Langston Galloway & 2KTV Bloopers - NBA 2KTV S3. Ep.28

  • Published on Mar 31, 2017
  • See what happens when Langston Galloway invites us to a workout and challenges Rachel to a 30-second dribbling drill! Plus, he shares his story of making it to the NBA & talks about how he likes to play 2K. Then, watch us make fools of ourselves in our annual April Fools Blooper Reel and for this week’s MyTEAM lineup of the week, we’re featuring the lineup that’s dunk-strong!
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  • jackson jiang
    jackson jiang Year ago

    Damm what happened to his pants

  • HS
    HS Year ago

    this motherfucker sweatin his balls off literally

  • Vaggelis Virvilis
    Vaggelis Virvilis Year ago +1

    αγαμησου και συ

  • Young Baller23
    Young Baller23 Year ago

    Come to my channel for 2k videos

  • Treybana
    Treybana Year ago +1

    My play is at 10:12

  • Jaylin Pearson
    Jaylin Pearson Year ago

    "60 teams passed on me"😂

  • Gamer Beast
    Gamer Beast Year ago

    u guys should ad my park in 2k18 on android it will help yall

  • Sandiso Mnyani
    Sandiso Mnyani Year ago

    I don't enjoy the fact that in my career mode you need internet connection to get your my player animations, so the people who can't get internet connection can't change they animation so plz in 2k17 can you at least get your own animation on offline mode and also your game time shoes for matches

  • Dylan
    Dylan Year ago +1

    Rachel is so fucking beautiful 😍

  • Fadelikekobe 2
    Fadelikekobe 2 Year ago +1

    Like if we need college hoops 2k18

  • Caleb W.
    Caleb W. Year ago

    ld2k needs a good old punch to the face

  • BamSold
    BamSold Year ago

    I made 2ktv yallll 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾😅😅😅😅 thanks guys 🙏🏿

  • NoLimit Ty
    NoLimit Ty Year ago


  • Adam Kaczmarek
    Adam Kaczmarek Year ago

    Bring back nhl 2k

  • Chris Guerrero
    Chris Guerrero Year ago +1

    Yo 2k put Mike breen jeff van gundy and mark Jackson as the commentators fuck the TNT crew

  • Fanta Bamba
    Fanta Bamba Year ago

    A because Nate Robinson is on of my fav players

  • Lorenzo Burton
    Lorenzo Burton Year ago

    new parks?

  • Ted Roberts
    Ted Roberts Year ago +2

    Want to get VC *F.R.E.E and FAST* to max out your player? You are in luck theres a new g litch 👉👉👉

  • Wow I think I have cancer

    60 teams

  • Rob #flyeaglefly
    Rob #flyeaglefly Year ago +1

    Why does this nigga Galloway look like he nutted on himself?

  • DCSPORTS16 Gaming
    DCSPORTS16 Gaming Year ago +1


  • King Dami
    King Dami Year ago +2

    The wedding is still on people 👰🏼#Legit

    • King Dami
      King Dami Year ago +1

      +mikedabest957 You sound salty bruh. You jealous I'm gonna be smashing Rachel and you ain't lol. Plus I guarantee I'm older than you fr. So don't call your superiors a kid

    • mikedabest957
      mikedabest957 Year ago

      King Dami ok whatever kid

    • King Dami
      King Dami Year ago +2

      +mikedabest957 Check again it's always been may 27th idiot

    • mikedabest957
      mikedabest957 Year ago +1

      King Dami you said on March 27 with yo lying ass gtfo lil kid

  • Cian Hughes
    Cian Hughes Year ago +1

    Need double rep

  • Ck Loo
    Ck Loo Year ago +2

    Nba 2k17 trash

  • Mauricio Santos
    Mauricio Santos Year ago +8

    Cringe moment between Aaron Gordon and Rachel @ 3:34 ..

  • Marlon Ngouandi
    Marlon Ngouandi Year ago +20

    he pissed his pants

  • John Lang
    John Lang Year ago +2

    your servers are trash

  • The Great Denski
    The Great Denski Year ago

    2K18 news?

  • Daniel Da Beast
    Daniel Da Beast Year ago


  • Daniel Da Beast
    Daniel Da Beast Year ago +1

    I'm gonna play 2K tonight!🏀🏀🏀

    • John Lang
      John Lang Year ago +6

      Daniel Da Beast good luck logging on

  • Darrin Veloso
    Darrin Veloso Year ago +28

    why does it look like langston galloway peed his pants😂

  • Jonny
    Jonny Year ago +8

    You know you gone low when you get Langston galloway as a guest😂

    • Langston Galloway
      Langston Galloway 11 months ago

      Jonny bro ima tell u there are way worse players that they could’ve interviewed

  • ASAP Xanz
    ASAP Xanz Year ago +12

    This nigga said, 60 teams passed him up.

  • Quit assassin
    Quit assassin Year ago

    7 PM

  • The Real Geminite


  • The Real Geminite


  • jaygotthadrip
    jaygotthadrip Year ago +10

    "60 teams passed me up"
    ~Langston Galloway 2017

  • division100
    division100 Year ago +1

    I wish i could be on the 2KTV cause i'd say whatever question i get asked and right before the turn it off i'll say the game sucks. I so wanted somebody to say that when they were on there

  • Rezilla
    Rezilla Year ago +36

    99% of guys are here for rachel

  • LakerFan
    LakerFan Year ago +2

    Coulda swore it was gonna be double points for dunks as the park even today.. Guess we got 12 sec shot clocks

  • Carlos gamer 36
    Carlos gamer 36 Year ago


  • Kindoru Tv
    Kindoru Tv Year ago


  • ImDavisss
    ImDavisss Year ago +29

    Like for new parks..

  • A A
    A A Year ago

    first like wooohooo 😂😂😂😂

    IHEARTZ . TV Year ago