Paint Pendulum in Slow Motion in 4K


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  • Aaron Azzcalibur
    Aaron Azzcalibur 23 hours ago

    So funny

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    2:54 see a horse?

  • DJ Pharaoh
    DJ Pharaoh 3 days ago

    6:05 the new iPhone XR ad 😂

  • Tara K
    Tara K 3 days ago

    imagine doing this but with two cars,.. and nobody standing in the middle

  • Jăz Bold
    Jăz Bold 3 days ago

    That was brilliant, first class, scientific entertainment!!!

  • CirclesCantExist
    CirclesCantExist 3 days ago

    4:00 I imagined this is what it would look like for an Android from DBH to explode from the inside out

  • GoofAnHoop VIDEO
    GoofAnHoop VIDEO 4 days ago

    will you ever do slow motion sound. for instance breaking a glass with sound and slowing the shatter , hopefully seeing the sound blast or whatever comes from it.

  • Tomasgarcia123
    Tomasgarcia123 4 days ago +2

    Can someone please name the different classical music that was played throughout the video?

    ROENAN VLOGZZSSS 6 days ago

    *Its so funny i barely laugh*

  • Max Kopstein
    Max Kopstein 7 days ago

    4:39 when it closed in on his face I could not stop laughing! Absolutely hysterical!

  • Tibor Dobi
    Tibor Dobi 7 days ago

    Why does Dan always do these things? Gav needs some PAIN(fully horrible paint explosions)

  • Tobin Wine
    Tobin Wine 8 days ago

    when they did two it reminded me of the first kingsman movie when all the heads are exploding

  • Darth Vader 0G
    Darth Vader 0G 8 days ago

    Looks like a giant ballsack clapping around your head.

  • SlimeBoy
    SlimeBoy 8 days ago

    Can you sponsor me because I need money XD jk

  • dirm12
    dirm12 8 days ago

    Not so nice when the pain is on the other foot eh Gav? XD

  • Kalle Venetjoki
    Kalle Venetjoki 8 days ago

    I'm blue da bu di va bu daa

  • brazen idiot
    brazen idiot 9 days ago

    Its orange not red

  • Slugbugs Sub to pewdiepie

    4:51 vsauce

  • Zoe Nightshade
    Zoe Nightshade 10 days ago

    Am I the only one that thinks this is like an orange with a hint of red?

  • It’s just kip
    It’s just kip 10 days ago

    Lmao when I was younger I thought Gavin was super smart... then I watched rooster teeth 😂

    He’s just adorable

  • Taevyon Daly
    Taevyon Daly 10 days ago

    When it pops he looked like bambi on ice

  • Rafael gamer 77
    Rafael gamer 77 11 days ago

    El que estaba buscando

  • BadBoyz32 #PGN
    BadBoyz32 #PGN 11 days ago +1


  • Jack Chapman
    Jack Chapman 11 days ago +1

    It's about time Gav got dirty

  • Walter Rasoira
    Walter Rasoira 11 days ago

    AHAHAHAH Vendetta dolce e colorata, vendetta! :-D

  • Kit Melton
    Kit Melton 11 days ago

    When you get hit by inkling’s splat bomb

  • Catgirl1234 Gaming world

    Is the blue reminds me of vav from X-ray and vav is anybody get it or just me,because vav has superhero is blue on his outfit

  • Tara Kate
    Tara Kate 12 days ago

    5:40 looks like one of those apple backgrounds

  • Benjamin Brown
    Benjamin Brown 12 days ago +3

    3:04 it actually looks more like he just died horribly and graphically!

  • keerthanan umakanthan
    keerthanan umakanthan 12 days ago

    Is it a copyright music (i know'its carmen ) at 4:20

  • Jacqueline posada
    Jacqueline posada 12 days ago

    Reminds me of that show myth busters ..

  • Emily Fogerty
    Emily Fogerty 12 days ago

    You are going to be sneezing paint for a long time.

  • DHDfan21
    DHDfan21 13 days ago

    Dan looks like a tampon

  • Norfolk Southern fan 8182 AWVR fan

    Talk about "blue bloods" get it

  • TheDudeWithSome409
    TheDudeWithSome409 13 days ago

    boring af! Old slow mo on a low budget was so much better.

  • Sean Perkins
    Sean Perkins 14 days ago

    Dat intro though

  • Carl Andreasson
    Carl Andreasson 14 days ago


  • Déja Vu
    Déja Vu 15 days ago

    The music, anyone else think of "HEY IT'S ME, AUSTIN AND I'M HER TO SHOW YOU THE SCIEEENCE"

  • TheStarLegendX
    TheStarLegendX 15 days ago

    i think he pointed that thumb tack the wrong way... 1:50

  • Andrew games
    Andrew games 15 days ago

    what kind of paint did they use anyway

  • Jordon Mason
    Jordon Mason 15 days ago

    What about 4

  • Shadowwolf 930
    Shadowwolf 930 15 days ago

    r.i.p Dan and gav
    cause of death
    they done a vid where there hit them self with balloons full of paint and went in there noses and got cancer

  • Shadowwolf 930
    Shadowwolf 930 15 days ago

    this made me laugh so hard

    I like people getting hurt

  • JaguarJacob
    JaguarJacob 15 days ago

    Splatoon war

  • BizzBolt5
    BizzBolt5 16 days ago

    2:09. when a human tries to swim through paint like an inkling swimming in ink.

  • awesomevids inc. with Nfl451&GryphMyster

    Hey look British red vs blue

  • Josche __
    Josche __ 16 days ago

    2:10 is just comedy

  • Inspyx
    Inspyx 16 days ago

    First time Gav got his fair share of pain.

  • OM3GA
    OM3GA 17 days ago

    I trust that there is a permanent '_ days since last accident.' sign in their office, that always says zero.

  • Athome -WILD SPARKZ-
    Athome -WILD SPARKZ- 17 days ago

    3:13 GOTEM

  • Lone wolf
    Lone wolf 17 days ago

    4:18 lmao we just witnessed that gav turned into a smurf

  • Shineee 4o6
    Shineee 4o6 17 days ago

    5:00 He Looks Like Shrek

  • Bookworm 2021
    Bookworm 2021 17 days ago

    Gav's laugh is everything

  • Isaac Markovitz
    Isaac Markovitz 18 days ago

    Ur a smurf

  • srynamebroke yeet
    srynamebroke yeet 18 days ago

    Gav you have the best slow-mo face I've ever seen

  • Average Fatty
    Average Fatty 18 days ago

    who else put the video in 0.25 speed

  • Tammi Lindsay
    Tammi Lindsay 19 days ago

    So funny 😂😂🤣🤣

  • Vitor Oliveira
    Vitor Oliveira 19 days ago

    04:49 vai Brasil!!!. Huehuehuehue

  • yonas vanhamel
    yonas vanhamel 19 days ago

    3:03 i will never forget he said that lol

  • Dillon Helmick
    Dillon Helmick 20 days ago

    Should’ve been titled as Dan’s ultimate revenge

  • Tortured Soul
    Tortured Soul 20 days ago

    it was actually more funny when Gav got hurt, because the look on Dan's face:
    Pure satisfaction.
    Pure Enjoyment!
    You deserve it Dan!

  • Funky Boy
    Funky Boy 21 day ago

    Do it with boulders next time😈

  • Daevin Dilbeck
    Daevin Dilbeck 21 day ago

    It’s orange.

  • Baylie Withers
    Baylie Withers 21 day ago

    Break stuff more like break us

  • Daniel Brosse
    Daniel Brosse 21 day ago

    what is the name of the music in th slowmo

  • TylerNA22
    TylerNA22 22 days ago

    2:51 leaked footage of mk 11s Gore system

  • Nathan H.
    Nathan H. 22 days ago

    3:36 close your eyes and let your imagination flow

  • Mr Hairygary
    Mr Hairygary 23 days ago


  • Lord Disha Dusoky
    Lord Disha Dusoky 24 days ago

    2.55 like a horse 🐎🖒

  • Miyu Miyu
    Miyu Miyu 24 days ago

    2:38 Mortal Kombat gore mechanics.

  • Alexander
    Alexander 24 days ago

    3:37 he looks like sans

  • Trevor Thomas
    Trevor Thomas 24 days ago

    The paint looks orange to me. You know not red.

  • Tyler Horihan
    Tyler Horihan 24 days ago

    Imagine if they had red in the last one

  • TheBeatDropper1
    TheBeatDropper1 25 days ago

    Giant balloon of doom full of paint and BOOOM!

  • Kianna Buth
    Kianna Buth 25 days ago

    *this only works if you're a girl* just imagine getting hit right on your chest by that like 60lb water balloon......ouch😅

  • flibbertygibbet
    flibbertygibbet 25 days ago

    A very late thumbs up for Noel's House Party. Also how long were Gav's boogers colored by the paint?

  • Draven Bear
    Draven Bear 25 days ago

    It’s in my sinuses

  • evilarclight
    evilarclight 26 days ago

    I’m so happy Dan got revenge

  • Alexis Amaya
    Alexis Amaya 26 days ago

    Finally it's not dan

  • Thomas Knight
    Thomas Knight 26 days ago

    If anyone was wondering how blue men group members are born there you go

  • punpkin-314-pi
    punpkin-314-pi 26 days ago

    "it looks like you've just been born!"
    and we're done with the tomato soup.

  • Ben 23
    Ben 23 26 days ago

    Dan haz hiz revenge!!!

  • closing island70
    closing island70 27 days ago

    I’m blue daba Dee dab a die

  • Crisp Nation
    Crisp Nation 28 days ago

    Feminists do this with their period blood

  • We 10 Pandas
    We 10 Pandas 28 days ago

    Imagine if that was in Splatoon...

  • Maira Athar
    Maira Athar 28 days ago


  • K l
    K l 29 days ago

    The remake of Carrie looks amazing 😂

  • gamerking
    gamerking 29 days ago

    he has blue balls

  • χz-тzυуυTM
    χz-тzυуυTM 29 days ago

    I feel bad for the converse

  • χz-тzυуυTM
    χz-тzυуυTM 29 days ago

    Rip converse

  • Solomon Chan
    Solomon Chan 29 days ago

    1:56 he got us

  • Lopunny Gamer
    Lopunny Gamer 29 days ago

    The background music puts more hilariousness into someone getting hit.

  • DaNO1Cookies animations
    DaNO1Cookies animations 29 days ago +1

    Does anyone else just skip them talking and go strait to the slow motion parts?

  • Diaz
    Diaz 29 days ago

    this video remind me to civil war

  • Zach88191
    Zach88191 Month ago

    It looks like you're covered in bogeys

  • Tilen HD
    Tilen HD Month ago

    3:28 now there is smurf sacrafice

  • Tilen HD
    Tilen HD Month ago

    1:53 looks like he just explode

  • Miranda M
    Miranda M Month ago

    "are you ready?"

  • Ryan Dunklee
    Ryan Dunklee Month ago

    4:55 gav looks like that dude from Ben 10

  • One3rdNinja
    One3rdNinja Month ago

    1:54 : When you first get your period.