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  • Published on Jun 26, 2018
  • NEW DISCORD for Lovelies to chat and hang out!: discord.gg/q6DCXxm Compilation of heartwarming moments from the Grumps, mainly Dan and Arin. Made over the course of over a year! Not my usual type of compilation, but I thought some of you would like it. I tried to add short and long clips as well as light hearted and more serious clips. No particular order for the them. The graphics used in the thumbnail are from their Lovely Planet playthrough I believe. I hope you guys enjoy this compilation! (: - GGM

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  • Dom Rivers
    Dom Rivers 3 days ago

    2:50 I am really happy to here that Game grumps support :) :) :)

  • ShyShyDrake
    ShyShyDrake 4 days ago

    The fact that Dan and Arin 100% support the LGBTQA+ community is honestly so amazing. It's hard to find allies on the internet sometimes, and it's wonderful to see a couple of bros who can recognize that everyone is beautiful, no matter who their sexuality or gender is. The support for transgender people in that LSL episode honestly made me tear up a bit.

  • Hotpink51
    Hotpink51 5 days ago

    Dan believes in us guys. (':

  • Dustan Carlson
    Dustan Carlson 5 days ago

    13:19 That's the cuyest shit evvvveeeeerrrr :-)

  • hmm torrey
    hmm torrey 6 days ago +1

    *Dan telling a super heartfelt story*
    Next clip Arin: I have Christmas on my mind

  • what the hecc
    what the hecc 8 days ago +1

    3:02 dan and arin says ur valid

  • Semicolon Simon
    Semicolon Simon 8 days ago

    i got a transphobic ad before this video, are you serious?

  • Noah Da. Ark
    Noah Da. Ark 10 days ago

    I found the game grumps from hearing about them so many times...
    I stayed for the beautiful friendship that I was witnessing.

  • Crisperz
    Crisperz 10 days ago

    Dan's OCD/Prozac story really hit me close when the episode dropped because I was 18 and in college and felt the exact same way. I did end up failing out of college after that, and I was diagnosed with depression not long after. Every now and then I go back to the episode and I remind myself that I'm not the only one to go through the shit I'm going through, and if this fuckin nerd can find happiness, then I can.

  • That bloody spy
    That bloody spy 11 days ago

    I remember when I had mono. I texted my mom and said something like, I feel tired all the time no matter how much sleep I get. She took me to a clinic and they said I had mono and my mom turn to me and said (when the doctor left), "So who you've been kissing? " I remember thinking (I don't know if I said it) "I can't hug people let alone kiss them. " I'm still tired to this day and it's because of depression. So mono and depression making me ssuuuppper tired.
    Edit: Sorry for the long comment

  • ImABahannah
    ImABahannah 11 days ago

    if arin and suzy ever get a divorce i will kill myself.

  • scitso39
    scitso39 13 days ago

    I was in almost the exact same position as Dan's OCD discovery story.

  • deadpool deathstrok
    deadpool deathstrok 13 days ago

    Transgenders aren't treated equally until we can make jokes about them without having to apologize

  • Loser_Town
    Loser_Town 13 days ago +1


  • Ocean Anne
    Ocean Anne 13 days ago

    I need friends like them

  • _*H e l p*_ *_M e_*
    _*H e l p*_ *_M e_* 14 days ago

    That voice in your head? That voice aint shit. You can do what you want. That voice telling you that you cant do anything and you cant be who you want? That voice aint the boss... you are. Be a motha. Fucking. Baws. :))
    Have a good day/ night :)))

  • UwUgang
    UwUgang 14 days ago

    when arin said "if you're transgender you're beautiful" I light almost cried because I get called named for being transgender and him saying that makes me feel good i love the gamegrumps geezums

  • Marcxos
    Marcxos 14 days ago

    23:34 hits hard

  • Hoshiko
    Hoshiko 14 days ago +3

    coming from a transphobic family, and having never been accepted, hearing “ if you’re transgender you’re beautiful “ made me bawl like a fucking baby. I know there’s like 300 other comments like this, but this validated me so much.

  • Hail Quick
    Hail Quick 15 days ago

    I really never knew that Dan wasn't the original not so grump

    • Yomol Waspran
      Yomol Waspran 15 days ago

      And the original was Jon, who went on to do JonTron. If you know him, then now that you know that the end of Starcade will make a lot more sense.

  • Sadboi15
    Sadboi15 15 days ago +4

    Can we get a compilation of arin talking about Suzy

    • Shay Iyer
      Shay Iyer 5 days ago +1

      Sadboi15 PLEASE!!!!!!!

  • neko sans [GOD OF DEATH]

    You know what's weird 100's of years ago we didn't have therapy so tell me how did we get bye in life?

  • Sobi the Robot
    Sobi the Robot 19 days ago

    I just love these two, y'know?

  • Heather Leigh
    Heather Leigh 20 days ago


  • NextToLegendary
    NextToLegendary 20 days ago +1

    Every night before bed I think about the fact that I'm going to die someday and I believe I will never be ready for that.

    • _*H e l p*_ *_M e_*
      _*H e l p*_ *_M e_* 13 days ago

      What is it like? What will we see? What will it feel like? What happens? These questions haunt me and im only 11 :/

  • Maskiller29 _DCG
    Maskiller29 _DCG 22 days ago

    I’ve never wanted to simply hug someone so much before

  • alex fourderner
    alex fourderner 22 days ago +1

    The transgender comment nearly had me crying, holy shit. This is why I love these guys

  • Ms Freakshow
    Ms Freakshow 22 days ago

    Sometimes I feel like friendships are seen as less important than romantic relationships and not to be sappy but these two always show me how beautiful real friendship can be

  • Samantha Jefford
    Samantha Jefford 22 days ago

    I got an ad before this for something about animation and Arin voices a computer and he yelled "I'm the computer! I'M THE ONE WHO KNOWS!!!" and I started crying

  • Weird Gamer Bros
    Weird Gamer Bros 23 days ago

    1 min in and I'm crying. This is gonna be a long emotional video

  • Dangeresque the Third
    Dangeresque the Third 23 days ago

    2:48 Game Grumps said Trans Rights

  • Neiel Baez
    Neiel Baez 25 days ago

    Sometimes it sounds like they just can’t believe they’re friends and I love it

  • A. F.
    A. F. 26 days ago

    15:30 dan, you killed all the fish! They overdosed on prozac!

  • Prometheus The Ancient
    Prometheus The Ancient 27 days ago +1

    Is it possible to adopt Danny as my dad?

  • Gabzilla
    Gabzilla 27 days ago

    i started crying cause they don’t have any idea who i am nor my existence but, they believe in me and believe in all of us and i love them so much for it

  • Gabzilla
    Gabzilla 27 days ago

    i started crying cause they don’t have any idea who i am nor my existence but, they believe in me and believe in all of us and i love them so much for it

  • AnDarry _
    AnDarry _ 28 days ago

    I didnt know Dan was that old, personally I dont think hes old but thats surprising.

  • rosanna
    rosanna 28 days ago

    this video made me google how old dan is and i realized he's 40 and im actually shook

  • rosanna
    rosanna 28 days ago +1

    omg i love crying

  • GlassyColors
    GlassyColors Month ago

    Never seen that Leisure Suit Larry series before, but Arin saying "if you're transgender you're beautiful" is so nice and sweet. It totally took me off guard but it was a thing I really needed to hear as a trans man myself

  • DoctorBones
    DoctorBones Month ago

    hearing arin say “if you’re transgender you’re beautiful” is something i needed to hear. really made me smile.

  • Anubis Toremal
    Anubis Toremal Month ago

    Why the hell aren't the grumps like....touring schools and giving advice to younger kids? They've experienced adulthood to a vary high degree and I think it'd just be fantastic to see them do something like that

  • PhyKoha
    PhyKoha Month ago +3

    “-and fans of, of course, the greatest Mario of all time, Majora’s Mask.”
    I love Dan asdffjfk

  • Jimbo
    Jimbo Month ago

    9:38 he said your not fucking(fuck king) invited as he sent out fuck king

  • Brucey Brunchy
    Brucey Brunchy Month ago

    Arin and Dan say LGBT rights and that fucking rocks

  • flower h
    flower h Month ago

    i love Dans' story of his depression and OCD. And i love Arins quote. "I didn't come out the pussy drawing fucking Mozart". this is the main reason i love them. they're so funny sometimes and have compilations of them being too cocky or super mad or trolling each other, then they can go to stuff like this
    Edit: yeah, we all have a voice of doubt, and some have it louder than others. i agree with the "when someone echoes that voice of doubt, it becomes like twice as big". hell, throughout some of my life, I've been told that i couldn't do something, or at the very least nothing exactly encouraging. and now that voice of doubt is like 20000 times bigger. and honestly, at some of my saddest times i put on a game grumps video and it made me laugh. i get so much entertainment from two very successful adults who sit down and play games on USclip for fun. all because it's what they like to do.

  • Matthew Schroeder
    Matthew Schroeder Month ago

    Hey could you link the videos with time stamps?

  • Twice Trash
    Twice Trash Month ago

    I'll need to consume some prilozec after all this heartwarming

  • RedGlasses
    RedGlasses Month ago

    You have made me sob. Thank you

  • oog
    oog Month ago


  • Alex Beyer
    Alex Beyer Month ago

    Huh, dan's grandfather isn't well versed in Shakespeare since he uses the word cunt, and fuck in a couple of his plays.

  • Nick Lopez
    Nick Lopez Month ago

    The feels 😭

  • Kumma.Tsuki
    Kumma.Tsuki Month ago

    I've seen this compilation a lot of times and everytime hits my heart so hard

  • the fastfood employee

    The master has failed more times then the student has tried.

  • Fake gamergirl
    Fake gamergirl Month ago

    I was not prepared for this. I definitely cried

  • Your Dad
    Your Dad Month ago

    i watched this video a good while ago and dans description of ocd is how i put to words how my ocd felt, and i got diagnosed!!! we in this bitch!!!! also the apology for the mean trans joke was really sweet, mostly because they didnt even make the joke and they still wanted people to know they didnt support transphobia, i love these sweet, silly boys

  • wormicus
    wormicus Month ago

    the trans part got me crying.... fuck man

  • TindraSan
    TindraSan Month ago

    Arin says Trans Rights!

  • TindraSan
    TindraSan Month ago

    Arin says Trans Rights!

  • Pixel Z
    Pixel Z Month ago

    “I’m like so happy now like all the fucking time, because I know what it’s like to be sad”
    That’s such a god damn amazing quote and this is why I love Danny

  • Ü L T R Æ V Ï Œ L Ë T

    I wish i had a relationship like this...T-t

  • Jeff Morvan
    Jeff Morvan Month ago

    @19:34 ... at this point in my life, I really needed to hear this.
    I feel like I have a lot of unaccomplished goals, and at 31, I was feeling like if I'm not already where I need to be then things are just down hill from here. but knowing that Danny is 38, and only (relatively) recently starting gaining success with his band, and finally reaching that point where he is finally happy with his life, it gives me a lot of hope and encouragement that I can still accomplish my goals. I really need to stop feeling sorry for myself and just start really holding myself accountable for my own happiness or lack thereof.
    Does anyone know which episode that scene was from or what song they he was referring to?

  • Token_Stoner_Kid
    Token_Stoner_Kid Month ago +5

    2:50 this made me literally cry because I'M trans and being transgender I usually only hear people say negative things about it and hearing two of my favourite people in the world say those things just made me so frickin happy


    You only live once, *so get therapy.*

  • Skeleton king
    Skeleton king Month ago

    Ok so I got here from looking up when arin shat himself and i am currently so confused but also so happy

  • Blerkinstein’s Awesome

    23:46 in the quote of spider man “Everybody gets one”

  • lauren malcomson
    lauren malcomson Month ago

    Ladies, gentlemen, and those who identify with neither of the above, I present to you, the greatest bromance in human history. This is the most genuine, open, awesome friendship between two dudes or really any two people I’ve ever seen and it gives me hope that my own friendships could be as awesome. I’m sure it’s not perfect, and there’s issues and fights that happen, but it just makes me happy to see such a cool thing on the internets

  • Curly fries
    Curly fries Month ago

    It felt weird hearing dan say he took the same prescription I am now

  • Cedric Kerg
    Cedric Kerg Month ago

    This trans guy loves you too, Dan and Arin. What sweet goof balls these 2 are.

  • Bridget Earthman
    Bridget Earthman Month ago +1

    Dan talking about how he fixed his life and how he’s so happy now makes me cry every fucking time. Can we have a compilation of Dan being inspiring? I know that’s basically what this is, but I just want to listen to dan’s story on repeat

  • Cade Borchard
    Cade Borchard Month ago

    I straight up started crying when I heard Dan talking about ocd and like i know that like I don't have any personal connect to him but to hear someone I look up too talk about the same experiences of the same illness that I suffer with and the fact that he's just overcome it, it gives me hope

  • Shawn Taylor
    Shawn Taylor Month ago

    the transgender part made me oh so very happy

  • JAW
    JAW Month ago

    Arin is actually the sweetest guy ever, same with Dan. Both of them are so fucking nice it's kinda ridiculous

  • Cpres Reagan
    Cpres Reagan Month ago

    2:48 Thanks Arin :)

  • Toren Flanagan
    Toren Flanagan Month ago

    23:35 this is when i started to cry-

  • 97 music lover97 Hippy stoner

    I’m trans ftm female to male and I’m very happy u made my day arin ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💞💓💗💖💘💕💝

  • Tor D
    Tor D Month ago

    Dan and arin should be together as a couple

  • Sam Womack
    Sam Womack Month ago

    I have OCD, and Dan telling his story has given me so much hope.
    It meant so much during a time where I felt alone and like no one understood me.
    It still means so much

  • LiveMaidAngel Spectra

    They're amazing!! Honestly, they've made me, and everyone else who watches them, smile and they made my heart melt. I think that we can all agree that these two are the best and we wouldn't trade them for the world.

  • Galaxy guy
    Galaxy guy 2 months ago

    These two would definitely go to a bar together, drink beers, and fucking pass out

  • Riley Palermo
    Riley Palermo 2 months ago

    Dammit 44 mins in and I’ve disappointed Danny and Arin cuz I am exactly the least creative individual in the world

  • RemmieZemmie
    RemmieZemmie 2 months ago

    the transgender apology i amb cyrjf fbdhhdhdhdhdhdhdh

  • Commenter Commenty pants

    I hate to say this in response to Dan's granddad, but Shakespeare actually did curse in his poetry. He used dirty jokes and euphemisms too. They were all in Elizabethan terms, which is why people think they're just random words peppered in there.

  • GummybearStudios
    GummybearStudios 2 months ago

    11:06 .............you ever watch a video and think "....fuck that one hit home harder than expected"

  • Dylan Noah
    Dylan Noah 2 months ago

    I burst in to tears three minutes into the video
    I wasn’t expecting this niceness today I love him omg

  • Chris Chandler
    Chris Chandler 2 months ago

    "On camera or off camera"
    *best* *not* *keep* *secrets* *from* *me* *bois*

  • Simone Fernandez
    Simone Fernandez 2 months ago +1

    What Dan said about not being afraid to go to therapy really affected me, and is one of the main reasons I found the courage to go and attend sessions, big thanks to these two lads.

  • Park_ Jimbles
    Park_ Jimbles 2 months ago

    10:54 My 18th birthday is literally 3 days away and this hit me harder than it should have

  • Lazarus Luzzatto
    Lazarus Luzzatto 2 months ago +1

    arin says trans rights!

  • Avory Donor
    Avory Donor 2 months ago

    I just wish I could hang out with the game grumps crew for a day.

  • PugMaster421
    PugMaster421 2 months ago

    You know they would die for each other in a heartbeat with no hesitation whatsoever

    Best fucking buds my man

  • Homero Medina
    Homero Medina 2 months ago

    13:20 that hug was nice

  • Lopp Bunno
    Lopp Bunno 2 months ago +1

    I needed this..

  • Maya Lindsay
    Maya Lindsay 2 months ago

    Love you , Granny sex bang

  • Bloom Cicero
    Bloom Cicero 2 months ago

    2:51 ??? kinda wanted to cry bc I'm trans fuck

  • AndrewIsA BraveBoy
    AndrewIsA BraveBoy 2 months ago

    I wasn’t expecting the transgender thing Arin said and now I’m holding back tears packing my dishwasher

  • AJ
    AJ 2 months ago

    someone: game grumps is so immature lol why do you still watch them
    me: (sends them this video)

  • Justin Brooks
    Justin Brooks 2 months ago

    I have O.C.D. as well as A.D.D./A.D.H.D to this day but I smoke cannabis and it helps.

  • Snamorta
    Snamorta 2 months ago

    I totally agree with the Prozac thing, it helps even things out.