

    Some people (me) also lie about there age

  • Melly Mac
    Melly Mac 23 hours ago

    I had a Calligraphy set as a teenager as well LOL it was fun!

    • Melly Mac
      Melly Mac 23 hours ago

      Also, my 6 yr old and I love you. Idk how you could be a terrible influence

  • Lizzie the Latte
    Lizzie the Latte Day ago +1

    Ben acts like he’s on a ad for mid life crisis 😂😂❤️❤️❤️

  • Just_AutumnYT
    Just_AutumnYT Day ago

    am wearing fake nails that are holo

  • Precious Dolan
    Precious Dolan Day ago +1

    I walked into my mums bed room and all I herd was holo everyone she was watching your channel x

  • Shelby land
    Shelby land Day ago

    Just made you a letter


    Ben likes bananas 🍌 and his name startes with b and bananas started with a b so Ben the banana

  • Cloe Piette
    Cloe Piette Day ago

    I’m 11 the 16 of April I love you and my parents love you

  • Dorothy Davil
    Dorothy Davil Day ago


  • Dorothy Davil
    Dorothy Davil Day ago

    I'm ten too, and can top paying taxes. I'm one of the smasttest kids in my class, and I have a hundred fifty-five dollars for the Childrens MIracle Network. Do you want to know why? Because without the Childrens Miracle Network I wouldn't have an older brother.

  • Dorothy Davil
    Dorothy Davil Day ago

    Sometimes I feel like you're stupid, but then I realize that you try to hard.

  • Famke Nouwen
    Famke Nouwen Day ago

    I just found out that it's not "benchie" but "menchie" hahaha a little late.

  • lunar_ catcher
    lunar_ catcher Day ago +1


  • Nicole Beck
    Nicole Beck Day ago

    Who thinks Ben should have a channel?

  • Katy Magner
    Katy Magner Day ago

    Jenna marbles left the chat

  • Kitana Marie
    Kitana Marie 2 days ago

    New idea BEYYYNNNNN nails

  • Leyla gerald
    Leyla gerald 2 days ago

    When she screamed I was wearing ear buds oww

  • Helena Edwards
    Helena Edwards 2 days ago

    Me mum has 5 kids

  • Lexy101
    Lexy101 2 days ago

    you should make Menchie a wall with all of his/her fan art and mail(video idea since ben roasted u)

  • xxale.editsxx
    xxale.editsxx 2 days ago

    16:30 - 16:31 she said my name and i sent her nothing :0

  • shona uday
    shona uday 2 days ago

    I reach home from school and I see my mom watching you and I’m like wth

  • Selina Schär
    Selina Schär 2 days ago

    Your accent when speaking french is everything LOL

  • Spoonz and Catfood
    Spoonz and Catfood 2 days ago

    I am from England and I love bens accent it is so bad 😂

  • Spoonz and Catfood
    Spoonz and Catfood 2 days ago

    I make my money by working at a pub I am 14 😂

  • mermaid world
    mermaid world 2 days ago

    I love watching these videos do More pleasee

  • Maddy Animates
    Maddy Animates 2 days ago

    watching this is civics class instead of doing work-i love my school laptop

  • Edd Rivas
    Edd Rivas 2 days ago

    And Beyyyn did so.... don't try him

  • Jim Dayo
    Jim Dayo 3 days ago

    Vlogggg channel for beynnnnnnnn, so we could know how he buys tea for you

  • Jim Dayo
    Jim Dayo 3 days ago

    Vlog channel for bennnnnnnn!

  • Fuyuko
    Fuyuko 3 days ago

    I often forgot that the reste of the
    Canada can speak french too (or well, at least some) and that it's not just Quebec

  • Glittercorngacha
    Glittercorngacha 3 days ago

    22:13 What about the under 13 year olds😢

  • stephanie _studios
    stephanie _studios 3 days ago

    your not a bad influence...you just do the thing you love in a very entertaining way. I love your vids :}

  • Savvy Wilkinson
    Savvy Wilkinson 3 days ago

    Anyone here 20-30??
    I'm 22 😁

  • Anita Anita
    Anita Anita 3 days ago +1

    Ben reminds me of Elon Musk...

  • Mary Beth Cervantez
    Mary Beth Cervantez 3 days ago

    Please tell Trump about your wall building plans. We’d much rather have yours.

  • Wizard Lina
    Wizard Lina 3 days ago

    Wait...... is it March 20th in Canada? It’s only April! Wait..... how is it March 20th that she published this? It’s only April 17!

  • Fran
    Fran 3 days ago

    sistaar u look holo so bring me the TEA

  • Henrietta Cameron
    Henrietta Cameron 3 days ago

    dear cristine the holo queen,
    I as a 10 year old think that you are NOT a bad influence but an idea for when you swear beep it out with you saying bbbeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyynnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn and never stop being Holo by the way I wrote holo 5678 ties on my teachers board with my friends and my teacher watches you and we got FREE LUNCH AND MORNING TEA never stop drinking 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 pools of tea

    from Henny Cameron

    P.S. tell Mennnnnnnnnnnchi and Zyler I said holo 5678 times

  • Angelina Fazio
    Angelina Fazio 3 days ago

    I wish I could meet you Cristen sorry if I spelled your name wrong 😶

  • lidia pollato
    lidia pollato 3 days ago

    your only a bad influence for a bich that does not know how to act by the way im 9 about to be 10 bich #beyn WHY ARE YOU NOT DOING TAXES!!!!!!

  • Last Laei
    Last Laei 4 days ago

    Ben looks like a hip dad

  • Dylan Schnathorst
    Dylan Schnathorst 4 days ago

    My mom said I should stop watching you, then I said then you will have to buy me some holo things. So my mom said you can watch her.

  • Rosie Everson
    Rosie Everson 4 days ago

    beeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnn ben you should be a youtuber ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • Sofia Khansa
    Sofia Khansa 4 days ago

    I think there not married because it's better for there taxes just saying. Maybe not but maybe

  • The demons corner
    The demons corner 4 days ago +1

    My friend has the same shell ya! Folder!!!!!!

  • Taila Bezerra
    Taila Bezerra 4 days ago

    I'm 10

  • Fighting Fudge
    Fighting Fudge 4 days ago +1

    I've never heard Cristine so excited making so many high-pitched sounds 😂❤️

  • XxgachacookiesxX 57
    XxgachacookiesxX 57 4 days ago +1

    Use your parents credit card for fan mail

    iTs NoT a PrObLeM aNyMoRe

  • Kassidy Williams
    Kassidy Williams 4 days ago

    What happens with our mail we send her ?

  • Mary Jacob
    Mary Jacob 4 days ago

    Why is no one talking about Ben going: waowwwwwwwwwwww I was crying omg😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Summer Bryson
    Summer Bryson 5 days ago

    There is such thing as edible holo glitter in Australia

  • Danielle LeClair
    Danielle LeClair 5 days ago

    P.S. I am 33 year old plant and cat lady. Was disabled since 22 but have been fighting for my life over ten years and am going back to school to become a social worker- have been watching your videos for around five years thanks for being a sparkly, creative part of my journey.

  • Danielle LeClair
    Danielle LeClair 5 days ago

    Behyn's Jeffree Star comment...

  • Erin Stanton
    Erin Stanton 5 days ago

    Is this there first time opening mail in the new nail polish room

  • Deastany Angel
    Deastany Angel 5 days ago

    I’m 11 and I watch you

  • Willa Nicolls
    Willa Nicolls 5 days ago

    I honestly think cristine is a good influence because she actually has a job other than youtube and sends positive messages to everyone

  • Lola's Corner
    Lola's Corner 5 days ago

    I watch ur vids with the dog in my profile picture 😂

  • Chloe Modd
    Chloe Modd 5 days ago

    I legit cry with laughter when You and Ben do these videos 😂😂😂

    RKXRR DOCTOR 5 days ago

    Im waiting for the time the
    "What's on my other hand" and there is a ring♡♡

  • Brilynn Gumm
    Brilynn Gumm 5 days ago

    This is a new Troom Troom nail designs/hacks u should try!

  • Belle DIY
    Belle DIY 5 days ago

    i m 10 s h o u l d i not be watching this???

  • Jade Mueller
    Jade Mueller 5 days ago

    I will send u stuff out of my bday shopping spreeeeee

  • Maria Perez
    Maria Perez 5 days ago

    My lil sister is 7 and watches tana and ricegum

  • Froggy Apple
    Froggy Apple 5 days ago

    I can pput my elbows behind my back.

  • süleyman faruk göncüoğlu

    Hi cristine , ı am angel . I hope you will have a good day in canada ( ' -' )

  • Dani James
    Dani James 5 days ago

    Came across this and thought of you! usclip.net/video/s154-vuzW5g/video.html

  • luis jennings
    luis jennings 5 days ago

    Excuse me Ben does have a channel

    What about "bentendo "

  • Willow King
    Willow King 5 days ago

    17:00 I just had a sip of coke everyone in the room was wondering why I was choking

  • Officially Zai
    Officially Zai 5 days ago

    Holo Cristine
    And I might as well say hi to Ben

    anyways CRISTINE
    Please can you do a video

    Of you...
    Using paint on your nails

  • Alivia Burdick
    Alivia Burdick 6 days ago

    i walked around my local family dollar store and there was a holo pillow and you popped in my head

  • Narf Fuentes
    Narf Fuentes 6 days ago

    What’s with all the talks

  • Naquilia Johnson Carter

    He looks like the white pnb rock

  • Tiny Tori
    Tiny Tori 6 days ago

    Ben have you lost some wait you look way skinny

  • The Welch's
    The Welch's 6 days ago

    One day I'll send her the mail that's been in my possession for about 2 years now.....oops

  • Maddie Olley
    Maddie Olley 6 days ago

    please do another SIMPLY MAILOGICAL!!!!!!!!

  • Natalie Bri Rodriguez

    Pls watch more Troom Troom

  • Ebba Kjellberg
    Ebba Kjellberg 6 days ago

    ”Lareal and banana”

  • mhairi connelly
    mhairi connelly 6 days ago

    girl if u get married to Ben u can have a holo wedding dress

  • Trish Tice
    Trish Tice 6 days ago

    Published march 20th WHHHHAAAAATTTT its march 12th also HoLo cLOsEt CRISTINE CCRRIISSTTIINNEE

  • Kayla Cloninger
    Kayla Cloninger 6 days ago

    14 minute video this video
    This video 31 minutes

  • TikTok_ali 0908
    TikTok_ali 0908 6 days ago +1

    I was painting my nails and I laughed so hard at you Cristine and Ben and I dropped a neon pink down my leg and on my floor lol love you

  • bearded meme dragon
    bearded meme dragon 6 days ago

    how people think the british speak: one must request a crumpet and tea. uh uh pip pip cheerio!
    how we actually speak: gonna get some tea in it? man that dog is cute in it?!

  • Guro Klingen Kaspersen

    I can touch my elbows from behind😂

  • shelly lynn
    shelly lynn 6 days ago

    U and jenna need to collab pls u do her nails and she does 32yr old lady things to u lol

  • dragon bob
    dragon bob 7 days ago

    My cat is a manx cat so he does not have a tail to hide his majesticall cat butt with his tail. Also bob looks like menchie with no tail🐈🐱 I love you r vids

  • deukie_blink
    deukie_blink 7 days ago +3

    I just got her merch and OMYGJgyv mjgKHGUB YeS

  • Haley Laub
    Haley Laub 7 days ago


  • *Hana subliminals 『芭南』chiyann*

    I started crying because she opened my mail. 9:43

  • Kaitlyn McLaren
    Kaitlyn McLaren 7 days ago

    Cristine wouldn’t do a handcuffed together challenge because then she’d have to go with him to get her tea.

  • enciii__ 27
    enciii__ 27 7 days ago

    oh please make a video u and ben speaking in a british acent i died shen ben tried it

  • Megan Deveaux
    Megan Deveaux 7 days ago

    Bens T-shirt tho

  • wow,wow,pow,and anime Washington

    Conspiresy theory Cristine is in fact Jenna marbles.

  • Gauravi Tari
    Gauravi Tari 7 days ago

    You're the best influence I've these days...

  • Rafiatun Nisa Jannati

    You should provide another PO BOX for parent complain. 😂😂😂

  • The Crying Cringe
    The Crying Cringe 7 days ago

    I have been going through a tuff time in middle school and there are days where I just don't want to go... But my dad always reminds me, "Simply (or sometimes Cristine) and BEYYYYYYN would be ashamed" ... Then I quickly get my self to school

    Please don't be ashamed... And when I come of age I will always pay my taxes

  • Lillien McMullen
    Lillien McMullen 7 days ago

    Ben: wow you’re really flexible
    Chris: It hurts... Alot

  • Sameira
    Sameira 7 days ago +1


  • Chloe Smith
    Chloe Smith 7 days ago


  • Jenny Mannvik
    Jenny Mannvik 7 days ago +1

    16:54 im dying!😂