I Try To Survive the Australian Outback for 24 Hours

  • Published on Jan 6, 2019
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  • Yendal
    Yendal Day ago

    "Don't try this at home"...
    Uhhh yeah? Don't have an Australian outback out the back.

  • SHADOWripper 02
    SHADOWripper 02 2 days ago

    im cringing my ass off this is hella disrespectful to me and my fellow Australian friends

    by the way the indigenous people would f*ck ya up

  • Abby Sharrock
    Abby Sharrock 4 days ago

    Wtf broken hill it's a mining town that water probably had lead in it.

  • Neko Kutiy
    Neko Kutiy 5 days ago +1

    *dear lord I'm not even an Aussie and I'm cringing*

  • supra 69
    supra 69 6 days ago

    From a mining town

  • supra 69
    supra 69 6 days ago +1

    YUMMY lead contaminated water.

  • Gregory Luckie
    Gregory Luckie 17 days ago

    Must have been winter.

  • Gregory Luckie
    Gregory Luckie 17 days ago

    When Robyn Davidson was 26 years old, she decided to walk 2,835km across the harsh terrain of wild Australia.

    It was 1977, and Davidson spent nine months travelling from Alice Springs in central Australia to the Indian Ocean off the western coast.

    She wanted to find meaning outside of the noise of modern society, and reached out to National Geographic to fund the trip.

  • KMD SG
    KMD SG 19 days ago

    Oh god the way you just ate the bugs hahah :p

  • SPHEX 1
    SPHEX 1 20 days ago

    6:28 free food!

  • Mia MacCormick
    Mia MacCormick 21 day ago +1

    Broken Hill, yeah totally the out back

  • Sierra Alexis
    Sierra Alexis 22 days ago

    “I don’t want to do this anymore!” A Mood 😌

  • Addison Jordan
    Addison Jordan 22 days ago +1

    Americans: Trying to survive in the Australian outback
    Australians: Going camping in the outback
    I'm Aussie and this is kinda cringe to watch.
    Plus you kind of disrespected and insulted us, but at least you tried

  • Sam N
    Sam N 23 days ago

    Oh hell nah

  • MrHardcoreaussie
    MrHardcoreaussie 24 days ago +1


  • Khaliyah Taylor
    Khaliyah Taylor 25 days ago +1


  • Sally Turner Hype
    Sally Turner Hype 25 days ago

    Where Australians we are the Aussie outback

  • alexander5
    alexander5 27 days ago


    GOOFYBUNJ 28 days ago

    the buttsmarn are watching this

  • Starlight Shadow
    Starlight Shadow 28 days ago

    You just insulted my country so much... Australia isn’t just the only dangerous place!

  • bek
    bek 29 days ago

    This video is such a joke. She should have gone to see the Traditional Owners or Elders & she would have been set. Us Aboriginal people have been surviving off the land for over 65,000+ years. It's actually quite distasteful & funny that you asked for advice on how to survive in the outback from a white guy who needs to re-apply sunscreen every 20 mins :')

  • The_OoFeR Syd
    The_OoFeR Syd 29 days ago

    I’m not Australian so I don’t understand why this is disrespectful to aussies pls answer me

  • roxee57
    roxee57 Month ago

    There’s The Outback and there’s The Bush.

  • Aussie Gaming
    Aussie Gaming Month ago

    I’m Aussie and I play games and ride motorbikes and I live in the city no one lives in the outback you idiots and we don’t ride kangaroos and where not actors

  • blaze pavars
    blaze pavars Month ago

    next time bring a guy on this

  • xd XxDefaultXx Fraz

    I’m dying inside

  • Marty Southwell
    Marty Southwell Month ago

    1:52 “Don’t try this at home”... How can you try surviving the Aussie outback at home unless you already live in the Aussie outback!?

  • Explore Australia
    Explore Australia Month ago

    Disrespectful to indigenous

  • TheOtherPD
    TheOtherPD Month ago

    Respect. I would definitely watch it if you'd make more vids like this.

  • Alexis Donovan
    Alexis Donovan Month ago

    At 5:04 the girl in the back is eating a bag of chips so I don’t get it if they are actually trying to find there own food?

  • paul jarvis
    paul jarvis Month ago +1

    Go to Marble Bar in WA.

  • Malaki Herby
    Malaki Herby Month ago

    Was that even a challenge?

  • Molly Barton
    Molly Barton Month ago

    Very offended!! Why would u go and kick a tree down on our land and say that this is the outback when people live there! For your information no one lives in the outback

  • Mikayla Brenia
    Mikayla Brenia Month ago

    She made a big mistake taking something from the land. I went to mungo national park with Alice Kelly’s granddaughter (mutti mutti mob) and she freaked when someone said they were going to take a rock home. The spirits are no joke my friend.

  • The Arnold and Barnold Show

    Kelsey in Australia:
    **eats bug**
    Me in Australia:
    **opens bag of Tim tams**

  • Cindy Nguyen
    Cindy Nguyen Month ago

    Yup just a everyday summer for us aussies over here in straya mate

  • TheAwesomestAmber
    TheAwesomestAmber Month ago

    This is ridiculous.

  • KGC Omega
    KGC Omega Month ago

    Any good motherfuckers here?

  • Happy Cake
    Happy Cake Month ago

    No in and out in Australia

  • Happy Cake
    Happy Cake Month ago

    Why are you in Australia why are you not making baby’s is the sims. I live in Australia but kinda rude but not. But to make it easy go to Melbourne

  • Phoenix Williams
    Phoenix Williams Month ago


  • riteasrain
    riteasrain Month ago

    Anxious about a 24 hour stay?!? Sigh

    • riteasrain
      riteasrain Month ago

      and she still calls it "wilderness" at the end, can't even remember it's The Outback!

  • Siobhan Finn
    Siobhan Finn Month ago

    Awesome thx u made a fire out at broken hill in the middle of a fire ban in all of nsw, and then u didn't even use the fire to boil your fuckin water or cook that cricket wow I'm so glad u came to australia

  • Lilly Gutterson
    Lilly Gutterson Month ago

    Aussie isn’t THAT bad

  • Thomas Contencin
    Thomas Contencin Month ago +1


  • rem ahmed
    rem ahmed Month ago

    Australians WHERE YA AT?

  • Peter Charlton
    Peter Charlton Month ago

    this isnt the outback, its a farm.

  • m.erveille on yt
    m.erveille on yt Month ago

    you do know that you’re gonna get hella sick from drinking that disease-packed unfiltered water

  • Riley Andrews
    Riley Andrews Month ago +1

    6:16 we don’t have In n Out sis. It’s either hungry jacks (or Burger King for Americans) and Maccas (McDonalds)

  • Riley Andrews
    Riley Andrews Month ago +1

    . I am Australian. Most people think that in Australia there are lots of “deadly” animals. This is because most people go into their personal space and disturb them. For any people traveling to Australia please leave the animals in peace, if you do they will leave you in peace. No hate at all to buzzfeed because I still love their videos. xx

  • Tess Sherman
    Tess Sherman Month ago

    All aussies are cringing

    ZAIRA BAREA Month ago +1

    3:06 *did she just eat the bug??*

  • Jason Cheung
    Jason Cheung Month ago

    the civilization part at the end is basically someone's farm and property and is like 20-30 minutes away from the nearest town normally

  • Jason Cheung
    Jason Cheung Month ago

    just to let you know broken hill Is nowhere near the outback

  • ASMR _Daddy
    ASMR _Daddy Month ago

    This video is crap this is insulting to Australians and the land didn’t prepare properly you touching things that aren’t yours you’re taking things from a country this is absolutely ridiculous you are a grown ass people and you don’t know how to respect the country just because it smaller than you doesn’t mean were less important you can’t contact country not be prepared to go in the outback say this is hell pick up a rock say it’s a pretty rock I’m gonna keep this rock is rock is my friend you can get rocks in your back garden either way this video is crap that she got taken down it’s absolutely crap

  • Holly Marshall
    Holly Marshall Month ago

    Ummmmm 🚶🏻‍♂️🚶🏻‍♂️🚶🏻‍♂️

  • Norman-Price Callaghan

    Why not eat the lizard you filmed.


    FYI Australians don’t live like that we do have houses,cars etc

  • U don’t know my name

    I love my county 😊🥰😘❤️❤️💜

  • Elizabeth Mason
    Elizabeth Mason Month ago +2

    I "survive" the Australian outback every day

  • soraya_ darling
    soraya_ darling Month ago

    I’m an Aussie I don’t think it’s hard

  • soraya_ darling
    soraya_ darling Month ago

    I had an ad w LARRAY like the only ad I won’t skip

  • James McGrath
    James McGrath Month ago +1

    I get the feeling she watched like half an episode of Bear Grylls and was like "ya, I can do that".

  • g g
    g g Month ago +5

    This isn't the out back this is nsw go to the actual desert in the middle of Australia that's the real outback

  • what to cook ?
    what to cook ? Month ago +2

    lol broken hill wow that's nothing compared to central remote outback

  • IES Iesha
    IES Iesha Month ago

    This is literally sad

  • Lily D
    Lily D Month ago +1

    24 hours, easy. I live in australia and it is not that bad seriousley

  • Life With Soph
    Life With Soph Month ago +3

    Hi I'm Australian. Here its 47 Celsius. I hate it.

  • Eclipse
    Eclipse Month ago

    Lesson one: Don't eats things/drink the stuff if you have cooked/boiled it...

  • Eclipse
    Eclipse Month ago

    Smartest thing she should have done was actually get an indigenous person to go with her into the outback. Now, shes probs have some parasite from that cricket and lead poisoning from the water... Welcome to Aussie.

  • E-M-U
    E-M-U Month ago

    That bug tho my gosh, no hesitation. Proud of her tho, she should have done this with Evan lmbao

  • Anna Faul
    Anna Faul Month ago

    You didn’t survive the outback, you survived in someone’s backyard

  • Min Seet
    Min Seet Month ago

    who is wilson

  • Nilan Kumarage
    Nilan Kumarage Month ago

    "shes already talking to herself"- says the one who is literally doing the exact same thing

  • TheShoe Dude
    TheShoe Dude Month ago

    I’m Aussie and this is hilarious

  • FAZE Morninstah
    FAZE Morninstah Month ago

    Actual aussie eating twisties while the American starves

  • Kira Sumire
    Kira Sumire Month ago

    I’m aussie

  • Shwacks_up Wouldn’t wanna be you

    "Omg something actually died out here” like wtf your in the outback

  • Anne Mansell
    Anne Mansell Month ago

    As an Aussie this video is just a disrespect to the land I don’t think this girl realised how many wild fires start in the outback in summer and in summer nearly everywhere in Australia we have a fire ban where you can’t light a fire also sis could have died she didn’t boil the water ate a raw bug I’m just hoping she didn’t catch any diseases.

  • PS4 Custom Gamer
    PS4 Custom Gamer Month ago

    So pissed I subscribed here since they changed buzzfeed blue

  • They werent so cool when i shot up the school

    Boil the water you dick

  • Shadow Phoenix
    Shadow Phoenix Month ago


  • Madeleine Burns
    Madeleine Burns Month ago

    Every time she said outback 😫

  • Dicey
    Dicey Month ago

    This video is very un accurate. The outback isn’t that bad

  • Nigga
    Nigga Month ago

    Don’t try this at home...
    Mufuka that is my home

  • Yeeun Lee
    Yeeun Lee Month ago

    I’m Australia and I have to live in this heat 😂😅

  • Anderxon
    Anderxon Month ago

    I wouldn’t eat random bugs you find, have the stuff can probably kill you

  • AS IO
    AS IO Month ago

    I’m Aussie and I’m just like pls stop lady

  • Hanshen Wang
    Hanshen Wang Month ago

    Mi dic stink.

  • Ava Vidakis
    Ava Vidakis Month ago

    Australia is not rocky all way round! we are just like America...

  • tom staff
    tom staff Month ago +1


  • tom staff
    tom staff Month ago +1

    If u only walk for a few hours and find civilisation of ANY SORT.. chances are that you aren't in the outback

  • PepeTheFrog
    PepeTheFrog Month ago

    Who else was sent by Issac butterfield?

  • Harry Stan
    Harry Stan Month ago

    5:05 That one girl in the background living the fancy life with her bag of twisties instead of eating crickets

  • Purple ._.
    Purple ._. Month ago

    .... those fruits were probably poisonous... go see a doctor ASAP.

  • Wet Pickle
    Wet Pickle Month ago

    Best thing to do if somethins tryna eat ya just eat it

  • Scrawny Migit
    Scrawny Migit Month ago

    This is terrible the Aussie girl is like a posh girl from inner city and she knows jack all the Caitlin girl just lives under a rock or something and if your me skeletons and stuff are normal and trenches just are there

  • Chris Lovelock
    Chris Lovelock Month ago

    its not hard america

  • Chris Lovelock
    Chris Lovelock Month ago

    i'm Australian and this is not Americans

  • Hannah Harris
    Hannah Harris Month ago

    As an Australian watching this I find it funny 😂