Captain Marvel Theory! SKRULL IMPOSTOR? #SkrullSearch

  • Published on Mar 28, 2019
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    What hidden clues in Captain Marvel point to the possibility that Carol Danvers could be a Skrull impostor? Erik Voss investigates in this latest installment of SKRULL SEARCH how Captain Marvel's relationship to the Skrull, Talos, and his daughter, and her friendship with Nick Fury, could be major pieces of evidence of a Skrull conspiracy. What happens in the Secret Invasion comics, and how could the Skrull Queen Veranke and Spider-Woman prove to be potential bases for Marvel Studios' depiction of Captain Marvel in the MCU? Will Galactus be the next villain in Marvel Phase 4, and how could his entrance trigger the Skrull to turn on Captain Marvel, the Avengers, and planet Earth? And which Marvel character should we investigate next in our #SkrullSearch?
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    • Matt Sharp
      Matt Sharp 4 months ago

      Antmans Daughter

    • a dog
      a dog 6 months ago

      Call it skrullwatch

    • Cjb
      Cjb 6 months ago

      xMarky I

      DUMBELL PLAYZ 6 months ago

      The real question is are you a skrull

    • Jonah Southwick
      Jonah Southwick 6 months ago

      You're pretty much running this channel yourself right, Erik?

  • Jade Lee
    Jade Lee 20 days ago

    Is Iron Man’s Daughter a Skrull??? or the Skrull daughter from Captain Marvel scene???

  • TurtlePlays52
    TurtlePlays52 3 months ago

    i dont think you considered one thing thing
    ronan lost

  • Rohit Kushwaha
    Rohit Kushwaha 3 months ago

    What if mystereo was the 4th fuckin skrull

  • Kritiko
    Kritiko 3 months ago

    0:02 why does that transformation look different from the one in the movie?

  • Natalie Alcaraz
    Natalie Alcaraz 3 months ago +1

    Tony Stark or hulk

  • The seventh swordsman
    The seventh swordsman 4 months ago

    Do Batman!!

  • tarapred
    tarapred 4 months ago

    Lmaooooo I love "the whole time" Mrs. Doubtfire reference.

  • Kid From 21 Jump Street

    Do a Skrull Search video for every living Avenger/Guardian within reason!

  • Kid From 21 Jump Street

    Plot twist (different Cap BUT) one of the Caps in the Cap VS Cap scene was a Skrull who took the Shield or was a Super Skrull & just made the shield & was doing Skrull stuff at an opportune time l knowing another shape shifter being Loki was present.

  • Moon Knight
    Moon Knight 4 months ago

    Captain America skrull search

  • TV스컬리
    TV스컬리 5 months ago


  • simonas zalalis
    simonas zalalis 5 months ago

    What if a skrull that can steal powers turned into one above all.

  • Jason Loewen
    Jason Loewen 5 months ago

    Wolverine is a stroll

  • Dave Harrison
    Dave Harrison 6 months ago

    0:43 put on English auto generated

  • rpgfan007
    rpgfan007 6 months ago

    can u investigate cork and meep?

  • shotu todorini
    shotu todorini 6 months ago

    Do rohdey for the next scrull search

  • timrob12
    timrob12 6 months ago

    Try and investigate the characters you least expect like Maria Hill or Pepper Potts.

  • Vishal JS
    Vishal JS 6 months ago

    What about Cull Obsidian having the Sash of Captain Marvel in Infinity War!?!
    I wud be disappointed if its not addressed in Endgame!

  • superricky13
    superricky13 6 months ago

    Captain America is a skrull!

  • GummiAnden
    GummiAnden 6 months ago

    Can you do one on Spiderman. That would explain why spiderman didnt leave the bus? And Why would ned not worry about peter? I dont know but would be fun to hear more about ps: Love your video's :D

  • Sophie Higham
    Sophie Higham 6 months ago

    That theory that Bruce banner is actually Loki, what if he’s not Loki but a scrull?

  • Serena Strand
    Serena Strand 6 months ago

    You should get a real career because this movie conspiracy theory nonsense isn't working for you.

  • Partap Tankoo
    Partap Tankoo 6 months ago +1

    Black widow

  • Greenbean Machine
    Greenbean Machine 6 months ago +1

    I'm pretty sure Meek has been a skrull all along

  • Lightefilit Faylin
    Lightefilit Faylin 6 months ago

    Phil Coulson?

  • SecretChiley
    SecretChiley 6 months ago

    I can imagine a scene, where galactus just opens his eyes and it ends there.

  • Football Legend16272
    Football Legend16272 6 months ago


  • Philasande Mdlalose
    Philasande Mdlalose 6 months ago

    "The whole time" gives me peace 😂

  • Alfie Dowd
    Alfie Dowd 6 months ago

    Try either; Rhody (war machine), general ross or happy hogan.
    Please give me a shoutout as well.

  • Jrue Romano
    Jrue Romano 6 months ago

    So does anyone remember that in Captain America: Winter Soldier that Black Window had impersonation tech to help take down Robert Redford (that smug bastard)? Who needs to be a Skrull they could all have that tech!

  • Hydrated Dizzy
    Hydrated Dizzy 6 months ago

    do Drax evidence

  • Marvel Memes Channel
    Marvel Memes Channel 6 months ago

    Prove that Erik ain't a skrull - 0:37- 0:39 .
    A skrull can't do that

  • Poo_Supreme
    Poo_Supreme 6 months ago

    tony stark

  • robertgnallmedia
    robertgnallmedia 6 months ago

    Thanos is a skrull

  • Michael Coleman
    Michael Coleman 6 months ago

    Do Captain America next, maybe he actually died in WWII and when he “woke up” a skrull acted as him since then

  • Eddie G.
    Eddie G. 6 months ago

    You're not 50??!!! That's what a skrull would say!

  • Rayyan Akber
    Rayyan Akber 6 months ago

    Tony stark next

  • The Bearded Biceps
    The Bearded Biceps 6 months ago

    My favorite channel!!!

  • Old Dog Productions
    Old Dog Productions 6 months ago

    Do Coulson is a Skrull!

  • Noah Schu
    Noah Schu 6 months ago

  • Lynda Arenal
    Lynda Arenal 6 months ago

    #Carol is a Tether

  • SuperGamerx14
    SuperGamerx14 6 months ago

    Do hawkeye next. Bring up the fact that he knew so much about the Tesseract in the beginning of Avengers!!

  • JediWizard
    JediWizard 6 months ago

    I really think that Rhodie is a skrull. No human could fall that far and live.

  • Flare - TheBlazingChristianGamer

    Black Widow

  • Akash Amal
    Akash Amal 6 months ago

    Captain America plzzz......😶😶😶😶😶😶😶

  • CallMac
    CallMac 6 months ago

    do black widow

  • BoyScoutGuitarist
    BoyScoutGuitarist 6 months ago

    Film theory has already done this kind of video

  • Ebrotastic 135
    Ebrotastic 135 6 months ago

    Captain America

  • super gaming
    super gaming 6 months ago

    Love your videos

  • tfetv999 Gaming
    tfetv999 Gaming 6 months ago


  • 2112Nightshift
    2112Nightshift 6 months ago

    I smell a lot of 'maybe' coming off of this video.

  • Janethan Ricanibante
    Janethan Ricanibante 6 months ago

    Brie Larson is a Skrull.

  • justin regalado
    justin regalado 6 months ago

    General Ross!

  • a random weirdo
    a random weirdo 6 months ago

    I have a question what race is captain marvel

  • Daniel Moultrie
    Daniel Moultrie 6 months ago

    Maria Hill is/will be a Skrull. Calling it RN

  • Quottes is my name
    Quottes is my name 6 months ago

    it would make a lot of sense

  • Quottes is my name
    Quottes is my name 6 months ago

    do Shuri

  • LeggerrrAndroid
    LeggerrrAndroid 6 months ago

    Black Widow has to be a Skrull! Hair color could be one thing from the Endgame trailer, but it could also be a good plot piece for the future Black Widow solo movie.

  • Jaxon Parris
    Jaxon Parris 6 months ago +2

    You should do a *SKRULL SEARCH* of War Machine