Gordon Ramsay Vs. Jamie Oliver: Whose Scrambled Eggs Are Better?

  • Published on Feb 20, 2018
  • Scrambled eggs may be one of the easiest things in the world to make, BUT it's one of the most difficult dishes to perfect. To strengthen our skills, we turned to two great chefs: Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver.
    Gordon's technique is extremely unconventional (at least compared to how most Americans make their eggs on Saturday and Sunday mornings). He doesn't whisk the eggs first, uses a saucepan, continuously takes the eggs off the heat, and seasons at the very end.
    Jamie has three different ways to scramble eggs: English, French, and American. His English style is somewhat similar to Gordon's in that he uses a saucepan (though he whisks and seasons beforehand). But we followed his American-style recipe because it's more familiar and because the finished eggs in his USclip video look amazingly fluffy.
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Comments • 663

  • Jessica Williams
    Jessica Williams 5 days ago

    When did they try Jamies?

  • _Cancxr_
    _Cancxr_ 6 days ago

    Those eggs are so over cooked I can’t-

  • Samuel Kane
    Samuel Kane 8 days ago

    Jaime dedo wins

  • OleensEmbroidery
    OleensEmbroidery 8 days ago

    I can't believe I just discovered this show. I could watch it all day. Wish I was a celeb just to show off the secret to my tomato pie.

  • Camille French
    Camille French 9 days ago

    Gordan's eggs are just too wet, and look underdone. I'd take Jamie's!

  • Kage Pro
    Kage Pro 14 days ago +1

    Jamie Oliver is an Ass

  • Mark Andrei Rabago
    Mark Andrei Rabago 16 days ago

    Do you even know how to cook eggs?

  • Riptidematic 0
    Riptidematic 0 21 day ago +1

    Omg they forgot the damn lamb sauce 🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Samarth Hassan
    Samarth Hassan 29 days ago

    Bruh Gordon be the best.

  • Joel Brothers
    Joel Brothers 29 days ago

    Gordon's eggs are just a goopy mess,, not acceptable in the US. Jamie's eggs are much better, but still not perfect. He should beat more air into them, and not salt them until they are cooked. Salt breaks down the albumen and will keep them from being very fluffy.

  • Joe Casson
    Joe Casson Month ago +1

    None of these idiots know what FLUFFY means... slime like VOMIT is NOT FLUFFY

  • StygianWolf
    StygianWolf Month ago

    This is an absolutely garbage contest. Jaime Oliver made 3 egg styles in that video where you got the american version from, none of which I recall him saying was his personal method, or any of which he preferred making. Meanwhile you cherry picked Gordon's most well received egg recipe, and flat out told the contestants which eggs were which.

  • Happy The Dragonslayer

    That toast from Jamie wasn't burned, you forgot that.

  • N. L.
    N. L. Month ago

    Who's Jamie Oliver?

  • WriteLantern
    WriteLantern Month ago

    Surprised to see Margot Robbie's mom in this video.

  • Emmy Oliver
    Emmy Oliver Month ago

    Y’all did Gordon the dirty, those eggs were HORRENDOUSLY over cooked. Actually Jamie’s were over cooked as well, have you guys ever seen how their finished products were supposed to look or???

  • Gavin Beck
    Gavin Beck 2 months ago

    Let it be known...Gordon is Scottish but was raised in the UK...still Scottish though

  • andrewthezeppo
    andrewthezeppo 2 months ago

    Convinced Gordon sponsors this channel, they didn't even taste Jamie's LOL it was literally just them talking about Gordon's and then calling him the winner.

  • shefin mathew
    shefin mathew 2 months ago

    Jamie showed three recipe

  • Poongodi d
    Poongodi d 2 months ago

    I like Jamie Oliver dish simple but good

  • Robert Davis
    Robert Davis 2 months ago

    Olivers eggs looks much better

  • Gold 999
    Gold 999 2 months ago

    if i were to cook myself, i'll pick jamie's
    but if someone's going to cook for me, i'll request for gordon's

    what gordon do is much more complicated, it's still an egg tho

  • JustinHEMI
    JustinHEMI 2 months ago

    I make Gordon Ramsey style nearly every morning. They're the best.

  • Avan Lim
    Avan Lim 2 months ago

    I think from a neutral point of view that this is unfair because Gordon’s eggs are made his own favourite way which he claimed that took months for him to master. As for Jamie, he makes it simple so normal people like us can make them

  • Lex Johnathan
    Lex Johnathan 2 months ago

    Did that old man just called Ramsay a B!tch.
    Unmotherf*ckin believable.

  • KLM Hooked Moore
    KLM Hooked Moore 3 months ago

    Gordon Ramsay may be the chef extraordinaire but he's also a first class a**hole....bar none.

  • Rednave De Pedro
    Rednave De Pedro 3 months ago

    Both are great chefs. Period.

  • breadsticks
    breadsticks 3 months ago


  • Joey Morales
    Joey Morales 3 months ago

    Pretentious ass eggs lol

  • JackMcJackJack
    JackMcJackJack 3 months ago

    Jamie Oliver stole our meal deals

  • Danny
    Danny 3 months ago

    Well this is clearly biased as fuck. "And doesnt mix in anything else" gives it away. Gordon's is a recipe, Jamie's is a technique demonstration.

  • Darcy Lyons
    Darcy Lyons 3 months ago

    I make a pretty good scrabble if I say so myself.

  • Ilias Tr
    Ilias Tr 3 months ago

    Jamie.... who?

  • HyperRefined
    HyperRefined 3 months ago

    Jamie by huge margins. Jamie is a cook, Ramsey is an actor

  • Nawaf Talal
    Nawaf Talal 3 months ago

    chef ramsy 1

  • Nine Lives
    Nine Lives 3 months ago

    Damn, did they even taste Jamie's?

  • Aimee Howell
    Aimee Howell 3 months ago

    I would actually LOVE to see Ransey or Oliver or any famous chef make fantastic dishes with lime dollar general food or dollar tree stuff like that.

    UNDE4D GAMING 3 months ago

    F*ck u two, our moms cook better

  • Some Doomer
    Some Doomer 3 months ago

    We all know that Gorden Ramsey is the best cook of all time

  • Lagendary GM
    Lagendary GM 3 months ago

    Who the fuck he think he is to say Gordon m f Ramsay.

  • gatorred789
    gatorred789 3 months ago

    You over cooked Jamie's eggs

  • xXboatXx
    xXboatXx 3 months ago +1

    Lol is not even a contest of course gordon would win

  • Neil Bigmista Strawder
    Neil Bigmista Strawder 4 months ago

    Not a fair comparison. Should have used Jamie's french style eggs from that same video prepared the way Gordon's was.

  • Donald Stordock
    Donald Stordock 4 months ago

    I've tried many ways and I like them all. But there is definitely something special about Gordon Ramsay's scrambled eggs. Especially when served with smoked salmon and fresh chives.

  • Yoloswagpro Bro
    Yoloswagpro Bro 4 months ago

    In my opinion you can’t judge them unless you are the person who invented the recipe and is making it

  • Furn427
    Furn427 4 months ago

    Ramsey's is french scrambled eggs, Oliver's is American scrambled eggs. They are just two different recipes

  • Andrew M
    Andrew M 4 months ago

    It's RAW

  • Ramir Duria
    Ramir Duria 4 months ago

    That video of Jamie was him demonstrating the three ways of cooking scrambled eggs. American, french and british styles. You should've used his french style for a better comparison. Now this just looks like you have a bias towards Gordon to make him look good and to put down Jamie.

  • _ implicationiskey _
    _ implicationiskey _ 4 months ago

    I just realized that you guys are doing the taste test in the pizza room. I bought the book from you guys and intend to make some of your recipes, especially the crack chicken

  • Gucci_ Chanklas
    Gucci_ Chanklas 4 months ago

    My scrambled eggs are just scrambled eggs with salt, ham, and melted cheese

  • sarah imbat
    sarah imbat 4 months ago


  • S. K.
    S. K. 4 months ago

    The most important thing is to stop them from overcooking......and it is overcooked

  • Byron Stanga
    Byron Stanga 4 months ago

    Half cooked scrambled.......not hard to do.

  • Fright
    Fright 4 months ago

    "It's Too Much! It's Too Much!
    B U T I L I K E I T"

  • Tryggvi Antonsson
    Tryggvi Antonsson 4 months ago

    That was actually pretty unfair because Jamie was just showing how to make scrambled eggs three different ways but not his perfect recipe

  • Tattoos and Beer
    Tattoos and Beer 4 months ago

    Jamie Oliver’s wins easy

  • Shing Ler
    Shing Ler 4 months ago

    Jamie Oliver is better in my opinion

  • sten2222
    sten2222 4 months ago


  • Chivy Chattana
    Chivy Chattana 4 months ago

    Made Gordon Ramsey’s egg for dinner tonight...hands down best scrambled eggs EVER 🗣

  • fizz 2151
    fizz 2151 5 months ago

    Wtf is with the beat in this? It’s making scrambled eggs not driving down the street flaunting your new ride lol

  • veripi kauta
    veripi kauta 5 months ago

    Gordon's won cause there is creme F in there and chives..... Jamie's was basic...remove the addons and then compare them.

  • veripi kauta
    veripi kauta 5 months ago

    Try that in a regular pan not non stick

  • My2Cents
    My2Cents 5 months ago

    With the butter and creme fresh, i don't doubt the eggs taste amazing. But let's not call that scrambled eggs.. it's an egg pudding.

  • Steven Reyes
    Steven Reyes 5 months ago

    My scrambled eggs are better then them both thats the truth.

  • Gonzales Frederic
    Gonzales Frederic 5 months ago

    Oliver is one of the greatest chefs ever, BUT he barely reaches Gordon Ramsay's ankle. The thing is, J. Oliver is at the top, while Gordon Ramsay is at the top of the top of the top. In France, we call him Flash Gordon Ramsay. Food and standards matter more to him than money. So, Oliver may be wealthier, but it is in Gordon Ramsay's places that magic happens. And the magic on the plate matters more to me than the profit made by the restaurateur. Yes, l would give a gold medal to J. Oliver if l were a judge, but l would give a rhodium-palladium one to Gordon Ramsay. (rhodium is costlier than gold)

  • ꧁ Shyaira  Senpai꧂
    ꧁ Shyaira Senpai꧂ 5 months ago

    What are you?
    Whatever I am, I'm better than you!!😂😂😂👊

  • Joey Clemenza
    Joey Clemenza 5 months ago

    ramsays eggs are overcooked, man..... they're supposed to be creamy.

  • Nick aguado
    Nick aguado 5 months ago

    Just looking at the eggs you can tell who has the better formula. Chef ramsay's eggs are Cooked perfectly, even throughout with no overly dark yolky appearance and bright. Jamie Oliver's look a bit sloppy tbh and not very edible. Not trying to he harsh.

  • sampharo76
    sampharo76 5 months ago

    I tried Gordon's way and it honestly takes way too long. Gordon's is the favourite in taste, but I appreciate the convenience of straight-forward classic frying the way Oliver (and any chef I know) does it.
    If Jamie Oliver was in the mood, I think he would have probably produced equally impressive eggs.

  • Alina J
    Alina J 5 months ago

    you shouldn't tell people about which chef made it..its unfair

  • Garrick Saro
    Garrick Saro 5 months ago

    While I like Ramsey, I don’t like soggy eggs and I don’t like burnt eggs. Oliver’s eggs looked more appetizing.

  • LumpyyBeats
    LumpyyBeats 5 months ago

    I fw him putting in the migos beat 🔥

  • H. Sharath Kumar
    H. Sharath Kumar 5 months ago

    Jamie...Naturally Talented, Gordon......Hard Worker.

  • Mark David Alagos
    Mark David Alagos 5 months ago

    Jamie for me :) he makes cooking very easy

  • Rick Cargo
    Rick Cargo 5 months ago

    Why do these guys like 'mushy' scrambled eggs?

  • Jireh Choo
    Jireh Choo 5 months ago +1

    GR: f***

  • Lucky Luciano
    Lucky Luciano 5 months ago

    2:41 :)) idiot

  • Mark Bernard
    Mark Bernard 6 months ago

    Let's be clear Jamie Oliver was put in front of a camera when he was still a teenager which means even if he had finished his apprenticeship he would not have had the time to develop As a chef. Gordon is the opposite being older and having vastly more experience

  • lifes abeach
    lifes abeach 6 months ago

    Team Gordon ❤️

  • Julia D
    Julia D 6 months ago

    Obviously the one with a ton more fat and calories is gonna taste better but also be way unhealthier

  • Thomas Lee
    Thomas Lee 6 months ago +1

    "WHAT ARE YOU?!"
    "An idiot sandwich..."

  • Brian B
    Brian B 6 months ago

    Gordon's kick butt, I just made them... Smoking good Jamie's are classic, not as creamy kind of blah imho.

  • Jaak Saks
    Jaak Saks 6 months ago

    Jamie is betta

  • John Doe
    John Doe 6 months ago

    Gordon adds just the right touch of egg to his butter.

  • Mike
    Mike 6 months ago

    Jamie Oliver is a cunt anyway.

  • Abdullah Mok
    Abdullah Mok 6 months ago

    You are an idiot sandwich, Harry
    Im a what?

  • 6ilverWolf
    6ilverWolf 6 months ago

    Why you should not be voting for Jamie Oliver:
    He banned turkey twizzlers.
    He tried to make kids hate chicken nuggets by cooking it and showing it to them in a different disgusting way, but he failed.
    He tried to ban a song about fast foods for kids. Search: fast food song
    And click on the first video you see.
    He tried to ban energy drinks and sodas but nobody got his attention on this one.
    Edit: this is the song he tried to ban: usclip.net/video/6HTR0BiFehA/video.html
    Thank me later ;)

  • Karl Raffelsieper
    Karl Raffelsieper 6 months ago

    Oh dear, perhaps you should compare apples to apples. Gordon Ramsay's dish is Oeufs Brouilles, aka French Creamed Eggs. It loosely translates to scrambled eggs. Jamie Oliver's dish is classic American Scrambled eggs. These are very different dishes. Both are excellent. There are an enormous number of dishes labeled as "scrambled eggs" so if you want a real head to head competition, you way wish to start with the same dish.

  • Sheri
    Sheri 6 months ago +1

    You're an idiot sandwich if you don't choose Gordon's eggs

  • Ordinary Mevaker Edwin
    Ordinary Mevaker Edwin 7 months ago

    i wouldnt compare the family style and restaurant style as their principles are kinda different.

  • SimplePancake 39
    SimplePancake 39 7 months ago

    Idiot sandwiches

  • I have no idea what my name is

    If you these scrambled eggs is good, watch matt stonie's 😆

  • StormShark
    StormShark 7 months ago


  • C H I L L C A R L O Z
    C H I L L C A R L O Z 7 months ago

    Gordan is awesome

  • Rye Hots
    Rye Hots 7 months ago

    I never liked Jamie Oliver. My ex loved him, so that didn't help
    But I hadn't paid attention to him for well over a decade. Jamie hasn't aged well. Ew.

  • Tashicourtois keeper channel

    Gordon best

  • Br uh
    Br uh 8 months ago

    I’m am so sorry that I am an idiot sandwich i am SO sorry Ramsay so so sorry

  • GG lariel
    GG lariel 8 months ago +1

    i dont think he "might" insult you

  • Pedro Rivera
    Pedro Rivera 8 months ago

    So stupid comparison! It's supposed it's scramble eggs and that's it...not scramble eggs with extra shit!

  • ??unkown?? ??
    ??unkown?? ?? 8 months ago

    I want to suck Gordon's ballss