One Thing Arnold Schwarzenegger Told Me That I’ll Never Forget | Will Smith Vlogs


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  • neha chauhan
    neha chauhan 3 days ago

    Why am I so late to watch the vlog 😅😄🇮🇳

  • Ham
    Ham 7 days ago

    Thank You :)

  • Mohammed Usman
    Mohammed Usman 7 days ago

    Arnold was 200% right ... Bcz ARNIE WILLIS SLY are the huge stars in the rest of the world ...

  • Les Charles
    Les Charles 7 days ago

    So much inspiration. I HAVE to meet Mr.Smith one day. Salute 👊🏾🔥

    JOE BLACK 8 days ago

    great video, thanks for sharing it!

  • Ariel Immanuel
    Ariel Immanuel 10 days ago

    0: 20 the genie voice??

  • AL Lee
    AL Lee 12 days ago

    People love people that loves to always seems to challenge them selves.

  • AL Lee
    AL Lee 12 days ago

    These freakin you tube employees are everywhere. Like we're all famous. Like we're all famous if we had a chance too and wanted too.

  • AL Lee
    AL Lee 12 days ago

    You tuber works everywhere if they like you or your. A popular or turning celebrity. Because people are creating these strict rules if it ain't working for the system or you with them. Where privacy is getting worse people uncomfortable feeling as if their being invaded like an identity theft robbery can occur. People can sue you if you get caught constantly doing it. If you don't let them first hands know. Oh just run Before camera comes towards you. Or let them know first hand after whatever prank or what not if you don't got nothing on them. Delete it. We all got phone cameras now a days. And they could do it right back. Not a Double standard anymore. It's getting to the point where it's just quite fair.

  • Marvel Big Muscles Max Longer

    Remember Hercules in New York (1969) never hear before when Arnold Schwarzenegger is big muscle weight his gym being workout. I'm so sorry Will Smith your TV show and films explain like to do question you know think about it little bit more than you right.

  • noe dorough
    noe dorough 17 days ago

    I'm watching this very seriously & listened every words you said very seriously. Since you haven't come to Indonesia, you need to come!

  • ali norman
    ali norman 23 days ago

    Assalamu alaikum brother will smith. fans from Indonesia

  • TD cantbebeat MoitionzZ RepzZ

    That food is making me so hungry

  • BackSpacəTM
    BackSpacəTM 29 days ago

    Will talked to the the Zodiac Killer aka Tom Cruise

  • Izuchukwu Ogbuke13
    Izuchukwu Ogbuke13 Month ago

    We want you to visit Nigeria Mr Smith.

  • pdotsmind
    pdotsmind Month ago

    Favourite video clip of all time.

  • James Cooper
    James Cooper Month ago

    tryig to hard can u do a scifie movie plese

  • Edison James
    Edison James Month ago

    Arnold Schwarzenegger not only gives great advice but he can do a Nigerian accent as well.

  • Swati Fierce
    Swati Fierce Month ago

    Thank you for embracing and studying our religion and culture. Regardless I love me some Will Smith. God Bless xoxo

  • Rose V.
    Rose V. Month ago

    I cannot believe Will only had 60k subscribers only 9 months ago. Now he's got 3.9 million?! Holy smokes!! Yaayyy!!!

  • Dada Hap
    Dada Hap Month ago

    Get wit me

  • I love you Savannah but

    3:40 you’re welcome 😉

  • Rolande Nadeau
    Rolande Nadeau Month ago

    Would you do a favourite book list Will

  • Agha Noor Vlogs
    Agha Noor Vlogs 2 months ago


  • Alex Mendoza
    Alex Mendoza 2 months ago


  • Dane Crandon
    Dane Crandon 2 months ago

    He does talk a lot about himself though.....

  • James FromAZ
    James FromAZ 2 months ago

    #mancrushmonday goes too....



  • Arin 216
    Arin 216 2 months ago

    3:40 woww w

  • T R
    T R 2 months ago

    HA! just really listened to the gr8 background music. His son ACED this one. GO TREY! I SEE YA.

  • T R
    T R 2 months ago

    WOW!! what a great impressionist. You nailed arnolds voice

  • bankiller64
    bankiller64 2 months ago

    Do someone know the name of the indian food please it look soooo good

  • The Monstah Squad
    The Monstah Squad 2 months ago

    Naaaaaaam!!!! Lol

  • Carly Flower
    Carly Flower 2 months ago

    can anyone tell me the name of the Indian book Will is reading? xxo

  • Dannielle Obenchain
    Dannielle Obenchain 2 months ago

    I love bright!!! Please make a sequel or turn it into a TV series!!! It's amazing!!! 😍 😍 😍

  • Mark MacDonald
    Mark MacDonald 2 months ago

    Haha he calls it naan
    But it is pronounced non but spelt like naan

  • CedMo 76000
    CedMo 76000 2 months ago

    Bright was great

  • swapnil shingade
    swapnil shingade 2 months ago

    India ❣️❤️

  • Vini Krishna
    Vini Krishna 2 months ago

    He is still the fresh Prince😁

  • Casey Hart
    Casey Hart 2 months ago

    Still the Fresh Prince in my book

  • JohnJohn Q
    JohnJohn Q 2 months ago


  • BlackfireVatsal
    BlackfireVatsal 2 months ago +1

    Love naaaaaaaan.... Too

  • Renegade Blaze
    Renegade Blaze 2 months ago

    Listen to these everyday while running my marathon.

  • Sheep Shagger
    Sheep Shagger 2 months ago

    arnie has a much better personality than will smith....smith is a good actor but not likeable, full of self importance, egotistical, weird.

  • Sheep Shagger
    Sheep Shagger 2 months ago

    will smith is a strange, unfunny, unwitty, boring guy....arnie is a legend, brilliant personality. will is so full of self importance, cringe worthy, huge ego.

  • Alexx S.
    Alexx S. 2 months ago

    straigh outta philly

  • the_pale_ rider_
    the_pale_ rider_ 2 months ago

    Will please do visit South India. India is not just North. Have fun there but please do show some love to the SouthSide too.

  • Vernon Matzke
    Vernon Matzke 2 months ago

    happy 50th birthday will smith!!!

  • davie crocket
    davie crocket 2 months ago

    Hi Will! Great Vid thanks good advice.

  • John Adan
    John Adan 2 months ago

    Keep going bro👍

  • John Adan
    John Adan 2 months ago

    Men your so cool 😎

  • Davin Arries
    Davin Arries 2 months ago +3

    "Because Tom Is Not Actually A Human".

  • Levi Ellenwood
    Levi Ellenwood 2 months ago

    Will is too cool.

  • Susan Aldrin
    Susan Aldrin 2 months ago +1

    I will be Back...


    He said "GET TO THE CHIPPER!"

  • Joshua Woods
    Joshua Woods 2 months ago

    "Are you not entertained?" he boldly shouts down to the slums

  • Lovely Trumpet
    Lovely Trumpet 2 months ago


  • Zoran Milisic
    Zoran Milisic 2 months ago

    How can you not love Will Smith? One of the coolest guys ever-period...

  • Angela Downey
    Angela Downey 2 months ago

    Mmmmm good😁

  • Jorge Posada
    Jorge Posada 2 months ago

    whats the book he was reading?

  • leigh perks
    leigh perks 2 months ago

    love how tom cruise operates... love will smith's attitude

  • Paul GC9
    Paul GC9 2 months ago

    Did i just see Alison from UK "This Morning" show when the lift doors opened the last time?

  • Sanjog Kumar
    Sanjog Kumar 2 months ago

    You are the biggest movie star in the world.

  • obinna Ezekwesili
    obinna Ezekwesili 2 months ago

    We have some great food here

  • obinna Ezekwesili
    obinna Ezekwesili 2 months ago

    WIll come to Nigeria

  • Bumblefritz
    Bumblefritz 2 months ago

    Arnold told him... "Let me talk to your mother. Get your mother, please. She's a healthy female of PUMPing age. Do It Now! YOU IDIOT!!!"

  • Ajeevan
    Ajeevan 3 months ago

    I really like how this gives you a BTS look at press tours! Wonder how much you'll learn from these types of vids! You got a new subscriber Will!

  • hugo brutus
    hugo brutus 3 months ago

    Get off youtube

  • Dreia
    Dreia 3 months ago

    You are great Will, charismatic and awesome.

  • petrivoski
    petrivoski 3 months ago

    That Arnold impression tho wow!!

  • Truchrissy76
    Truchrissy76 3 months ago

    Did he spit in the corner of that elevator😱😲

  • Machine Dragon Nero
    Machine Dragon Nero 3 months ago

    Hey will, would you ever want to do a movie with Arnold?

  • Derenik Baghdasarian
    Derenik Baghdasarian 3 months ago

    This is why i like will smith, the guy sint no ordinarily hollywood sellout. The gut litterly does everything he can to connect with his fans.

  • Bren10s
    Bren10s 3 months ago

    Dream big live big

  • M Coates
    M Coates 3 months ago

    I heard Bright sucked

  • Josh van wyk
    Josh van wyk 3 months ago

    can you please bring out some movies. stop with what you busy with, and make some movies

  • Max MJ
    Max MJ 3 months ago

    Almost whole India knows Wills Smith even before his visit.

  • Finn Bell
    Finn Bell 3 months ago

    Hollywood has compatition with everyone now .the stars are not so bright any more due to that there are just more stars from social media. Outsourcing in a way . Technology will dimm them more CGI realistic human anamation. NOTHING LAST FOREVER

  • Craig Castanet, D.C.
    Craig Castanet, D.C. 3 months ago

    Boring. I like Will very much, but I just wasted 6 minutes, plus, watching him do................nothing.

  • Mahone
    Mahone 3 months ago

    Was it the Animaniacs that made fun of the Planet Hollywood?

  • oliver butterface
    oliver butterface 3 months ago

    I liked brand new funk. Smooth ha ha.😀

  • oliver butterface
    oliver butterface 3 months ago

    LoL nice. That's AWESOME😀

  • Zhi Lewis
    Zhi Lewis 3 months ago

    hey! does anyone know the background music starts from 1:01 to 1:19? thanks! :)

  • Hunter Thompson
    Hunter Thompson 3 months ago

    Sounded more like a Jamaican then Arnold lmao 🤣

  • Pamela Collins
    Pamela Collins 3 months ago

    u have the best content in your vlogs.. very entertaining

  • Jerry Rawlings
    Jerry Rawlings 3 months ago

    Am I the only person who thinks Will Smith is a fake guy.

  • David B
    David B 3 months ago

    I am right there with you a Will the cuisine of India is awesome! Great video thank you!

  • Johanny
    Johanny 3 months ago

    Ughh I love Will Smith he’s officially one of my spiritual role models!!!

  • Leszek Halama
    Leszek Halama 3 months ago

    Will ♥ Independence Day, Arnold ♥ Predator.

  • Adam Durham
    Adam Durham 3 months ago

    Love will smith movies. Love tom to.

  • Paul Gorneanu
    Paul Gorneanu 3 months ago

    The first thing coming in my mind was:"get dooown!"

  • remarcables d
    remarcables d 3 months ago

    I don't know why but never heard of Bright until I stumbled across it the other day. A really cool film. Great entertainment.

  • Randal Blanchette
    Randal Blanchette 3 months ago

    Take everything that is good and leave the bad, everything that works and leave the useless, everything that has purpose and congeal it into a singularity. When you can do that and incorporate it into your being, you have reached the pinnacle of perfection.

  • Shiznaft
    Shiznaft 3 months ago

    Indian food is amazing!

  • Teresa Blosser knows Jesus is coming soon!

    YO! They are getting ready to polish you off 911!!!! A do over and global, huh Will Smith> U know whats up!

  • Teresa Blosser knows Jesus is coming soon!

    The Hindu book can not save to the resurrection of the soul and the body and Jesus is coming rapidly., There is going to be another 9/11 and sadly Hollywood and the Government is getting ready to kill the population off.Come visit the channel for the deets!

  • Roni Vanegas
    Roni Vanegas 3 months ago +2

    You're one of my favorites actors :3

  • Dana W
    Dana W 3 months ago

    How did you balance a wife and family while pursuing your dream?

  • Richard Middleton
    Richard Middleton 3 months ago

    Skip to 3:20 but it's not really worth it.

  • M Ilham
    M Ilham 3 months ago

    the impersonation is on point 😄