USB-C ALL the Things!

  • Published on Dec 31, 2016
  • All aboard the USB-C train as we steamroll into 2017!
    Links to all accessories below
    Sandisk Dual USB drive:
    USB-C headphones:
    Griffin USB-C BreakSafe cable:
    USB-C charger:
    20,000mAh battery bank:
    Samsung T3 SSD:
    Promise Pegasus3 48TB:
    Dell dongle:
    Hyperdrive for MacBook Pro:
    Video Gear I use:
    Intro Track: Ongoing Thing by 20syl, Oddisee
    Hyperdrive provided for video.
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Comments • 3 411

  • princejay kalenga
    princejay kalenga 15 hours ago +1

    3 years later iPhone still hasn't received the memo

  • SLR 96
    SLR 96 Day ago

    3 years later and apple still uses the lightning on iPhone

  • tommy brockman
    tommy brockman 4 days ago

    Buuuut are people really gonna bring only one charger if they are bringing 13 items that need to be charged? 😂 cmon it’s not that deep

  • Igor Ordecha
    Igor Ordecha 7 days ago

    2019: lets recomend this now

  • Daniel Cruz_Videography

    *coughs* moto moto

  • MY LEG
    MY LEG 14 days ago

    Apple has left the chat

  • feliponte
    feliponte 21 day ago

    I bought the san disk flash drive but it doesn’t fit properly in the usb-c port on my MacBook 2018

  • flare tech
    flare tech 21 day ago

    2019 headphone jack 90% dead

  • Ankur Kamal
    Ankur Kamal 21 day ago

    SmartAss brownie 😆

  • hiden gamer
    hiden gamer 22 days ago

    Watch 2019

    At 2:02 moto a lol

  • Jorus C'baoth
    Jorus C'baoth 28 days ago

    Good luck with that universal thing. So far the only people I've met that like or use type C are Mac and iPhone users.

  • Abhinand K.V
    Abhinand K.V Month ago +2

    I liked The Video When He coughed Moto Z...🤣😂

  • Lee Tavalaro
    Lee Tavalaro Month ago +1

    won't have to worry about plugging it in the wrong way

  • Mohit Shelke
    Mohit Shelke Month ago

    You should consider doing an updated video on the same topic

  • Abin Thomas
    Abin Thomas Month ago +1

    2019 anyone???😁

  • pohmakas33
    pohmakas33 Month ago

    lmao..this guys was clueless..
    usb c is dying.

  • John Sweeney
    John Sweeney Month ago +1

    If Apple just started using USB C on their phones then we would be pretty much there.

  • Andrew L
    Andrew L Month ago +1

    Anyone watching in 2019???

  • Mainely Myrtle
    Mainely Myrtle 2 months ago

    Great video honey. Keep up the good work.. I think you are gifted!

  • GamingKing2436
    GamingKing2436 2 months ago

    In the thumbnail, I have the second adapter and also the USB drive

  • Stanley Jarvis
    Stanley Jarvis 2 months ago

    2:46 I've seen so many alternatives of that charger that are so much smaller and have interchangeable ports for lightning, USB c, and USB micro

  • Jonathan Li
    Jonathan Li 2 months ago

    The future is wireless, not usb c

  • Jonathan Shaw
    Jonathan Shaw 2 months ago +1

    Mark ass brawn lee

  • Yiğit Hocaoğlu
    Yiğit Hocaoğlu 2 months ago

    Guys I have a question, is it possible to use usb c headphone on a micro usb phone with a converter?

  • ThatGTAThing
    ThatGTAThing 2 months ago

    Really miss this intro.

  • Bernardo Ortiz
    Bernardo Ortiz 2 months ago +3

    3 years later, you were right

  • Motá Bai Official
    Motá Bai Official 2 months ago

    Don't ever charge your USB phone with a USB laptop charger. Not all voltage levels are universal.

  • testgamer 100
    testgamer 100 2 months ago

    Where did u get this amazing shirt?

  • EdwinPlayzYT
    EdwinPlayzYT 2 months ago

    ,in the future where I'm from the oppo phones without headphone jack have type c earphones

  • Igor Berezin
    Igor Berezin 2 months ago

    Enjoy your NOMAD dild0 man

  • Planespotter 33
    Planespotter 33 2 months ago

    Three years later?
    Not so much

  • Josue Galan
    Josue Galan 3 months ago +1

    I love USB C but I would always carry two cables or 3, why well i like to keep all my devices charge, my laptop and one of my phones uses type c, then i got the iPhone as well and the air pods and need then lightning cable, lets hope apple goes usb type c in 2020 with the iPhone

  • The Aviationist Khizr
    The Aviationist Khizr 3 months ago +4

    1:56 Oh 2016, seems like history...

  • piero Man
    piero Man 3 months ago


  • Flawless Fatality
    Flawless Fatality 3 months ago

    What happened to USB type B

  • Till
    Till 3 months ago

    Razer hast USB c headphones

  • Mark Tomeny
    Mark Tomeny 3 months ago

    almost 3 yrs later and apple still hasent caught up

    • bryce courtney
      bryce courtney 3 months ago

      Greed is the biggest limiting factor to progress.

  • one-stop killing
    one-stop killing 3 months ago

    2019 headphone jack will be here forever

  • Darbro 7
    Darbro 7 3 months ago +5

    I got this as a suggestion in 2019 who else

  • B Sandoval
    B Sandoval 3 months ago

    What about the razor ear buds Marques

  • That Dude
    That Dude 3 months ago

    I think samsung has the best usb c flashdrive with the fastest transfer speeds. I have their 256gb one that as far as i could find was the fastest.

  • la nub noob
    la nub noob 4 months ago

    you will have the latest phone and have 70 dongels coming from it just to charge and listen to music on headphones........ cough cough apple

  • Naom Mad
    Naom Mad 4 months ago

    I'm from the future and MKBHD is right.

  • Brad
    Brad 4 months ago

    2019 I still own nothing using USBc 💀💀

  • Joyce Mo
    Joyce Mo 4 months ago

    wait so can I plug my Samsung into a MacBook charger??

  • isaac805
    isaac805 4 months ago

    Update links

  • Mher Saribekyan
    Mher Saribekyan 4 months ago

    2:01 XD

  • BrandonB311
    BrandonB311 4 months ago

    It's 2019 and USB C headlights are still not a thing. Guess you will just have to take that "L".

  • Speedy YT
    Speedy YT 4 months ago

    I bought the USB-C flash drive that had two ends. Really cool!

  • J. M. Pérez
    J. M. Pérez 4 months ago

    0:42 we used to when we had mini USB and micro USB and now USB c... That's next? lol

  • Happy
    Happy 4 months ago

    All this got across to me is that we are gonna miss the headphone jack alot.

  • afkrepe
    afkrepe 4 months ago

    iOS looks on from far away with jealousy

  • Panav Jain
    Panav Jain 5 months ago

    Moto Z 😂😂

  • Debkillz Gaming
    Debkillz Gaming 5 months ago

    But where is USB type B??

  • Another Random Guy
    Another Random Guy 5 months ago

    Apple should use usb c for future phones

  • Febz
    Febz 5 months ago +82

    It's 2019 and USB Type C is still not the Universal charger...

    • Neon Genisis
      Neon Genisis 6 days ago +1

      Android Flagships: Yes
      Android Low-Midrange: Some
      Apple: iPad Pro only, mostly lightning.
      How 'bout that all-wireless future, tho? I'm for it.

    • Batman
      Batman 10 days ago +2

      Danny N. You'll have to buy them anyway at some point, put your big boy pants on and do it now

    • Danny N.
      Danny N. Month ago +3

      And thank god for that, I'd have to fucking buy all the wires again

  • tech & me
    tech & me 5 months ago

    Yeah Samsung is the only one with a headphone jack in 2018. Sorry 2016.

  • Dmitriy Obidin
    Dmitriy Obidin 5 months ago

    5:35 "everywhere to stay".
    10 years from now - "we need to make another usb type"!

  • ᗰᔕ丅ᗴᖇ7 7
    ᗰᔕ丅ᗴᖇ7 7 5 months ago

    I want All input&outputs to be Type C.

  • SaltySoySauce
    SaltySoySauce 6 months ago

    Usb C is pretty great for audio. Cheap earphones could use analog(the phones dac) while audiophiles could opt for headsets with external dacs.

  • Level M
    Level M 6 months ago

    I am from the future and his predictions are mostly right.

  • Lukas L
    Lukas L 6 months ago

    this video is 2 years old and not much has changed

  • Clone clutz
    Clone clutz 6 months ago +25

    anybody watching in 2019?

  • Aaryan Chowdhury
    Aaryan Chowdhury 6 months ago

    My grandma was buying a new MacBook Pro and needed help figuring out the ports, so I showed her this and she always watches in CC, so when Marques said “Hey, what is up guys, MKBHD here” the captions said “hey what is up guys I’m Tibby HD here”


  • Ahmet Vefa Koç
    Ahmet Vefa Koç 6 months ago

    It's 2019 and I guess I can safely say that we're almost there.

  • Himiko
    Himiko 6 months ago

    This video was made by the
    Samsung Gang

  • The Groovin' Gamer
    The Groovin' Gamer 6 months ago

    USB-C is still a mess.

  • Evan M
    Evan M 6 months ago

    I’m not even lying I was legit thinking about this 1 minute ago and then this video is now in my recommended sheesh lol

  • Fuse Toku
    Fuse Toku 6 months ago

    Thank you, Mark Ass Brown Lee, Very cool!

  • Peter Carney
    Peter Carney 6 months ago

    Hey, about battery packs. I have a Tqka Myriad 10,000 mAh battery pack and absolutely love it. It has a thin form factor and has the old usb and usb-c in and usb-a out. And charges as fast as the Anker chargers! At half the price!!! Hope you could check it out.